Agatha McCartney: TS Playground

Agatha McCartney aka Agatha Maccartney was a trans porn star in Brazil when I first started covering the adult industry way back in 2009. This veteran from São Paulo looks amazing as she introduces herself in pink and white lingerie on TS Playground.

She teeters on high heel sandals before settling on the sofa to render herself topless. Agatha then begins rubbing the huge bulge between her legs. She’s standing when she allows her big cock to spring out of her panties. Agatha then kicks off the undergarment and sits back to beat off. Her rear poses are as enticing as the frontal views she delivers.

She’s pinching a nipple and pumping her dick full frontal, moaning deeply when thick ropes of creamy white cum pulse from the head of her cock. There’s an instant replay of Agatha’s tremendous cumshot close-up before this gorgeous star pees and the video fades to black.

Alicia Marques, Scene #01: TS Playground

São Paulo, Brazil porn ingenue Alicia Marques introduces herself at the top of her debut TS Playground shoot. Her bikini is to skimpy to contain her genitals downstairs. In other words, one of her balls is slipping out already. It belongs to a smoothly shaven pair. But what’s not shaven are the wispy blonde hairs on Alicia’s tummy and thighs. Hopefully this won’t bother you. If you’re like me, it’s an additional turn on. I don’t have a hirsute fetish that I know of, but if I do, so be it.

Back to Alicia, she poses like a seasoned professional, turning to present every angle of her slender form you’ll want to see. The thong she wears perfectly showcases her incredible bottom. Angie spanks it a few times and then bares and cups her full breasts.

This girl moans a lot and loudly. I love that! Her sex sounds don’t sound fake, especially after she’s fully discarded her top and begins squeezing her erection through the thong. That literally thobbing monster seems out of proportion with the rest of Alicia’s body. It looks especially thick one she releases it.

Alicia jerks off full frontal and from behind so you can imagine sucking or fucking her (or both at the same time if you’re flexible). She never completely removes her ultra-feminine thong, but it gets in the way of absolutely nothing. It’s easy to imagine Alcia as a total bottom while she’s finger banging her tight ass.

But a sequence with Alicia walking around with her upright hardon makes it easy to imagine her as a top. Her cum shot is tremendously powerful. In fact, there’s a close-up instant replay of her sticky explosion. This extraordinary TS Playground update closes with some short pee footage.

Ploy: TS Playground

Ploy of Bangkok, Thailand is showcased in a sensational TS Playground photo and video shoot directed by Jay Sin. The stunning redhead has a nip slip while twirling around a brightly-lit room in her red one-piece and skyscraper black gladiator sandals. She makes a killer show of exposing more and more of her wide ass while on the bed.

This is where she fully exposes and caresses her full breasts and tweaks her nipples. A large bulge forma inside of her velvet lingerie. When she pulls the crotch panel aside, a thick erection escapes and she grabs the base of the shaft. Ploy’s balls are fully exposed also and they’re shaven smooth as silk. She then flips over and jerks off from behind. Then she fully reveals her bare bottom and winking starfish. Ploy then moves to the chair and suggests a plethora of things she could do with her turgid hardon by fucking it across the surface of a white chair.

When she’s ready to cum, she lays back on the mattress, cups one big boob, and goes into full fap mode. Creamy white cum bubbles around Ploy’s swollen cock head when her orgasm crashes! Some of it lads upon her flat tummy and spills down the shaft. There’s no instant replay in this update, but it’s not necessary this time around.

TS Playground: Deepy, Scene #01

TS Playground: Deepy, Scene #01

Deepy doesn’t say much in this smoking hot TS Playground solo update. Yet, she’s quite animated, with the look of mock surprise she makes upon entering the room in heels and lingerie. She lets her big cock spring loose from closed thighs and feigns a look of innocence.

Then she walks around with her boner bouncing in the air gently and almost standing straight out from her thighs at a 45 degree angle. She takes a seat on the sofa as her cock continues to swell, its head eventually pointing up towards the ceiling.

She rises to her feet again for another wagging and swaying show. Deepy’s butt show is nothing less than astounding! She rubs her large erection against the sofa as if it’s something she can fuck doggy style. Then she begins fapping furiously!

This lovely Asian trans model doesn’t fully expose her tits, but she cups one when she’s about to nut. Deepy is tightly pinching a nipple and jerking off left-handed when streams of creamy white cum burst from the tip of her bulbous cock head! There’s no typical cum shot instant replay with this TS Playground scene before Deepy says goodbye. But I don’t think it was necessary this time.

