Caramel’s Review of Sofia Bun & Smash Fuck Hard on Grooby Girls

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Smash strokes and sucks Sofia Buns' cock at the dinner table!

Sofia Bun, one of the hottest 2019 debutantes, returns on today with a smoking hot hardcore scene co-starring Smash Thompson! She couldn’t wait to get a hold of Smash’s big cock! She proceeded to devour him and even managed to deep throat him! After giving Smash a serious blowjob she dragged him by his cock to the bedroom and let him fuck her tight ass hard until he came all over her pretty face!

Sofia Buns takes hold of Smash Thompson's BBC!

Caramel’s Review: If gorgeous Sofia Bun of central Florida hasn’t found a way to make you cum yet, she’s been working on several ways t make you do it. She’s one of the few solo models who consistently keeps my girl cock stiff and shooting all year ’round in both solo and hardcore performances.

Smash Thompson gets his big black cock sucked by pretty blonde Sofia Buns!

I love her solo and encore shoots, and I wrote extensively about her trans lesbian hardcore scene with a former Floridian fox, Robin Banks here. I usually prefer trans lesbian hardcore over TS/Male content, but Sofia getting fucked by Smash is an exception.

Sofia Buns get her gravity defying cock sucked!

Watching Smash Thompson railing Sofia makes me cum just as fast and hard as watching her having sex with another trans beauty. I can do without any dialogue about race or screaming promotion about “interracial” scenes.

Sofia Buns has a hardon pointing up at hung Smash Thompson!

The skin tone contrast between these fine porn actors couldn’t be more obvious. The turn on is right there visually, so there’s no need to emphasize it in words. This scene would have been better without the brief mention of race and aside from that, it’s actually exceptional!

Sofia Buns has a big erection the whole time she rides her lover's BBC.

These actors make each other’s cocks so hard and that effect they have on each other all throughout this Grooby Girls update is contagious! The contrast of Sofia’s lithe, willowy form against Smash’s pro-bodybuilding physique is the tastiest eye candy.

Smash Thompson shifts his hips into overdrive while fucking Sofia Buns!

Smash is gentle with Sofia when he needs to be, yet he gives it to her roughly when she craves it. And I crave hot sex like this! You Can Download This Video in your choice of 4K 2160p 6,275.14Mb, 1080p 1,497.32Mb, 720p 934.54Mb or 480p 563.34Mb formats!

GroobyGirls Review: Try Out Tuesday: Alexa Hoyt!

Watch The Trailer Description: Another Tuesday is here – another sexy Grooby Newbie introduced herself to you! Meet Alexa Hoyt! Just discovered by Radius Dark, Alexa is a petite but thick girl, standing 5’5″ with a big booty. She loves dominant men that can boss her around and choke her. She’s been in Washington for 3 years and she loves it, but she’s from Florida. She’s got a good sized uncut cock and she can’t wait to stroke it for you!

Florida is an enormous state and I live in the less popular North Central University of Florida area. Could I have possibly crossed paths with Alexa Hoyt? I’m rarely south of Orlando. She seems so familiar. Maybe it’s because she seems so personable. It’s almost as if I know her already.

At any rate, gorgeous Alexa is elegant – the type of beauty that doesn’t even begin to peak after age 40 or so. Look closely at her flecks of grey hair. Can you imagine her with a whole crown of silvery locks? I obviously spend lot of time thinking about things like this.

Alexa has an incredibly seductive voice and I can see why she says she gets a lot of compliments on her butt. However, she has curvy legs and I’d bet she’s driven a few foot guys nuts, too. She has the prettiest brown shade of taut nipples and a cock that’s so willing to cooperate with her first major studio porn shoot.

Download Try Out Tuesday: Alexa Hoyt! in you choice of 4K 2160p 4,642.87Mb, 1080p 958.87Mb, 720p 598.85Mb, or 480p 361.68Mb formats!

GroobyGirls Review: Robin Banks’ Sticky Load!

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Official Description: The amazing Robin Banks made a smashing comeback a couple of weeks ago! Ever since we met this cutie a year – we’re always eagerly waiting for her returning back to us as she keeps getting more and more beautiful! This Saturday, she’s back to put an end another amazing Grooby Girls week. As always, Robin is horny and ready to give us what we need! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums for us in another smoking hot scene brought to you by Jack Flash!

