Aubrey Leigh Chaturbate Broadcasters Sofia Bun Sonya Hawthorne

Sonya Hawthorne Joins Aubrey Leigh & Sofia Bun on Chaturbate

Sonya Hawthorne joins Aubrey Leigh and Sofia Bun on Chaturbate: I haven’t seen gorgeous Sonya Hawthorn on Chaturbate in a long time. So imagine my surprise when I saw her on Chaturbate Trans Cams with her central Floridian neighbors Aubrey Leigh and Sofia Bun. Brunette Audrey was sucking Sofia’s rock hard cock when I entered the channel.

The blowjob inspired Sonya to get off the bed and remove her top. She wore nipple clamps with a chain which fit right in with the BDSM exploits of the famous studio and webcam porn trans lesbian couple. Aubrey feigned yanking off one of Sonya’s clamps which reminding us all of a sad night when Sofia accidently removed one of Aubrey’s too hard.

They went on to verbally engage with tipping fans while in various stages of undress. Sofia was the center of attention with her gravity-defying hardon pointing toward the ceiling. If you don’t already know, Aubrey and Sofia don’t just play with S&M for show. They’re the real deal and Aubrey’s fine little body has the marks to show it.

She took some rough paddling and a double caning from Sofia and Sonya! Soya’s ass ended up looking like a road map of Chile from the caning she got. She had to count the blows like a good little submissive.

After that, she also “had to” take Sofia’s stiff cock in her tight ass doggy style! The reverse cowgirl position came next so we had the perfect view of this railing. My favorite position seeing Soya getting fucked in was missionary – on her back for Sofia’s relentless pounding!

The tit jiggling and boner bouncing Florida fuck was incredible. Aubrey wasn’t neglected either. She received a loving blowjob from Sofia next. I caught this tremendously hot threesome on and for the couple’s duo shows, they appear regularly on

Bria Bloom Chaturbate Broadcasters Miss Nicola Orphan

Bria_Bloom: Bria Bloom & Miss Nikola Orphan

Beautiful Bria Bloom

I’ve been watching one of the hottest trans duos on Chaturbate I’ve seen in years. They’re on the lovely brunette’s channel, When I saw them streaming on Chaturbate last week, I jumped in at just the right time. Bria was making these sexy moans that were driving me crazy with lust. That’s because Nicola was giving her a blowjob and had her close to cumming!

Big tips should be a reality for all cam girls, and sadly they’re not, but these girls had them coming in hard and fast. When Nicola wasn’t sucking on Bria’s stiff rod, she was pumping it rapidly in her hand. “Fuck! Oh my God, I’m cumming,” Bria finally shouted and Nicola engulfed the head of her cock and first few inches of the shaft into her mouth. A moment later, she showed of the cum she just caught orally. Nicola was so proud of herself for making Bria shoot down her throat. I was proud of her too, and envious! I’d swallow for both of these babes and I have no special fetish for semen. Bria’s fat dick didn’t soften, by the way.

They encouraged watchers to follow them on Twitter and you can find that link on Then you’ll see Bria’s retweets to find Nicola’s Twitter page. Back to the show, both girls threw in some foot fetish content next. They didn’t just show them off though.

Bria learned that she was flexible enough to give herself a foot job. Her cock was still stiff and then Nicola gave her one with her cute peds, too. Then Bria gave Nicola a blowjob and it was so awesome that they were both totally naked! Then they kissed passionately – my favorite trans lesbian thing in the world. Next, they gave each other foot jobs while seated across from one another. Nicola then used a big white magic wand vibrator on her boner while Bria showed off her super-fuckable ass.

Both girls soon had raging hardons, again! Bria sucked the cum straight out of Nicola’s cock, Bria came again, and then they shared a sweet cummy kiss! If you have any questions about why this Chaturbate channel is amongst the best of the best, maybe you need to re-read what I’ve just described. That said, I have absolutely no insider information on this prediction. But I’ll bet that Bria Bloom and Nikola Orphan will be featured on the trans lesbian TGirls.Porn website someday. If it’s not actually scheduled to happen, I’m putting it out there in the universe. I’m a member so I’ll be watching.

When I think about the Femout.XXX Miss Nicola Orphan profile and recall her amazing work there, I hope that Bria will grace Grooby Productions with her presence as well. But both girls have OnlyFans accounts so you don’t have to wait for that shoot to happen. Follow these babes and catch them however and whenever you can!

