WendyWilliams XXX Review: Raven Roxx & Kami Kartel

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Raven Roxx only has the weekend to get a huge project done. She decides that a bath could relieve some of her stress. She runs the bath water and begins undressing out of her naughty school girl outfit, exposing the huge orbs of her breasts in a black brassiere. A pinstripe mini-skirt is below her pieced belly button and she removes that to, soon standing in just her tall pumps, white socks and black panties. Next comes the delectable sight of her pierced nipples and flaccid cock. Her body is so fit it’s ridiculous. After her socks and shoes come off, that’s all there”s left and the naked babe sinks into the hot, sudsy water of the luxurious tub. Raven is feeling so much better that she’s even beginning to get aroused. She begins feeling herself up in the tub – first her big tits and then her cock. That’s when Kami walks in naked! It’s no big shocker however to Raven who explains her project and stress over it while in the tub jerking off slowly. The project is in Sex Ed and Raven explains to Kami that the paper is supposed to be about how to please your partner. She has no idea what to write which is funny because she could obviously please someone with the hardon emerging at water level she’s developed. When Kai offers to help, they both realize that they could probably get this project done – not the written part, but the actual pleasing. Kami steps into the tub to jin Raven and she’s a bit surprised that her friend has been jerking off all by herself. She decides to help by grasping her friend’s boner and begins stroking it firmly. Raven lays back in the tub and gets her stiff dick sucked by Kami. A brief glimpse of Kami’s cock tells us she’s aroused by the thought of offering her ass to Raven next. Raven takes it orally before easing her cock inside however. She lubes up before drilling Kami’s sexy round butt bareback! A doggy style railing is followed by a reverse cowgirl ride that has Kami’s tits, cock and balls jiggling and swinging all over the place. She finishes off by cumming across Kami’s back and they share a sweet kiss before this torrid WendyWilliamsXXX.com scene comes to an end.

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Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Wendy Williams

AVN Award winner and Hall of Fame inductee, Urban X winner, TEA Award winner, and star making PR agent reaffirms her status as an incredible performer with Jaxton Wheeler, one of the greatest male stars in the adult industry on her 2014 Feminist Porn “Honored Website” Wendy Williams XXX website! This shoot is filmed in Las Vegas as she tells us as the scene opens with Wendy laying on her bed in heels and a lace bodystocking. She begins talking dirty to specifically turn on her foot loving fans and makes you consider her running her long nails down your back. She then turns her round and wide bottom to the camera while poised on all fours in anticipation of Jaxton’s arrival. Her cock and balls are exposed through the crotch panel and her full breasts are exposed when she faces you again. She slaps them playfully and makes them jiggle and shows you the lube she’s going to use while getting fucked. Wendy then lays back and strokes her cock and plays with her ass throughout the rest of the teaser. Next, Wendy climbs the stairs and enters the bedroom where the muscular nude stud waits patiently. She joins Jaxton on the bed and glances at her partner’s big hardon while lowering the top of her bodystocking again. Wendy then takes the head of Jaxton’s swollen cock inside her mouth and begins sucking on the first couple of inches. After getting sucked briefly, Jaxton kneels up on the bed, grasping his turgid organ while Wendy sheds her heels. She resumes fellatio on Jaxton’s upward arching tool and he devours her large boobs before hovering above Wendy in the 69 position. After sucking Wendy’s thick cock fully erect, Jaxton tears the crotch of her bodystocking and proceeds to give her a rim job. Wendy moans loudly as she’s treated like a queen and has the entrance of her tight ass rubbed and teased by the head of her stud’s big boner. Jaxton’s thrusts are slow at first when he penetrates Wendy from behind. Once she adjusts to his size, he increases the speed and depth of his thrusts and fucks her the way only an amazing and prolific porn star can. There are two fabulous cumshots including a creampie before this scene comes to an end. This update is available on wendywilliamsxxx.com and wendywilliamsxxx.smcnetwork.net. Don’t forget about the legendary IR site that features Wendy and her incredible friends, interracialtgirlsex.com and these works are presented in conjunction with the SMC network. Check out all the current updates at smcnetwork.net to see what’s happening with the entire lineup of extraordinary stars!

Raven Roxx Cum Solo on Wendy Williams XXX

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The gorgeous RavenRoxx.com star already has her big knockers exposed along with her cock when this wendywilliamsxxx.com solo scene opens. She’s also got a raging hardon and promising to get off as she reclines on the sofa masturbating.

