Black-TGirls Review: Kendall Dreams & Aaron Make Love

Description: Get ready for some more Kendall Dreams’ material from her UK trip! This time, she returns for some hardcore! Joined by Aaron Richards, Kendall is ready to get that sexy ass of hers pounded! Watch them sucking each other off before Aaron fucks Kendall until they both cum!

The great British producer Kalin of London, best known in trans porn for the top shelf mega-site, takes full advantage of beautiful Kendall James while she’s in London. Actually, it’s Aaron who really makes the most of it, in a more personal way.

Kendall’s first producer was Southern California’s Buddy Wood who said, “I met Kendall Dreams…through Natassia Dreams. Those are a couple of hot dreams! We had very little contact up until the day of our shoot and when she arrived I was blown away. Sweet and petite and just a sexy little blonde treat! Kendall Dreams really is the full package. Gorgeous face. Perky tits. Smooth golden brown skin from head to toe…and an ass that could make a grown man cry!! She’s definitely one of the hottest models I’ve shot this year and I think she’ll be a top ts star for many years to come if she wants. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with and is definitely got a good head on shoulders too. I plan on working with her much more.” And their work to follow is incredible.

This is Kendall’s second hardcore shoot for Black TGirls and it’s another blazing hot interracial set. It plays out like Aaron is Kendall’s boyfriend who’s lounging on the sofa when she returns to their apartment one evening. Aaron devours Kendall’s pierced nipples after quickly getting her top open. The next thing you know, he’s giving his lady a blowjob.

She kicks her pumps off to get more comfortable. Aaron worships her bare feet after removing her denim skirt. He resumes sucking her big cock until she decides to return the favor. After they switch giving head with each other again, Aaron tosses her salad, then it’s back to trading cock sucking favors.

The fucking begins with Aaron taking Kendall’s tight ass in the doggy style position. It’s hard to tell whose creamy white cum shot is bigger in this torrid update, so you might want to play each climax back a few times.

Black TGirls – Kendall Dreams Rides Rob’s Long Cock!

Producer Buddy Wood films gorgeous Kendall Dreams checking messages on her phone while walking in this Black-TGirls killer hardcore scene. She enters the house, enters the bedroom and lays down on the bed for a moment. Obviously whatever she was looking at turned her on. She removes her t-shirt in front of a large mirror and then her shorts. If you’ve never seen her in motion here before, or on Shemale.XXX or Bob’s Tgirls, I think you’ll be astounded by the way she moves her incredibly well-toned body. Kendall also makes the type of sounds when aroused that could make one climax just listening to her voice. Soon after she’s laid down on her back on the bed, Rob Yaeger enters the room naked with a raging hardon swinging about. After joining Kendall on the bed, he arranges Kendall so she’s on her hands and knees with her firm ass up. He proceeds to give her a rim job while stroking his erection. He later removes her panties for easier access and then lays back on the bed to help Kendall out of her bra. The now totally nude fox takes in the sight of Rob’s big hard cock and gets down to the business of sucking it deeply. There’s a lot of passionate kissing while Kendall rolls onto her back and Rob devours her large breasts. Kendall’s cock is standing up in erection and Rob moves down her trim torso to start giving her head. He gives the shaft a long swipe of his tongue, pulls the foreskin back to expose the swollen head and begins sucking hard. He tea bags her tightly drawn-up balls and tosses her salad again when she pulls her legs up with her hands clasped around her ankles. Yaegerman is treated to another blowjob which is even more intense this time around. After several moments of breathtaking foreplay, Kendall rests on the bed with her ass up in anticipation. Rob prepares to take her amazing ass bareback and eases his way in. I don’t know if beautiful Kendall had seen the way this incredibly fit stud can fuck prior to this scene. I knew it was going to be the fuck of a lifetime, however. For more about Kendall Dreams, we’ll be talking about her a lot more in the future and this isn’t the first time. For more about her powerful male partner, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Rob Yaeger. This is Kendall’s third Black-TGirls set and her first hardcore scene here. It has a hoot of an ending like a classic Buddy Wood feature film.

You can watch the Free Trailer on

You can watch the Free Trailer on 

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Oiled up Hottie Kendall Dreams!

Blackula presents gorgeous Kendall Dreams entering the living room busting out of her brassiere and with a nice bulge in her semi-sheer panties. She takes a seat and her verbal seduction begins. She exposes her large breasts which are capped by dark nipples that were peeking out of her bra the moment this Shemale.XXX video began. The bra is just barely on still when Kendall stands to remove her panties. She kicks them off her bare, pedicured feet and her photographer zooms in on her stiffening uncut cock. Kendall’s dirty talk continues with her sexy trademark groans and as she masturbates, a string of pre-cum oozed from the tip of her dick. Kendall raises her legs spread eagle as she beats off to give and explicit view of her bottom. Then she sits up to lick one of her nipples. Both of her hands are oiled after she’s removed her brassiere which makes her cock stroking even more erotic to watch. She stands up during this fap session and if you’ve been waiting for a clear view of her magnificent ass, you’ll get it. Kendall smacks her ass hard also in her sizzling hot Shemale.XXX debut.

You can watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

You can watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Kendall Dreams – A New Star is Born

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Kendall Dreams is horny as hell when her Bob’s Tgirls chaise lounge shoot begins and she’s quite vocal about it. The Southern Californian black Barbie isn’t wearing panties beneath her dress and she loses the dress fast. She begins playing with her semi-erect uncut cock while completely nude. This is not a striptease, but rather a straight up fap session. Along with lots of dirty talk, Kendall makes the most astounding gasps and moans while stroking her stiff cock. She keeps this up until she cums and Bob says, “That’s all, folks.” Don’t miss the Kendall Dreams New Cummer scene on Bob’s Tgirls.