TGirls.XXX: Megan Snow Is Back!

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Megan Snow aka Megan Kummings is a Phoenix, Arizona native of mixed Dominican and Filipino heritage. Her measurements are 5’6 (1.67m), 36DD – 28 – 38. This megastar has appeared on,,, and this is another incredible Megan Snow update on TGirls.XXX!

The description of “Megan Snow’s Back!” reads: Megan Snow is back and my oh my she looks great! I suspect the saying ‘maturing like fine wine’ applies to Megan Snow. She’s stunning with an amazing body, big boobs and a pretty face! Enjoy this hot tgirl stroking her hard cock for you!

Megan briefly introduces herself in the new video and begins stripping immediately. She makes her ass clap like the most talented of strippers and exposes one naughty bit after another seductively. 

Since she starts out wearing only a bathing suit, it takes next to nothing for her to become completely naked. She spends quite a bit of time tantalizing you with her curvy ass, especially it’s center, before concentrating on her cock. But what you decide to focus on the whole while is 100% up to you. 

Once Megan begins concentrating on developing a boner, it’s all about her jerking off, both standing and seated. She’s also pretty vocal, talking dirty throughout her sexy little fap session in this update of TGirls.XXX

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Megan Snow!

Description: Megan Snow is back for the first time in 2018! Megan is without a doubt one of our hottest models for years and we are always excited to have her back! As always, Megan looks even more beautiful than before and she is ready to have some fun! Watch her stripping and stroking her cock just for you in another smashing solo scene brought to you by KilaKali!

It took me awhile to realize what was going on downstairs with the outfit Megan Snow is wearing. There’s a lot of sexiness going on upstairs like her beautiful face and deep cleavage. Then it becomes clear that her bare pubic region is exposed as she sits on the bed.

The Dominican/Filipino beauty from Phoenix, Arizona has made 10 solo and hardcore performances on and Megan seems to be learning creativity with her modeling by osmosis. She’s definitely become more vocal.

Megan does some heavy boob hoisting before exposing her wide hips and trim waist. She then bares and shakes her big tits. Megan moves gracefully through a series of nude poses that are tame at first yet incredible to witness.

While masturbating, Megan tends to rub her fun spot rather than finger bang herself. She uses no toys to develop a big erection – just her firmly stroking hand. And she changes positions while jerking off completely nude with great frequency.

Is this the finest representation on Megan Snow on No, it’s more like a teaser to encourage you to go back a scene or two to see this phenomenal talent at her best.

Black-TGirls: Xmas Special: Megan Snow!

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Christmas is the most important holiday in my life, but I’m usually not feeling these holiday videos. The videos in my personal collection in heavy rotation are not dated by specific events.

However, this is a 19:06 minute long production – the 10th featuring the Dominican/Filipino stunning trans girl from Phoenix, Arizona. Megan says she loves her outfit but it’s rather hot in the room she’s in. In other words, it’s time to start stripping. First comes the spilling out of her large breasts.

Next, there’s the baring of her torso from behind including that of her magnificent ass. Producer KilaKali provides some tight closeups on that thing of wonderment. Then comes some strategic toying with her candy cane. I’ll leave that for you to visually unwrap. Megan’s big cock lengthens and thickens, pointing upward, as she removes her gloves. She needs her bare hands to pour some lubricant on her stiff dick.

Most of her fap session that follows is seated but she stands up and jerks off also. Megan performs a series of penile acrobatics before sitting down to bring herself off. Some might say that the way she shoots her creamy white load of cum is a bit narcissistic. Haters gonna hate.

I think it’s brilliant. If this holiday special is your first time as a subscriber, you’ll get a lot more holiday wishes and stupendous update all year ’round!

Black TGirls: Megan Snow’s Sticky Load!

“Megan Snow’s Sticky Load!”, huh? That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Producer KilaKali brings back a stellar Dominican/Filipino beauty from Kansas City, Missouri for her 8th blazing hot Black-TGirls shoot! This includes the 2 scenes with Megan fucking and getting fucked!

In this update, Megan stands before us in resort wear flipping her long skirt open to show off her curves in shorts. She rolls her top down to reveal her firm supple breasts and perky nipples. Megan uses the easiest way to get out of the top by letting it drop to the floor and kicking it away with her clear heels. She then begins to push the skirt and shorts down together. It looks like she’s wearing a g-string until she turns to reveal that it’s a v-string that hugs her phenomenal ass even better.

You might feel a ripple of extreme lust coursing through you when Megan bends over to drop these garments. She places her hands on the sofa momentarily to allow you to drink in the wonders of her form. Then she duplicates the killer moves she employed while dropping her v-string. Megan caresses her large breasts with one hand and hides her bare cock and balls with the other. She finally gives you a peek downstairs after raising a juicy nipple to ler full lips to give it a tender kiss. She pulls the panty completely of while resting back on the sofa that was behind her. Megan stands up again to present a wondrous series of booty claps. Then she crawls across the sofa with the grace of a cat until it’s time to get lewd. Megan then turns up the heat with some explicit ass play and cock stroking until she develops a hardon and beyond. Megan is pretty quiet until she approaches orgasm.

Megan becomes increasingly louder as streams of creamy white cum spurt from the head of her beloved cock in this stunning update. Be sure to watch the Free Scene Trailer!

Meet Megan Snow

23 year old mixed race 5’6 (167 cm), 36DD-28-38 Megan Snow delivers another smoking hot Black TGirls performance. She’s got some killer sets on Shemale.XXX including hardcore scenes, too. But today’s focus is on her latest Black TGirls solo set shot by Kilakali. She’s the lead model in the landing page video update from March 14, 2016. You may have “met” Megan many times before and if so, you might feel that she just gets better and better like I do. I’m really glad that her photographer got Megan to open up with a little personal information this time around. Although she’s perched on a bed in this video, she’s wearing a dress. It only seems to make since to take things slow with a model this exquisite. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but I don’t think she calls it her home nowadays. She blushes when called beautiful which is quite charming and modest. When asked, she says she gets the most compliments on her face, her knockers and her ass. Then of course there’s the infamous “snowsicle” which I’ve read measures about 9″(22 cm) when fully erect. The warm-up interview is a great way to slowly evolve into a sizzling hot striptease that begins about 4 minutes into this scene. If you download a Megan Snow video, or all of them, be prepared to keep them for good. You’ll never want to lose one.