Etertaycb aka Erica Chery

I was wondering if one of my favorite Chaturbate Trans broadcasters was still regularly performing. I’ve only been watching the girls performing live this week. I’m happy to report that Erica Chery aka Eric/Erica, Ericerica, Etertaycb has been prolific and cumtastic this week online! This 5’10″(178 cm), blue-eyed ginger who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada is making the best of staying at home.

“Do you wanna be my little cock slut,” isn’t the kind of question that would turn me on as a top. But when I checked into Erica’s channel and saw her stroking her big cock, I was like, “Well damn, I guess so!” She was wearing a blue and white paisley-print top raised above the shelf of her bosom. Her puffy nipples were proudly on display and the sex organ she was jerking was raging hard.

The super hot 26 year old beauty fulfilled bare foot fan’s fantasies and fulfilled a big tipper’s request. She raised a leg way up and licked the head of her own cock. When asked if she likes doing that, she replied that she loves the tasted of her cock, but not the lube on it. Then she began pumping faster and harder with her left hand.

Erica told one fan it was okay to call her mommy and went into taboo territory that had my she-cock raging hard as well! She then added that she could cum up to about ten times a day! As a matter of fact, she’d just returned after a break from releasing her cum. Then she asked if she should take off her shirt and get totally nude. Erica sitting their full frontal without a stitch on during this tremendous fap session informed me that tips would be flowing in yet more frequently.

I usually notice small changes in this particular model right away. But I didn’t really notice how much larger her breasts have become since she first started camming until yesterday. She was cupping one of her boobs firmly right before getting her nut. “I’m coming,” she shouted and another one of her trademark ropy white cum shots blasted from the head of her red-flushed schlong! Then she chilled out and chatted for another three minutes before checking out for the day. If you haven’t seen any of Erica’s studio performances, the links below will take you to her her Grooby profile pages:

Femout.XXX (2 Solo Sets)

FemoutSex.XXX (1 Hardcore Set)

Grooby Girls (3 Solo Sets)

TGirls.Porn (3 Hardcore Sets)

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Erica Chery and Mercury on Chaturbate Trans

Mercury is a 19 year old FemDom who doesn’t reveal her full identity. She’s a spooky goth cisgender female I saw dildo fucking tonight on the top Chaturbate Trans channel when I checked out the platform. I hadn’t planned on viewing live porn, especially since some recorded porn I reviewed earlier already made me cum. But there I was with my lady cock stiffening in one hand and the other reaching for my favorite lube.

Even though we couldn’t see Erica Chery‘s partner’s full face, enough could be seen to know that she’s gorgeous. She’s with Erica after all, so duh. My only wish was that I’d gotten there earlier tonight. I missed the whole part of the show with Mercury railing Erica’s tight ass with a strap-on dildo! But it wasn’t too late. There was still about a half hour or so of hot sex.

Mercury was clearly ready to get fucked, as evidenced by the way she got on her back with Erica soon hovering above her. Erica just had on a skimpy blue bra with her lovely tits and puffy nipples exposed. Mercury was totally naked with her huge, soft tits jiggling all over the place. Since Erica hadn’t been the one doing the fucking moments before, she had to jerk off to develop an erection. She then rolled on a condom. Mercury helped lube Erica’s latex-covered big cock with some K-Y jelly.

Moments later, Erica was looking straight at us while plunging her large boner deeply inside Mercury’s tight pussy! Her hardon slipped out a few times, but eventually, Erica established a long, steady pumping rhythm. She even fucked Mercury’s big jugs before re-entering her quim.

Viewers were sending in tips and begging Erica to cum on Mercury’s heaving breasts. I’ve got to admit that’s exactly what I was hoping for, so much that I came. I kept watching to report what happened next on

Just as I predicted, Erica pulled out at the last minute and shot her creamy white cum all over Mercury’s massive boobs! I don’t know if Mercury will be back on again tomorrow, but Erica promised to be on with a whole new live show. Register to Chaturbate for free and be sure to follow so you won’t miss it!