This lovely Asian trans model doesn’t fully expose her tits, but she cups one when she’s about to nut. Deepy is tightly pinching a nipple and jerking off left-handed when streams of creamy white cum burst from the tip of her bulbous cock head! There’s no typical cum shot instant replay with this TS Playground scene before Deepy says goodbye. But I don’t think it was necessary this time.

TS Playground: Coco T, Scene #01

TS Playground: Coco T, Scene #01

It’s been driving me nuts trying to remember where I’d seen Bangkok, Thailand’s Coco T, the latest TS Playground model before. Then I finally remembered it was on another site and her profile is here featuring two photo and video shoots. If Coco was 19 on December 20, 2019, she’s the same age today if she hasn’t had a birthday this month.

The opening of Coco T, Scene #01, with this gorgeous Asian trans ingenue descending the staircase of a posh apartment took me completely by surprise. The vision of this beauty walking down the stairs in her pink one-piece with a boner poking against the fabric is astounding.

Coco teeters around in tall, strappy heels and exposes her winking anus before showing off her hard cock. This busty fox is seriously hung, too. She plays with her big, round tits also, but her presentation today is more rear-oriented. By that I mean even when she’s sitting full frontal jerking her erection, she seems to want our focus to stay mainly on her gaping ass.

This beauty is mainly quiet unless she’s moaning. She’s a little louder when approaching her climax. But you’d never know exactly when she nuts by just listening to her. Coco is silent when big streams of creamy white cum pour out of the tip of her bulbous cock head. The classic TS Playground cum shot instant replay shot in profile is also exquisite.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TS Playground: Pietra Mancini, Set 2, Scene #01

TS Playground: Pietra Mancini, Set 2, Scene #01

Stunning Pietra Mancini introduces herself in English in her second TS Playground photo and video shoot. She grinds her body in profile and gyrates full frontal, softly moaning her arousal. Then she rubs the goodies between her legs that are slightly escaping her lingerie. Pietra then bares her luscious breasts, surrounded by sharply contrasting tan lines.

She caresses them and proceeds to squeeze the obvious hardness in her panties. Then she withdraws the big, fat pecker! It stands with a slight downward curve on it’s own above her smooth, hairless ball sack when she’s not stroking it. Pietra then lays down and smacks the bulbous head against her palm. Once it’s fully erect, Pietra’s erection stands straight up with the head pointing up towards the ceiling!

Then she lays back again, this time exposing her tiny starfish before finger banging it. She rubs her large member against the furniture, then masturbates furiously. We’re watching Pietra beat off full frontal when her climax hits.

She utters a few words in Portuguese right before a series of spurts eject from the tip of her swollen rod. Streams of creamy white cum fall to the floor between her sandaled feet. Pietra stands to wag her still hard, massive dick from thigh to thigh.

She flashes her amazing tits and curvaceous ass one last time before a classic TS Playground instant replay of her cum shot plays from a side angle. The strong stream of clear pee she releases in the shower next confirms that Pietra Mancini really takes good care of yourself. Let her take good care of you, too!

Evil Angel: 2 TS + BBC: Interracial Anal Threesome

Evil Angel: 2 TS + BBC: Interracial Anal Threesome Description: Alluring T-girls Mandy Mitchell and Natalie Mars celebrate Natalie’s birthday with a nasty party. Mandy surprises her cute TS gal pal with a massive sex toy, which soon invades Natalie’s cavernous colon! The girls share kinky, hole-stretching fun before Mandy brings in a second gift in the form of black stud Sean Michaels! The girls give him a slobbering double blowjob. Natalie takes an intense anal ride on Sean’s big black cock while she sucks Mandy’s she-meat. The interracial threesome includes immense rectal gaping; ass-to-mouth fellatio; and a creamy cum facial. Finally, the T-babes masturbate to orgasm.

TS Playground #36 Description: Director Jay Sin, the purveyor of fun-loving filth, spotlights alluring she-starlets and decadent delights in ‘TS Playground 36.’ Jay’s keen, creative eye captures playful perversion — tempting T-girls indulge in torrid sodomy with hung dudes in three scenes, and two more adventures are graphic, trans-on-trans escapades. Muscular Spencer Fox meets tall, busty transsexual Jonelle Brooks for a blistering buttfuck. Jonelle lewdly sucks dick ass-to-mouth and takes a cum facial.

