EvilAngel: TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date

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Sassy T-girls Lena Kelly and Jenna Creed tease the camera in skimpy bikinis. The flashy, ultra-femme babes playfully fondle each other, and Lena gives her brunette lover a messy, slobber-gushing blowjob. Jenna probes Lena’s asshole with dildos as they share 69. Lena’s stiff prick bounces as Jenna fucks her butthole, and the TS beauties both enjoy hard, intense rear reaming. Their decadent anal romp features rimming, rectal gaping and nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing when both girls ejaculate in creamy, sperm-splattering orgasms.

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This official EvilAngel.com description of the first scene from Transsexual Addiction #02 sums up one of the best trans lesbian scenes of 2018. I can’t wait until most crucial, career-making trans awards season rolls around.

Lena of LenaKellyXXX.com and the TS Dreamland favorite from our blog’s PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed deserve high honors for their performances in TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date!

Transsexual Addiction #02

This scene goes into sexual hyper-speed as soon as it opens with the girls posing before a floor-to-ceiling mirror and playing with each other. They’re wearing bikinis and stripper heels and both of them have phenomenal bodies that eventually end up totally nude! Dark-haired Jenna develops a boner just being with Lena. She kneels to give Lena a rimjob and then follows her own erection to a massage table. Jenna’s hardon points toward the ceiling and it could not be easier for Lena to give her what looks to be an amazing blowjob.


Lena straddles Jenna in a two dick-raising 69 position sucking. Deep insertion, before the actual fucking, comes in the form of big butt plugs for Lena. Once they disengage from the 69, Lena settles her tight ass down on Jenna’s big cock bareback! Her bouncing hardon swings about wildly as she humps her mate in the reverse cowgirl position.

After that, the sex toy play gets even more interesting, especially when the bubbles start floating! Lena gives Jenna a powerful doggy style pounding and each beauty shoots their cum before this EvilAngel.com masterpiece comes to an end! Trans lesbian porn doesn’t get any better than this!

Transsexual Addiction: Chloe Wilcox & Chad Diamond

Beautiful Chloe Wilcox brings in the final scene of Aiden Starr’s Transsexual Addiction with Chad Diamond. But Chloe begins with a tantalizing striptease in a preheated state. In other words, whatever was going on before filming began made her develop an erection that she exposes from her panties in less than a minute. While hefting one breast and making her hard dick dance she utters, “I betcha wanna fuck me, don’t you.” She adds that she’s hot and horny and needs a good dick in her. In her mouth and in her ass.

I’m thinking that anyone watching would accept that challenge or they either don’t have a cock or they’re in the wrong niche of the massive EvilAngel.com network. The camera pans up and down from her pretty face to just below her cock that seems to be getting stiffer yet! It bounces up and down above her panty pouch until she curl her fingers around the shaft and begins stroking firmly.

She says she hopes Chad likes her dick and he grabs it as soon as he enters the frame. Chloe and Chad kiss while the fully dressed man tugs at her hardon and touches his own bulge through his dress pants. He lowers himself down to give Chloe a blowjob and whips his boner out from his flat fronts. Chloe wants a deep sucking and she guides Chad to suck her erection down to the base. She’s willing to give what she gets and when it’s her turn to suck dick, she goes down on Chad’s sex organ voraciously and tea bags his ball sack also. They arrange themselves into a 69 with Chloe on top and Chad eventually asks, “Why don’t you jump down on top of this dick?”

She tells him how amazing his dick is while riding it from above in the cowgirl position. Wearing only her garterbelt and stockings at this point, Chloe hoists herself up and down frantically with her erection flopping up and down wildly. Next she’s on her back taking a powerful bareback missionary position railing. Chad reminds Chloe to jerk her cock as he fucks her hard and fast and she pulls at her boner firmly. She looks fine as fuck taking a doggy style banging next! After getting pile driven, Chloe turns the tables and begins fucking Chad while he lays on his back! It’s far from over and I’ll let you watch the rest of this scene on EvilAngel.com to find out what happens next.

Transsexual Addiction: Korra Del Rio & Chad Diamond

Korra of KorraDelRio.xxx looks absolutely amazing dancing to a smooth electronic soundtrack in the background wearing an lush bra and panty set. The first view of nudity begins from the rear and is followed by the exposure of her semi-erect cock when she lowers her panties. The mirror view is a genius move as she begins to masturbate. Korra unsnaps and drops her brassiere next and as she tweaks one of her nipples, her cock becomes more engorged. She then drops her undies and continues pleasuring herself in the mirror naked except for her tall heels. Korra crawls across a chaise lounge and moistens her fingers with her sexy mouth. She proceeds to give herself a finger banging and a mystery man’s torso and stiff cock enters the frame. Since it’s standing right before her pretty face, she engulfs the head and first few inches inside her mouth.

The man is Chad Diamond whose great sense of humour is sometimes focused on in his evilangel.com scenes. But this production is all about the build-up of sexual tension displayed with glam camera work and then it gets right down to the hot sex. We get a full view of both actors when Korra lays back to have erection sucked. She’s stroking her stiff dick when Chad enters her tight ass in the missionary position. He gradually increases the speed of his thrusts in the bareback fuck sequence. Either Korra or Chad is stroking her swollen prong or it swings around on its own while they fuck and eventually switch into a 69. A tumultuous bareback railing comes next and once again that large mirror serves as a terrific double-vision prop. Korra removes her high heels for a reverse cowgirl ride that has her hardon swinging and spinning as she cries out her pleasure.

That’s how about the first three quarters of the Aiden Starr directed masterpiece DVD Transsexual Addiction. “TS Korra and Boy-Toy Share 69, Sodomy” is the name of Scene #02 on evilangel.com and it’s a true erotic gem.