Grooby Girls Try Out Tuesday Review: Roxxie Moth

Official Description: As we usually do, we will introduce another sexy Grooby Newbie to you this Tuesday too! Meet Roxxie Moth! Just discovered by Omar Wax, Roxxie is a cute girl from Atlanta and, in her own words, she’s “a heavy metal transfemme and aspiring science fiction writer”. Roxxie is bisexual and she “leans dominant toward masculine-identified people and submissive for feminine-identified people”. Watch her getting naughty in her first scene ever here on Grooby Girls!

Caramel’s Review: Roxxie and I just might be opposites sexually since she leans dominant toward masculine identified men and submissive for feminine-identified people. That’s one of the things I find so interesting about her. But perhaps that’s just me. I wanted to investigate further on the subject so I’m glad I can go to her Twitter account to ask. Her social media link is available to subscribers, too.

You can also follow her and ask her yourself LIVE when you subscribe for free to and you can also find links to help self-produced adult content there. You’ll be glad you did. Roxxie is so versatile in her Grooby Girls debut. If I knew absolutely nothing about her, I’d be so confused as to whether she’s dominant or submissive. She gives me impressions of being able to switch roles with remarkable ease, and to not play any particular role at all. Her sense of just being her natural self comes through in the way she poses and moves through her striptease.

I’m sure you’ll notice some obvious physical attributes like Roxxie’s killer bone structure and incredible hormone bust line. I could go on, but I’ll allow you to take her all in on your own. One other thing I noticed is that one could become highly aroused just listening to Roxxie’s debut. But of course, you’re better off watching it!

Thank you for reading. Follow me at @tscaramel on Twitter.

GroobyGirls: Kasey Kei Enjoys Hard Fucking Review

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Just introduced to the world a few weeks ago by Jack Flash, Kasey Kei is definitely one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut this year. Absolutely stunning! Today, she makes her hardcore debut! We know you were all waiting to see this cutie getting her tight ass pounded hard and so did we! Watch her enjoying some heavy ass-fucking by Smash in this amazing hardcore scene until she gets a facial all over her pretty face!

Bio: Birthday: 8th October
Location: Florida

Kasey Kei is from Japanese and American descent. She hails from central Florida. When Kasey walked through the door she knocked my socks off. Kasey has flawless silky smooth skin and a nice uncut cock. She is a natural in front of the camera and finished with a nice load of cum in her 2nd set.

Beautiful Kasey made her debut in October of 2018 and her climactic encore performance in November. We didn’t have to wait long to see her here again and “Kasey Kei Enjoys Hard Fucking” exceeds my expectations. I wouldn’t say it’s plot-driven, but a little dialogue set up the scene like it’s date night for a new couple. Smash Thompson is one of the newest male sensations from the Sunshine State and he’s a great addition to trans porn. But more on that later.

Kasey is a natural performer. Her acting skills are so seamless I forget she’s saying words from a script. She’s also petite so it’s almost bizarre to think of what she’s gong to do with big Mr. Thompson’s big ole’ dick! Well, she’s quite accomplished at sucking a great amount of her partner’s huge cock while alternatively helping him get his and her clothes off. The topless babe still has her panties on while giving Smash head. When she stands up, Smash rises with her and lowers her undies. Her uncut schlong is stiff and Smash strokes her uncut length as they kiss.

When Smash gets Kasey settled down in the sofa, he swoops down to give her a loving blowjob. I think it’s a big turn on to see a muscle alpha stud sucking a girl’s cock. Kasey sure seems to love it. When the begin to move the action into the bedroom, I literally freeze the movie because the sight of Smash and Kasey with their hardons jutting from their amazing bodies so striking.

Their bodies aren’t the only amazing things in this scene. There’s also lots of intimacy and the fucking is incredible! Watching Kasey’s boner bouncing all over the place as she gets railed is a thrill. So is imagining what it must be like to take such a massive organ on. It can’t be easy and what I really love is that Kasey doesn’t try to make it seem easy. It finally dawned on me that this production is pro porn with everything I love about amateur porn in it – real passion.

