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Chaturbate Trans Cams: Jessie Haley Heart aka Jessie_heart

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Jessie Haley Heart is a name it’s owner insists on being said with a southern twang. On her Chaturbate Trans Cams profile, jessie_heart, you can find links to her Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Discord and Amazon Wishlist. This gorgeous 24 year old TS stands at 5’6″ with a 36C bust line, a 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) cock and 9-10 US shoe size. She’s a single cat lover into Indie Folk, Indie Rock, and Classic Country/Folk music. Her favorite movies are Tangled and Moana. Jessie’s favorite shows are Steven Universe and Voyager. Her favorite animes are Nausicaa and Kill la Kill. The gamer girl in her loves Skyrim, Borderlands and Life is Strange.

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As for food, tofu and anything vegetarian. Jessie lists her favorite guy fetishes as Height, Denial, Begging and DDLG aka Daddy Dom/little girl. Her favorite girl fetishes are Feet, Vore, Macrophilia, MDLG. “My strongest sexual turn on is DDLG, or Daddy Dom/little girl. It’s not about age or anything like that. It’s about having what I never had; a feeling of childhood and a loving protective parental-like figure in my life. I lost the only parent and person who loved me right as I started puberty, my Dad. This caused my Daddy issues to explode through the roof when my sexuality developed.

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Jessie adds, “It’s not even about sex. In fact, jumping in and trying to say sexual things wont get you anywhere. I’m bombarded by genitals and sexualness on this site everyday. Instead, tell me how you’d like to brush my hair. Or give me a bath. Or tie my shoes at the park. Get me to talk about things I enjoyed in my childhood. Think, If she was my little girl, and this is my only way of visiting her, how would I make her feel special? Reach the hurting little girl inside of me, and I will melt in your hand. When I start to beg for sex and release, barely acknowledge it and deny me of it. Ill only beg and orgasm harder. Then hit me with Dom, sex, and control. Not everyone may understand this. Not everyone may be good at communicating this. Watch how others talk to me, and notice when someone starts making me change my behavior with their words. If you cant seem to trigger me today, try again tomorrow. Learn. Adapt. Hunt my orgasms like prey and bring me to my knees. And better yet, read up on it!

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I did just that, but I’m here to tell you about one of Jessie’s recent Chaturbate Trans Cams streams. It started with shouts of, “More feet, more feet, more feet!” and she was showing off her bare soles and moaning orgasmically. Incidentally, Jessie is turned on by girl feet herself. So she knows just what a foot fetishist wants to see. About her dick, she describes it as average size. You can ask her how big it is when flaccid or hard. I think it’s pretty damn thick at the base and tapers to a perfect bulb, but I’m not a size queen, so it’s just right in my opinion.

At any rate, I watched Jessie rub a huge magic wand vibe against her stiff dick until she moaned uncontrollably. Her screams when orgasming will go right through you! Jessie absolutely loves to cum, but if tips aren’t rolling in, it’s probably not happening. So help her out when you see her channel is on. Make it happen fast! She may or not be on tonight since it’s Election Night and she figures folks might be preoccupied. But you can regular find this super fine Portland, Oregon girl on!