Caramel’s Review of TGirls.Porn Chelsea Marie & Lianna Lawson

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Lianna Lawson
Lianna Lawson

TGirls.Porn Description: Another week, another white hot bout of rampant ass banging action featuring two trans beauties who need little introduction. Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson are a pair of superstars who never fail to get us wide mouthed admirers fapping, so it just made perfect sense to get them under Radius’s lights for a TGirls.Porn XXX! Don’t keep them waiting!

Chelsea Marie

This update is absolutely amazing, but the action was completely different from what I expected. I didn’t know that Lianna Lawson would be the top. I didn’t know Lianna could top so fiercely. If I did, I forgot. And how could I forget something like that? Let me go back to the official websites of Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson presented by the Transerotica network to check and see if I missed a memo or something.

When I saw that they were on TGirls.Porn in a hardcore scene together, I automatically assumed that Chelsea would be the top. But you know what they say about assuming things. ASS/U/ME (Make an ass out of you and me). Just when you thought you knew someone’s modus operendi.

I love how Mr. Dark presents the most comprehensive interviews and confessionals in trans porn. But he skips straight to the action in hardcore scenes mostly and saves the talk for post-coital intimacy. In this case, Chelsea and Lianna are already engaged in passionate kissing in the kitchen. That leads to foreplay including Chelsea getting her big cock sucked raging hard.

Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson bump their hard, bulbous cock heads together.

Chelsea returns the favor with Lianna’s equally big dick and this is where more clothing is discarded. The erotic sword-fighting while kissing is magical. The nit’s off to bed for 69 sex before the incredible, raw fucking begins! There’s so much cum at the end! But I’ll let you see tat for yourself on TGirls.Porn! 188 images come with the 31:25 minute video you can Stream or Download!