UK-TGirls: Hey It’s Carly Belle!

MP4 Scene Trailer

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Scene Description: Carly Belle is one hot and all natural doll who loves to show off her cute tits and hot trimmed cock as she strips and goes naked. Carly is definitely hotter than sun!

There was a lot of social media buzz about this gorgeous new trans model produced by Kalin. It makes one with they could be in London to get an insider’s view. But wait, that’s exactly what where getting with this shoot including 105 Photos – 16:59 Minutes HD Video on with the Carly Belle debut!

Carly says she’s from Northern Ireland when her video begins. She’s wearing lingerie beneath her play clothes and Kalin directs her to remove her top quickly. She bares a lovely set of breasts with dark nipples and serious tan lines. Carly removes her boots and is barefoot next. There’s a few moments of foot fetish content and then Carly rapidly strips completely nude!

Within four minutes, Carly is stroking her well-lubricated cock and she hasn’t been shy about showing off her ass. She kicks things up a notch by penetrating her tight butt with a rather large sex toy. I love the way Carly thoroughly loses herself in pleasure in this blazing hot debut!

UK-TGirls: Oh My Vanessa Jhons!

The “Meet Superstar Vanessa Jhons!” debut released in November of 2017 on blew members away. After an encore performance, London producer Kalin brought Vanessa back for an intense hardcore scene with Aaron Richards. Then came another beautiful solo set and here we are with her 5th erotic experience on this amazing website.

Vanessa looks like she’s gazing out the window looking for a guest to arrive when this update begins. Her large breasts are bursting from her brassiere and there’s a tell-tale upright bulge in her matching panties.

This is a pretty straightforward striptease, yet it’s painfully slow. That’s a good thing. Vanessa also makes so much creative poses on the bed as she rubs herself.

Eventually, she exposes her massive bosom and removes her tall heels to indulge in some foot fetish action. Once she removes her panties, she’s left in only a pair of stay-up (or as they say in the UK hold-up) stockings.

I don’t know how anyone with a stiff cock looking at Vanessa in the missionary position isn’t thinking about penetrating her balls deep! Her ass is incredible and she’s soon stroking her big uncut cock rapidly!

This is not the way someone faps when their intention is not to reach orgasm. Vanessa is so into it, the only question is how tumultuous will her climax be. When her big thick dick finally shoots, thick rivulets of creamy white cum pool across the bedding. Vanessa grabs a taste of it before this update sadly must come to an end.

Ms. Snow Fucks Her Yummy Ass!

I love being able to go back to the 2015 PornOCD interview here on TS Dreamland with Alicia Snow. It gives me a chance to feel like I’m getting to know her all over again. Every time I read it I get a new take on her life altogether. That interview goes much deeper than Alicia’s adult industry work.

But since we’re talking sexually here, let’s move on to “Ms. Snow Fucks Her Yummy Ass!” which is Alicia’s eight incredible update. When Alicia crawls across the bed and asks what you think of her lingerie, you might find it hard to stop wanting her to take it off. It’s beautiful but so is her body.

She heats things up by firmly caressing one of her breasts through her brassiere and then she raises one curvy stocking leg in the air. Alicia proceeds to dangle the tall platform pump from her dainty foot.

After removing the high heel, Alicia repeats the process with her other leg and shoe. A toe wiggling and sole stretching follows and she asks what you think of her pretty little ballerina feet. If you have a thing for feet and your cock is in your hand, just go ahead and cum now. Get back to this update later.

If feet and legs don’t drive you mad with lust, continue to watch as Alicia bypasses the bulge downstairs to remove her brassiere. Sh handles her pretty hormone boobs rather roughly. She then twists her boy around to lower her panties. Soon her tiny wrinkled rosebud is staring directly at you.

Then her body is facing you again and her uncut cock is clearly visible. It’s flaccid now with the head just peeking through its fleshy hood. But Alicia has brought along her “big black friend” as she calls a huge dildo. She licks the head and then goes down on the shaft deeply.

