Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay says she was supposed to put underwear on before pressing play, recording the “Massive Quarantine Cumshot” video update. She’s wearing a halter top that hides her big boobs, but her thick erection is standing straight up from her thighs. She’s been shooting for the website all day and she wants you to whip your dick out.

She fully instructs you how to stroke your cock and what to do it with. Then she goes into detail about how much she’s into the smell of sweaty dick and balls. So she’s beating off in a yellow chair, naked from the waist down. Bailey spreads her thighs widely to smack her ass, yet she’s still facing you with that big hardon – its head pointing toward the ceiling.

Her bloated balls cause her to state that she’s s full. So full of cum. Never forgetting her foot loving fans, she sits back in her chair and gets her wrinkled soles in the frame. About six minutes in, she turns around to present her magnificent ass. Basically, unless you’re a bare breast lover, you’ve probably shot you load by now. As for the massive cumshot promised, she is not kidding! Thick ropes of creamy white blast from the tip of her swollen cock head.

Her orgasm is loud as fuck and convulsive! Bailey can’t help but to burst out in laughter because her climax was so powerful. She got cum on the ring light and apologizes for it. I’m not sorry. Are you? She then realizes that she never took her tits out.

Then she lets her jugs swing loose apologized again, this time for being so penis-oriented. Then she stands up again. Damn, her cock and balls are still so big and inflated! Then she tries to clean up. It’s a big job for Bailey Jay.