Zendabich on Chaturbate Trans

22 year old Zendabich aka Briannys Sophia is from Medillin, Colombia. She speaks Spanish, English, French and German. This Chaturbate Trans broadcaster was camming completely naked when I saw her the other night. With a body like that, big round tits, tight abs on a waspish waist flaring out to a wide set of hips… And her face is remarkably pretty.

Briannys looks like an ultra-feminine pro fitness trainer with a huge cock. I was running her channel for about 20 minutes before I realized she hadn’t uttered a single word. She interacted with viewers with her keyboard, however. If her immense erection began to deflate, she’d gaze at something on her cell phone that made it swell again and defy gravity.

Her show that night was mainly full frontal. Her camera was positioned from a lower angle. But she would occasionally show of her perfectly rounded ass, too. The only complaint I have about her shows is the music is too loud for me. It’s not that I don’t like the music. The tempo is too fast and distracting.

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Ardentcock on Chaturbate Trans

Enthusiastic or passionate as in “an ardent baseball fan” is usually the way I think of the word “Ardent”. But now that I think about this Chaturbate Trans channel, it’s name makes a lot of sense.

Chaturbate.com/Ardentcock is fitting for 20 something LatinX cam girls Sharon and Susan. They invited a third partner to the mix the other night. I don’t know who was who between the blonde, the brunette and the platinum blonde. My main focus was mostly on the massive cock getting sucked and the gorgeous trans broadcaster attached to it. The one sucking was hot, too.

The platinum blonde was on her phone during much of the early hardcore action. I don’t know why she didn’t get involved while the brunette started fucking the tight ass of the beauty who sucked her to a raging hardon. But the solo girl seemed happy to enjoy the Lovesense Lush toy going off in her butt when tips rolled in. She jerked off while her friends fucked like bunnies.

Then she fucked her ass hard and fast with the narrow pink sex toy while her buddies banged away. Finally, the platinum blonde trans joined in once the fucking stopped. The brunette with the huge dick was still hard when she stopped fucking. Then the most passive girl began stroking the turgid erection right in front of the blonde’s mouth.

I thought the brunette was going to cum in the blonde’s mouth, but she decided to take her ass again instead. The platinum blonde ran around both girls and lowered herself beneath the one getting fucked to suck her off. The girls eventually resumed their original positions and the two blondes took turns sucking the brunette’s enormous sex organ. Then came yet more ass fucking! I guess you can surmise I really like these young ladies. You will too, no doubt!

Andylynn Payne aka Fut8nari on Chaturbate Trans

22 year old Andylynn Payne soars to the #1 spot of my favorite webcam platform every time I see her broadcasting. This Los Angeles, California-based bombshell has phenomenal staying power. With red lingerie encasing her lightly oiled form, I saw her online the other night literally edging for hours! She’s gracious and kind to viewers and only looses contact when she’s about to nut. Her breasts are large orbs with sensitive nipples, judging by the way she fondles and tweaks them.

Andylynn’s cock is enormous. I saw her beating off mostly while seated in a black leather office chair on Chaturbate Trans. Black curtains closed out the white trim floor-to-ceiling windows of her room. Although Andylynn often sat very close to the camera, she managed to raise her bare legs and feet to get them into the action.

No one wold argue that she’s exquisite from head to toe. One moment she’s a brazen sex goddess and the next she’s just an adorable girl with braces. She makes these transitions while performing on a fraction of a second. There was no reason for Andylynn to completely remove her thong and bra while stroking her big cock.

The cups of her brassiere simply weren’t there and the panties were like dental floss. Sometimes. Andylynn would rise to her feet to show of her tremendous rear end. Then she’d finger bang her tight ass before concentrating on her massive tool again. When she’s not concentrating on making herself cum, she enjoys interaction with fans.

One night, not long ago, Andylynn shared a moving story about an event that occurred before she began her transition. It’s so refreshing to see a broadcaster who isn’t afraid to share herself with her fans so candidly! This model’s beauty isn’t the only reason her channel Chaturbate.com/Fut8nari goes straight to the top so consistently!

Kate Violin on Chaturbate Trans

I’ve known about this smoking hot, 5’6″ (170 cm) Chaturbate Trans broadcaster from Moscow since 2016. I can’t remember if I saw her doing a cam show first or if Kate Violin on Russian-TGirls was where I saw her first.

After seeing eight of her studio sets produced by Teodor Grekov, and seeing her live so many times, I knew that she played nice in the sandbox with cisgender girls and other trans girls. I couldn’t tell what was going on at first when I saw Kate with two partners.

Blonde Kate had a stocking foot between each brunette’s legs and they smiled profusely as she rubbed away. I could tell one of the girls was trans because one of her smooth, hairless balls slipped out. It took another five or six minutes before I could see what was going on in the other one’s panties.

She eventually got up on her hands and knees and Kate worked her undies and fishnet pantyhose down. Then it was all clear to me and the other viewers. Kate’s unoccupied trans friend reached under the girl to withdraw a stiff cock. Kate worked on the girl’s wrinkled rosebud. I’d never seen Kate engaged in a trans lesbian threesome before so this was my lucky day! They all started out wearing black outfits of some slutty sort.

