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Grooby Girls: Caramel Comments on Tegan Last Smashed Hard!

Caramel Comments on Tegan Last Smashed Hard! produced by Radius Dark and co-starring Smash Thompson for Grooby Girls.

Radius Dark presents “Tegan Last Smashed Hard!” with Smash Thompson taking the honors as her co-star. Tegan Last, the petite brunette bombshell, who’s relocated from Seattle, Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada is well-known for her love of being dominated.

Tegan Last has such a nice ass! has come up with the right man for the jobs of dominating and filming her in the process. The opening featured Teagan posing seductively on the bed in lingerie and tall sandals. She talks dirty about what’s about to happen and makes it clear how badly she needs it. She removes the heels and presents some foot lovers content.

Tegan Last prepares to take Smash Thompson's BBC!

Then comes a bit of ass spanking for good measure. She flips over to reveal that a large part of her goodies is slipping out of the crotch panel of her body suit. Her cock is already stiffening in anticipation of being joined by Smash. Moments after the muscular stud joins her, his big cock is sliding in and out of her mouth. The handsome guy is shirtless as gorgeous Teagan gives him head.

Her bodystocking comes off and she’s soon jerking off in her fishnet stockings as she lovingly sucks on Mr. Thompson’s BBC. Teagan gets treated to an ass eating. “Are you ready to receive Daddy’s cock,” he asks. But we’re not quite there yet. His intent is to drive her half crazy with lust by giving her a blowjob next. Teagan is completely naked from head to toe as Smash loves her orally. Her cock is exposed from her thighs as the hunk eases his big dick inside Teagan’s tight ass raw.

Then they fuck wildly in a variety of positions. I’ve been a huge fan of Teagan Last for a few years now. She’s more stunning and radiant than ever right now. As for Smash Thompson, another favorite, his sexual technique is unparalleled in trans porn. He’s particularly dominant in this scene. Yet he never goes overboard. He’s very well-liked in the adult industry – a true gentleman.

I’ve been reviewing mostly live porn for most of 2020. “Tegan Last Smashed Hard!” masterfully produced by Radius Dark reminds me of what I missed so much about studio porn from the world’s top trans porn website Grooby Girls.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Izzy Wilde Radius Dark

Izzy Wilde on Chaturbate Trans Cams

Did you happen to catch the first ever Chaturbate Trans Cam stream of Izzy Wilde last week? While she spoke during an intense naked masturbation session, I learned so much about her I didn’t know. Seeing Izzy with her legs spread wide open while jerking off on a nice bed wasn’t a first however.

But it was the first time outside of a studio recording. Izzy came up with a huge black butt plug to put to use also. First came the tantalizing sight of her bare ass. Then came the insertion. Easing it all the way in was a bit of a challenge and her loud moans of pleasure mixed with pain was quite an erotic vision. With time she ended up shouting, “Ah, yes!” like she was actually getting fucked!

When she flipped back around to face us again, her dick was rock hard, and she immediately began to jack off again. Her responses to tipping fans were so friendly and genuine. She released her boner to let it hand upright in the air a bit next. That’s because sitting on the pads of her feet made her brace herself against the mattress.

But she used her free hand to pump the butt plug in and out of her tight ass. The 5’8″(173 cm) model/creator from Grand Rapids, Michigan discussed what’s going on with her next porn projects and projects she probably won’t be doing again. Ask about them when you see her next show. That’s too private for me to share because it involves other people whose names I’d rather leave out.

More exciting was seeing the enormous sex toys she’s purchased in hopes of working up to! Someone asked if she likes giving foot jobs. They appreciated that her pretty peds were bare which reminds me of her “Foot Fetish: Meet Izzy Wilde!” Grooby Girls “Model of The Month” debut.

That was released on July 1, 2020. One solo performance and hardcore session later, Izzy released her cum in “Climax Monday: Izzy Wilde!” produced by Radius Dark. Izzy confessed about other fascinating sexual exploits as she switched to a pink sex toy. I lost count of how many sex toys she had on the bed. The next one was a huge realistic phallus!

She showed herself gaping when asked if working that big toy in hurt. “It’s just a matter of opening up,” she replied before letting out one of the sexiest gasps I’ve ever heard. If you’ve ever cum from just listening to an adult entertainer’s voice, Izzy could probably get you to do that. This stunning 23 year old went on to give us so much information about herself that I couldn’t turn away. It wasn’t just fun stuff and cutesy stories, but meaty, thought-provoking information.

Izzy also spoke about her OnlyFans content as she posed in every position one could have hoped for. While adding some barefoot lovers content to her stream, she donned a pair of tall red sandals to fulfill a request. Izzy plans to come back to the webcam platform often. is one to follow! As for her other studio work, “Izzy Wilde In Hardcore Yoga!” on GroobyVR from famed producer Buddy Wood is absolutely incredible. One of my all-time favorite scenes is with a trans porn icon. That one is “Chelsea Marie & Izzy Wilde” on TGirls.Porn, another Grooby Productions masterpiece produced by Radius Dark.
Alina Doll Allura Sadow Femout.XXX Radius Dark

Alina Doll & Allura Sadow Femout.XXX Review

Starring: Alina Doll , Allura Sadow

FILMED BY: Radius Dark

Femout.XXX Description: It’s time for this week’s Femout hardcore! Radius Dark brings to you a hot girl on girl scene featuring Alina Doll and Allura Sadow! The girls are horny and ready to have fun! Watch them making love and enjoying it!

Caramel’s Review: I don’t know how Alina Doll, of Phoenix, Arizona, has been flying under my porn radar for so long. She’s the top in this XXX update and she’s been on Femout.XXX five times before! I must not have been a member through December of 2019 through June of 2020 when she made four solo sets and a hardcore feature with a lucky guy. All of her Femout.XXX shoots were filmed by Radius Dark, so I went to her debut to see if he’d done an introductory interview with her. It’s a strikingly hot video, but no such luck learning about what makes her tick. She talks about how she wants to ride a hard cock in “Alina Doll’s Huge Cumshot!”, but there’s no personal information. Yet, the 6’0″ Gemini has become a fast favorite of mine after seeing all of her work on Femout.XXX.

On the other hand, I practically feel like I know Allura Sadow, of Las Vegas, Nevada. She had five shoots, including one hardcore with the same dude, on the site since February 2018. I’ve fully digested them, so to speak. The chemistry of “Alina Doll & Allura Sadow” is amazing. It begins with Allura confessing to us that she’s been looking for a girl who can bend her over and fuck her the way she really wants it. She gets herself so worked up, and erect, that one could make themselves cum before Alina joins her. But can you cum within three minutes?

The passionate kissing is a big plus and their stripping one another is wonderful. But the next high point for me is when they rub their bare, stiff boners together while kissing. No matter what happened beyond that point informed me that this would be amongst the best of the best Femout.XXX hardcore scenes since its inception. Sets that are on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX don’t always crossover to each respective website.

But Alina Doll & Allura Sadow happens to be featured on both. Do you like Femout solos or hardcore sets more? That seems to be the biggest decision affecting which site to join if not both of them. But it would be a shame to miss one of the finest trans lesbian hardcore shoots of 2020 so please decide on at least one subscription.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Erica Chery Etertaycb

Erica Chery | Etertaycb on Chaturbate Trans

etertaycb on Chaturbate Trans!

So, I just raved about the incredible Kellie Shaw yesterday. Then I see her the same day on social media posing with Erica Chery. I don’t know what they’re up to yet, but I wonder if they’ll cam together on Chaturbate Trans sometime. Both of them live in Las Vegas now so I’m just putting that out into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, I did just so happen to catch a solo show on Erica’s channel that made me forget she doesn’t need a partner to thrill her fans. But if her new upcoming joint with Kellie is even just nearly as good as her TGirls.Porn performance with Rachel Nova, it’s bound to be stunning!

Erica Cherry fucks Rachel Nova on TGirls.Porn!

ERICA CHERRY & RACHEL NOVA was presented by Radius Dark. The initial flirting and kissing that leads to sucking and fucking is incredible to watch. The massage table railing is out of this world! Check out the trailer. Now back to the most recent Erica Cherry Chaturbate show I just caught in mid stream. She was just about to take a break after watching someone cum for her. Erica reached behind herself to unsnap her red brassiere with both hands. Her huge cock didn’t need help pointing head first toward the ceiling. Erica’s schlong defies gravity when she’s super horny. Once completely naked, she couldn’t seem to stop jerking off. I don’t know what happened to that break! It probably didn’t help matters much that she had a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator up her tight ass. They activate when tips are sent in and she was getting a lot of them.

Erica Chery and Kellie Shaw!

As she continued masturbating on her black leather sofa, she offered leg and foot exposure for special fans while in both full frontal and profile positions. Erica was lying on her side when her strokes became furious and big white jets of cum flew out of her throbbing cock head. She promised to return later to her channel and Erica Chery always keeps her promise.

Femout.XXX Radius Dark Shiny Criostal

Shiny Criostal on Femout.XXX!

Shiny Criostal is about to strip and stroke her cock for you. Wouldn't you like to provide some fucking in return?

I’ve been so focused on LIVE Chaturbate shows that it’s been a long time since I’ve had any major studio subscriptions. Well, one of the websites I really missed is Femout.XXX. I saw so many fresh faces while browsing through the updates. One recent update in particular caught my eye and held my attention from beginning to end. I just saw the September 8, 2020 debut performance “Welcome Shiny Criostal!” The Femout follow-up video and photo set, “Shiny Cristiol Cums!was just released today! I’ve heard the name Criostal before and it’s the Irish Gaelic version of crystal.

Does she have the most perfect ass, legs and feet or what?

This talent from Las Vegas, Nevada is the girlfriend of another adult entertainer I’m a big fan of, Skyra Hope of Grooby Girls! But back to Shiny Criostal, the biography of this 5’0″ sexual dynamo is an incredibly interesting read. Shiny Criostal is also geographically fortunate to have been shot twice by the award-winning Radius Dark, one of my all-time favorite photographers. Shiny Criostal’s debut begins with this bright light telling us what we can mostly read in her bio. It’s just more fun watching her speaking.

Fucking Shiny Criostal on the floor would be well worth the rug burns!

But when it’s time for the actual porn performance to begin, Shiny Criostal’s words are more quiet and erotic. The way I seem to judge a debut is a special moment that could make viewers come, whether the model does or not. On Femout.XXX, the orgasm usually happens in a girl’s second shoot. Shiny Criostal’s debut hit’s that level at around the 9:25 minute mark.

You may have already shot your cum for Shiny Criostal by this point!

The full video is 14:29 minutes long, so there’s plenty of time for you to get of before it’s all over! But if you can make it until Shiny Criostal is applying oil to her beautiful naked body at the end, you have amazing staying power! You can rate this debut and today’s follow-up on the site (I gave it a 5 out of five stars). You can also find Shiny Criostal’s Twitter link in her profile!

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy a subscription, I earn a commission. Thanks, @tscaramel on Twitter.

Bambi Bliss Radius Dark TGirls.Porn

TGirls.Porn: Bambi Bliss & Mya Nine

Bambi Bliss & Mya Nine Description: Check out the hot girl on girl hardcore exclusive we have for you this week on TGirls.Porn! Bambi Bliss meets Mya Nine in a brand new scene produced by Radius Dark! The girls can’t wait to start with the action! After some passionate oral fun, Mya fucks Bambi’s tight ass hard in various positions! Enjoy!

Bambi Bliss shows her bare ass before it gets fucked by Mya Nine!

Bambi: I love Mya Nine’s cock in my ass, it goes so deep and feels so good. It was great when she took my from behind, but I loved wrapping my legs around her while she pounded me and we kissed.

Mya: I loved thrusting in Bambi and getting so deep. I love fucking other girls and she’s so sexy. I couldn’t control myself and came off camera and then came on her face at the end on camera!

Bambi Bliss sucks Mya Nine's 9" long throbbing cock!

TS Caramel Black’s Review: This is the second review of Bambi Bliss this week on TS Dreamland. She starts out hot and heavy in this one also, but she’s got a horny partner, Mya Nine! On TGirls.Porn, they rise up together on their knees to share a kiss on the bed while dressed in sexy lingerie. It’s pretty clear that Mya is going to be the aggressor in this one, and from what I know about Bambi, that’s exactly what she wants in another woman.

Mya Nine pounds Bambi Bliss' tight ass with her mammoth penis!

Mya mauls Bambi’s big boobs manually and orally. It’s not long before Bambi curls her hands around Mya’s big dick and starts stroking it hard. Mya takes over with her own hand as she gives Bambi a blowjob. Then Bambi returns the favor.

It blows my mind how Bambi can suck down the majority of Mya’s stiff schlong. This lady’s stage name is Mya Nine for a reason. Although I’ve tried, I cannot take that much dick down without activating a gag reflex. It’s a wonder that anyone can!

Mya fucks Bambi then cums in her mouth!

Next, Bambi gets her salad tossed in preparation for the railing she’s about to receive. Mya’s pounding comes after a gentle warm-up session. She gives Bambi some time to get used to being penetrated by her mammoth organ. It seems that although Bambi is enjoying the fucking immensely, it might hurt a bit also. I get that sense during the doggy style and missionary position footage. But by the cum-laden climax of this TGirls.Porn masterpiece, she seems to be in 100% rapture.

Join TGirls.Porn!

Thank you for reading this review. Follow me on Twitter at @tscaramel. See you there!

Bambi Bliss Bob's Tgirls Radius Dark

Bambi Bliss in “Bambi Bliss & The Fucking Machine!

Bambi Bliss & The Fucking Machine!

Featuring – Bambi Bliss
Added – August 25, 2020

Bambi Bliss removes her high heel pump.

Description: Following her hot debut released a couple of weeks ago, Bambi Bliss is back with another smashing scene produced by Radius Dark! This time, Bambi wants to try our fuck machine! Always eager to get her sexy ass fucked hard, Bambi can’t wait to play! Watch her enjoying some nice ass-fucking by the machine until she cums while fucked!

TS Caramel Black’s Review: Although I’ve been a subscriber off and on for several years, I found this video and photo set in the “Bonus Content” area that comes with my TGirls.Porn subscription! This free complete set was added on September 13, 2020.

Bambi Bliss parts her fleshy ass cheeks for your cock!

I’m so glad that Las Vegas beauty Bambi Bliss lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just knowing that means she’s most likely going to be shot often by award-winning photographer Radius Dark. Although she was presented by Buddy Wood on his website, it was Mr. Dark who featured Bambi on TGirls.XXX and on TGirls.Porn.

But back to this solo masterpiece. Bambi saunters into the kitchen area of a tastefully decorated home. She’s dressed in pink and white including matching bra and panties and a corset. Standing before a leather stool, she moans as she rubs her prominent panty bulge and large breasts. The camera pans down her curvy legs and stiletto pumps to rise up to her protuberant bottom. Then Bambi fully exposes her porcelain boobs capped with brown nipples.

Naked Bambi Bliss sits before you with her tits exposed and cock and balls dangling!

Her tan lines upstairs might make you wonder if she also has them downstairs. But Bambi is enjoying playing with her tits so much, it’s going to take a few moments to find out. When she finally lowers her panties to expose her lovely semi-erect uncut cock, we can see that she has full bikini tan lines. She’s also had a recent smooth Brazilian shave around her goodies.

The leather stool is the perfect prop for Miss Bliss to push her undies down lower and to expose the fun spot between her legs beneath her ball sack. She begins stroking her cock. She then removes one of her pumps to expose her wrinkled soles – a foot lover’s wet dream. She repeats the process with the other shoe. The sounds of arousal Bambi makes as she continues masturbating takes this scene to a new level of eroticism.

Here's Bambi Bliss getting railed by the fucking machine!

Eventually, Bambi is completely naked from her raven hair to pink-pedicured toes except for a black choker and some jewelry. There’s more foot fetish content to follow, penis pump action, and then comes the promised fucking machine! There’s plenty of time focusing on Bambi shot in all sorts of wonderful camera angles while she gets her ass pummeled by the faux phallus. In other words, you can time the cum shooting from the cock of your cock with the moment Bambi’s jizz blasts from her throbbing erection.

Download this set:
17:21 4K, HD and SD Video 116 Photos