Just after the midway point of this torrid update by Kalin, Alicia is driving the big black toy in and out of her tight, pale white ass. She wails her passion as she fucks herself in a variety of positions. Then she runs a Hitachi vibrator along the surface of the underside of her lovely cock. The black phallus is embedded deeply inside her. Alicia then jerks off furiously. She whimpers and lets out a series of high-pitched yelps as her cock head shoots a torrent of cum! You must see this update!

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Cece Adams Rocks Her Meaty Cock! synopsis: Cece Adams is natural hot girl with very long legs and killer look. She knows how to deliver, she knows how to tease and to make you want her. She looks enticing wearing her pair of black lingerie with heels and stockings and her gorgeous body can tell that she can give every man the total happiness and thrill he is looking for. Boy! How lovely to see that big round tits, hot ass and that meaty cock between her legs that she’s playing with her toy in front of the camera.

Cece introduces herself at the beginning of her new video shot once again by Kalin. It’s a straightforward striptease in a nice hotel room. Cece strips down to an incredibly original lingerie set and her lovely uncut cock is beginning to swell before she removes her brassiere.

She then masturbates intently until she develops a hardon. She runs a vibrator across her taut nipples and along the surface of her dick. As it hardens her cock head emerges from its sheath.

Soon the glossy head is so visible I would think Cece’s big penis was circumcised if I hadn’t seen it flaccid. Cece jerks off firmly but that buzzing black vibrator seems to be becoming her new best friend.

Cece does some ass play also in this super sexy update. Those bright penetrating blue eyes of hers go right through you the whole time.

TGirls.Porn: Nikki Vidic & Red Vex

Nikki: “I’d previously met Red Vex at a party and I knew in a moment that I had to shoot with her. When we met again, we instantly connected and were instantly horny for each other. I loved sucking on her lovely cock, fucking her ass and enjoying her large shaft in my bum! In the end, I got to slurp on her delicious cum before blowing a load myself….heaven!!

Red Vex: “What can be better than one hung angel? Why two of them of course! Such a fun time with Nikki! I’d met her once before and seen her work for Grooby and she was always a bit of a crush of mine. Fucking and sucking each other off passionately in all positions until we covered each other in girl cum is definitely my favorite way to spend an evening!”

Aside from their new blazing hot hardcore masterpiece, these two gorgeous models share another common thread. Slovenian stunner Nikki has 6 smoking hot solo performances at UK-TGirls Nikki Vidic. Polish beauty Red Vex has 12 softcore and hardcore updates on the multi-site at UK-TGirls Red Vex.

A whopping 230 photos come with this 25:26 minute TGirls.Porn update! That makes it incredibly hard just to narrow down to a few favorite images for this review. Somehow I managed to power through with just a few of London producer Kalin’s fantastic images.

The action begins with just a snippet of a storyline – Red Vex enters the bedroom where Nikki is sleeping and joins her on the bed. Rapidly developing erections lead to mutual breast admiration and oral sex. Both girls fuck each other powerfully and that’s followed up by the most gonzo sex toy action you’ll see anywhere! There’s even single dildo fucking with foot sex at the same time. The cumshots in this TGirls.Porn update are outrageous!

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Bob’s Tgirls: Mia Maffia Fun in the Sun

It may seem stereotypical to suggest that the UK isn’t all that sunny often, but the comparison is inevitable when you see stunning Mia Maffia posing on a deck in Southern California. There’s so much incredible solo content, as well as hardcore, on Mia’s official website. But this photo and video set on is something completely different.

Well, Mia’s classic dirty talk is present as it often is. But this plush background really compliments her beauty in a refreshing way. Mia’s first display of nudity is breast exposure and caressing. Then comes her gradually bared ass which she spanks hard. Next comes a tortuously slow bulge tease. Mia finally lowers her swim panty to let her cock and balls spill out and jiggle from side to side.

While seated, Mia begins to play with herself. Moments later, she’s in closeup with her upward standing turgid erection standing free and then enclosed in her stroking hand. She rubs her tiny fun spot with her curvy legs spread while she masturbates in a lawn chair. That’s followed with some dazzling rear view footage until Mia settles back in the chair to bring herself off. I don’t know if Mia has stored some great porn on her cell phone or if she’s watching some online scenes. Whatever it is has her strong, hooded, self-rising pecker raging!

