TransAngels Review: Casey Kisses & Khloe Hart in Today’s Special

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Official Description: Casey Kisses is on an awful date with an actual real-life nerd. While he’s dazzled by the menu, she sets her eye on stunning Khloe Kay at the table behind him. The two tall, long-haired beauties ditch the nerd and meet in the bathroom to trade deep wet blowjobs. It’s not long before Khloe is begging Casey to fuck her, and the big-tit stunner is happy to oblige. Casey pounds Khloe in the bathroom until she shoots her load all over Khloe’s lacy black lingerie and they’ve both forgotten about the dud outside.

Famed producer Tom Moore does yet another fine job presenting this update with a little humor thrown in. However, this could be the first time I just want to skip past the funny parts. That’s because Casey Kisses and the relatively new Khloe Kay are two of the hottest stars in the adult industry, not to mention two of my all-time favorites. contract models and hostesses of CaseyKisses.XXX and KhloeKay.XXX together on TransAngels is mesmerizing to watch, not just because of their beauty, but because of their talent as well. The real fire for me begins when Casey says she doesn’t need a cosmetic product to get attention. Curious Khloe asks what it is and Casey responds by flashing her big cock under the hem of her dress.

Khloe steps forward to take hold of Casey’s erection and after she begins stroking it firmly, they share a kiss. Khloe exposes, kisses and sucks Casey’s breasts and nipples next, while still giving her a handjob.

A hint of Domination/submission occurs when Khloe drops to her knees to deep throat Casey’s schlong. Yes, the whole damn thing! Then, Casey gives her new girl a break from cock sucking to turn around and present her ass to her. Even in panties, Khloe’s bottom is a world class piece of anatomy. We get the first extended close-up of Khloe’s pretty dick while she receives a rimjob from Casey.

Casey jerks herself off and Khloe too while eating her ass. Then, with Khloe confessing her fear of getting caught, Casey places Khloe against the sink thrusts her long, hard rod inside Khloe’s tight ass! I’ve only described the first half of this movie.

This is an amazing fuck that evolves into several different positions. Khloe’s erection remains without her even touching it mostly, or Casey either, for that matter. As for the cum shots at the end of this update – Like I said before, this update is a masterpiece.

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TGirls.Porn Review: Kendall Vuitton & Khloe Kay

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Description: Somebody fetch the hose ‘cos we are on FIRE! Presenting two highly in-demand ladies who have propelled themselves onto the world stage with recent debut appearances across our sites – Kendall Vuitton and Khloe Kay – a sensational pairing combine for this all-star edition of an update, shot with finesse by Omar Wax….you’re welcome!

Everybody, meet Kendall Vuitton! Just introduced to us by Omar Wax, this stunning Chicago girl has an amazing body, long legs and a perfect ass!

Review: Kendall Vuitton of Chicago, IL and Khloe Kay of Las Vegas, NV are just two fine ass girls chillin’ in the kitchen in lingerie. Khloe is full of compliments for her friend, who returns her kindness. She doesn’t shy away when Khloe asks Kendall to rise and model her outfit, or when Kendall playfully squeezes and slaps her curvy ass. In fact, she gets her turn to play a little rough with Khloe’s protuberant butt, too!

Khloe initiates the first kiss and she lowers her hand quickly to cup Kendall’s panty bulge. She then exposes what’s bulging and sinks to her knees to give it a good, long sucking. Her cock gets so big when it’s fully erect. Khloe does a great jog orally pleasing it in the kitchen and also when they move into the living room.

Khloe develops a boner while she’s giving her buddy head. Kendall holds her own while sucking Khloe to a full on stiffie! Next, Khloe has Kendall rest on the sofa on her hands and knees while she gives her a rimjob and jerks her off. They change positions for Kendall to toss Khloe’s salad.

Khloe is in the doggy style position as Kendall prepares to ease her big dick inside Khloe’s tight ass. I can’t help but judge how well a top can fuck and if this were a test I conducted, Kendall would pass with flying colors. She rails Khloe magnificently in the reverse cowgirl position and side saddle, too.

I never get the impression that Kendall and Khloe are real life lovers. This is a suck and fuck session and it’s extraordinary, albeit with very little intimacy. But I’m keeping my eye each performer from this TGirl.Porn update because there careers in adult entertainment are capable of reaching the heights of super stardom.

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.