TGirls.Porn: Claire Tenebrarum & Lianna Lawson

Description: Aaaaah Tuesday, we meet again! Once upon a time rated as the second least favorite of all the days, Tuesdays now officially ROCK thanks to your good friends here on TGirlsPorn! Lianna Lawson and Claire Tenebrarum the honeys bringing the heat today, in a Radius Dark production set to make your mouth water. Yay!

Caramel’s Review: Radius Dark opens this hardcore scene with blonde Lianna and brunette Claire in bras and panties kissing on the bed while sitting on their knees. Claire gets her breasts bared and orally stimulated first. Then it’s Lianna’s turn to get the same treatment.

When Lianna bends Claire over to bare her ass, there’s a big sex toy embedded inside Claire’s tight bottom. Lianna pumps it in and out before removing it and sucking Claire’s cock. She sucks and handles Claire’s dick until it’s erect and throbbing. By the time both girls are completely naked, Lianna is sporting a hardon, too! Claire sucks it lovingly as Lianna plays with Claire’s butt.

Next, Lianna straddles Claire so they can perform 69 sex. Claire then lays back and her boner bounces above her tummy as she gets a rapid finger-banging. This action warms her tight ass up for a raw missionary position fucking from Lianna! A dual stiff cock rubbing comes next, as a quick break from actual fucking, then a doggy style railing comes next. Claire, with her ever-bouncing erection, rides Lianna and a sequence of side-by-side intimacy with chatting comes next.

Lianna asks Claire what she liked abut the sex most as Claire plays with herself. Claire is rock hard so Lianna goes down on her again. Claire then asks what Lianna liked most and she tells her before they kiss again. After the sex, Claire explains the meaning behind her name. This part is a full closing interview with Mr.Dark. This closing TGirls.Porn interview is as thorough as the sex footage is cumtastic!