Her full red lips begin to quiver when she approaches climax. Suddenly, big spurts of creamy white cum burst from the tip of her stiff cock. Just when you think this video couldn’t be anymore perfect, Bob capture footage of Mia cooling off in the pool water. It’s accompanied by a sexy blooper reel at the end. Her official website is and she’s done several amazing solo and hardcore scenes on

You can also find out more about this incredible star by reading our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia!

UK-TGirls -Sadie Kross And Jak Dolce!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

We’re going to skip past the storyline of Kalin’s hardcore presentation of Sadie Kross and Jak Dolce because there isn’t one. They’re already making out as they stand facing each other when we’re invited to watch. I can’t decide which one of them is hornier because Sadie is rubbing Jak’s bulge while he’s anxious to get her clothes off.

Jak’s big prick is already oozing pre-cum when he whips it out and Sadie sinks to her knees to give him a blowjob. She gets some hair grabbing assistance although she doesn’t really need it. She jerks his thick shaft when she takes a break from sucking. But there aren’t many breaks until Jak is ready to reciprocate. Then she’s laying on her back with her throbbing boner in our fields of vision when she sucks Jak’s prong again. Finally Jak can no longer take only oral pleasure and he needs to be inside Sadie’s tight ass. When she’s bent over on the bed, Jak eases his erection deep inside Sadie’s upturned ass. Everything Sadie’s got seems to be erotically swinging – her hair, her tits and her big hardon as she gets railed!

She rides Jak in the reverse cowgirl position and there’s more oral action from both of them until Jak fucks Sadie in the missionary position. Jak rides Sadie hard and fast while her stiff cock lays across her flat tummy. It’s crystal clear that Sadie is about to shoot her load soon. Jak withdraws from her tightness so they can jack off with their swollen cockheads inches away from one another’s. Sadie is first to release a torrent of cum followed by an explosive facial from Jak!

Sadie of Finland is now up to almost 11 updates on which now comes with bonus sites that you absolutely must see! They’re right at the top of the landing page. Right here on TS Dreamland is the exclusive PornOCD Interview with Sadie Kross.

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

TGirls.Porn: Sasha De Sade & Nikki Vidic

MP4 Scene Trailer

I hope you checked out the trailer of this 4k definition TGirls.Porn sizzler filmed by Kalin of London. The gorgeous duo Sasha De Sade and Nikki Vidic have have both been totally killing it in their appearances. It’s 5 pm and they’re lamenting about yet another no-show client. That makes three this week. On top of that, Nikki booked the room that the girls are sitting in, casually stroking each other’s legs.

Sasha tells her friend that it would be a shame to let this room go to waste and follows that up with a welcome kiss on the lips. It evolves into passionate kisses with tongue and hands roam in intimate places. Sasha’s lingerie has a deep opening in the middle. When she parts her stocking thighs, we see that her cock is unencumbered by panties. She gives us a conspirator’s glance and continues making out with Nikki who lowers her top to expose her lovely breasts.

Sasha gets some help shedding the coat that hides her naughty foundation wear and Nikki finally gets around to fondling the blonde’s pretty cock. Nikki then begins to suckle on Sasha’s nipples and then they’re off to the bedroom. We’re sped up to the boudoir segment to more heightened states of arousal as this trans-sapphic exchange proceeds.

These young ladies are giving me everything! Nikki seems so sweet but we know more about her partner in this killer scene because of the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Sasha De Sade who frequently performs LIVE on

Sasha: “I was horny for Nikki from the moment I saw her first video for UK TGirls, but I wasn’t prepared for how gorgeous she is in the flesh…We met for the day in a classy London apartment and spent the next eight hours sucking each other’s hard cocks and fucking each other’s tranny holes, both on and off camera. 😉 I can still feel Nikki’s cock down my throat and that only makes me hungry for more. <3!”

Nikki: “Having heard I was able to work with the amazing hottie Sasha, I just couldn’t help myself but fly straight to London and have fun with her! We met at a hotel, along with Kalin, and hit it off straight away, the great chemistry between us fueling our excitement to have a taste of each other’s cocks and asses. I had a blast working with her and looking forward to working with her, again!”

