TransAngels Review: Good Neighbors Make Good Fucktoys

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Description: The tall, blonde stunner Aubrey Kate is beloved by everyone in her neighborhood… well, almost everyone. Petra Blair is a jealous and up-tight housewife who is certain that Aubrey must have skeletons in her closet, and she won’t stop until she finds out what they are. When Aubrey catches Petra snooping around in her home, she realizes that she’s going to have to teach the brunette busybody a lesson in how to win friends and influence people. Aubrey dominates Petra, letting the horny housewife lick and suck her cock deep before she pounds her tight pussy until both women are moaning and writing uncontrollably.

Caramel’s Review: In her 5th video, Aubrey Kate is paired with a cis female, Petra Blair, a petite 5′ 3″ 34B-28-38 babe from L.A. Superstar Aubrey Kate, originally from Orange County, CA is one of the most downloaded trans performers in the past 5 years.

Both girls portray housewives and the drama centers around the up-tight Petra who changes her tune when Aubrey Kate raises the hem of her dress. Petra is mesmerized by Aubrey’s stiff cock and she leans forward to give it a good long sucking!

Although my shecock doesn’t resemble Aubrey Kate’s, the POV footage totally works for me. Aubrey removes Petra’s clothing nice and slowly. First she takes off her dress, leaving her in a slip. It’s off with her matching thong next and then she’s relived of her tall, open-toe pumps.

A good amount of pussy rubbing and fingering leads to toy fucking and Aubrey Kate’s cock is stiff during this action, especially with Petra giving her a handjob.

It’s a great moment in trans porn when Petra straddles the trans beauty for a fuck of a lifetime! I love how eager Petra is to lap up Aubrey Kate’s cum at the end.

TransAngels Review: Amicable Exes: Yulia Masakowa & Dante Colle

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Description: Tall, gorgeous Yulia Masakowa and Dante Colle are amicable exes that still live together. The arrangement works well for them, but Dante’s new girlfriend can’t help but get jealous of the toned and tight t-girl. When she catches a peek of Yulia’s cock, the new girl is so upset that she’ll never be able to satisfy Dante properly, that she runs out to the store to get a special surprise. While she’s gone Yulia and Dante fall into old habits, indulging in a steamy mid-afternoon fuck fest. Yulia pounds Dante’s hole all over the living room, making him moan in all the ways his new girlfriend never could.

Caramel’s Review: The story line set-up is pretty strong with this update. There’s a lot of acting in the opening scene and no one embarrasses themselves. It fact, they’re all entertaining. Yulia’s seduction begins while Dante’s new girlfriend is in the room and she continues once the ex is gone by exposing her cock to him. Dante has seen it many times before, but he can’t resist sucking it again with his new babe right in the other room! This is one of the things that adds to a porn scene – buildup. It creates sexual tension to drive the sexual content. Yulia is a phenomenal-looking star, but when a studio couples her beauty and grace with an actual plot, it reaches the highest level of porn production. The filming is also magnificent in Amicable Exes.

The Russian beauty tops Dante so well it seems like second nature to her. The most remarkable thing about that is that Yulia is self-assured and confident, yet not arrogant. She makes it seem like she could do all this in her sleep, yet she has no intention of just mailing it in. This is an excellent update not to be missed!

Written by Caramel Black
Twitter: @tscaramel

TransAngels Review: Lena Kelly & Pierce Paris: Sneaky Sleepover

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Description: Blonde hottie Lena Kelly hasn’t had time to catch up with her gal pals since she headed off to college, but she’s making up for that with a sleepover at her friend’s house. However, Lena soon encounters her friend’s strict father, Pierce Paris, an older man with strict rules about making noise at night.

When Pierce catches Lena touching herself after dark, he can’t help but see just exactly what this college girl has been learning, telling her to suck his big cock. Lena gives Pierce a deep and sloppy blowjob before letting the strict older man punish her tight hole. The stern papa pounds her hard and heavy while Lena’s friend is asleep in the next room!

Caramel’s Review: This update features Pierce Paris playing a strict dad rather well. He always delivers good acting performances, but I would have thought the father role would be a stretch. Lena is also totally convincing in her role as the dad’s daughter’s gal pal.

The sequence with Lena getting caught jerking off in what she thought was a totally private guest room is the first jolt of horny electricity for this scene. Mr. Paris whipping out his big daddy dick and Lena’s reaction comes rapidly as the next and we’re off to the races.

The blowjob scene is more aggressive than I could have imagined and I love that! Lena’s portrayal as a sexual, yet inexperience teen brilliantly unfolds in the was she takes the dad’s massive cock.

Is this Lena’s finest performance. Check out the other three scenes she’s appeared in here and you be the judge.

