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Damikoga (Dami Koga) is a Southern trans girl who’s just started camming on Chaturbate Trans Cams this year. The last time before catching Damikoga masturbating before this time, she was laying in bed. All she had on was a necklace, earrings and nail polish on her toes. I came in just when her rock hard cock was a few shades redder than when it’s soft. She was just about to cum. Tips rolled in as she climaxed. I didn’t miss her orgasm but I missed all the build-up to it!

This is where I remind you to register to Chaturbate Trans Cams for free and be sure to follow your favorite girls! At any rate, I finally caught up with Damikoga for a long stream. This time, she was wearing a skimpy red bra and matching panties, talking about her initial transition. She only dates women romantically, at the moment, but I’m not sure if that means trans women or cisgender women. She loves cock and she loves a strap on. Maybe it’s both. Feel free to ask because she’s very friendly and open.

Damikoga wants bigger tits, bimbo boobs, but I hope she doesn’t change anything soon. That’s none of my business, though. My business was watching her fuck her tight ass with a Lovesense Hush tip-activated butt plug! I love the sexy moans she makes when getting her sexy butt pounded. It’s the next best thing to fucking her myself! Damikoga masturbated this way sideways, but she sat up when she was ready to jerk off. She eventually stripped totally nude again and she gets every hot inch of herself in the frame at all times.

Damikoga is limber, she uses lots of lube, and she also brought a big pink realistic phallus vibe to the party of one. Damikoga banged her hot butt with that for awhile then jacked off again. With her perfect tits jiggling all over the place, she brought herself to orgasm! Don’t forget to follow!