PornOCD Interview with Jazmin Jagger Pt.2

Hi, from Scott aka PornOCD. Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed my first Interview with Jazmin Jagger. The feedback was so great that it was a no-brainer that we should move forward with the Interview with Jazmin Jagger Pt.2. Special thanks to Jazmin for making our conversations such a pleasure and for being so candid and direct. Thanks also to producer Kalin of for his incredible solo and hardcore shoots with this Welsh superstar.

Nikki Vidic Toying Her Ass In Her Room!

MP4 Scene Trailer

I just had to see Nikki Vidic’s follow-up scene filmed by London producer Kalin for the UK TGirls website – the only major site dedicated to trans girls from the United Kingdom. It’s now a megasite that you should tour if you haven’t already.

Nikki reintroduces herself looking gorgeous in a black lingerie set saying she’s all horny for us again. She feels herself up while standing, paying close attention to the bulge in her panties. She then exposes a nipple and toys with it and turns to show us what happens when she pulls the panel of her panties to one side. A tiny wrinkled rosebud needs to be fingered.

Then her luscious breasts need to fully exposed and fondled. Nikki is not kidding when she says she’s horny. There’s a big bulge inside her lacy panties a few minutes into the shoot. She releases a beautiful if not somewhat threatening hardon and begins stroking it firmly. It’s uncut yet about half of its bulbous head is visible.

Nikki then presents us with a side view of her simultaneous finger banging and cock stroking. Then she straddles the bed, removes her tall pumps and lays back with just her garterbelt and stockings on. Her fap session becomes more rampant as she penetrates her tight ass with a black sex toy.

Nikki’s big tits jiggle wildly as she masturbates and moans loudly. Her large cock swells and flushes reddish-purple with it’s arousal and Nikki seems unaware that there’s a camera filming at this point.

She’s busy furiously jacking off to climax for you. Finally a torrent of creamy white cum blasts out of her cockhead to splatter across her garterbelt and tummy. She takes a taste of her nectar before waving goodbye.

Don’t miss the two sets of this Slovenian stunner on the megasite!

UK-TGirls: When Mia Maffia Met Jak

There are currently 12 updates of Mia Maffia on where she’s described as “The Queen of UK-TG” which isn’t at all surprising.

Her latest is another hardcore scene, this one with the very handsome Jak Dolce of London. Kalin’s production takes us into the bedroom where Mia straddles Jak and they’re already worked up and talking dirty to one another.

At first she has him pinned down to the mattress, but the petite fox then moves downward to work his cock out of his pants. She compliments its size and proceeds to begin fondling and sucking it. Naturally it doesn’t take long for Jak to develop a raging hardon.

Mia takes time to tea bag Jak’s balls and she strokes the length of the shaft that’s not inside her mouth. She then scoots up on the bed so that Jak can return the favor. Mia braces herself against the headboard as she fucks Jak’s face and then she leans back to stroke his dick as he continues sucking her off.

Ravishing Mia also gives the stud muffin another blowjob while kneeling on the floor. Then she’s back on the bed and on top of Jak, slowing sliding her tight ass down his big rod. It’s a loud, butt-slapping fuck that evolves into a tremendous doggy style ramming!

She also gets railed in the missionary position while stroking her cock. Both cumshots at the end are huge but I don’t want to spoil the way they erupt for you.

You might be familiar with Mia’s incredible work on MiaMaffia.XXX. If not, take the tour. For more information about check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Mia Maffia.

The 8 Site Network

UK-TGirls: Oh Sasha….

On January 6, 2017, I raved about Sasha De Sade and her multi-site debut (here). I love seeing someone who knows the ins and outs of BDSM on a site features the niche often, but that doesn’t make the lifestyle its primary fetish. It’s obvious that Kalin who produced her scenes knows this ever-evolving, fascinating world well also which makes for authentic performances.

I take BDSM seriously and never enjoy seeing people playing around with it with no genuine idea about what they’re doing. As this seen opens, Sasha looks stunning in a quilted jacket and a bondage get-up while exposing herself in the kitchen area. Her breast and nipple play is followed by a slow and sensual striptease. Her butt show is magnificent and it includes some deep finger banging with one leg on the counter top.

