Chaturbate Trans Cams Kellie Shaw

Kellie Shaw on Chaturbate Trans

I remember writing my September 22, 2018 Kellie Shaw on Chaturbate post like it was yesterday. She was living in Phoenix, Arizona prior to Las Vegas, Nevada performing with another hot trans girl. But my new raves are about her Chaturbate Trans solo shows. Kellie Shaw is one of those broadcasters whose solo shows can outshine many duos and threesomes! On top of that, she’s also one of the best studio porn actresses in the industry. I really can’t make up my mind if she’s hotter to watch in recorded videos or live, but as far as interaction with Kellie goes, it’s Chaturbate. That’s a no brainer.

For example, there’s no silent masturbation with Kellie. She answers questions humbly and sensuously. She thanks fans and tippers graciously; quite loudly when she’s jacking off her big boner. Kellie will stand up and bend over, explicitly exposing her ass, gaping when she’s been toying. Her new blue-lit bedroom set-up is wonderful. The 6’3″ blue-eyed blonde makes use of the perimeters to full effect.

Nominated “Best New Face” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards, Thinking back to Kellie’s beginnings in the adult industry, I can hardly believe she’s only been in the game for three years! She’s been in my top ten all-time faves for just that long. Register to Chaturbate for FREE and follow Watch her video previews on the following major studio websites:

Kellie Shaw on Grooby Girls

Kellie Shaw on Grooby Girls

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.XXX

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.XXX

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.Porn

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.Porn

Chaturbate Trans Cams Kaya Beckett

Kaya Beckett and Mitsu on Chaturbate

Kaya Beckett of Vancouver

The last time I posted about the lovely Kaya Beckett and her sexy partner was on May 8, 2020 on Caramel’s TGirls. Something has changed since the last time I’ve seen the Kaya_beckett channel. The 21 year old brunette from Vancouver, British Columbia, was still with an Asian trans girl with eyeglasses named Mitsu last week. They shared the intimacy of girlfriends, but I don’t like to assume things about people I don’t know.

But it was fun learning new things about this gorgeous trans duo as the tried to reach their tip goal to strip. Someone generous got them to strip down to their t-shirts, panties and long socks soon enough. As both Canadian girls sat in their computer chairs side by side, Kaya finally exposed her cock and began stroking it rapidly. Her friend moved in closer to cuddle and fondle her clothed boobs.

Just as I began hoping that Kaya would get her dick sucked, it began happening. This Chaturbate version of strip poker continued with Kaya stripping down to her bra, panties and socks. She was then asked to stand to receive a blowjob. What I did not expect to happen later was actual fucking! Kaya was the top and she railed her friend in the missionary position on the bed behind their chairs.

We could see the bottom girl jerking her hard dick off until she came! When Kaya withdrew, her dick was still hard, but I think she came while inserted. That was pretty much the end of the end of an awesome show!

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avrilvixxxen Chaturbate Trans Cams

avrilvixxxen: Avril Vixxxen on Chaturbate

Avril Vixxxen of Canada

Avril Vixxxen has her big tits and pierced nipples out and her rock hard cock is standing straight up!

There’s a new kid on the block from Canada on If you see her broadcasting again soon I must warn you that it’s hard to stop watching her. Avril Vixxxen has used her avrilvixxxen brand all across the Internet on platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, PornHub, FetLife, OnlyFans, ManyVids, etc. That’s pretty amazing considering that she doesn’t have a full year of adult industry experience under her belt yet.

avrilvixxxen stands outside on the balcony in a latex BDSM bodysuit and tall ballet boots.

It’s also odd that she performs like a seasoned Chaturbate performer so early in her porn career. Avril says that her ass is 80% gym and 20% hormones. She also has a French-Canadian accent, by the way. Avril’s erotic stage was a canopy bed and she wore a few BDSM accessories around one thigh, her neck and one wrist. A metal device had her pee pee locked up.

Avril also wore black eyeglasses. She also orally played with the two dildos on her bed while answering questions. Avril also scooted off for a moment to retrieve a twelve inch long double dong. The size she’s most comfortable with is about 8.5 to 9 inches long. Avril understands that she talks a lot and guys she dates will mention it.