This is beautiful and dominant Sunshine State model Robin’s 6th performance. She says to herself, “I’m so horny,” in a frustrated tone while fully dressed in her trademark black hat and a sexy black outfit consisting of a LBD, fishnets and Doc Marten’s.

She straddles the bed in a position where we can clearly see the big panty bulge she begins rubbing firmly. She then removes her boots, an act that will doubtlessly drive foot fans half out of their minds, and she stands to completely remove her dress.

Now she’s only got on her designer panties and fishnet pantyhose. She lowers them enough to finger bang her tight ass, and even when she removes her fishnets, she’s still got her panties on. If you’re expecting to see Robin expose her cock quickly, think again. We’re about 6 and a half minutes in before she encourages you to masturbate to her hardening genitalia. An instant later, she’s jerking off completely naked!

Robin announces the ending that the title of this update promises. So you’ll know exactly when you should let your cum shot fire. You can climax at the same time! Download “Robin Banks’ Sticky Load!” in your choice of 4K 2160p 4,124.67Mb, 1080p 981.43Mb, 720p 613.12Mb and 480p 370.11Mb formats on!

GroobyGirls Review: Jaime Royale Cums!

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Tryout Tuesday: Jamie Royal Cums! is the encore presentation of new pro model/performer Jaime Royale. Radius Dark presents this natural beauty from Oregon at her finest and at her horniest! On top of the way she looks while stripping and playing with herself, Jaime has developed sexual dialogue into her repertoire and just listening to her speaking could make you cum. That’s what I was told by a friend.

Jaime is sitting in a room fully dressed in a white blouse, skirt and tall, sparkly sandals when her encore video opens. Her curvy legs are bare and she parts them open, displaying the goodies between them. She’s wearing no panties. Jamie talks to you directly as she begins stroking her cock. She pauses to remove her blouse, showing off the top that matches her skirt, and continues with her fap session.

Next, Jaime tilts her lovely bottom in her seat and vocally offers it to you. It’s not often that I see a new video update from any site that encourages porn fans to explode so quickly. I think this one gets that hot within the first two minutes!

More titillating dirty talk occurs while this young fox plays with her bare breasts and nipples with her legs raised high in the air. She finger bangs her tight ass while stroking her cock to a full erection saying that she’s thinking about having your dick inside her.

There’s something for everyone here, including foot lovers. There’s a sequence with Jaime removing her skyscraper sandals while asking if you like her showing her toes off. Her bare feet are captured from ever angle, including her soft soles and next thing you know, she’s posing spread eagle completely naked! Then she starts fucking her tight ass with a loudly buzzing vibrator. Jamie goes wild banging her rosebud with that sex toy and then moves to the bed. That’s where Jaime is when she makes herself cum for you in her second video. If the definition of “tryout” is getting a toehold on a permanent position as a recurring model/performer, I’d say that Jamie has definitely earned it. Tryout Tuesday: Jamie Royal Cums! is available for streaming and download in 4K 2160p 5,145.61Mb, 1080p 1,052.77Mb, 720p 656.22Mb and 480p 395.99Mb formats!

GroobyGirls Review: Daisy Taylor Fucked Hard!

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Description: Guess who’s back! The sensational Daisy Taylor, our December 2018 “Model of the Month” and the winner of the “Fan Choice Award” at The TEA Show 2019 a couple of months ago, returns on with a brand new hardcore scene and she is ready to get that sexy ass of hers fucked hard! Looking amazing and feeling horny as hell, Daisy can’t wait to get naughty! Watch her enjoying some nice ass-pounding in this smashing new hardcore scene brought to you by Buddy Wood!

