TGirls.Porn Review: Kristen Kraves & Lianna Lawson

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TGirls.Porn Description: Spicy MILF Kristen Kraves takes her bow outta the AV biz with fireworks today – as she gets downright dirty in this sizzling romp with angelic blonde Lianna Lawson. What a pairing!

Kristen Kraves is a gorgeous TMilf who just loves sex – and lots of it. She’s a very sexual older woman who knows how to turn you on. She loves to suck cock, which makes her get hard easily. She stands a little under 5’7″.

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Lianna Lawson says, “I am a tall/thin Trans-girl with an insatiable anal fetish. Must stuff things up my butt. When I’m not making porn for the internet, I like to play video games (yup I play games, I really enjoy LoZ: OoT & MM, Metal Gear Solid and Dark Souls) Watch movies (Favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and some photography stuff.”

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Caramel’s Review: If I were a bottom craving to be fucked, I’m sure it could be satisfied by Lianna Lawson, a human fucking machine. The bareback pummeling she gives Kristen Kraves is simply incredible! Oh, this TGirls.Porn update is thrilling to watch for more than what we consider to be the “main event” in porn. The contrast of complexions and age difference of these gorgeous ladies are the most obvious draws. But what I look for primarily in an update on this particular website is the passion and chemistry.

I love the way producer skips past the plot set-up and takes us to the beginning of the foreplay session between Kristen and Lianna. There’s still enough build-up before things really get hot and heavy. The ladies kiss and caress each other’s hands and bodies like they mean it and they’re already stripped down to lingerie when the action begins.

There’s no sort of power exchange, just good old-fashioned intimacy. I couldn’t tell you who’s going to eventually take the lead. They both produce raging erections from oral, so it’s anyone’s guess who will do the fucking if you don’t observe the trailer. The fucking is incredible and the more passive partner is equally exciting to watch being fucked. That doesn’t always happen I’ve noticed over the years. This particular TGirls.Porn update is great for just plain jerking off for any trans lesbian admirer, as well as for trans women in relationships hot for a realistic-looking hardcore girlfriend scene.

Transerotica: Lianna Lawson and Kami Kartel Fuckathon

Lianna Lawson of Las Vegas, Nevada and Kami Kartel of Orlando, Florida are sitting across from each other topless. The only clothing they’re wearing is fishnet stockings and tall stripper sandals. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss and their pert nipples and breasts rub together.

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LiannaLawson.XXX and lays back next to let adult industry newbie Kami make her way from Lianna’s tits to her swelling cock. She continues to make eye contact as she sucks and slurps up and down Lianna’s rod. The girls French kiss again and then it’s time for Kami to get some head. Kami returns that favor by tossing Lianna’s salad. Kami develops a rock hard erection and eases her bare boner deep within Lianna’s tight ass as she lies back on the couch. Kami gives Lianna a hard and fast missionary position drilling, then gives it to Lianna doggy style!

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After giving Lianna a powerful railing, it’s time for her to get fucked! She straddles Lianna face to face, but this isn’t a romantic lovemaking session. It’s a pounding that evolves into the reverse cowgirl position. I absolutely love intimate trans lesbian scenes, but this is a knock down drag out fuck session that has Kami’s tits, balls and cock flopping and spinning around all over the place! A doggy style fucking comes next with Lianna pounding away until Lianna creampies Kami’s tight ass on Lianna’s new website and on!

Transational Fantasies: Lianna Lawson 3

Synopsis: You run into the stunning blonde angel that is Lianna Lawson wandering around outside by the hotel pool. She asks you to cum with her up to her room and take some pictures of her brand new dating site profile. You are happy to oblige! So, you start snapping some hot photos of your trans girl goddess, she asks if you can take some pictures of her in only her bra and panties.

She slips off her dress to reveal her lean and long, sexy as fuck body. You wouldn’t mind if she got completely naked would you? Some nude shots would look really great on her page! Then, she asks you if you’re ready to play. She is!

Her long cock pokes out in your direction, and you can’t wait to gobble it up whole. You look up at her pretty face and sexy librarian glasses, and you can hardly contain yourself. Her little pink girl balls are mouthwatering. She squeezes them in her hand then starts massaging her hard love stick.

Next, she spreads her legs wide open and shows you her tight trans girl pussy. She’s so turned on for you to eat her out that she starts dripping pre-cum. And her gorgeous feet and toes squirm as she gets herself closer and closer to the edge. But before she cums, she has some toys to share with you.

First, she spanks herself with a BDSM flogger, which makes her scrumptious ass cheeks redden. Next, she fucks herself with a long metal rod until the point of no return. She rides the dildo and strokes her heavenly girl cock, and then squeezes out a super shaky, drippy orgasm.