TS tart Mandy Mitchell gives trans gal pal Natalie Mars a big black cock for her birthday! In an interracial threesome, legendary African-American stud Sean Michaels treats the girls to serious rectal reaming and epic gaping, with a side of extreme dildo play. Gorgeous TS Foxxy oils up her bodacious bod for Sean. She gives him a wet blowjob, and he reciprocates with hardcore backdoor boning. Glamorous T-goddess Aubrey Kate gags on Spencer’s prick, and the couple trades intense anal favors. Hung trans hotties Alexandra Vexx and Casey Kisses exchange roles through a vulgar rimming and buttfucking date. The wild encounter climaxes when Casey’s she-schlong oozes spunk onto Alexandra’s raging boner.

Caramel’s Review: Right after Natalie Mars says hello, Mandy Mitchell enters the brightly lit bedroom set with a package. She wishes Natalie a happy birthday and announces it’s also a TS Playground anniversary (TS Playground #36) and they’re having a party. The gifts are toys for Natalie’s incredibly receptive butt and Mandy helps to show how to use them.

After the extreme toy penetration footage, the girls stand up and rub their remarkable boners together. There’s mutual sucking and even fucking! The first of Natalie’s birthday gifts comes wrapped in a bow – the massive cock of legendary porn star Sean Michaels! Natalie takes her gift orally at first, then Mandy treats the amazing schlong as if it’s her birthday, too! The fun doesn’t stop when Mr. Michaels blows his load. Mandy and Natalie still have time to spend girly cum time alone together. I so wanted this scene to be as good as I thought it would be. I’m not disappointed at all!

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TS Playground: Perola Martinez, Scene #01 : Perola Martinez, Scene #01

I was wondering if beautiful Perola Martinez was making the rounds on different porn sites. Sometimes porn performers do this much like mainstream actresses make their rounds with press kits on talk shows. But I have not seen this stunner anywhere else but on TS Playground. In her debut scene, Perola is shot from toes up in her tall sandals and black bra and panty set. She licks a finger seductively in a brief close-up, then the camera pans down her voluptuous form to stop at her waist and hips.

She exposes her tan lines teasingly, exposing more up top than below. In other words, her fully exposes her luscious breasts before revealing what’s inside her panty pouch. It doesn’t seem like she’s hiding much at first, then it’s clear through the lace that she’s packing heavy cargo. A large set of balls and rigid staff are threatening to escape the stretchy garment! Perola slowly exposes about half of her long, thick cock while standing.

In the next frame, she’s seated while jerking off firmly. She cups a boob while this fap session continues. Then she plays hide and seek with her big dick since her panties are still on, albeit just barely. Once her panties are shed, Perola jerks off in earnest. Even when she uses both hands to masturbate, a good portion of her massive meat is still quite visible! She lays across the sofa, jerking off from behind with her thighs tightly shut.

And she beats off in the doggy style position also. Perola lowers her bra just below her big tits, yet never fully removes it. Don’t worry, breast lovers. You won’t be missing a thing. Trans cum lovers won’t be disappointed either.

Perola Martinez releases a huge shot of creamy white cum at the end! After she walks away, there’s a classic TS Playground instant replay cum shot filmed from a close-up perspective provided for your stroking pleasure.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TS Playground: Rookie Stray, Scene #01

Rookie Stray, Scene #01 – TS Playground

Gorgeous Rookie Stray announces that she’s going to be playing with herself on TS Playground and exposes her uncut cock. She’s otherwise conservatively dressed (by porn standards) in a sporty black blouse and floral print skirt. Her legs and feet are bare.

Rookie Stray shows off her enormous boner on TS Playground!

She’s facing us directly, sitting on a tousled bed and her erection develops slowly as she reveals a bit more. As she sits up, her smoothly shaven penis and ball sack are fully exposed. Rookie is definitely what we’d describe as a grower. Her dick is by no means small when it’s flaccid, but it’s enormous when erect, both long and thick.

Trans porn star Rookie Stray is bent over and ready to get fucked by you!

I’d put her age at around late twenties to possibly thirty, about 5′ 5″ to 5′ 8″ and about 135 lbs. She’s very petite with brown eyes. This video is self-produced and brilliantly so. Rookie removes her skirt about 4:30 minutes in and keeps her top on. Rookie’s hard shaft stands at a straight angle from her thighs when she’s not stroking it. Well, it has a downward curve, but I’m sticking with that description. When she turns around and bends over for the first time, you’ll notice how well rounded her ass is.

Rookie’s massive staff points upward to the ceiling as she removes her top. She’s wearing a black bra and when that’s removed, you’ll see the prettiest set of hormone boobs and lovely pink nipples. The longer she masturbates, the louder her soft moans become.

MP4 Scene Trailer

It’s so exciting to see how Rookie splatters her blue sheets with her warm blast of cum. I don’t want to tell you exactly how that happens. But you can find out for yourself by checking out her debut on TS Playground, one of my favorite trans premium websites!