TransAngels Review: Jessica Fox & Dante Colle: Coming For You

Watch The Trailer Description: Jessica Fox is not the kind of girl who takes well to being dumped, and if you think you can avoid her wrath by doing it with a note? You must be out of your mind. Jessica tracks down her cheating boyfriend, Dante Colle, stomping down the street like a vision of righteous fury. Jessica interrupts Dante with his new girl and teaches him that if you fuck around ON her, you get fucked BY her. Jessica dominates Dante’s mouth and hole as he gasps and moans, pounding him hard to make sure he’s learned his less.

Jessica Fox is one of the best trans adult industry actresses primarily known for her talent of dominating men. With Dante Colle, she’s got one of the hottest males in the business. Adult Industry biographer, Amy Stone, wrote in her Jessica Fox Biography on, “Since 2008 sultry TS star Jessica Fox has been captivating fans across the globe with her raw sexuality, amicable personality and natural assets. Winner of the coveted “Best DVD Performer” accolade at the 2010 Transgender Erotica Awards, before she became an adult film star Jessica was born and raised on a Native American reservation in Phoenix, Arizona. Jessica is proud of her Native American roots and states via her official solo website “I like to characterize my beauty as exotic. Being a Native American girl a touch of savage and class can go a long way. My skin is as tan as desert sand and just as soft”.

Jessica looks absolutely stunning as she struts down a suburban neighborhood street in “Coming For You“. Dante’s foot worshiping in the opening sets the tone for how the rest of this Trans Angels update plays out. It arouses Jessica to the point of withdrawing her stiff cock and playing with it. When Jessica orders Dante to work his way up from her bare foot to her erection, you’ll realize that this is a glamorous Domination/submission scene in its most classic sense of the term.

Even when Jessica gives Dante head, it’s clear that she’s the one running things. There’s simply no question about it when she drives her bare cock inside Dante’s tight ass. Jessica’s powerful fucking in multiple positions leads to two magnificent cum-laden climaxes!

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TransAngels Review: Danika Dreamz in What’s In Her Pants?

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: The tall and beautiful Danika Dreamz is an important woman with an international flight to catch, but security agent Eli Hunter isn’t letting her through without a thorough investigation. Eli discovers that Danika is full of surprises, pulling a big metal butt-plug out of her tight hole. Danika decides that she’ll do whatever it takes to make Eli let her onto the plane, trading deep wet blowjobs with the security agent right there on the interrogation room table. Eli fucks the short-haired beauty hard, smacking her ass and making her beg for more.

Caramel’s Review: This legendary 5’10”, 134 lbs Montreal, Quebec native has a bio on “Tall, leggy TS stunner Danika Dreamz is a globe-trotting hottie bringing her special brand of sex appeal everywhere she goes. Danika says in her sexy accent that she’s very multicultural because she’s fucked people from all over the world! But not only does this adventurous tgirl aspire to cum to every corner of the globe, she’s also one smart cookie who’s picked up the ability to speak Spanish and English as well as her first language French, making her a trilingual babe who’ll try using her talented tongue on just about everyone she meets, as long as they’re hot enough!”

I’m first astounded by the way Danika looks with short hair and this is coming from someone who rarely likes short hairdos on anyone – even on men! This vision of feminine excellence makes debut on this premium site a killer performance with Eil Hunter!

Skipping past the opening storyline with Danika striding confidently through the airport and having her butt plug clocked, let’s begin with Agent Hunter’s interrogation. After his partner leaves the room, Eli closely inspects Danika’s ass and cock with his mouth. She gets a good taste of his erection while laying across a table, on her back, jerking off.

Nothing particularly extraordinary happens with these fit and hung performers until the bareback fucking begins. Eli fucking Danika doggie style and her tits and boner bouncing wildly are just the beginning of footage that breaths new life into this scene. The best views come when Danika gets laid side saddle 20 minutes in.

Danika’s schlong expands to surprising proportions while she gets her tight ass pummeled. She’s barely wearing a white tank top and her body looks incredible, especially captured full frontal as she rides Eli’s swollen pecker. I’m going to leave this write-up right here. Be sure to see it all on!

TransAngels Review: Bianca Reis in Wet and Wild

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Gorgeous Brazilian beauty Bianca Reis loves relaxing by the pool, especially with her hunky new pool toy, Victor Hugo. Bianca tosses her bikini top into the pool, luring the muscular pool boy close enough to tug him in and take off his shorts. Bianca gives Victor a long and deep blowjob, licking his cock from base to tip before taking him upstairs to make him do the same. The long-haired siren and her beefcake boy take turns riding each other’s big cocks in this wet and wild flip-flop scene.