Not much was left on by the time I’d checked in. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the girls engaged in more of the foot sex they were having when I first logged in. Giving each gorgeous partner foot jobs had Kate’s big cock swollen hard. When she laid back to jerk off, both of the girls sat up on their knees to rub Kate’s feet.

Most of Kate’s Chaturbate Trans shows involve a lot of foot action when she’s going solo. It was lovely to see that she’s found two other hotties who enjoy indulging in her fetish. Eventually, all three girls removed their stockings and more yet!

There’s a ton of stunning broadcasters to choose from on this platform 24/7. But once you register for free, I highly suggest you follow Chaturbate.com/Kate_v.

Clara Blitz, Alice & Katya on Chaturbate Trans

Clara Blitz is doing the most on Chaturbate Trans. One night I saw her forcibly skull fucking blonde Alice while lying on her back. Alice’s cock was rock hard in spite of her obvious discomfort I noticed when Clara, the strawberry blonde, gave her a break. Clara would then jerk off furiously, doing whatever she had to to nut.

I can’t stand quiet sex so I loved Clara’s loud moaning. At some point, Clara’s pumping hand wasn’t enough for her stiff, massive cock. So she had Alice blow her again while she jacked her hips up and down. Then Clare gave Alice another rest while she resumed her solo fap session with her speedy left hand. My timing was pretty good that night because I was there just in time to see Clara shoot her load across her partner’s pretty face.

By the way, the only nudity Clara revealed was her big hardon. She wore a black bra, panties and fishnet stockings. Alice wore a matching outfit in white without the bra and panties. Someone kept asking to see her fishnet-clad feet and she fulfilled their request in exchange for some generous tips. Clara showed us the cum on her big dick in close-up.

I hadn’t notice until then that she had a large butt plug in her ass the whole time. The next night, I saw Clara in her chat room with someone else! This was a super pretty brunette named Katya. This wasn’t blowjob sex, but rather bareback fucking! Katya was geeing spoon fucked by Clara who held Katya’s big boner in a reach-around while she pummeled Katya’s tight ass with her own erection.

For the way Katya’s huge dick looked, smashed between her thighs as it were, both girls are equally hung. And they’re loud and romantic, sometimes passionately kissing while fucking! After watching this Chaturbate Trans hardcore play out for about 11 minutes, I thought Clara might have cum inside Katya’s bottom as she withdrew for a bit.

But after a little break, Clara re-inserted her enormous member and resumed her furious fucking! She also jerked Katya’s big, swollen rod while fucking her again.

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Danni Daniels on Chaturbate Trans

Danni Daniels strokes her cock on Chaturbate!

I was a longtime fan of this incredible Chaturbate Trans webcam performer’s studio work on her own website way back when it was still updating. What she’s doing LIVE on Chaturbate.com/Dannidaniels is just as exciting to watch, yet more so if you prefer live interaction over recorded porn. DanniXXX.com was one of the most original trans porn I’d ever seen and what many would describe as ahead of it’s time.

By today’s focus is what’s going on now. Actually, it was a few days ago when I checked into the Chaturbate.com/Dannidaniels channel and found her talking with a fan about his cock and foreskin. She was holding a cell phone with both hands and her breasts were fully covered by a blue top. Her entire lower frame was covered by a white down comforter. What’s so sexy about that? Have you seen or heard Danni Daniels in action?

First of all, she was talking dirty and when tips rolled in, she wet a little bit orgasmic. Could it be that she was wearing a Lovesense toy in her ass that buzzed with tips? Yes or no, she revealed one of her large breasts because she said she could have her nipple sucked on forever. Then she insisted that one of her fans absolutely could not allow himself to cum yet. Edging was fine though since she loves drawing out his pre-cum. Then she whipped out her big dick and began stroking it. She bared her lovely legs, too. Then she turned the camera from profile to full frontal . Her cock looked enormous from this angle.


She eventually did some ass play and squeezed pre-cum out of her dick. It was so hard and she was so loud! I was watching for close to an hour when I realized that Danni was close to cumming. While holding her thick shaft with her left hand and pumping it with the left, she moaned loudly and repeatedly as she strained big beads of pearly cum out of her swollen cock head! It streamed down her French-nailed fingers and hands slowly and she played with the sticky strands. Then she allowed whomever hadn’t cum yet to go ahead and do it. She even offered her phone number in exchange for one big tip before signing off.

Cheesepolice0 on Chaturbate Trans

Cheesepolice0 on Chaturbate Trans

I hope that you share my love for live shows where you can support trans performers directly. We can do that for models we see on studio premium sites unless we have their social media links. There’s still a middle man taking their cut, but I love this platform and I seldom, if ever, hear complaints about it.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen Женька (Jenka) on Chaturbate.com but some Catholic Russians celebrate Christmas on December 25th like so many Americans do. Their Christmas is mostly celebrated on January 7th but either way, the holiday season is busy all over the place. While Jenka seems to be on a mini vacation, she certainly went out with a bang.