Sharnell Dupree & Soldier Boi Fuck Hard Review

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: One gorgeous Grooby Newbie makes her debut today! Everybody, meet Sharnell Dupree! This gorgeous young girl discovered by Omar Wax introduces herself to the world with nothing less than a banging new hardcore scene! Sharnell is sexy, horny and she can’t wait to get that tight ass of hers pounded hard! Watch her Soldier Boi fucking her in her very first scene… She loves it!

Stunning Sharnell Dupree from Kayenta, Arizona is incredible in her debut with TEA winning Soldier Boi of Texas. Soldier Boi is fantastic as usual. The scene opens with Sharnell being seduced from her French tip pedicure and up.

The Native American beauty has a pleasant look on her face of being pampered, admired and eventually aroused by the attention. As she’s stripped to her skivvies, Soldier Boi focuses his admiration on Sharnell’s curvy bottom. He gives her a loving rimjob on the sofa and proceeds to help her rise to her feet to be introduced to his cock. He’s still fully dressed and she’s deliciously naked at this point.

Sharnell sinks to her knees on the floor to deliver what looks like an amazing blowjob. Moments later, her high-pitched voice can be heard asking Soldier Boi to fuck her while he gets into position behind her on the couch.

A doggy style pounding evolves into a cowgirl ride with soft moans and deep groaning from the sexy couple. My favorite sequence of their fucking happens to be where Soldier Boi thrust his big dick in and out of Sharnell from below and her body is displayed full frontal. Her pierced nipples are clearly visible as is her stiff, jiggling cock. I’m going to let you see for yourself how many other position changes there are in this gorgeous XXX update on!

GroobyGirls: Beautiful Ivory Mayhem!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Following her smashing hardcore debut released a few weeks ago, gorgeous Ivory Mayhem is back on Grooby Girls with a brand new solo scene, another one produced by Radius Dark! One of this year’s hottest debutantes returns looking sexy as hell and ready to have fun! She brought her toys too and she is ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice fucking! Watch her playing with her dildo and stroking her cock just for you!

Description: One look at Ivory and there’s no doubt that this girl is going to break hearts on A natural beauty and genuine sweetheart who has only recently started her transition means we can only expect great things from her. Ivory loves big, black cock and can’t wait to do hardcore in the near future. Her slender ass, ample cock and thick cum shots promise great things. I can’t wait to shoot her again!

Hi, from Caramel. That description of Ivory was written at the time of her debut and encore performances. She didn’t get any BBC for her 1st hardcore performance on the world’s longest running transsexual porn site. She did get someone wonderful however, the handsome and hung Tony Orlando most well-known from the kink and fetish genres.

I’m here to discuss Ivory’s latest Grooby Girls solo performance, but allow me to touch on her hardcore scene with Tony. There’s so much great trans porn to cover, it’s impossible to review every scene when it’s released. This Ivory and Tony update almost escaped me, but it’s a beauty to observe. We begin with Tony and Ivory already in progress, making out on the bed, scantily clad. By the time their cocks are exposed, they’re hard already. Ivory is first to perform fellatio.

What’s sexier – the way Ivory’s face and body look or the way she sucks Tony’s big cock? I’m talking about Ivory in a bra and panties, let alone laying on her back with her erection pointing up towards the ceiling! Tony jerks Ivory off while giving her a rimjob. They trade oral favors again before Tony gives Ivory the fucking of a lifetime!

Tony is already a major porn star and as long as Ivory stays in the game, she’ll go straight t the top, too! You’ll agree I’m sure once you see her go from the red hardcore theme to her blue-themed update, also shot by Radius Dark. I think Ivory’s big dick is as hard as it was with Tony at the beginning of both scenes. Ivory wears black stockings and tall sandals with her blue lingerie. She’s already jerking off when this update begins.

She’s absolutely riveting to watch playing with nothing but her hands and with a large dildo. And you can thank Ivory’s producer for presenting her with not a stitch of clothing on eventually in this extraordinary update!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter. 

