Yusseth: Latin_blacktsx on Chaturbate Trans Cams


I’m not sure if 21 year old Yusseth aka Latin_blacktsx of Chaturbate Trans Cams is from Colombia. But I’d bet the bank on it. I saw her for the first time in a long time this week jerking off in heavy rotation. She sat on a bed with fairy lights flashing on the headboard. She sat directly in front of the camera with her beautiful face, orbulent breasts, and huge cock in sharp focus. Yusseth was naked from head to toe and she had Latin music playing off and on.

Sometimes she’d sit up to give us closeup views of the raging hard dick she was stroking. Or she might present her supremely fuckable ass to the camera! She’d spread her ass cheeks wide with her hardon and balls squeezed by her thighs. Her long, thick shaft defied gravity, pointing up toward her face whenever she released it. That’s a general description of one of her solo shows. Yusseth plays nice in the sandbox with others, too.

I’ve also seen Yusseth in her fantasy playroom with another gorgeous trans girl. The other live model seemed to be in earlier stages of her transition. She was eager to suck Yusseth’s huge pecker. She was thanked with sweet kisses and a hand job. Then, the beautiful Latina got down on her knees and gave her partner a blowjob! For awhile there, it looked like Yusseth was about to get fucked. She propped one foot on a wall and her friend also penetrated her perfectly round ass. But they went back to groping each other and kissing. For that brief moment, I wanted to see more, but the foreplay was incredibly hot! Follow Chaturbate.com/Latin_blacktsx and, if you can, please send in tips to encourage them to fuck!

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