The super sexy scene description writer seems to enjoy writing these types of set-ups as much as I do! They didn’t miss a trick but nothing compares to actually watching Lianna in action for yourself.

Things really heat up to a fever pitch once this naked babe is flogging her own ass. See if you can get through the sequence where she jerks off and toy fucks herself until she explodes in a violent, quivering orgasm! You can play the naughty and free scene trailer on

Grooby Girls: Lianna Lawson & Mike Panic!

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Lianna Lawson and Mike Panic invite us to see them going at it like bunnies on! This is Lianna’s 6th set on this site and her second hardcore scene. She was soundly railed by Ruckus in November of 2016.

I haven’t seen Lianna in a live Chaturbate webcam show in about a month. But if she resurfaces there, you can follow her on which I highly recommend.

This Radius Dark production begins more like a solo showcase for Lianna than a hardcore scene. She begins with a little dirty talk while touching herself downstairs. Then comes Lianna’s trademark brand of toe wiggling and hard cock stroking! I’f you want to get right down to fantasizing about her incredible ass, she displays it explicitly right away.

We hear Mike’s voice about three minutes into Lianna’s torrid fap session. He then enters the frame wit ha gravity-defying boner and swoops down on Lianna’s big erection face first. A loving blowjob evolves into an aggressive skull fucking. If you didn’t know that Lianna could be so dominant, well you know now!

After tossing Lianna’s salad, Mike clasps both their hardons in one of his hands and squeezes them together. It seems like they’re about to begin fucking soon, but there are more incredible bouts of foreplay before that starts including a 69 position sucking.

Lianna is topless with nothing on but her crotchless pantyhose when she’s bent over at the waist taking Mike’s cock inside her tight ass. We’re just a few moments from the midway point so this is one long, satisfying fuck session! Mike gives back a lot of that dominance displayed by Lianna in earlier sequences. The power struggle balance is just right in this fantastic hardcore update!

Lianna Lawson 2

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The official website synopsis reads: Do you like beautiful trans girls with beautiful cocks? Lianna Lawson is just the lady for you. She may seem prim and proper at first, but once she’s got her dress hiked up to her waist and dick hanging out, you realize she is quite the dirty pervert. The next thing you know, she’s completely naked, legs spread wide open, with her feet up in the air.

Those soft beauties could really do a number on your stiffening prick. She likes giving foot jobs too! Especially when she’s got a big trans girl boner throbbing between her legs. She looks up at you with her innocent eyes and sweet lips, begging you to stroke with her. When you’re both hard as rocks, she lies face down on the couch so you can fuck her doggy style. Her cute pale butt pokes out just right and jiggles against your stiff member.

And when Lianna mounts the Joyrider and bounces up and down on the dildo cock beneath it, her long pink lady stick does jumping jacks. This talented sex athlete, still being penetrated, finally squeezes out a drippy sticky mess of lady jizz for you to enjoy. Well, that works for me! Colorado’s Lianna is stunning in her second movie! I first saw her on Chaturbate and decided immediately that Lianna was one of the finest live performers I’d ever seen. She’s since very successfully become a stellar studio porn actress.

The theme of this set is Lianna telling a friend over the phone about a first date. The guy didn’t know she was trans and upset when he found out. Another guy took his place and was pleased to find out about her status. Lianna wears a little black dress with no panties on giving us a plain view of her lovely cock, the very thing that gave her away to one man who wasn’t interested and the other man who was. You owe it to yourself to cum at least twice with the two scenes of Lianna Lawson on

To catch her performing live, you can find her on

TGirls.Porn: Lianna Lawson & Anastasia Coxx

The brand new Lianna Lawson and Anastasia Coxx hardcore scene on TGirls.Porn marks the debut of gorgeous Anastasia Coxx on this killer website. But it’s not her first major studio scene or even her first hardcore movie. You may have seen her stunning debut, explosive solo encore and her torrid hardcore scene with Ruckus! For Anastasia’s Shemale Yum profile, click here. Ravishing Lianna Lawson also had a rambunctious romp with Ruckus on Shemale Yum plus two solo scenes and her profile is here. She also has two sizzling solo scenes on Femout.XXX and you can check out her model profile here for previews.

When their TGirls.Porn scene produced by Radius Dark begins, Lianna addresses us directly while rubbing the bulge in her panties. She tells us how hard her cock is getting and proves it by exposing it. As she lays back in bed, Lianna rubs a drop of pre-cum that oozes from her cock head and suddenly Anastasia appears, scooting up between her open thighs. She takes hold of Lianna’s cock and wastes no time taking the head inside her mouth.

The two girls kiss after Anastasia has sucked Lianna’s cock to a raging erection. A sweet kiss on the lips evolves into deep, passionate French kissing. Anastasia then devours one of Lianna’s pretty breasts and nipples and then kneels up on the bed. Lianna orally admires her boobs as well and then gives her partner another deep blowjob, this time topless. The POV footage makes it seem like Lianna is holding the camera while her big boner gets sucked on.