Grooby Girls: Lianna Lawson & Mike Panic!

Watch The Scene Trailer

Lianna Lawson and Mike Panic invite us to see them going at it like bunnies on! This is Lianna’s 6th set on this site and her second hardcore scene. She was soundly railed by Ruckus in November of 2016.

I haven’t seen Lianna in a live Chaturbate webcam show in about a month. But if she resurfaces there, you can follow her on which I highly recommend.

This Radius Dark production begins more like a solo showcase for Lianna than a hardcore scene. She begins with a little dirty talk while touching herself downstairs. Then comes Lianna’s trademark brand of toe wiggling and hard cock stroking! I’f you want to get right down to fantasizing about her incredible ass, she displays it explicitly right away.

We hear Mike’s voice about three minutes into Lianna’s torrid fap session. He then enters the frame wit ha gravity-defying boner and swoops down on Lianna’s big erection face first. A loving blowjob evolves into an aggressive skull fucking. If you didn’t know that Lianna could be so dominant, well you know now!

After tossing Lianna’s salad, Mike clasps both their hardons in one of his hands and squeezes them together. It seems like they’re about to begin fucking soon, but there are more incredible bouts of foreplay before that starts including a 69 position sucking.

Lianna is topless with nothing on but her crotchless pantyhose when she’s bent over at the waist taking Mike’s cock inside her tight ass. We’re just a few moments from the midway point so this is one long, satisfying fuck session! Mike gives back a lot of that dominance displayed by Lianna in earlier sequences. The power struggle balance is just right in this fantastic hardcore update! Cassidy Quinn Barebacked By Kai Donec! – the flagship site for Grooby – has been rebranded as “ is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical,” Steven Grooby said of the change. “We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them; we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change; we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.” 

In the first official rebranded scene on, Cassidy Quinn comes to Kai Donec for a business loan. When he scoffs at her ideas, she knows how to get him to change his mind. She sucks his dick and he fucks her quickly, after a few different positions, she sucks his dick and then they cum in the shower!

In this Radius Dark production we have the 5th Grooby Girls shoot with Canadian beauty Cassidy Quinn (if we’re not counting her 4 sizzling sets on another hot Grooby site – Cassidy Quinn on Foot Fetish TS.

Her handsome partner on is a relatively new male performer to the trans adult world, Kai Donec. The business plan “Cassandra” has in mind is way over the top and her business knowledge is way under expectations. Mr. Donec is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down on the sofa with the client to give free advice.

During their conversation, she decides to replace her evaluation with a new business plan and to explore what sucking the loan officer’s cock might get her. About six minutes of an obviously amazing blowjob, Mr. Donec decides that his client should be allowed to borrow his big dick with her tight ass. It’s hard to forget how fine Cassidy Quinn is to look at, but I’m reminded by her performance with Kai of why she’s quickly become a top model/performer.

What a way to break in – with a blazing hot bareback hardcore scene! I’ve seen the talented Mr. Donec in action before, but I firmly believe he’s got some good acting skills to add to his adult industry resume.  


GroobyGirls: Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Gorgeous Cassidy Quinn is all over the place this week in porn terms and that’s a wonderful thing. Her total domination over ravishing Jenny Flowers is perhaps the finest trans lesbian videos of the season. But the solo scene of “Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!” is also brilliant!

Radius Dark is responsible for both exquisite productions. First things first, let’s begin with a quick yet horny description of the solo scene. Naturally I think of all adult industry actors as extremely sexual people. But Cassidy Quinn seems to exude sex from every fiber in her being. I’m still trying to figure out how she got black-lined green panties to match her party dress let alone how she knew the frock would go so well with her fetish boots.

Cassidy makes this masturbation a very vocal one-on-one event. She rubs clear beads of pre-cum out of her cock head once she’s fully aroused. When she’s down to just her heels she makes her raging hardon hang and bounce in the air. Cassidy then asks if you want to see her pretty toes and unzips her boots one by one. Then it’s a bit of foot fetish posing before she mentions how much she wants your cock in her ass.