Erica Chery & Calliope on Chaturbate Trans

Erica Chery rails Calliope Apella again on Chaturbate Trans and it’s to die for! I don’t even know if Calliope existed when the U2 album cover on her t-shirt came out. She removes her tall athletic socks and her striped panties show with her movements. It doesn’t seem that her cock out yet. But Erica’s big dick is fully exposed and she’s jerking off while seated to Calli’s left.

Her perky tits with their puffy nipples are exposed from her raised flannel shirt and Calliope is soon removing her panties. Her uncut cock is already hard, but she pays more attention to Erica’s schlong than her own. That’s until Calli decides Erica’s mouth should be filled with her dick. She rises to her knees on the sofa and skull fucks pretty Erica.

The redhead webcam hostess moans around the penis she’s sucking and continues to jerk off. More and more tips roll in as the eroticism heightens! Calliope then leans down to suck Erica who lays back to enjoy it. The girls rub their love sticks together and then Erica sinks to her knees on the floor. She sucks Calli’s hard dick both kneeling and seated.

When Calli takes a brief break, Erica lifts her lovely bare legs and feet into the frame as requested from a fan. When Calli returns, it appears that she has lubed up her erection because moments later, she’s penetrating Erica’s tight ass with it in the missionary position! A bit later, Erica decides she wants it doggy style and flips over, gazing directly at us as Callie gets her boner ready again.

This is an incredible perspective, yet something even better comes next. Erica rides Calli’s dick reverse cowgirl. Calliope eventually becomes totally nude and a jerk off session follows with Erica being the full recipient. Erica is on her knees getting her big rod pumped furiously by naked Calliope until she convulses in orgasm!

Erica turns around and sits up on the sofa with creamy white cum pouring from her cock head while Calli rushes off to get her a towel. Then it’s time for the pair to sign out of Eric’as channel!

Calliope Apella fucks Erica Chery on the Chaturbate Trans channel Etertaybe!

Chaturbate’s Erica Chery Hardcore

Erica Chery strokes her huge cock on Chaturbate!

I never know what to expect from one week to the next on from Erica Chery. Last week when I tuned into her channel, she was firmly stroking her big, stiff cock, wearing a paisley hippie dress and white panties pulled to one side. She had a terrifically unexpected nip slip and engaged in naughty chat with a horny viewer.

Erica then began masturbating with her panties moved below her large ball sack. She refers to her penis as her “girlcock” and seemed close to making it shoot a fresh load of cum every so often. But Erica is good at edging and was intent on prolonging her show.

Erica then slipped into dominatrix mode, delivering verbal intructions on how to suck her schlong exactly the way she likes it. Then a young man appeared between her creamy thighs to show us how it’s done! The bearded dude with close-cropped dark hair went to town giving Erica head.

Erica Chery loves her big dick sucked but she can do it herself!

It was revealed that the man was masked when he moved to the side to give us an unbridled view of his cock sucking. Erica moved one of her pretty bare feet into the frame as often requested. The guy said he was ready for Erica’s cum on his face and she delivered with a big, creamy white load of cum. Then she went down on him to return the favor. Later, Erica asked us if we wanted to see her fuck him. Where the hell does she get all this staying power? She was soon rock hard again and gave the guy a good fucking! Erica came again, jerking off next time, and at that point I realized over an hour and a half passed by.

Last Tuesday, Erica made her TGirls.Porn debut entitled “Erica Cherry & Roxxie Moth” Both beautiful young ladies and producer, Radius Dark, did exceedingly well in terms of high production values and eroticism.

I can’t even tell you much after what happens after Roxxie ( sucks Erica’s big cock to a raging erection aside from what I’ve seen in the 179 image hi-res photo set. I came during the first blowjob, by Roxxie, and decided to download and save the video to finish watching with a special girlfriend.

That said, I may be a bit biased however because hardcore and trans lesbian content are my favorite genres. It’s a bit hard to be non-judgmental in this case. But I can’t see how anyone will not be able to recognize these are two of the most talented and pretty trans women in the game.

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