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Raven mentions how her testicles are disappearing, meaning that she’s turned on. I think I may not have noticed that because I kind of get hypnotized by a pretty girl with a hardon and her boobs exposed. But I couldn’t miss her BDSM collar and bracelets because they remind me of how submissive she can be. Raven is wearing a pair of black Victoria’s Secret panties and tall gladiator sandals – the black shade accentuating her curvy legs, her complexion and red pedicure.

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The “Wild Card” ink on the small of her back enhances the well rounded curves of her ass when she gets on her knees on the couch. The crotch panel hides the target of her fun spot, a obviously deliberate tease. But she eventually moves the panel to the side to show you everything and to begging rubbing her entrance. Raven uses her free hand to continue stroking her hardon until she begins spanking her hot butt. She begins mewling about how she could use a daddy to take her ass and show her what a “little bitch” she is.


The variety of angles she’s captured in allow you to imagine fucking Raven in the positions of your choosing. After her phenomenal presentations from the rear and in profile, Raven straddles the sofa on her knees and keeps stroking her boner. She continues talking dirty with her high beams jutting forward and that wicked look in her bright blue eyes. Raven sinks deeper into her act of self pleasure and you can time your impending climax with hers. Her right hand flies up and down her cock shaft and the swollen head sends spurts of warm cum across the fabric of the sofa.


The megasites of AVN and XBIZ winner of Transsexual Performer of the Year and PR agent extraordinaire Wendy Williams are wendywilliamsxxx.com where you can see Raven Roxx and more amazing talents and also a bevy of trans beauties in solo and hardcore action on interracialtgirlsex.com! Take the time to review all the tours and check out the official website of RavenRoxx.com. There’s also Caramel’s Interview with Raven Roxx exclusively on TS Dreamland. You can sing up for a free registration to see Raven performing LIVE on chaturbate.com/tsravenroxx!


Destiny Williams on Wendy Williams XXX & Interracial TGirl Sex

Louisville, Kentucky native Destiny Williams is a Lexington TGirl Parties dancer and protégé of legendary porn star, producer and PR agent Wendy of the WendyWilliamsXXX.com megasite and Interracial TGirl Sex. If you’re in that neck of the woods, the nightclub features trans foxes dancing every 1st and 3rd Friday. In her interview teaser video on WendyWilliamsXXX.com, Destiny sits on a table in a form-fitting black dress and matching thigh-high boots and tells us why she got into the adult industry. She’s only been filmed by boyfriends and she dates men but plays with women, too.

Destiny knew she was trans at a very young age and came out to her family at 16 years old without much family drama. Destiny as a sweet speaking voice during the interview and she lifts the hem of her dress and reaches for her cock within four minutes. This is called a teaser video, but you might find yourself losing it while watching her finger banging while stroking her lovely penis. Or it might happen when she hops off the table to show of her super sexy ass.

In the happy ending video on WendyWilliamsXXX.com, the camera pans from Destiny’s dainty feet clad in a pair of open toe pumps, up along her curvy legs and comes to a stop with her pretty face and pantied cock in the frame. The camera then captures the devastating way she removes her panties with her legs spread eagle! Her cock is stiffening as she starts playing with her perfect little rosebud. While not gazing directly at you, Destiny seems lost in pleasure while jacking off. With nothing on but her bra and sexy pumps, she poses in a variety of positions on the bed while pumping her cock rapidly.

This is a nice long scene and about just after the 15 minute mark, Destiny licks her lips and streams of creamy white cum blast out of her erection to land on her flat tummy. The debut and follow up scenes with ingenue Destiny Williams are absolute killers on WendyWilliamsXXX.com.

In the jogging video on Interracial TGirl Sex, Destiny is asked by her interviewer about a time when she was picked up by a married couple. It’s actually happened more than once and she likes playing with and eating pussy and getting fucked by the guy. She’s fully dressed with her hair in pigtails at first. One of her biggest turn ons is giving oral sex. She likes having her cock sucked sometimes, but she’s generally a bottom. 

Next, Destiny is outdoors jogging, but that sequence only runs a few moments. Then she’s laying in bed with her fitness top and shorts on. But the shorts come off quickly and her black panties match her top and the bra underneath it. Soon Destiny’s upper torso is bare. There’s not much breast growth, but I wouldn’t change a thing about this petite fox. A few moments later, she’s completely naked, stroking her cock rapidly. Destiny raises both legs widely for the most explicit view of her bare body as you could possibly get.

Destiny’s fap session is enhanced by a little finger banging and then she sits up and continues jerking her stiff cock. She moans softly and flips around to masturbate with a rear view. Then she turns to face us with her climax building. Releasing a deep sigh, Destiny’s climax hits and pearly rivulets of cum pour out to splash across her tummy. For a kinky little ending, Destiny enters the bathroom and pees. Don’t forget that your subscription to InterracialTgirlSex.com comes with Full Access to WendyWilliamsXXX.com.

Wendy Williams XXX – Toy in the Hot Tub

While sitting in a Jacuzzi in her Las Vegas hotel, it’s obvious that the main star behind Wendy Williams XXX can’t get her mind off cock. She’s sucking on a black butt plug while sitting in the sudsy water.

Cupping her large breasts with one hand, she uses the other to tittie fuck herself with the sex toy, moaning deeply. Wendy knows that we want to see more than her pretty face and big orbs, so she hoists herself up and turns her curvaceous ass to face us. There’s some lube appropriately placed on the tub and she knows someone will crave using it to slide their cock inside her from behind. After sinking back into the water, she lubes the toy and rises again to penetrate herself with it. Wendy not only fucks herself, but holds the toy embedded inside with her tight ass muscles before emerging from the tub.

She grabs a thirsty white towel, places it on the carpet and lays her wet, naked body upon it. Talking dirty and moaning loudly, she fucks herself with the toy even harder than before. She shows off her amazing ass while on her hands and knees, too. Then she lays back to stroke her cock. You can stream or download this scene and photo set on Wendy Williams XXX or on the SMC Network.

PornOCD Interview with Wendy Williams

Hi, from PornOCD. I’m proud to present my interview with the Porn Star/Director/PR Agent 2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, 2010 Xbiz TS Performer of the Year, 2014 AVN Hall of Fame inductee and hostess of Wendy Williams XXX. I’m a huge fan and Caramel says that Wendy is one of her biggest inspirations as a transwoman. Click here to read our interview and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Wendy Williams XXX

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The Wendy Williams XXX megasite has been updating like crazy! There’s the School Girl Wendy Fucks Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy scene, the Skype Cum Show video, two Kimber Haven photo and video sets, the Body Suit Stroking video and allow me to go into a bit of detail. In the Skype Cum Show, Wendy is posing topless on the bed in a corset and fishnet stockings. She uses her iPhone while asking her male viewer from Louisiana to cam 2 cam with her so she can get hard. Wendy satisfies his requests by showing off her ass and talking dirty. She tells the guy how to masturbate in a way that will turn her on the most and begins beating off in time with him. Wendy’s thick cock is raging hard while she watches the man shoot his load. Her full breasts jiggle wildly as she strokes her erection and then she rises to give you a closeup of her boner, making it swing this way and that. Finally, Wendy jerks off furiously over a desk and coats it with big jets of creamy white cum. She provides an aerial view of the tremendous outpouring of spunk that landed across the desk. That scene had an amateur style finish that I love, with the quality of a veteran producer’s touch. Wendy’s Super Sucker video is a more finished studio production. She invites you to get comfortable and plays with her exposed breasts and nipples. After a sexy ass display, the camera pans up Wendy’s pink fishnet-encased feet and legs along her curvaceous form to her pretty face. At this point she announces that she’ll be playing with her new toy. She simulates how she’d suck your cock, leaving lipstick marks across the super sucker she’s about to apply to her Spunklube covered erection. Wendy uses one and sometimes two hands to stroke her thick tool with the toy. Wendy is fully aware that you’re going to want to see her sticky white jizz pouring out of the swollen head of her member. So she pours it right into the opening of her super sucker toy. Check out all of these Wendy Williams XXX updates and don’t forget that your subscription gives you full access to Interracial Tgirl Sex.

Kimber Haven Cam Show Tonight: Thursday February 4, 2016

Kimber Haven on Wendy Williams XXX

Kimber Haven on Interracial Tgirl Sex

Kimber Haven on the SMC Network

Cam Model and Porn Newcomer Kimber Haven will be doing a hour live cam show for members of Wendy Williams XXX, Interracial Tgirl Sex, and the SMC Network! On Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 11pm EST, Kimber will be chatting, taking questions, and doing a solo masturbation show. Recently, Kimber has made the transition from doing her weekly Chaturbate webcam broadcasts to shooting major studio performances. She is also a monthly dancer at BlueGrass Connections in Lexington, Kentucky. For more information about this smoking hot ingenue, read Caramel’s January 8, 2016 Interview with Kimber Haven. Don’t forget to watch Kimber tonight LIVE if you subscribe to Wendy Williams XXX, Interracial Tgirl Sex, or the SMC Network at 11pm EST.