EvilAngel Review: Hot For Transsexuals #09, Scene #02

2 TS + BBC: Interracial Anal Threesome

Description: TS superstars Aubrey Kate and Lena Kelly love showing off for the camera — the transcendent duo teases in colorful lingerie. They rim each other’s asshole. Legendary black porn stud Sean Michaels joins them for an interracial threesome! The sassy T-girls treat Sean to a decadent, slobber-soaked, double blowjob, gushing gag spit throughout. Sean stuffs his massive meat up Lena’s asshole as Aubrey assists, and then the girls switch roles. Intense trans action includes sloppy, ass-to-mouth deepthroating, a creamy cum facial and a messy, sperm-swapping finale.

I never would have thought my all-time favorite adult industry male performer would enter the trans porn world. It’s no surprise to me that Sean Michaels has touched down at the top, collaborating with Aubrey Kate and Lena Kelly.

He arrives fashionably late, dick first in the frame and in Aubrey’s warm mouth about five and a half minutes into intense foreplay between the girls. Lena has a mouthful of Aubrey’s stiff cock and then they orally double-team Mr. Michaels. An EvilAngel.com classic gag fest on the man’s massive meat leads to some the most incredible fucking available! I’m so tempted to give you more details, but I don’t want to spoil it.

TransAngels Review: Lena Kelly & Pierce Paris: Sneaky Sleepover

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Description: Blonde hottie Lena Kelly hasn’t had time to catch up with her gal pals since she headed off to college, but she’s making up for that with a sleepover at her friend’s house. However, Lena soon encounters her friend’s strict father, Pierce Paris, an older man with strict rules about making noise at night.

When Pierce catches Lena touching herself after dark, he can’t help but see just exactly what this college girl has been learning, telling her to suck his big cock. Lena gives Pierce a deep and sloppy blowjob before letting the strict older man punish her tight hole. The stern papa pounds her hard and heavy while Lena’s friend is asleep in the next room!

Caramel’s Review: This TransAngels.com update features Pierce Paris playing a strict dad rather well. He always delivers good acting performances, but I would have thought the father role would be a stretch. Lena is also totally convincing in her role as the dad’s daughter’s gal pal.

The sequence with Lena getting caught jerking off in what she thought was a totally private guest room is the first jolt of horny electricity for this scene. Mr. Paris whipping out his big daddy dick and Lena’s reaction comes rapidly as the next and we’re off to the races.

The blowjob scene is more aggressive than I could have imagined and I love that! Lena’s portrayal as a sexual, yet inexperience teen brilliantly unfolds in the was she takes the dad’s massive cock.

Is this Lena’s finest TransAngels.com performance. Check out the other three scenes she’s appeared in here and you be the judge.

TransAngels Review: When The Cock Strikes Midnight

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Description: When sweet homebody Lena Kelly called a service that promised a New Years party to remember she didn’t think it would actually work! She especially didn’t think that her party planner would be the beefy stud Ricky Larkin! Ricky shows up and promises Lena a night to remember, transforming her apartment and offering her a rom-com ready New Years kiss. Lena is more than game, but seizes the opportunity to trick the horny hunk into planting his kiss on her cock instead of her lips! What follows is a ball dropping fuck fest for the ages with the hairy brown beefcake slamming Lena’s tight hole all over the apartment until he blows his load all over her pretty face. What better way to ring in the New Year?

Review: Some folks look forward to holiday porn. I’m usually the opposite but TransAngels.com got me with this one! I’m a huge fan of the superstar hostess of LenaKelly.xxx so it’s easy to watching her doing her thing with any theme. Besides, I like the way Trans Angels handles this holiday special. It’s engaging and sexy enough to enjoy all year ’round after the first viewing.

Lena looks adorable chillin’ in her jammies with popcorn all by herself on what’s supposed to be the most festive nights of the year. Then studly Ricky Larkin shows up at her door with a magical surprise. It’s not his big dick. Not yet, at least. He produces real magic, creating holiday home decorations instantly, plus a formal dress for Lena to compliment his tuxedo.

What Lena would really like on top of that is a New Year’s kiss and maybe even something more. I can’t help but notice that while Lena and Ricky are delivering their lines, the buff actor’s muscles are the only things threatening to burst through his suit.

He’s already clearly sporting a boner. But’s it’s Lena’s hardon we get to see first! Ricky is taken aback at first, but her likes what he sees. It’s still pretty obvious by that huge bulge. Lena presents Ricky with a blowjob that looks absolutely amazing.

She also looks incredible in evening wear and skyscraper tall sandals. Her horniness is on the next level as Ricky goes down on her in return. I don’t want to give away too much about the sex in this special TransAngels.com holiday update, but the bareback fucking is out of this world! Ricky manages to indulge in some oral foot fetish action while pounding in and out of Lena’s tight ass with jackhammer thrusts. This is one of the best XXX scenes of 2018. What away to take us out of the old and into the new!