She shows you just how much she wants your hardness by fucking herself with an orange sexy toy while beating her turgid meat. Then this video evolves into a display of Cassidy at her horniest. I could be wrong though. I’d have to look at her first two videos once again which is easy enough to do. And tempting.

MP4 Scene Trailer 

But for some reason I just can’t seem to get past her scenes on TGirls.Porn especially her most recent one Cassidy & Jenny Flowers. You won’t want to miss that either!

GroobyGirls: Latex Doll Jenny Flowers!

MP4 Scene Trailer

This is the 4th Shemale Yum photo and video set for Jenny Flowers. That’s pretty good for someone with the unfair advantage of a trans model who sometimes seems hotter than humanly possible.

Jenny is also one of the best muses for producer Omar Wax and his lush backdrops ever. With this set I swear I could almost hear the latex asking, “Am I good enough for you, Miss?” I guess that’s why she’s called a latex “doll” in this update. But she comes to life quickly calling herself a naughty little slut with no one around to punish her when it begins.

A quick slap on her ass brings BDSM and fetish to mind even though Jenny is all by herself. If she ends up getting loud while masturbating in the shower, she knows nobody will hear her. If you’re wondering if those clingy pants feel good against Jenny’s cock, she confirms that verbally and with a bit of rubbing.

You can see the outline of her swelling sex through the fabric. Jenny’s need gradually worsens and she needs someone to discipline her so badly. She slaps her ass again so hard until it’s time to shed the outfit in the hot room. Jenny started out barefoot and her top follows next.

She presses her swollen nipples against the glass shower door and does the same thing with her bare bottom. Can you imagine pressing your cock against the glass with Jenny on the other side? You’d probably go nuts dying to get inside her! After exposing her lovely cock, Jenny jerks off at first while standing, then sinks to the floor to continue. She knows that good girls don’t touch themselves and they certainly don’t continuously spank themselves until their bottoms redden.

That’s for someone else to do. But there she is, whacking he pretty ass as hard as she can while on her knees. Good girls don’t stroke their stiff red-tipped cocks like this either. They don’t jack off until they cum and taste it like Jenny Flowers does either.

But what are good girls good for these days anyway? Also check out the notorious Flower Puppy on and on TGirls.Porn in three incredible hardcore scenes!

Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers!

MP4 Scene Trailer

“The third time is a charm,” some people say, but for Jenny Flowers, her first two Shemale Yum photo and video sets were too. I happen to think this is perhaps the finest collaborations between Jenny and Omar Wax to date. Although the bulk of Jenny’s online work went live in 2016, I believe that 2017 will be her year in terms of worldwide recognition. With each new performance, more of Jenny’s personality shines through.

If you think she’s hot to look at, it gets even better when she speaks. In “Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers” she’s very vocal and her vocalization is sexy enough to lose it over even if you’re just listening to her naughty dialogue. It all begins with Jenny lamenting about her boredom and wishing she had someone to play with. Wearing the cutest of cute outfits and thigh-high socks, she’s so glad that you showed up.

Jenny proceeds to engage with you in an erotic fantasy that I’ve decided to label a masterpiece. She wants your opinion on her skirt and twirls around in it. Then she does a curtsy. lifting the hem of her panties and exposing her panty bulge. She then caresses her breasts through her top and confesses her love of their firmness, adding that she plays with them a lot. Jenny says that you can rub and even pull on her hair and lift her skirt as well to see what she’s got for you underneath it.

Her undies look like they’re made from cotton and the outline of her cock and the corona are clearly visible. Jenny begins moaning while rubbing her bump and says, “I’ve got some fun things to play with back here too,” referring to the plump butt cheeks she turns around to expose. Using a strategically-placed finger, Jenny shows you just where she wants you to penetrate her. Then she moves the panty panel aside to present her tiny wrinkled rosebud. Jenny sits on the bed next and tells us that she needs attention in the front also and she seems beside herself with lust as she masturbates through her panties. Jenny lowers the suspender straps of her skirt and tears her white top a bit when revealing her brassiere. Although it’s cold in the room, Jenny discards her top with the hopes of you warming her up. You’re provided with a dazzling close-up view of Jenny’s super pretty face and one of her pink nipples as she caresses her boobs firmly.