Bio by Buddy Wood: Daisy Taylor is without a doubt one of the hottest new models this year…and quite honestly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever worked with. Absolutely stunning from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, beautiful body with a killer ass and a really surprisingly big cock. She’s pretty damn perfect!! And on top of it all she’s sweet and funny but knows how to work that camera like a true pro. When we shot for I proclaimed A Star is Born and I think her shoots here will only show how much that is true. Lots more of Daisy to come…

Caramel’s Review: I’ll never forget the first time I saw Daisy Taylor as Here on Neptune before she made her major studio debut on TS Casting Couch with famed producer Buddy Wood. To saw I was impressed with her looks and performance skills would be a major understatement. I was excited, yet not surprised when she won the 2019 TEA “Fan Choice Award” because her warm personality shows through her adult industry work.

I was totally sold on Daisy after she made me LOL with her HereOnNeptune YouTube channel. Am I surprised to see a new model rise to superstar status so quickly? No, not when someone seems to be so well grounded. Somebody raised this kid right.

I’m considering about how “Daisy Taylor Fucked Hard!” presented by Buddy Wood could have gone wrong. This perspective helps me to remove bias from reviews of my favorite performers. It also reminds me of what I know I must see before even watching the video or seeing the complimentary photo set. Then I played it.

Mr. Wood utilizes one of my favorite scenarios that never fails for him: the bathing beauty and the cute pool boy. Daisy exposes her big, stiff cock from her bikini bottom and starts playing with it, occasionally smiling at the workman. The shirtless stud makes his way over to wear she lays stroking her erection and he helps her further by taking it inside her mouth.

Daisy returns the favor indoors and we’re about 4 minutes into this scene when I check the time and see that there are still about 18 minutes left to go! That means this is going to be one long ass bareback hardcore joint! It also means we’re going to view this beautiful couple in more eye candy positions than we can keep track of until everybody cums. Stream or Download This Video in your choice of 4K 2160p 7,162.94Mb, 1080p 1,620.87Mb, 720p 1,011.36Mb, or 480p 610.11Mb formats!

GroobyGirls Review: Try Out Tuesday: Jaime Royale!

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Description: Let us introduce one super cute Grooby Newbie this Tuesday! Meet Jaime Royale! Jaime has a cute face, short hair, and round ass! She’s a five foot ten inch tall bottom who loves to be dominated! Jaime likes to go on road trips and meet random guys to hook up with. She loves the tall, muscular type. All types are great though! She’s got that round butt with an extra layer of fat, so you know she can take a pounding! For fun, she likes to go on hikes around the waterfront and watch nature. She also likes to cook if you looking for a sexually free housewife! Watch her posing and stroking it just for you in her first scene ever!

Biography by Producer Radius Dark: “You know I love this girl. Her cute face, short hair, and round ass are among my favorite things! She’s a five foot ten inch tall bottom who loves to be dominated. She likes to go on road trips and meet random guys to hook up with. She loves the tall, muscular type.”

All types are great though. She’s got that round butt with an extra layer of fat, so you know she can take a pounding. For fun, she likes to go on hikes around the waterfront and watch nature. She also likes to cook if you looking for a sexually free housewife! She’s had an orchiectomy, so don’t expect huge erections with giant cumshots. Instead, look for an increasing soft girl who’s ready to be fucked!

Are you very particular about who you cum to and looking forward to a fap session with a cutie pie you may not know of yet? That’s what Try Out Tuesdays are all about on Jaime Royale is a natural beauty – I mean the type of girl who needs no makeup to look beautiful. And she’s brand new to the pro trans porn studio scene.

This Portland-based model’s striptease moves along pretty quickly, so get your sex out and ready as soon as you start playing this update. In fact, Jaime has this huge magic wand vibrator to massage her naughty bits with while jerking off and talking dirty. And she looks incredible completely naked saying things like, “Fuck me so hard, baby!” She rubs her fun spot and even talks about how you can make it gape. I kinda focused on that thought already myself, but it’s even nicer to hear her say it! The bent over on the sofa footage is out of this world and I’d say if you’ve made it this far along without cumming, speed it up. You only have about 6 minutes left to shoot off while adorable Jaime Royale faps and deeply penetrates her tight ass. “I wanna take all your cum,” she just said. “Shoot it deep inside me. Get me pregnant, baby.” OMG!!! Download this video in your choice of 4K 2160p 5,564.92Mb, 1080p 1,154.30Mb, 720p 20.54Mb, or 480p 434.25M formats!