TGirls.XXX Review: Gorgeous Ella Venus Cums For You

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“This was another really fun scene! I love cumming for you.” said gorgeous Ella Venus. “Since I started estrogen hormones a few years ago, I’ve had really intense female orgasms that radiate pleasure through my whole body, often with several after-shocks! Watch me play with my favourite rainbow dildo and bring myself to orgasm.”

When Ella made her TGirls.XXX debut on October 11, 2018, producer Kalin of London wrote, “We have an immense pleasure to introduce one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut this year: meet Ella Venus! Ella is from Australia and she flew to London to shoot her Grooby debut with Kalin. She is stunning!”

“Ella Venus Cums” was her encore shoot and “Ella Venus Gets Her Ass Pounded!” was her hardcore blowout with Jak Dolce. “Ella Venus Has Fun” was the update released in January 2019 right before the scene I’m reviewing today.

Ella open this TGirls.XXX update bringing focus to the script on her pajama top. It reads, “Good In Bed” which is the icing on the cake if correct. She’s exceptionally stunning to look at, let alone what it must be like to fuck or be fucked by her.

She wears her trademark sparkly sneakers that will be removed in case foot lovers are worried that there’s nothing for them to get excited about here. Butt lovers get quite a treat for the senses, too. Not to mention those who adore a full set of hormone breasts.

Ella displays her fire engine red fingernails to her matching pedicure right before removing and carelessly tossing her panties away. Then it’s time to play with her big, colorful dildo. How does she fuck herself with it? With lots of lube and she does it so well!

Her cock certainly responds well to the penetration. The head grows blue-ish red the more aroused it becomes and the shaft is huge when erect! Ella manages to changes positions during her incredibly hot jerk off sequence. Then she convulses in the rapture of an intense orgasm and we’re left with the site of her big hardon laying flat against her flat tummy.

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TGirls.XXX: Stunning Ella Venus

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Today, we have an immense pleasure to introduce one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut this year! Meet Ella Venus! Ella is from Australia and she flew to London to shoot her Grooby debut with Kalin.”

” This girl is absolutely stunning! She left us all speechless with her beauty and we are sure you are going to fall in love with gorgeous Ella! She has an amazing body, long legs, a perfect ass, a big hard dick and a smile from another world! Watch this cutie posing, stripping and stroking her big cock for you in her first scene ever!”

Hi, from Caramel. This tall drink of water from Sydney, Australia looks absolutely stunning undressing herself during her debut on TGirls.XXX. It’s odd for someone so gorgeous to appear a bit nervous, but I think that’s what her chuckles are about. It seems like Ella the type of modesty that’s uncommon for models and it’s quite charming.

Producer Kalin doesn’t rush Ella to expose nudity. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing revealed until we get some pretty, pink nipple action about 3:45 minutes into the video. After posing her figure from various perspectives, Ella takes a seat to remove her skyscraper platforms. Her curvy legs and dainty feet are encased in fishnet stockings and her goodies are slipping out of her black lace panties.

After showing off more of her luscious body and lovely hormone breasts, Ella stands up to give us rear and full frontal views of lowering her panties. Soon, Ella exposes a gorgeous uncut cock dangling between her thighs. The slow striptease leads to Ella stroking her big erection at the midway point of her review! This TGirls.XXX video is timed so right as well as beautifully shot! Ella looks like she’s lost in rapture while finger banging her tight ass with her huge hardon hovering above her tummy. 

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter