TransAngels Review: Spill The Tea: Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Kit Mercer

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Description: Glamorous beauties Aubrey Kate and Natalie Mars are having a tea party and catching up on all the latest gossip on who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s late for the party. When cutie Kit Mercer finally shows up, she has the nerve to spill her tea all over Aubrey’s expensive rug, but the tall blonde babe thinks up a great way for Kit to make up for it.

Aubrey slides a dildo into Kit’s perky pussy, letting the wavy-haired hottie writhe on it while Aubrey and Natalie take turns putting her mouth to work on their hard dicks. Kit squeals and moans as she’s dominated by her two sexy friends, all three of them working themselves into a sexual frenzy until Natalie and Aubrey give Kit a nice wet facial.

Review: I’ve noticed that a lot of people have a hard time identifying “camp” when they see it. The comical theme of Spill The Tea represents the term perfectly. Nice Natalie and amicable Aubrey portray mean girls surprisingly well while sipping tea and discussing acquaintances unkindly. Cisgender girl Kit is still in their small circle of friends, mainly because she’s so gorgeous. She comes with her own set of problems with the super pretty trans girls.

Not only does Kit arrive late, but she literally spills her tea on the plush rug. When she drops to the floor to pat the rug dry, Aubrey and Natalie tilt their heads to get a better look as Kit’s pert bottom and share conspiratory glances with one another.

The vision of Kit bent over with her micro-mini skirt raised so high that her pretty pussy is on display is breathtaking. Get hold of your sex for the moment when Aubrey produces a sex toy in rushes to insert it within Kit’s quim.

I think I can simply rate this update as a 10 out of 10 without even describing the hardcore, bareback sex. You’ve seen the Spill The Tea trailer and know that I’m not just being lazy if you’ve read any of my other reviews. Besides, the cast including these three incredible superstars pretty much leaves no doubt that this shoot was destined to be a masterpiece. This isn’t favoritism. There’s simply no need to spoil the excitement by exposing all the details.

EvilAngel Review: Trans Glam – Natalie Mars & Adriana Chechik

What could possibly g wrong with an production featuring the two superstars, Natalie Mars and Adriana Chechik? Everything could go wrong if there’s no chemistry! I wasn’t expecting this union to excite me half as much as most of these great lady’s biggest fans. I absolutely adore these ladies, but the hype behind this update seemed over-rated to me, but I had to give it a chance. The opening moments with both girls posing together is mesmerizing because they’re on such a high level of beauty. The pale/tan skin contrast is striking and the tongue kissing, which could come across as just too much, is highly erotic. The lovemaking that soon follows becomes abruptly voyeuristic in a good way. If you were Natalie and Adriana, would you pay attention to anyone else while you’re getting busy?

I love the oral sequence with Adriana sucking Natalie sloppily to a raging erection. I was kind of expecting reciprocation here, but treated to something else highly arousing next. But that special something I was hoping to happen actually occurs a bit later. These sex acts are also traded and Adriana introduces the trans queen of butt sex to a huge toy. Then another one. And another one yet. Does it ever stop? Getting to the point, this Jonni Darkko video, TS Natalie + Adriana Fucking and Gaping, is a gonzo, wet and messy affair for those who love that ultimate extreme. If you’re expecting anything tame, move on to something else. Something tells me that most fans already know this.

Transfixed Review: How We Met: Cadence & Natalie

How We Met: Cadence & Natalie SC 1 | E13 Trailer

Description: When Cadence Lux first laid eyes on Natalie Mars from across the room at a party, Cadence knew she just had to have the ravishing beauty. Even though she was nervous and had never actually spoken to Natalie before, Cadence summoned up her courage and walked over.

Natalie’s no stranger to attention, but when she saw the gorgeous Cadence approaching her, she knew this was different. Their chemistry was instantaneous, so she didn’t hesitate to give Cadence her number when she asked. As Cadence moved away to rejoin her friends, Natalie was already eager to see more of the alluring angel with the shapely ass. And Natalie got her wish the next day. Cadence, unable to get Natalie’s piercing eyes out of her head, texted Natalie and invited her over. Natalie excitedly hopped into her car and made her way over to Cadence’s house as Cadence got ready for her. Butterflies fluttering in her stomach, Cadence couldn’t wait to feel every inch of Natalie’s skin, to lose herself completely in her.

As soon as Natalie arrived, Cadence led her to the bedroom. Hopping up onto the bed, they kissed passionately, their tongues writhing in and out of each other’s mouths. They peeled each other’s clothes off slowly and sensually, Natalie’s fingers making their way down to Cadence’s pussy while Cadence wrapped her soft hands around Natalie’s throbbing cock. This is the story of how Cadence and Natalie met, but of course, as with any good love story, meeting was just the beginning.

Caramel’s Review: We’re presented to confessions with Cadence and Natalie telling us how they met at the 2019 TEA ceremony. There’s real footage from the actual awards event that adds to the authenticity of this soliloquy. Cadence tells us that her and Natalie follow each other on social media, but they’ve never met in person before.

Natalie picks up where Cadence leaves off and tells us how she was approached by Cadence. Natalie explains how she was happy about being texted and invited to the blonde’s home. This is one of the most dialogue-driven introductions of any of this first season of updates. I can do without a lot of talking, but I love the set-up of this production.

Cadence asks for a kiss as soon as Natalie arrives. As she leads her inside her plush house, there’s mutual butt grabbing and you can expect your goodies to begin stirring. They head straight to the bed to embrace and kiss more and remove each other’s clothes. Moments later, both babes are completely naked and Natalie’s cock is raging hard. I don’t rate scenes by numbers, but if I had to, I’d give this network update a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10. See why I don’t rate by numbers?

Transfixed Review: Natalie Mars & Haley Reed: The Heist

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Description: Natalie Mars and Haley Reed are standing together on the side of a desert road. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the women are calm and confident, casting each other flirty looks as they intimately slide their hands into each other’s back pockets.

Then, they see him — some rich guy flaunting his stuff as he drives down the road towards them. When he spots the two gorgeous women hitchhiking, he can’t resist pulling over and inviting them into his convertible. Having just run into good fortune, he’s all-too-happy to brag about it while a mysterious briefcase sits in the backseat. While Haley distracts the guy, Natalie sneaks a peek and discovers that the briefcase is loaded with money! As soon as she gets the chance, she gives Haley the signal.

Within moments, the guy is unceremoniously dumped onto the side of the road. The girls speed off, gleefully throwing dollar bills to the wind, celebrating their win. They drive to the nearest cheap motel, as not to arouse suspicion, although they fully intend to arouse each other instead…

As soon as the motel door is closed behind them and the briefcase is cast aside, they crash together in bed. As they strip each other down, they admire each other’s naked bodies in the neon glow of the motel sign shining through the window. Basking in their glory, they eagerly go down on each other. As Natalie licks Haley’s pussy, Haley sucks Natalie’s cock… They can’t get enough of the taste. Once they are both ready, they finally take each other for a wild ride.

Yet, as they cuddle together in bed when they’re exhausted, their life is about to get even wilder. Little do they know, the neon glow outside is soon replaced with the flashing red and blue of police lights…

Review: is a a micro-site and a series on How does a trans blogger even begin to rate a Natalie Mars scene at this point in her career? Fairly and honestly like everyone else. But first, a word about her from the director, Bree Mills. “We’ve shot Natalie Mars four or five times. She is the tipping point. … She also has a huge following. She was Kristen’s first, Cadence Lux’s, Haley Reed’s. She’s the cool trans girl that all the porn girls want to shoot with. She’s getting huge exposure with mainstream fans because of that.” I’ve been following Haley Reed for a couple of years now, from the days when I used to review mainstream porn. That amount of time is saying something because this petite, 34B-24-35 performer is only around 22 years old. She’s developed a huge fan base in a short amount of time.

The filming is top notch as usual, but there are a few special elements about this production even the creators could not have banked on. The chemistry between Natalie and Haley, from their conspirators glances at one another, to their flirtation leading to raw sex is magical. I didn’t expect it to be so kinky, with heavy foot fetish content, fisting and roughness. But those elements made me appreciate this episode even more.

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TransFixed Presents After Hours on AdultTime

Riley Reyes and Natalie Mars headline “After Hours with Natalie,” the latest episode of newly launched “translesbian erotica” series Transfixed on AdultTime. The ladies “bring the glamour,” a rep said. “Trans lesbians are so rarely portrayed in porn, and this series elevates them and celebrates their womanhood.” Reyes found the trans/cis storyline compelling. “I hope it will pave the way for a lot more thoughtful and beautiful queer porn,” she said.

The performer, Riley Reyes, “personally requested that her first AdultTime scene with Mars be a visual mash-up of glamorous women in an industrial setting, so writer-producer-director Bree Mills worked with the star to create the scene’s exquisitely surreal location setting and theme,” notes the rep.

Transfixed was like a dream come true; they’re doing something truly unique,” said Reyes. “Bree collaborated with me in creating the vision for my scene, so I actually got a chance to act out my own fantasy. I also loved working with Natalie. We had real chemistry, which made everything so fluid and fun. I can’t wait for people to see it!”

Mills shared that enthusiasm. “This has been one of my favorite productions so far. Riley and Natalie not only have amazing chemistry in the scene, but they both look fabulous, as if having stepped out of the pages of a Vogue magazine pictorial.” Natalie Mars described her experience as “absolutely wonderful.”

“I’m excited to see Bree and her crew bring higher production values and a cinematic eye to trans porn, and I’m honored I get to be part of it,” she said. “As for my scene partner, Riley was a total dream and I hope we’ll have many more chances to work together again in the future.”

Click here for a preview and VOD/digital download details. Prior episodes of Transfixed include Chanel Santini and Kleio Valentien in “Chanel & the Wolf” and Venus Lux with Cherie DeVille in “Venus at the Party”. Fans who join the Transfixed membership site will also gain access to AdultTime‘s entire 50,000-scene Gamma Entertainment catalog.