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23 year old Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer Vivian Foxx is a student who likes gaming in her free time. That’s why when you see her streaming on tsvivianfoxx she’ll be jerking off in a gaming chair. Most likely, she’ll be completely naked, coaxing strings of pre-cum from the head of her cock. This blue-eyed blonde trans beauty will often wear a tip-activated vibrator in her ass. The pleasurable sensations the toy give Vivian make her tremble and moan.

When she sits with her thighs pressed together, it causes her balls to draw up and her boner to stand up. It’s quite a sight to behold. Just because Vivian gets a lot of tips, don’t let that stop you from sending her tokens. The right thing to do is to pay for your porn, whether it’s created in a studio or live. Girls like Vivian are here to make a living and rewards make them cum faster and in some cases, harder.

Vivian gets a lot of requests to bare her feet. When she does show, she’ll sometimes prop them on the bed behind her gaming chair. Or she might wiggle her toes and flex her arches in directly front of the camera. She will occasionally pause to check phone messages or to vape a bit. Then she’ll go back to restoring and maintaining her hardon.

After that, she didn’t just sign off of her tsdreamland.chaturbate.com/tsvivianfoxx channel. She straddle the bed to present an incredible butt show. Follow Vivian on Chaturbate and on onlyfans.com/tsvivianfoxx.

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You can also find her on www.reddit.com/user/TsVivianFoxx and she’s on Twitter at @tsVivianFoxx. I’m on Twitter at @tscaramel. Thanks for reading!

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