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Chaturbate Trans Cams: Politics and Masturbation with Krystalsyxx

Krystalsyxx milks her big tits, strokes her cock and talks politics!

I’m gonna shoot fucking load deep inside of you… my fucking titties jiggling on your fucking back,” was the first I thing I heard on the first Krystalsyxx stream I ever heard. This gorgeous Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer turned me on with this sort of dirty talk and I’m not even a bottom.

She was squeezing her 34DDD large bare boobs and appealing to both sex-starved and brain food viewers. She discussed how in Norway that if you were a bisexual wanting to transition, it would not be allowed – that you must be a straight trans woman to be approved for it. She also covered the Georgia run-off race and offered predictions. Whether I follow her politics or not isn’t something I’d want to share.

But I simply love seeing a webcam live porn streamer talk politics PERIOD. There’s a Krystal Syx YouTube channel in which the influencer goes into depth on a variety of topics including her transition, politics, bimbofication including more niche topics like sperm storage, surgery financing, and voice training. She also has a OnlyFans and an active Instagram.

I’m a real life Futanari and take my inspiration from such artists as Dmitrys and Snaketrap (Google image search “Dmitrys Futa” and “Snaketrap Futa” to get an idea),” her profile reads. “I also really look up to girls like Hannah Minx and Sarina Valentina. What’s a Futanari you ask? It’s a concept found in Hentai that involves a very feminine girl with a nice, hard, functional COCK!” Back to her recent stream, I saw her stand up and expose her lovely cock and ball sack. I also watched a Krystalsyxx breast milk pumping show.

I can’t quite remember ever seeing someone successfully jump from Politics such as term limits to telling me to worship her 7″ cock. Therefore, I have to rate a stream as a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10. One last thing to remember would be, “Any money you spend on me goes directly towards my “EVEN BIGGER TITTY” fund. Just bear that in mind while you’re tipping.”