Alysson_rojas12 Chaturbate Broadcasters

Alysson_rojas12 on Chaturbate Trans

Gorgeous Alysson_rojas12 tips her hat to you.

Alysson_rojas12 aka Alysson Fernanda of Medellín, Colombia | Alysson has a signature move like several other Chaturbate Trans performers. But if you can call it a gimmick, it’s certainly an original one. How many TS webcam broadcasters do you see with their own dicks up their asses for long periods of time.

Or for any amount of time for that matter? She’ll rub part of the hard shaft that’s not inserted in her amazing butt with her fingers. And she’ll show you what this deliciously lewd act looks like from all angle possible. She’ll do all this without a stitch of clothing on. Clothes could get in the way when you’re fucking yourself I suppose.

I’ve seen the 27 year old sex kitten Alysson_rojas12 doing this once for about forty minutes once. This was without uttering a single word. She just typed on her wireless keyboard to tippers. The next time she went at it for well over an hour! She spoke in her sultry voice this time because fans made her extra horny, I believe. Her bio on says she speaks English, but I just haven’t heard it yet.

I haven’t noticed any requests for Alysson to speak more, however. I simply don’t think that’s what most fans visit this Colombian beauty’s channel for. By the way, the first time I ever saw Alysson on Chaturbate, she was riding a handsome guy’s big dick. I haven’t seen that on her channel in awhile, but perhaps I should follow her and keep an eye out for hardcore.

Follow me at @tscaramel on Twitter.

Chaturbate Broadcasters LongMint96

Long Mint: Longmint96 on Chaturbate

Long Mint

Back in 2011, I used to rave about a Thai trans beauty with her own website. It was a highly successful pay site with high production values; lush sets, elaborate costume design, and porn that was extreme, yet not offensive. Long Mint was reveling in cosplay before it was a thing. When I first saw LongMint96 on Chaturbate Trans, I was sad that some new cam girl was trying to profit from the iconic porn star’s name.


Little did I know that it was the same girl who gave up her website presence by selling the rights to her site to the network that produced her photos and videos. That’s one way to take control of your destiny. For Longmint96 it could not have been a wiser career change.

Sure, Chaturbate takes a cut from broadcaster earnings, but the potential to earn more money as a cam girl versus a studio model can be vast if a performer builds a large following. In Long Mint’s case, that had already been done. Long Mint was born in Bangkok, Thailand on February 4, 1986, where she launched her porn career.

She has starred in well over 30 hardcore movies and was very versatile when it comes to sex categories which range from transsexual cosplay scenes, TS on TS, TS fucks Male and awesome masturbation solos with toys. Mint is one of the most downloaded ladyboys on the planet due to her beauty and her huge penis. When she’s was not hard at work making awesome porn videos, she liked to go shopping for unique lingerie and costumes.

Over the weekends she always went clubbing with her many friends and co-stars. She’d tell us about the fun she had and I’d often blog about her excursions, living vicariously through her. Referring to my old notes, Long Mint’s stats were 34C (75C)-25-34, 5’t 5″ (1.65 m), 125 lb (57 kg). Her erect cock was a reported 9″ in length. It’s also quite thick, but I don’t have the measurements in girth. Today, the Longmint96 channel features the Thai trans in a lot of costume and hair changes. Primarily there are lots of massive dick closeups.

She will often use penis pumps and she can still suck her own cock. Her enormous prong oozes lots of pre-cum and shoots big loads of pearly cum before Long Mint’s shows are about to come to an end. She has an adorable accent of her native land, but she doesn’t speak much during her shows. That’s the only thing I hope she’ll change in the future. This is one of the traits that made her one of the most downloaded Asian trans women in porn of all time, after all.

Chaturbate Broadcasters Lilla_blu

Lilla_blu on Chaturbate Trans

Lilla_blu can make you cum without showing you her cock.

Do you think you could cum while watching a Chaturbate Trans broadcaster reacting orgasmically to tip-generated Lovesense Lush vibrator buzzes? Add the beauty you’re jerking off to not showing her beautiful body for awhile. Then when you see her almost naked, voluptuous figure, it’s absolutely breathtaking. I saw Lilla_blu this morning for the first time and to say I was impressed would be a major understatement.

She had her camera focused on herself stretched across her bed sucking a dildo in the doggy style position. Her slightly undulating breasts and twerking hips her nude and she had white footless tights covering her curvy legs. Lilla had tall black sandals on her feet. She played some tasteful club music in the background that was maybe a bit loud, but thankfully midtempo. She lists her age as 18 and she wears braces. Fuckistan is her mysterious location and she also has “trans” on her profile.