She’ll tell him to stick his dick in her mouth to get her to shut up. I personally love that she talks non-stop for two reasons. Chaturbate shows are not supposed to be silent movies and the things that come out of her mouth are usually pretty smart.

Wouldn't you love to replace this dildo with your cock and fuck Avril Vixxxen in the ass?

Avril promised to deep throat one of her longer fake dicks for tips. It worked! Avril had some problems getting her cock cage off because it was so tight. The pain caused her to scream which had my she-cock raging. When she mentioned that she loves being told what to do, I was smitten.

Her ass fucking was loud and thrilling to watch with one of her bigger sex toys. Her fake phallus spit-roast fucking was an erotic visual masterpiece. Keep your eye on!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Michellnaug

Michellnaug on Chaturbate

TS Michell Naug of Colombia

You'd never know that Michllnaug was hiding such a huge cock under her bikini bottom

Fall in love with my big black cock,” read the ticker beneath the Colombian beauty running the Chaturbate Trans channel I’m reviewing today. I covered TS MichellNaug back on July 22, 2020 and this 21 year old’s look may have changed, but her performances are only getting better. She still seems to prefer stroking her massive cock in full frontal views with her long legs spread wide.

Can you believe the size of her enormous dick?

The up-tempo dance music she DJs manually is a bit loud for my taste. But it doesn’t completely drown out the sounds of her moans and oily hand pumping her slick boner. I’m glad to see that fans go crazy, and it isn’t because of all the chatting she does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michell utter a complete sentence. But I hear the way this hung cutie with braces moans and it’s so electrifying. When her masturbating hand goes into hyper-drive, you know she’s close to cumming.

She’ll start playing with the long strings of pre-cum oozing from the bulbous head of her cock. More tips roll in to activate the vibrator in her tight ass. Sometimes she’ll cut the music off and you’ll hear the porn she’s watching in the background. I can’t help but wonder if she jerks off with a liberal amount of petroleum jelly because of the build-up that gathers around her tree trunk shaft. Not that I’d ever masturbate with half a jar of Vaseline haha (but you might wanna try it sometime).

That coating makes it kind of hard to decipher the cum that pours out of Michell’s dick head, but her climax is the main event. The most interesting part about it is the way her cock is enormous even once it deflates. Sometimes when you’re on she won’t be the only girl on her channel!

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Amymarykinglove Chaturbate Trans Cams

Amymarykinglove on Chaturbate Trans

Mistress Amy Mary King Love will jerk her cock for you and make you cum fast!

I just discovered a phenomenal Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster I’ve never seen performing before. Her name is Amymarykinglove (Amy Mary King Love) and she’s a 27 year old pre-op TS who was dividing her show between full body shots and split-screen masturbation. In the top left corner was her pretty face and shelf of her breasts. They were covered however in a spaghetti strap black floral print dress and her legs and feet were bare. Most of the rest of the screen was filled with the stiff cock she was stroking furiously.

This soft-spoken Asian-American beauty was speaking in a way that normally wouldn’t arouse me. She was speaking as a Dominatrix, gently yet firmly ordering viewers to suck the stiff cock she was jerking rapidly. But she was also answering questions about her sexual preferences. Once that started, I didn’t want her to stop. This dominant fox who lists her location as Rosenwolfembourg had me transfixed although I’m also dominant so that was highly unusual! Amy’s bio says that her “clit” squirts with anal orgasm. It must feel amazing for anyone who has that honor. She said she doesn’t like the way her face and body looks when she’s cumming. I’d imagine it would make so many of us come if we hadn’t already. Besides, we all loose control when we orgasm. It’s just part of life. Amy’s biography goes into more detail about herself and it’s an incredibly interesting read!

Cum hard with Amymarykinglove!

