Evil Angel: Victoria + Nicoly: TS-On-TS Anal!

Trans-Active #03: Victoria + Nicoly: TS-On-TS Anal!

Evil AngelAdulttime

Description: Flashy trans girls Victoria Neves and Nicolly Pantoja wear revealing porn-wear, showing off their hot bodies as they anticipate an intense buttfuck. For foreplay, the busty T-babes trade blowjobs and rim bunghole. Their lust intensifies — the girls pack each other’s rectum with hard she-prick. TS-on-TS anal sex comes complete with raunchy, ass-to-mouth fellatio; passionate mutual masturbation; and a creamy cum facial.

Directed by Joey Silvera

Featuring: Victoria Neves, Nicolly Pantoja

Caramel’s Review: Evil Angel: TS Angelina Please + Cis Daphne Dare was my Scene #01 review from Trans-Active #03. Here’s my take on Scene #02! Blonde Victoria Neves, who has starred in TS NOW! #04 and in TS NOW! Big Bunda introduces herself first. Then brunette Nicoly Pantoja, who has starred in TS NOW #04 does the same, followed by some excited laughter from famed director Joey Silvera.

The girls switch from speaking English to Portuguese, which Mr. Silvera seems to easily understand, then the beauties kiss on the lips. Bare breast admiration comes next and if this opening sequence doesn’t send spikes of arousal through you, I don’t know what will. Both girls jerk off to produce big, gravity-defying erections. Nicoly is the first to give a blowjob. After Nicolly a gives her mate head, she gets her ass eaten and crisply spanked and her hardon stroked. Then she gets her tight ass soundly fucked in the doggy style position!

When they switch roles, Nicoly eats Victoria’s butt, then penetrates it raw with her big, stiff dick! Nicoly is first to cum, a self-produced orgasm, that Victoria eagerly opens her mouth wide for. Nicoly simulates the last event enjoying Victoria’s creamy white cum shot. Victoria Neves and Nicoly Pantoja are two of the hottest trans porn stars out there today and Joey Silvera of Evil Angel is still the master of the game.

Macy A and Tony Lee on She-Male Idol

Macy A begins climbing the stairs at Joey Silvera’s crib and pauses to show off some boobage. You can almost hear his cock getting hard as this She-Male Idol instant classic opens. Inside the apartment, she pushes her miniskirt down to expose the bulge in her black mesh panties. Then she turns around to give us a tantalizing ass display. When she spins around, there’s more boobs and she begins touching her uncut cock. Joey calls in Joey Lee to get things going with the Brazlian beauty. When they move into the bedroom, Tony gives Macy a bare tit rub and panty groping until he decides to withdraw her raging hard cock. You’ve got to see the way she stares at you at this point and especially when she’s getting a blowjob. She looks so cute slapping her stiff prick against the bulge in Tony’s pants. Then her unleashes his monster, too. Macy plays slap the dick against your tummy with herself and then has an erotic swordfight with the hung stud. Then she’s on her knees on the bed sucking his extra-long prick. Her ass is lightly oiled already and she’s still hard and horny as fuck. But she’s the more aggressive partner and fucks Tony with jackhammer thrusts! Then Tony fucks Macy in a variety of positions. There are some subtitles in case you don’t speak Portuguese. Personally, I was more fascinated with Macy’s voice and the loud moaning she made. Especially when the creamy white spunk poured out of her cockhead. After creaming Tony’s face, she worked a tremendous load out of Tony’s massive organ onto her lovely breasts. Take the She-Male Idol tour and click on “Scenes” for more previews.