I’d have bet my life savings that Lilla is from Russia. Then I heard the language during her radio program’s commercial breaks. I would be so rich if I really could have placed a bet! I watched Lilla for quite some time and didn’t see cock, but that means nothing. As for my original question, take a look at one of her shows on She if she can make it happen for you!

Chaturbate Broadcasters IndigoKitten Lily Lockheart

Lily Locheart aka IndigoKitten on Chaturbate

Lily Locheart aka Indigo Kitten is about to jerk off!

Lily Locheart aka IndigoKitten on Chaturbate: I first saw Lily Locheart aka IndigoKitten LIVE on Chaturbate about two weeks ago. I had to file her show in memory because I had to run out. I hoped to see her broadcasting again soon and I just got my wish. I also had time to record my thoughts unlike the last time. Lily was masturbating with nothing on than a pair of fishnet stockings when I saw her on Chaturbate for the first time. She was laying down stroking her stiff uncut cock. But she also showed off her wonderfully round ass, too. She cupped one of her boobs while approaching orgasm.

How tight it must feel with your cock in the ass of IndigoKitten.

With a short series of gasps, Lily experienced a toe-curling climax. She tasted some of the fresh cum that spurted across her tummy and fingers. I wish I could’ve stuck around to see her post-orgasm behavior, but I caught that this time around. When I saw that the IndigoKitten channel was online again, I saw the little hottie in the same setting. But this time she had on a black one-piece and her legs and feet were bare. The head of that stiff pecker of hers was pointing up toward the ceiling as she sat on the bed with her feet on the floor. One tit had fallen out of her garment and I noticed that she was making her erection bounce up and down with no hands.

Well, that was until she began jerking off. Lilly wore headphones and the noise-canceling was much better in this show than in the last. She typed on a wireless keyboard to fans and tippers. Lily had both pert breasts fully exposed as her fap fest came to a fast conclusion. Perhaps you were also there to see the spurts of creamy white cum shoot from Lily’s cock! She didn’t just sign out, but rather took a short clean-up break.

Lily continued chatting with her fans and I was reminded of how amazing her ass is when she stood up to put on a tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt. Register for FREE on the world’s greatest webcam platform TODAY. Then follow for when you want to cum fast and hard!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Kellie Shaw

Kellie Shaw on Chaturbate Trans

I remember writing my September 22, 2018 Kellie Shaw on Chaturbate post like it was yesterday. She was living in Phoenix, Arizona prior to Las Vegas, Nevada performing with another hot trans girl. But my new raves are about her Chaturbate Trans solo shows. Kellie Shaw is one of those broadcasters whose solo shows can outshine many duos and threesomes! On top of that, she’s also one of the best studio porn actresses in the industry. I really can’t make up my mind if she’s hotter to watch in recorded videos or live, but as far as interaction with Kellie goes, it’s Chaturbate. That’s a no brainer.

For example, there’s no silent masturbation with Kellie. She answers questions humbly and sensuously. She thanks fans and tippers graciously; quite loudly when she’s jacking off her big boner. Kellie will stand up and bend over, explicitly exposing her ass, gaping when she’s been toying. Her new blue-lit bedroom set-up is wonderful. The 6’3″ blue-eyed blonde makes use of the perimeters to full effect.

Nominated “Best New Face” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards, Thinking back to Kellie’s beginnings in the adult industry, I can hardly believe she’s only been in the game for three years! She’s been in my top ten all-time faves for just that long. Register to Chaturbate for FREE and follow Watch her video previews on the following major studio websites:

Kellie Shaw on Grooby Girls

Kellie Shaw on Grooby Girls

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.XXX

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.XXX

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.Porn

Kellie Shaw on TGirls.Porn

Chaturbate Broadcasters Kaya Beckett

Kaya Beckett and Mitsu on Chaturbate

Kaya Beckett of Vancouver

The last time I posted about the lovely Kaya Beckett and her sexy partner was on May 8, 2020 on Caramel’s TGirls. Something has changed since the last time I’ve seen the Kaya_beckett channel. The 21 year old brunette from Vancouver, British Columbia, was still with an Asian trans girl with eyeglasses named Mitsu last week. They shared the intimacy of girlfriends, but I don’t like to assume things about people I don’t know.