Anastasia then sits up on the bed and Lianna helps release her cock from her panties as her schoolgirl skirt is raised. Firm stroking and an erotic sword fight makes Anastasia’s member harden like Lianna’s and the girls switch into the same position Lianna had been in on the bed. The footage of Lianna sucking Anastasia’s big dick is filmed in POV and profile views.

Anastasia pulls of her pumps and stands up on the bed. Lianna sits ups while performing another blowjob and they switch positions for Anastasia to do the same. At this point, Radius captures footage with his camera moving all over the place like it’s attached to a drone.

While Anastasia rests on her hands and knees with her large, swollen pecker swinging beneath her, Lianna prepares her lovely bottom for her big hard dick. Torrid, hard fucking results in two glorious cumshots. I first saw Lianna live on before her Femout debut and she’s still producing incredible webcam broadcasts. Give her a follow and if you catch her live, please tip generously. Webcam is fun for everyone, but it’s also very hard, time consuming work. Back in August, I had the honor of presenting my exclusive

Lianna Lawson’s Sexy Dildo Play!

In “Gorgeous Lianna Lawson’s Long Hard Cock!” which is her debut on Shemale Yum, this beauty filmed and photographed by Radius Dark brings her experiences on Femout.XXX and a killer hardcore scene getting railed by Casey Kisses on TGirls.Porn to the table. Part of the reason she was well prepared for major studio performances was her exemplary live webcast broadcasts on She’s totally laid back in her opening interview while talking about her hobbies like photography. There might be a hint of things to come when she mentions her focus is on portraiture and that’s not lost on Radius as a producer. When she takes off her dress, she’s wearing a pricey looking matching bra and panty set. The fabric is sheer and a bit of her goodies is falling out of the lower garment. There’s even more of a wardrobe malfunction when she gives us a rear view. Once her undergarments are off, she says that kissing is way up there on her list of turn ons. Lianna makes that statement with her legs crossed and when she opens them, her lovely cock is stiff. She applies a bit of lube to the head and about an inch of the shaft and slowly beings jerking off. Radius zooms in for a closeup and it’s not the camera angle creating an illusion that she’s seriously hung. When you see Lianna completely naked from head to toe while masturbating, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that she’s one of the most ravishing trans performers working in the adult industry today. In “Lianna Lawson’s Sexy Dildo Play!” we’re treated to Lianna wearing a white halter top and black sweat pants. She sits with her legs crossed and she’s barefoot while holding a dildo confirming that she’s going to cum for us. When she stands up and removes the sweats, there’s a big bulge in her black undies. Lianna releases her swelling cock, which is lengthening and thickening by the minute. Next, she reveals the lovely breasts beneath her black criss-cross top. She tweaks her nipples, turns around to display her sexy ass explicitly, and a few moments later she stands completely nude with an erection. Next, Lianna takes a seat to apply some lubricant to her erection and begins stroking her hardon. She fucks herself with a large blue toy while slowly jerking her big dick. If you’re a leg admirer or have a slight to intense foot fetish, you might cum before she does.

Sample Photo from Sexy Dildo Play on

Sample Photo from Sexy Dildo Play on

Lianna Lawson – Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Get All Natural With You

There’s a lot to learn about Lianna Lawson on Shemale Strokers and you can watch her trailer on the website by clicking on Trailers. In “Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Get All Natural With You” she talks about how she lost her virginity with a fan. I’m not sure if that fan was someone who watched her on Chaturbate where she’s a frequent live performer. If you have a free registration, be sure to catch her in room liannalawson. At any rate, back to her Shemale Strokers trailer, she also talks about how another fan had a foot fetish. So naturally she shows off her high-arched bare feet in the 2 minute and 47 second trailer. She also shows you the pearlescent bead of pre-cum that oozes from the head of her stiff cock after removing her sheer colorful dress. This trailer even shows the huge red dildo and silver vibrator that Lianna plays with. Plus, you get a snippet of her cum-coated cock and a peek at her tasting some of her own nectar. But when you download the 36 something minute video, of course you see Lianna doing a lot more. For instance, once her cock is fully erect, she sits back and makes her smoothly shaven balls jiggle like they have a mind of their own while her boner points toward her tummy. The photo set is good. The actual video is phenomenal and Lianna Lawson is one of the most beautiful models on Shemale Strokers ever.