She-Male Idol: Honey Foxxx and Luna Rose

Honey Foxxx and Luna Rose star in Scene #01 of Trans-Vision #04 on She-Male Idol and the full video runs over 3 hours long. I won’t even talk about a scene unless I think it’s very good. I found this one to be exceptional. The element of surprise is partly responsible for that, however. I didn’t see the pairing of these two beauties coming. This is Luna’s first transbian hardcore scene! If you don’t already know of Luna Rose, the American Pinay / Caucasian beauty, I’ll give you a pass because you must be new to this niche. I think “It Girl” might perfectly describe her adult industry status. No excuses if you don’t know of the young, yet legendary Puerto Rican princess Honey Foxxx yet, unless you’re brand spanking new to this genre. If you don’t know of director and former porn star Joey Silvera, are you sure you’re in the right place? Silvera exclaims, “Oh my God,” as he often does upon filming stunning porn actresses. I’m pretty sure I did too as Honey began licking Luna’s puffy nipples. I know I did when they started kissing. There’s some humor in it, like when she tells Luna, “It’s only a dick.” Luna has a partner with a huge cock to try to satisfy orally. It looks to me like she did a bang-up job. Honey utilizes her veteran skills to return the favor that Joey’s camera seems to be in love with. What I fell in love with was the way Honey fucked Luna in a variety of positions. Pay close attention to the way Luna takes Honey’s powerful thrusts while Honey pumps her bare, massive prick in an out of her. Luna stroking her stiff, beauitiful cock until she creams on herself is spellbinding and so is Honey’s big facial finish. I knew this She-Male Idol scene would be spectacular before I even saw it. But I had to see it anyway!

She-Male Idol Candy and Bo

I wish I had a nickel for every hot chick I knew named Candy. Another nickel for every hot transsexual I’ve seen the veteran male performer Bo banging would make me quite wealthy. No amount of money could buy me hardcore scenes better than the ones I see on Joey Silvera’s She-Male Idol. At the top of this 34 minute scorcher, Joey is going nuts over 22 year old Candy as she sits on the bed in her black bikini top hot pink mini skirt and open toe pumps. Her skin is lightly oiled and if you happen to have a cock, you should oil that baby up. Candy bares her full breasts and shows off her incredible pantied ass. Joey tells someone that Candy might need some help and that’s when Bo enters the scene. His cock is already hard, but Candy’s fist makes it even harder. Bo exposes Candy’s beautiful dark erection and begins sucking on the uncut length of it. The foreskin around her cock is so tight that Bo’s aggressive sucking doesn’t seem to be able to draw it back at first. But he keeps working at it and eventually finds success. Next, our legendary director gets some footage of Candy’s cock at close up range. She sucks Bo’s European boner while he jerks her Thai prick furiously. Finally comes the part I’ve been anxiously awaiting. After a devoted salad tossing, Bo sinks his dick inside Candy’s tight ass and begins fucking her bareback, telling her to smile. After some position changes, Candy masturbates until she fires a big load of spunk on Bo’s schlong and halfway up his arm. She gives Bo a long French kiss during wild jerking until he blasts his jizz on his stomach. Enjoy the video previews and watch the full scene on She-Male Idol.

She-Male Idol Bo and Benz

The 2 minute mp4 preview Bo fucking Benz almost allows this post to write itself. If you can’t view it for any reason, Bo bites her bronze thigh and sinks his fat cock inside her. Then he begins pumping in and out of her while stroking her stiff prick. But what fun is it without a set-up? In the beginning, Joey Silvera is blown away by Benz who sits in the back seat of his car baring her full breasts. He asks if she’d like a boy, specifically a white boy, and that’s what she wants after this drive through Bangkok. Inside the kitchen of a tastefully furnished apartment, Benz twists and turns as she slowly strips. when she sits down on a chair about 4 and a half minutes into the scene, there’s a gravity-defying cock pointing up towards our girl’s bee-stung lips. Benz tentatively licks the swollen head and fondles the hard shaft while gazing straight at us. Soon we’re watching Bo and Benz on the bed where her raging hard cock bursts out of her red panties like it’s attached to a hinge. It’s not as big as Bo’s but it stands up just as high in the air. Benz is so stunning, I don’t know whether to call her super-cute or drop dead beautiful. If you like hot men too, Bo is one of the best looking male porn stars I’ve ever seen. Watch this She-Male Idol exclusive and click on “Scenes” for more trailers.

Gabriella Ferrari and Fernanda Cristine in Trans-Visions

I just mentioned earlier today on CaramelsTGirls that Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions DVD is available for download and streaming on Evil Angel. So that’s exactly what I was doing. The first scene for me, since I was in a transbian state of mind, was the Gabriela Ferrari and Fernanda Cristine hardcore scene. The redhead is Fernanda, who is usually the aggressor in her videos. Just as I expected, the scene is amazing!