She removes and drops her bra next and repeats the process with her little skirt. Before shedding her panties, Jenny peels her long socks off. Her long legs and dainty feet look virtually flawless. You’ve got to hear her high-pitched giggle when she exposes her lovely cock and begins playing with it. Her sexy toy penetration while completely naked is simply exquisite! I strongly suggest that you get some Jenny Flowers wherever you can.

Jenny’s performances on are breathtaking and she’s also magnificent on TGirls.Porn! She also has a new account for her astounding LIVE performances and you can register for free and follow her at!

Jenny Flowers Fucks Herself!

“My name is Jenny Flowers. I’m a gamer, avid music listener and occasionally performer, nature lover and, of course, a huge slut!” says this incredible new model with two killer photo and video sets. “When it comes to attraction, I don’t care much about sex or gender, as long as you’re good in bed. Although I enjoy cuddles, kisses, giving head and riding cocks, I also have a secret kinky side. (Spank me please!). I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy starring in them!”

These photos are from “Meet Horny Kitten Jenny Flowers!” released on September 14th and “Jenny Flowers Fucks Herself!” that went live on September 28, both filmed by Omar Wax for Shemale Yum in 2016. Jenny also got railed by Two Tgirls founder Mayumi Sparkles in “The Girl Next Door” and pounded Sydney Farron and Kira Crash in “Game of Cumshots. You can watch her Two Tgirls scene TRAILERS by clicking here. If you’d like to check out her sample photo GALLERY from her TGirls.Porn three-way with Lana Solaire and Scarlet Vice, click here.

In Jenny’s debut video on, she’s dressed like a French maid with kitty ears, fondling her boobs through the soft fabric. The hem of her skimpy uniform is so short that you can clearly see the bulge in her black panties.

“Oh, that feels good,” she whispers after turning around to display a most protuberant and plump butt. The panty is actually a thong and it leaves little to the imagination. Jenny has that coveted thigh gap that comes into view as she poses standing and bending over next to the bed.

Her naughty talk enhances her acts of spanking her ass bright red. She really hits it hard! The first few minutes of this scene is tortuous in that it takes so long for her to shed her lingerie and Chuck Taylor’s. But it’s so well worth the wait!

“I bet you want this cock,” she purrs while rubbing it, poised on all fours on the bed. Jenny exposes and diddles her tender rosebud while getting lost in her arousal. After baring her lovely breasts and squeezing the sensitive tips, Jenny removes her kicks and performs a titillating bare foot tease. If you have a foot thing, you might die at this point. She even sniffs her stockings and comments on how nice they smell.

Eventually she’s filmed stroking her well-lubricated erection. Her sexy dialogue continues with her saying how badly it needs to be sucked. Then Jenny flips her svelte nude form on the bed with her incredible ass facing you. She’s spanking her ass again when she’s not stroking her straining erection.

In Jenny’s follow-up scene, she’s in workout mode with a cutaway t-shirt, a black bra underneath and body-con short-shorts. Her toned legs and dainty feet are bare. She continues with the naughty she’s mastered as a cam girl and a just plain horny one as she straddles a bedroom chair with her ass facing Omar’s camera. The closeups on her pretty face and bright blue eyes are out of this world and then she begins to strip. After fondling her boobs through her bra, she hits you with a mesmerizing stare and reveals her pretty tits.

Next, she stands up to remove her shorts and lowers her panties to finger bang her tight ass. Then she sits back down completely naked and starts licking a glass sex toy. Jenny tilts her plump bottom up in the chair and then starts fucking herself with the toy. If you’re not thinking about fucking the beautiful sex kitten Jenny Flowers yourself at this point, there’s no way I could possibly understand it. To watch her performing LIVE on webcam, go to

You can play Jenny's Free Trailers on

You can play Jenny’s Free Trailers on