But it was fun learning new things about this gorgeous trans duo as the tried to reach their tip goal to strip. Someone generous got them to strip down to their t-shirts, panties and long socks soon enough. As both Canadian girls sat in their computer chairs side by side, Kaya finally exposed her cock and began stroking it rapidly. Her friend moved in closer to cuddle and fondle her clothed boobs.

Just as I began hoping that Kaya would get her dick sucked, it began happening. This Chaturbate version of strip poker continued with Kaya stripping down to her bra, panties and socks. She was then asked to stand to receive a blowjob. What I did not expect to happen later was actual fucking! Kaya was the top and she railed her friend in the missionary position on the bed behind their chairs.

We could see the bottom girl jerking her hard dick off until she came! When Kaya withdrew, her dick was still hard, but I think she came while inserted. That was pretty much the end of the end of an awesome show!

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avrilvixxxen Chaturbate Broadcasters

avrilvixxxen: Avril Vixxxen on Chaturbate

Avril Vixxxen of Canada

Avril Vixxxen has her big tits and pierced nipples out and her rock hard cock is standing straight up!

There’s a new kid on the block from Canada on If you see her broadcasting again soon I must warn you that it’s hard to stop watching her. Avril Vixxxen has used her avrilvixxxen brand all across the Internet on platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, PornHub, FetLife, OnlyFans, ManyVids, etc. That’s pretty amazing considering that she doesn’t have a full year of adult industry experience under her belt yet.

avrilvixxxen stands outside on the balcony in a latex BDSM bodysuit and tall ballet boots.

It’s also odd that she performs like a seasoned Chaturbate performer so early in her porn career. Avril says that her ass is 80% gym and 20% hormones. She also has a French-Canadian accent, by the way. Avril’s erotic stage was a canopy bed and she wore a few BDSM accessories around one thigh, her neck and one wrist. A metal device had her pee pee locked up.

Avril also wore black eyeglasses. She also orally played with the two dildos on her bed while answering questions. Avril also scooted off for a moment to retrieve a twelve inch long double dong. The size she’s most comfortable with is about 8.5 to 9 inches long. Avril understands that she talks a lot and guys she dates will mention it.

She’ll tell him to stick his dick in her mouth to get her to shut up. I personally love that she talks non-stop for two reasons. Chaturbate shows are not supposed to be silent movies and the things that come out of her mouth are usually pretty smart.

Wouldn't you love to replace this dildo with your cock and fuck Avril Vixxxen in the ass?

Avril promised to deep throat one of her longer fake dicks for tips. It worked! Avril had some problems getting her cock cage off because it was so tight. The pain caused her to scream which had my she-cock raging. When she mentioned that she loves being told what to do, I was smitten.

Her ass fucking was loud and thrilling to watch with one of her bigger sex toys. Her fake phallus spit-roast fucking was an erotic visual masterpiece. Keep your eye on!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Michellnaug

Michellnaug on Chaturbate

TS Michell Naug of Colombia

You'd never know that Michllnaug was hiding such a huge cock under her bikini bottom

Fall in love with my big black cock,” read the ticker beneath the Colombian beauty running the Chaturbate Trans channel I’m reviewing today. I covered TS MichellNaug back on July 22, 2020 and this 21 year old’s look may have changed, but her performances are only getting better. She still seems to prefer stroking her massive cock in full frontal views with her long legs spread wide.

Can you believe the size of her enormous dick?

The up-tempo dance music she DJs manually is a bit loud for my taste. But it doesn’t completely drown out the sounds of her moans and oily hand pumping her slick boner. I’m glad to see that fans go crazy, and it isn’t because of all the chatting she does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michell utter a complete sentence. But I hear the way this hung cutie with braces moans and it’s so electrifying. When her masturbating hand goes into hyper-drive, you know she’s close to cumming.

She’ll start playing with the long strings of pre-cum oozing from the bulbous head of her cock. More tips roll in to activate the vibrator in her tight ass. Sometimes she’ll cut the music off and you’ll hear the porn she’s watching in the background. I can’t help but wonder if she jerks off with a liberal amount of petroleum jelly because of the build-up that gathers around her tree trunk shaft. Not that I’d ever masturbate with half a jar of Vaseline haha (but you might wanna try it sometime).

That coating makes it kind of hard to decipher the cum that pours out of Michell’s dick head, but her climax is the main event. The most interesting part about it is the way her cock is enormous even once it deflates. Sometimes when you’re on she won’t be the only girl on her channel!

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