To learn more about this gorgeous young lady, go to and give her a follow. Keep in mind that the more you want her delicious-looking cock forced on you, the faster you’re likely to cum!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Haylee Marie

Haylee Marie: xxhayleemariexx on Chaturbate Trans

Haylee Marie: xxhayleemariexx on Chaturbate Trans

Haylee Marie is a 5’4″, 102 lbs Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster from somewhere in the United States. This doe-eyed cutie xxhayleemariexx has a unique way of working you up to orgasm. It’s flirty and coquettish, not what one would usually expect from a live porn show. But then it fits right in with her settings of suggested pure innocence. xxhayleemariexx plays the part of a sweet young girl with pigtails, mouse ears, tight abs and a big, stiff dick. How’s that for original.

What drew me in to her channel: and kept me there was her engagement. Haylee speaks to you while trying to get you off and she adds yet another element of arousal when her orgasm is approaching. Are you aware of that cross-eyed, tongue-wagging thing that’s been prevalent in femboy and sissy porn for the past few years? Some refer to it as Ahegao, a term in Japanese pornography for an exaggerated facial expression of characters during sex, typically with rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and reddened face.

The style is often used in erotic manga, anime, and video games. Haylee does this often before shooting a fresh load of pearly cum into her palm. And she does it while whimpering in a high-pitched voice, often edging until she can’t take it anymore. Haylee is left-handed and you can see most of her massive cock when she’s jerking off. Stroking her long shaft just below the head is what makes her cream.

She’ll masturbated seated with her long legs spread before you mostly and then she’ll stand up right before firing off a cum shot. But she’ll also rise to treat you with long looks at her incredibly exquisite ass. When I saw Haylee cumming one night last week because, after standing up to blow her load, some of her nectar shot up as far as her own face. I highly recommend that you register for free on the world’s finest webcam platform and don’t miss one of her amazing shows!

Chaturbate Trans Cams SarayDollTS

Isabella aka SarayDollTS on Chaturbate Trans

SarayDollTS aka Isabella of Cali, Colombia

I’ve always know Chaturbate Trans broadcaster SarayDollTS as Isabella, so I’m going to stick with that throughout this review. But her official channel is She’s jerking off and cumming daily on the platform and I’m here to tell you the other things I love about her shows in graphic detail. First off, her performance are long! Isabella can go on for hours at a stretch, shooting a fresh load of cum, and staying hard to do it all over again. That’s an above and beyond standard for anyone with a dick. Isabella’s cock is humongous by the way.

I love the music she plays in the background and I know that’s subjective. It’s sensual Latin pop and smooth R&B that doesn’t drown out the action. This 19 year old cutie-pie with braces sings along when she’s not masturbating. The best part of that is that she’s not off-pitch. She’ll flirt with fans and heavy tippers to get her dick hard again with her clothes on.

Then it’s back to stripping and stroking, often placing her massive sex organ within inches of the camera. Isabella will often shoot her pearly cum across a brown wood tabletop. Sometimes she’s squeeze two tight fists around her long shaft and there’s still a lot of meat showing below the bulbous head.

Best of all, she talks and makes sounds like a human! And a girly girl one at that. There are few things in XXX shows that irk me more than quiet masturbators and sex partners! If you’re that worried about someone hearing your cries of ecstasy, perhaps you’re in the wrong business.

Anyway, I think Isabella was wearing her signature short-shorts the first time I saw her camming. Her stiff cock is so big that its length spreads all the way across the front and the head goes beyond her hips! I’m no size queen when it comes to real life partners. But huge boners in porn and on Chaturbate Trans turn me on to no end.

Also, Isabella wears Lovesense vibrators in her tight ass while broadcasting. When tips roll in, her orgasmic cries are out of this world! Be sure to check her out after you register for free! Again, Isabella is on! Have fun with her cummy closeups and I hope you’ll produce some of your own. If you happen to read this now, you can catch this prolific webcammer live!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Kamataritv

Kamataritv on Chaturbate Trans

Kamataritv is a lovely trans woman from the Czech Republic who speaks English and Russian in addition to her native language. But she doesn’t utter many words when she’s masturbating on Chaturbate Trans.

If there’s a single flaw in this 19 year old beauty’s performances it’s her stiffness. I’m not talking about the stiffness between her legs. Kamataritv is the type of cammer you’ll go goo goo over but it my take awhile to nut while watching her jerking off.

For example, with Kamataritv on Chaturbate Trans, when she’s bouncing up and down on one of her huge black or white dildos, there’s a pleasant look on her face, but it’s not sexual. Now I appreciate that she’s not faking arousal, but shouldn’t it at least look like dick riding is a fun thing?

The great part however is that her thick, uncut cock doesn’t betray her lust. It stays rock hard when she’s watching porn on her iPad until thick streams of pearly cum pours over her stroking fingers. Kamataritv makes no sounds when she’s cumming on Chaturbate Trans, but if that doesn’t bother you, that’s great.

I highly recommend watching her channel if that’s not a problem for you. I just can’t get off unless a show is more animated and orgasmic. It’s tough for me to rate a show like this. Check out the channel and let me know what you think.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Mariaa_Fernanda

Maria Fernanda on Chaturbate Trans

Maria Fernanda aka Mariaa_Fernanda of Medellín, of Colombia

This is one of the prettiest Chaturbate Trans models out of Colombia I’ve seen performing in awhile. She’s 21 with her own OnlyFans site and you can find that link on her channel. Maria backs up her good looks with a unique blend of dancing and masturbating.

She’ll move around gracefully in a plush bedroom setting until she decides it’s time to sit down and play with herself with a scintillating full frontal view. Maria wore nothing but jewelry the two nights I saw her online last week. Her finger nails and toenails were pedicured with French tips.

She played fast paced Latin house music that seemed to fade a bit with Maria’s mesmerizing good looks. Maria displayed amazing backdoor views also, fingering her fun spot rapidly, producing a raging hardon.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stick around for more explosive events in Maria’s shows. But I can tell you if climax is the high point of her shows, they might be anti-climatic. Just seeing her aroused should be enough to get you to where you need to be.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Erica Chery Etertaycb

Erica Chery | Etertaycb on Chaturbate

Erica Chery of Las Vegas, Nevada

Erica Chery is in schoolgirl mode with her bottom upturned on the bed!

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Erica Chery on Chaturbate so what a pleasantly horny surprise I had the other night. The super pretty 5’10″(178 cm) ginger from Utah who moved to Sin City first captivated me on YouTube. I’ve seen a few mainstream girls go into porn before, even other YouTube creators, but Erica really surprised my by juggling both jobs at the same time.

Once she added studio porn to camming and realized that her porn success was no fluke, I guess this revelation influenced her decision not to give up on the adult industry. And that’s a win-win for us! I think she’s rapidly risen to the top of adult trans entertainers in the studio world, but she’s still just as electrifying on Chaturbate as she was when she first started. You can go back to my previous Erica Chery updates you find her major studio links, but today I’m here to talk about one of her recent live shows.

She was sitting on her black sofa full-frontal with her legs spread when I saw her channel was inching it’s way to the top. A grey bra was raised above her lovely breasts and puffy nipples. A white miniskirt was wrapped around her waist and her big boner was straining to reach her tits. Erica was lubricating a big dildo and my timing was so good that night! In moment’s her body began quivering as she jacked her cock firmly with the big toy embedded inside her. Her curvy legs were showcased and Erica always finds a way to get her sexy bare feet into the frame. She has a ridiculous amount of foot loving fans.

Her dirty talk was quite explicit and she was in rare form with the sex toys. Erica also produced a cock sleeve to pump her huge organ in and out of with the other toy still deep inside her butt. She obviously found that a lot of fun, but soon resumed jerking her prick with her switching hands again. Erica eventually removed her bra and raised the little skirt just below her pretty boobs. I’ve seen Erica live so many times that I can tell when she’s close to cumming even before she starts convulsing with pleasure.

Her already big dick expands bigger than ever and the head and first few inches deepen in redness. She then pumps her shaft furiously until big jets of pearly white cum ooze from the head. This is a description of a channel cam show. It’s never typical and there’s never a dull moment.

Cum with Erica Cherry next time she's live on cam!