Caramel’s Review: São Paulo native Bianca Reis delivers an incredible performance with veteran porn star Victor Hugo. This is what I’d describe as a break-out performance for Bianca because the bulk of her previous work consists of solo and trans lesbian content.

One of my respected readers, who is a plot-driven porn fan, once mentioned that he had a problem with “outsourced” productions. I’m paying close attention to the storyline in this update to see how the studio handles this concern.

Once we get past the initial striptease with Bianca literally shaking her money maker clean out of her black bikini, we see her wagging an upward arcing boner and oiling her voluptuous frame. She’s out by the pool masturbating her big dick roughly with nothing on but a pair of tall sandals. Then the nude posing evolves into the story line just after the 4 minute mark.

Victor is the pool boy at work, which is a bit odd, being that the client is lounging in the water. If we allow our porn-trained minds to get past that small detail, and the fact that Bianca begins wordless removing her bikini top in the water, we’ll want to stick around to see her blowjob skills.

Bianca pays a lot of attention to us while sucking Victor’s prong, almost in a way that suggests she’s seeking approval. When it’s Victor’s turn to expose Bianca’s large erection and to go down on it, he seems not to even remember he’s being filmed.

The bareback reverse cowgirl fucking sequence is catered to fans of big ole’ trans ass. When she swings around, it’s a marvelous display of bountiful breast bobbing and raging hard girl cock standing at attention as Bianca gets fucked! She’s a vision completely naked from head to toe bouncing up and down on Victor’s prick.

After Bianca gets her big erection sucked, she’s ready to fuck him silly in the doggy style position, with him riding on top and laying on his back. This Brazilian special ends a lot of cursing in Portuguese and two big cum shots! Is it low on plot development? Hell, yes. As far as eye candy goes with this anatomically superior to most humans pairing goes, it’s riveting and satisfying to watch.

TransAngels Review: Janelle Fennec & Silas Stone in Stormy Night

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Even though he’s eighteen, Silas Stone still gets scared of storms. Lucky for him, his hot new step-mom, the blonde and slim Janelle Fennec is understanding and invites him to sleep in bed with her while his father is away. Silas can’t help himself and peeks under Janelle’s robe, feeling her up while she pretends to sleep. Janelle takes Silas’ mind off the storm by making him lick her tight pink hole before she takes his cock all the way inside of her.

Caramel’s Review: A testament to Janelle Fennec’s acting chops is when she tells her 18 year old stepson, Silas Stone, that she can sleep in her room with her, it doesn’t come off as a come-on. Sure, we know this is porn, but here’s where plot development proves itself to be the best way to go. If you can make it seem real, that is. As a movie buff, it’s impossible for me not to recall the 1967 picture The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. is perhaps the only studio that could even come close to pulling off a May/September romance to be compared to the classic film.

The only thing odd I find about this update is the sequence where Janelle undresses in the bathroom knowing Silas can see her. How can he resist touching his cock while gazing at her nude and in lingerie?! Circling back to that thing we call plot development again, it’s all part of the set-up. Janelle gets in bed and pretends to doze off, giving Silas a chance to expose her beautiful body and to discover the secret between her legs.

Just you wait as the sexual tension builds. See how the seduction fully plays out. It’s well worth the wait! How is the sex? Considering that Janelle Fennec is one of the finest trans stars ever to grace the adult industry, young Silas and his performance is the only one in question. He’s the top 100% in this glorious bareback scene with full nudity. My only complaint would be that he’s the worst at pretending he’s not a highly skilled porn actor and not a virginal teen. But I’d give this update an 8 out of 10 – 2 points off for realism, or lack thereof.

TransAngels Review: Casey Kisses & Khloe Hart in Today’s Special

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Official Description: Casey Kisses is on an awful date with an actual real-life nerd. While he’s dazzled by the menu, she sets her eye on stunning Khloe Kay at the table behind him. The two tall, long-haired beauties ditch the nerd and meet in the bathroom to trade deep wet blowjobs. It’s not long before Khloe is begging Casey to fuck her, and the big-tit stunner is happy to oblige. Casey pounds Khloe in the bathroom until she shoots her load all over Khloe’s lacy black lingerie and they’ve both forgotten about the dud outside.

Famed producer Tom Moore does yet another fine job presenting this update with a little humor thrown in. However, this could be the first time I just want to skip past the funny parts. That’s because Casey Kisses and the relatively new Khloe Kay are two of the hottest stars in the adult industry, not to mention two of my all-time favorites. contract models and hostesses of CaseyKisses.XXX and KhloeKay.XXX together on TransAngels is mesmerizing to watch, not just because of their beauty, but because of their talent as well. The real fire for me begins when Casey says she doesn’t need a cosmetic product to get attention. Curious Khloe asks what it is and Casey responds by flashing her big cock under the hem of her dress.