I don’t literally mean a bang since is was a solo show, not a hardcore webcam experience she delivered when I saw her last. I didn’t know she wasn’t American when I discovered her channel and saw her speaking with fans. In perfect English, she was having an every day life conversation, about nothing overtly sexual.

The only thing strange about this was that she had a raging erection standing upward from the side panel of her grey panties. I don’t know what I missed, but it must have been an arousing chat. Aside from her panties, Jenka was wearing a t-shirt and a sports bra, all grey. She sat up on her sofa and gave us closer look at her boner and more tips and a special request came in.

Jenka was asked to get naked and she did so eagerly, revealing a perky set of small breasts and a virtually perfect figure. She then began jerking off. She closed her thighs tightly as she sat with her knees folded. Her smoothly shaven balls were exposed and the bulbous head of her cock almost pointed toward the ceiling. She made her shaft bounce with no hands continued stroking.

The fan interaction with this cutie pie never stopped, even when she closed her eyes, frantically masturbating to reach orgasm! She’s adorable when she grimaces and announces “I think I’m going to cum soon.” There was no big blast but she’s on hormones and she explained that she’s on hormones. No one was complaining. At that point I saw all I needed to see to recommend following her channel Chaturbate.com/Cheesepolice0!

tsbaddiegirl on Chaturbate

Beautiful 22 year old Kelly CockSin aka tsbaddiegirl was straddled above a very handsome black man when I saw her on Chaturbate.com about two weeks ago. She was wearing a white bra and black fishnet pantyhose with no panties. That gave the brother easy access to her fine round ass.

A rapid finger banging ensued and when Kelly sat up, we viewers could all see pre-cum dribbling from the tip of her cock. For some reason, the couple were cracking up, but I don’t know why. I guess it was the comments they were reading. The sex play didn’t pause at all, however.

Kelly made her man taste a bit of her sticky nectar and when Kelly repeated, “Here comes the airplane, open up,” I really one if their fans had a good sense of humor so I was in on the joke even having been a newcomer. The fun continued with Kelly doing some cock and ball jiggling twerking and Kelly’s boyfriend did some, too. The one thing I found weird is that they proceeded to have less and less sex, yet I was still entertained!

If I had gone to there channel to blow my load at that, I confess that I would have been disappointed. Byt there was never a dull moment and eventually, I saw Kelly getting her cock sucked. I usually don’t get turned on by seeing a masculine guy giving a trans girl head, but the way Kelly’s boner developed was a major turn on. the 69 action was even hotter, especially since it was shot from an angle that showed both of their genitalia.

Eventually, the fun and games stopped and the next phase simply involved Kelly giving her stud a blowjob. I love that man’s big dick and I love watching pretty Kelly sucking it! After a break for some refreshments, Kelly’s boyfriend straddled her hips and she lubed her big dick up.

She didn’t fuck him, but she could have. They settled on frottage and then switched for homeboy to do the cock rubbing against Kelly’s ass. They kissed while Kelly jacked her man off and Kelly jerked off solo after that. Damn, this girl has a big dick! But I digress. These folks are so much fun. Check them out on chaturbate.com/tsbaddiegirl!

Chaturbate Trans/Cis Couple Akela and Xena

This trans/cisgender female couple met on Bumble (a social and dating app) and they’ve been together. They’ve been together since July 4, 2018 and they’re getting married on October 19, 2019. That’s in less than two weeks from today!

They both do Yoga and they’re vegans and dog moms two two furries. Xeya, the trans girl, and Akela, are both switches and they’re full time webcam broadcasters from Utah. The first time I saw them on Chaturbate.com was on October 1, 2019. Both girls were only wearing dark t-shirts and if Xeya didn’t have her legs spread wide open while sucking on one of her fiance’s tits, I wouldn’t have known which one was trans. Akela is the more busty of the two, but both girls have gorgeous boobs.

Xena’s circumcised cock wasn’t fully erect when I found the high traffic channel, but Akela stroked Xena to full erection. Akela had a pink Lovesense tip buzzed inside of her smoothly shaven pussy. Her reactions to coins flooding in were fabulous and so has watching her girlfriend make her boner bounce up and down.

There was a lot of intimate kissing and the girls kicked it up a notch by bringing a strap-on dildo to the show. Akela got into the harness and that pink faux phallus was enormous! Akela fucked Xena’s pretty face with it. They took their time teasing us with just oral and no one could have been more anxious than myself to see Xena getting railed with that big old sex toy.

Xena’s sexy ass had been primed with a comparatively small silver butt plug. She was soon getting impaled by Akela’s lengthy rod in the doggy style position! These beauties were completely naked by the time they switched into missionary fucking. Xena also rode her baby from above while she jerked her stiff cock off furiously! Xena did a bit of solo ass play with a purple vibrator and Akela joined her with a black magic wand vibe of her own. What I want to see next time I’m on Chaturbate.com/akela_xena is Xena fucking Akela with her real cock! Someone remind me to adjust my volume because when Akela has an orgasm, her screams are so loud!