Next, she simulates fellatio with an enormous black dildo. Sasha also jerks it to show you what her dainty hands would feel like for someone fortunate to have them stroking their cock. She sits on the floor next and begins penetrating herself with the large phallus. Sasha doesn’t try to pretend it’s not an easy task to take the toy down to the base.

With both feet firmly planted on the floor, Sasha hoists her tight ass up and down on the toy with pure honesty and lust. Further into the shoot, Sasha holds a favored breast firmly and jerks off while fucking the massive toy. She continues beating off and pumping the dildo in and out of herself on a red chair placed in the middle of the room. It seems that this process is gradually becoming easier for Sasha and more pleasurable.

She eventually end s up back on the floor again, pumping the toy in and out of herself and stroking her erection rapidly. Ropes of cum shoot out of her cockhead to land across her bondage outfit and skin. She looks absolutely beautiful tasting her own cum. When I mentioned that is a multi-site, that means it’s part of a network of 7 other amazing trans porn sites. You can also enjoy watching this incredible performer LIVE on    

You can Watch Sasha’s Free Trailer on


Sasha De Sade: A Star Is Born!

Sasha De Sade was already a star to me before this breathtaking production, but I’ll get to that after a brief description of her debut on the 8 site network website. This beautiful self-described kinkster has lived in an East Asian BDSM dungeon and has lived in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Beijing, but she’s recently returned to her home city of London. It made perfect sense for her to hook up with producer Kalin for this shoot and to make up for lost time in the UK party scene.

Sasha enjoys getting ‘acquainted’ with fit British guys and her favorite role in the bedroom is as a total submissive, worshiping cock and begging to be fucked. But she loves feeding guys her stiff cock too! Sasha introduces herself with a sultry voice and British accent when her video opens.

She begins to remove her coat and exposes a firm breast, tweaking a nipple and puffy areola. Her bodysuit with stockings attached bares her cock and balls which she touches lightly. After moving through a variety of enticing positions on the bed, Sasha begins masturbating more firmly.

In a new sequence she’s shown riding a BBC dildo. She then sits up on her knees and pumps the huge toy in and out of herself. She’ll be in a scene soon with one of my favorite male performers, Jeff Hardy! Sasha is also an incredible producer.

Check out her LIVE webcam performances on my favorite webcam site! You can watch her free trailer on

STOP THE PRESS! It’s Karla Coxx! UK-TGirls

If you don’t understand what the upper caps excitement is all about on UK-TGirls, you must not have been following trans porn in the era in which she made her debut and starred in British DVDs and on websites including Shemale Yum (2008 debut) and on Frank’s TGirl World.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Frank was quoted, “She is great to work with, very professional, but always has very pleasant light hearted attitude. She told me she hadn’t cum in more than a week before we started shooting. I believe it. She shot a load that almost her in the face.” UK-TGirls presents Karla shot by Kalin in her first Grooby shoot since 2011. I’d swear on anything that Karla Coxx looks better than she ever did which makes her major studio abscence mind-boggling. The ravishing blue-eyed blonde introduces herself at the beginning of her new UK-TGirls multi-site video asking if you like what you see. It’s a rhetorical question. Karla proceeds to heat things up immediately by rubbing the bulge in her panties and she’s quite vocal about how she’s feeling. When she says how she’d like someone to get down on their knees to suck her big, juicy cock, you don’t see it yet. I was around for her debut and several performances over the years and know exactly how big it is. I’ve seen the stats of her entire body, including the full breasts that she fondles lustfully. Since I know a few things about Karla from her previous work, I’m aware that she can be as supremely submissive as she is as dominant in this particular scene. The left-handed fox not only jacks off furiously, but she also toys her tight ass with a dildo with a handle on it. The profile views are extraordinary and you’ll see her stiff uncut cock moving about as she fucks herself like she hasn’t done anything sexual in ages. At this point, I’ve lost count of the many positions Kalin captures Karla Coxx in. Her frantic masturbation scene is a UK-TGirls must-see killer. It’s so good to see that she’s back.

You can watch Karla's Free Trailer on
You can watch Karla’s Free Trailer on