TGirls.Porn Review: Kristen Kraves & Lianna Lawson

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TGirls.Porn Description: Spicy MILF Kristen Kraves takes her bow outta the AV biz with fireworks today – as she gets downright dirty in this sizzling romp with angelic blonde Lianna Lawson. What a pairing!

Kristen Kraves is a gorgeous TMilf who just loves sex – and lots of it. She’s a very sexual older woman who knows how to turn you on. She loves to suck cock, which makes her get hard easily. She stands a little under 5’7″.

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Lianna Lawson says, “I am a tall/thin Trans-girl with an insatiable anal fetish. Must stuff things up my butt. When I’m not making porn for the internet, I like to play video games (yup I play games, I really enjoy LoZ: OoT & MM, Metal Gear Solid and Dark Souls) Watch movies (Favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and some photography stuff.”

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Caramel’s Review: If I were a bottom craving to be fucked, I’m sure it could be satisfied by Lianna Lawson, a human fucking machine. The bareback pummeling she gives Kristen Kraves is simply incredible! Oh, this TGirls.Porn update is thrilling to watch for more than what we consider to be the “main event” in porn. The contrast of complexions and age difference of these gorgeous ladies are the most obvious draws. But what I look for primarily in an update on this particular website is the passion and chemistry.

I love the way producer skips past the plot set-up and takes us to the beginning of the foreplay session between Kristen and Lianna. There’s still enough build-up before things really get hot and heavy. The ladies kiss and caress each other’s hands and bodies like they mean it and they’re already stripped down to lingerie when the action begins.

There’s no sort of power exchange, just good old-fashioned intimacy. I couldn’t tell you who’s going to eventually take the lead. They both produce raging erections from oral, so it’s anyone’s guess who will do the fucking if you don’t observe the trailer. The fucking is incredible and the more passive partner is equally exciting to watch being fucked. That doesn’t always happen I’ve noticed over the years. This particular TGirls.Porn update is great for just plain jerking off for any trans lesbian admirer, as well as for trans women in relationships hot for a realistic-looking hardcore girlfriend scene.

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Gorgeous Kristen Kraves has been on the new mature trans site four times already. “In Statuesque Kristen Kraves Rocks Her Red Heels!” produced by Radius Dark, Kristen’s striptease is enhanced by her sexy voice. She describes getting all worked up knowing that we’re watching. Only a wisp of a thong hides the tiny starfish between her ass cheeks and she shows it off explicitly.

Kristen finger bangs her tight ass then sits on the sofa with her lovely legs open and her beautiful cock hanging openly between them. She pinches her nipples firmly and her prick rapidly expands. Then comes the focus on her feet clad in the red platforms and Kristen superbly evolves into a dominatrix! She eventually loses her animal print panties and then her high heels.

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced the launch of the first-ever mature TS membership site, It exclusively features trans performers over the age of 40. “We get a lot of positive feedback and requests for more mature trans models,” said Steven Grooby.

“We’re also finding more mature models interested in working, some models who transition later in life and also models who have worked with us for many years all looking for work.”

“With these factors in mind, we created a showcase site for them at which should be a win/win for the fans and models. We will only shoot models over 40 for this site, and those who are happy to be featured as such. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with this site.” features popular mature trans performers including Kristen Kraves, Sofia Sanders, Johanna Bardin, Tasha Jones, Nadia Vixen, and many more. The scenes are shot in crystal-clear quality, with full HD videos you can download or stream with any device. Members who join will also receive access an impressive menu of additional sites from Grooby.

Cumshot Monday: Kristen Kraves!

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“Hi, it’s Kristen Kraves, your TMILF,” are the first words you hear from this gorgeous model in a grey knit dress and thigh-high black boots. In this update, she proceeds to deliver a standing striptease, exposing her more than ample cleavage and more of her luscious legs. You’ll notice that her black lacy bra matches her panties.

Kristen turns to draw your attention to be panty clad butt and she gives it a hard spank before lowering her frock. I don’t know what her workout regime is like but her abs flexing while she strips tells you what kind of shape she’s in. If this is a cougar boy, y’all youngin’s better watch out! Kristen manages to expose her cock and boobs fully pretty close to simultaneously.

When she lowers her panties to a certain point you’ll notice she’s got a butt plug embedded inside her curvy bottom. She straddles and bends over on a kitchen stool to give you a closer look at the sex toy, and more importantly, her sexy round ass. Kristen takes hold of her cock and then gives us a seated cock stroking show.

As her cock lengthens and thickens gradually, you’re eventually confronted with quite an impressive member! When her producer Radius Dark withdraws the close up from her mighty tool, you’ll see that Kristen has removed her boots. This babe has legs to die for and she’s a foot lover’s dream. Most of the leg admirer and foot fetish content that comes next is with Kristen back on that chair again bending over. She simulates getting fucked while jerking off and then she’s in the bedroom on the bed.

Her fap session continues on the bed with an even more explicit butt show! First she’s on her back, then in the doggystyle position. Kristen beats off side saddle and then back in the missionary position! Kristen fucks herself with the buttplug next. Soon she’s lost in the throes of orgasm. Some of her cum lands inside her cute little belly button in this tremendous update.