My First TS Scene #03 Review

Sexy Alex Harper’s First TS

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Big-assed, all-natural porn star Alex Harper takes a luxurious bubble bath in anticipation of her exciting first date with a T-girl, lingerie-clad Lena Kelly. Redhead Alex closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue; Lena thrusts her hard she-cock into Alex’s open mouth. After a lewd and intimate 69 session, the tattooed, platinum-haired TS cutie slides her stiff boner into Alex’s trimmed twat and fucks away. The trans goddess feverishly pounds Alex’s pussy, finally dribbling hot cum into the redhead’s open mouth.

Review: Alex Harper fans have known this ginger beauty also as Rose Ballentine, Rose Lorali, Rose Leeann Ballentine, Rose B, Alex Crawford. She’s been in the adult industry for about 3 years and when I took a look at the EvilAngel.com porn star filmography of Alex Harper, I was so impressed by the body of work she’s compiled so quickly! You should take a look at the Alex Harper Profile on Evil Angel.

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I can’t rave enough about the trans superstar Lena Kelly who’s one of my all-time favorites. LenaKellyXXX.com is her amazing individual website in conjunction with the ever-expanding TransErotica network.

Sexy Alex Harper’s First TS” begins with the redhead naked in bubbly bath water in a brief interview with (off-screen) director Aiden Starr. The conversation is titillating as are Miss Harper’s bare tits. The ladies confess how they love working with one another. Then Aiden directs Alex to get on her hands and knees in the tub with her face over the edge, her eyes shut and her tongue sticking out. She’s then presented with one of the best things that could happen in one of this DVD’s four scenes – the stiff cock of Lena Kelly aiming for her open mouth.

After a receiving a delicious-looking, yet brief blowjob, Lena has Alex turn around in the tub to play with her butt and pussy. There’s more cock sucking, but now it’s time to take things to the next level. This is when Lena invites Alex to follow her to the bed. Lena is then treated to a handjob and a rimjob! Alex gets her pussy wickedly eaten and the girls arrange themselves into the 69 position. After about 14 minutes of this 32 minute scene, Lena begins easing her hardon inside Alex’s pussy. Lena comes up with methods of fucking Alex that display acrobatic talent. This is one of the reasons why she’s one of my favorites – she fucks in ways that only an experienced performer can.

Flash Scene Trailer

Whenever I see a cisgender female performer with a trans woman performer, I ask myself if the cis girl has ever been fucked by a trans girl before. In this case, Lena asks Alex if she enjoyed getting fucked by a trans girl for the first time. All I have to say about that is, if there’s ever to be a second one, she has some mighty big shoes to fill.

Transsensual: Lena Kelly & Smith

MP4 Scene Trailer

“You Move Me” is the title of this Transsensual.com update. The official scene description from the website reads: Smith reveals that he and his gorgeous wife Lena Kelly must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the Midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Lena loves her older, distinguished husband Smith, but this is asking a lot. Smith know the best way to convince her. Smith takes Lena in his arms and makes out with her, sucking on her pouty lips. Lena drops to her knees and takes Smith’s cock into her mouth, working up and down the shaft craving a taste of his thick member. Smith simply cannot wait to fuck Lena’s tight ass. Lena spreads her firm ass cheeks, welcoming Smith into her ass. Smith works feverishly, pumping in and out of Lena’s ass as she begs for more. After fucking her in a frenzy Smith unloads his hot cum on Lena, and they both collapse into each other arms to consider their future.

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That’s a hot and horny synopsis. I’d like to add a few thoughts about what makes this scene work so well. Lena Kelly is one of the most successful talents in the industry due to her amazing looks and her actual acting ability. Smith is a veteran actor and any trans woman working with him could easily be made to look silly if her acting chops aren’t up to par. I don’t even care too much for a lot of acting in porn, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, especially here when is part of a full movie.

Flash Scene Trailer

Even though Kelly is still fully dressed right before she wraps her lips around Smith’s cock, he’s already hard. Don’t be surprised if yours is too. The excitement about the impending sex between these two is highly contagious! Then there’s the image of Kelly giving head with her own cock head peeking beneath the hem of her form-fitting skirt.


Her lovely legs are bare and her small feet are clad in tall, sexy sandals. Her dick soon finds its way inside Smith’s mouth while he’s jerking off and he then treats Kelly to a rimjob. Not long after the midway point of this scene, Kelly is riding Smith’s boner in the cowgirl position. The side saddle and missionary railings that follow are absolutely magnificent! And so is LenaKellyXXX.com!