TGirls.Porn – Casey Kisses & Lianna Lawson

Everything about this TGirls.Porn scene with Casey Kisses and Lianna Lawson makes me think about the upcoming awards season. I’ve raved about Lianna’s magnificent performances on Femout.XXX and I first became a fan through Chaturbate. Her live broadcast room is liannalawson. I first found out about Casey through webcam also at tscaseyhaze_xxx and wasn’t surprised about her becoming a major studio performer on Shemale Yum and on Bob’s Tgirls. I’m not sure if webcam experience helped make Casey and Lianna as great as they are here, or if it’s purely the result of beauty and talent.

Not a moment is wasted under the skillful direction of Omar Wax and the action begins with Casey Kisses sitting behind Lianna Lawson on the bed nuzzling against and kissing her neck. Then their lips meet and the bulge of Lianna’s cock is clearly visible through her lacy panties. Casey removes Lianna’s brassiere and moves in for some breast admiration, a favor she’ll receive in return a bit later.

The foreplay they engage in even before the oral action begins is ridiculously erotic before they’re even totally nude. Lianna sucks Casey’s big cock from its semi-erect state to a raging erection and her large member swells to a tremendous hardon while she gives head. A POV sucking is filmed from Casey’s perspective and then from Lianna’s. About 17 minutes into this extraordinary TGirls.Porn scene, Lianna sits astride Casey’s hips with her big dick thrusting before her and swinging from side to side. This film is what I categorize as a multiple orgasm scene. It’s not because the actresses have multiple climaxes, but you should by viewing one sequence at a time and saving the rest for later. I’ve only described the first half of this scene to illustrate my point more clearly.

Lianna Lawson: “I met Casey Kisses at the Grooby 20th Anniversary Party in Los Angeles and was excited to hear that I would be working with her for my shoot for I’ve always been attracted to other girls, but the opportunity to be with one had never presented itself. Casey is tall, with a very beautiful face. Her makeup was on point and her hair was nice and soft. Her tattoos are awesome – it just added to her sex appeal. So did her tanned skin. I loved the way it contrasted with mine. When she slide in behind me and I felt the warm touch of her lips on my neck, I felt a chill down my back. It was amazing when we turned to each other and our lips touched for the first time. I was so turned on, that I started to get rock hard. I loved the way she sucked my cock before I sat on her huge dick, still rock hard, and bounced up and down. My absolute favorite position that night was missionary. I’d never been fucked like that before. It was so primal. After that sex, I definitely felt like the itch that needed to be scratched, had been scratched.”

Casey Kisses: “I’d already seen her pictures, but meeting Lianna Lawson in person the night before the shoot and experiencing her beauty first hand had me excited to work with her. With most of my sexual experience being with guys, Lianna was a lot prettier with a much nicer ass than the guys I’ve been with. She was a really good kisser with a gorgeous face. Her hair was soft as soft as her lips, and easy for me to run my fingers through. She has a nice, firm body with amazing thighs to hold on to. I loved the first position we tried. She has a really nice sized cock that bounced up and down as she rode me in reverse cowgirl. It was a huge turn on to be able to see how turned on she was while I was fucking her. It turned me on even more. I loved fucking her doggy style the most. I don’t have a ton of experience topping, but you’d never know it from watching us together, because she’s a natural bottom. It also didn’t hurt that she has such a visually stimulating ass.”

Twitter: @tscaramel

Introducing Lianna Lawson

23 year old Lianna Lawson of Colorado Springs, Colorado is new to me on Femout.XXX but I’m a fan from her Chaturbate webcam performances. Lianna is a bright light who introduces herself shortly after photographer Omar Wax guides his focus up her long legs. The view glides up her impossibly trim waist up to her pretty face where she tells us where else we can find her. Lianna is quite skilled at branding and self-promotion which ought to elevate her status as a bonafide porn star with meteoric speed. This debut will certainly help with that. Lianna teeters across the room in what looks like Pleasers platforms to me, but I could be wrong about the brand. Photogapher Omar Wax films Lianna next gliding across the bed with feline grace. She unties and removes her blouse to expose herself in a bra and a corset encircling her already waspish waist. Pretty hormone boobs capped by perky nipples happen following a remarkable ass show. Lianna’s big dick is clad in her fishnet stocking after she removes her platforms. I imagine that leg admirers and foot lovers might not make it to the end of this scene before they cum. One of the most captivating positions Mr. Wax captures Lianna in is with her face down on the bed with her pert ass fully exposed and her erection mashed against the mattress. Femout.XXX is sort of a proving ground hot new trans girl models. In a very recent  TS Dreamland Cams broadcast, Lianna used a big blue sex toy and did a little foot tease for grateful fans. Then she came while fucking herself with the dildo and jacking her big dick! Someone asked her to remove her stay-up fishnets and she did so pleasantly. As a matter of fact, she got totally naked, fucked herself again and presented devastating rear views while perched on an office chair on Back to her major studio performance, if Femout.XXX is her training school, I can only imagine that she’s well on her way to graduating on the way to the next level of higher education.