Khloe steps forward to take hold of Casey’s erection and after she begins stroking it firmly, they share a kiss. Khloe exposes, kisses and sucks Casey’s breasts and nipples next, while still giving her a handjob.

A hint of Domination/submission occurs when Khloe drops to her knees to deep throat Casey’s schlong. Yes, the whole damn thing! Then, Casey gives her new girl a break from cock sucking to turn around and present her ass to her. Even in panties, Khloe’s bottom is a world class piece of anatomy. We get the first extended close-up of Khloe’s pretty dick while she receives a rimjob from Casey.

Casey jerks herself off and Khloe too while eating her ass. Then, with Khloe confessing her fear of getting caught, Casey places Khloe against the sink thrusts her long, hard rod inside Khloe’s tight ass! I’ve only described the first half of this movie.

This is an amazing fuck that evolves into several different positions. Khloe’s erection remains without her even touching it mostly, or Casey either, for that matter. As for the cum shots at the end of this update – Like I said before, this update is a masterpiece.

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TransAngels Review: Balls In Her Court – Sarina Valentina & Pierce Paris

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Curvaceous beauty Sarina Valentina knows that it’s important to stretch a powerful body out before any serious workout, and she does exactly that with the help of her exercise ball. Muscular stud Pierce Paris comes in just in time to find the busty blonde bent all the way over, with her thick sexy ass in the air. He gives her a rubdown, tears open her yoga tights and goes to town. Sarina moans with ecstasy taking Pierce’s big cock until her ass is pink and covered in cum.

Looking gorgeous in her workout midriff top and leggings, Sarina Valentina pads barefoot across the living room floor to her mat in this torrid update. She kneels down to do some stretches, with a little Yoga thrown in, and does some deep breathing exercises to warm up. After awhile, handsome Pierce Paris joins her while she’s straddled across the exercise ball.

Pierce actually straddles Sarina so we know he’s more than just her trainer. He gives her curvy ass a workout right through her leggings with a massage and a generous amount of oil. Pierce is a versatile actor who can be passive or aggressive. Hes’ in full Daddy mode the moment he appears on screen and establishes his dominance by tearing Sarina’s leggings wide open.

He slathers oil across Sarina’s bare ass and his big cock is already swollen when has her begin sucking it. Sarina give him a long, awesome blowjob and she tears the opening in her leggings even wider to release her cock an balls. What girl wouldn’t want to touch herself while getting a mouthful of tasty cock?

The last dousing needed is applied to Sarina’s big ass before Pierce eases his erection inside. Then she’s bent over the exercise ball getting balled! Eventually, Sarina gets her dick sucked for being such a good fuck. Then Pierce begins fucking her all over again! Don’t miss this spectacular update on For more of the superstar trans actress, visit the Official Sarina Valentina website powered by TGirl-Network.

TransAngels Review: Fuck The Sheeple with Alexa Scout & Wesley Woods

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Alexa Scout is sick of her step-brother Wesley Woods’ bullshit. He thinks that just because she’s on the phone all the time, she must be shallow, but his tune changes when he spots her taking some sexy selfies in her room.

When Alexa catches him, she makes her hunky step-brother strip for her while she takes pictures on the phone he’s always teasing her about. When Alexa sees that Wesley has a huge cock underneath his air of superiority, the two of them find something a lot better for Alexa to do than sit around on her phone all day. Wesley gives Alexa a hearty helping of step-brotherly love worth texting her friends about, fucking her long and hard until they both cum.

TransErotica contract model and hostess of is in my top list of most beautiful and talented adult actresses of all time. So this review admittedly comes with perhaps a little bias. But I’ll do my best to keep a lid on it. Alexa’s gorgeous co-star, Wesley Woods, is a good actor too.

I love the moment when Alexa first takes in the sight of his stiff cock. She moves directly into giving a blowjob and having her salad tossed in return. I would like to have seen Wesley sucking Alexa’s cock before he penetrates her tight ass, and I’m thinking it’s not going to happen, but it comes soon after. At this point I’m telling myself, “Yes, this update is going to be perfect after all!”

Alexa gets her lovely uncut dick sucked erect as she lays back massaging her luscious tits. Wesley also rims her while stroking her boner! Then Wesley pounds her bareback again with his hard tool. After missionary comes side saddle and Alexa riding Wesley on top.

Her breasts are jiggling and her hard schlong is bouncing as Wesley thrusts in and out of her from below. This udate is yet another masterpiece!