Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw: TGirls.Porn

Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw: TGirls.Porn

Filmed by – Radius Dark

Description: Hands up who is in the mood for some sweet girl on girl loving? Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw are two hung angels going at it like rabbits in your weekly fix of trans-action from the world’s premiere ‘girls only’ hardcore site. You know what to do……..update area posthaste!

Caramel’s Review: The Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw trailer shows you who the top and who the bottom is in this spectacular TGirls.Porn production. However, I didn’t make it to the actual coitus before cumming. I’m saving the scene for another time to climax with someone special instead of alone again. But I saw enough to do a brief review.

I lost it somewhere during Ivory giving the hostess of Chaturbate.com/KellieShaw a blowjob. It wasn’t exactly because that was my highest point of arousal specifically. It was the result of the tremendous build-up between both actresses. Ivory focuses on both Kellie and the viewer as if she can’t forget about the cameras. Kellie’s attention is laser focused on Ivory. Both techniques are successful in terms of interaction with the viewer. The chemistry between them is electrifying.

Going back earlier during the foreplay, Ivory mentions that she doesn’t have much experience with other tgirls. She looks like she’s having a wonderfully sexy time with Kellie, as if thinking to herself, “Why haven’t I done this more?” She gives Kellie what seems to be an amazing blowjob. And her big dick stiffens right up when the favor is returned!

I really appreciate the full nudity of this scene that comes early in the production. That’s because both Ivory and Kellie’s bodies are incredible, not to mention how pretty their faces are. Their makeup is on point, too. It makes me wonder if Radius Dark hired a makeup artist for this incredible TGirls.Porn production. Whether he did or not, this is a brilliant piece of work.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TS Seduction: Getting Ahead: Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock

TS Seduction: Getting Ahead: Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock

With: Shiri Allwood, Dale Savage

Director: Sadie Lola

Dale Savage sucks Shiri Allwood's sexy feet and toes.

Description: Shiri Allwood is an unpaid intern, working hard for her boss Dale Savage. She’s put in a lot of overtime and is always going above and beyond for the company. She applies for a manager position and is sure she’s going to get it. When her boss calls her into his office, she anxiously waits for the good news but instead its bad news.

He tells her another guy in the office got the job, and that if she were to show a little more skin around the office, maybe she would get ahead easier. Shiri slaps him in the face and commands him to get on his knees. Shocked and surprised but not scared, Dale smiles and gets to his knees. She takes a seat and puts one long leg out to Dale and tells him to worship her feet.

Dale takes off her high heels, licks, sucks, and kisses her stocking covered feet. Shiri rips her stockings open, exposing her pretty feet and and Dale gets to work sliding his tongue in between her toes. He kisses all the way up to her thighs and Shiri pulls up her short skirt to show him his next treat, her hard cock. He sucks her cock with enthusiasm, drooling all over himself.

Shiri gets so turned on by the power she has over him, she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks and tells him to lick her asshole. She smothers his face between her ass cheeks, and he licks her pretty pink hole until she tells him to stop. In the next scene, Dale is naked, blindfolded, and hogtied with leather cuffs and straps. Shiri stands over him with an electronic zapper. She zaps him a couple times and it gets her cock rock hard and ready to fuck his ass. She sinks her cock into his hairy hole and fucks him deep and hard.

Caramel’s Review: Living in Florida, when I see Dale Savage in a new video, I always think he looks more like a contractor or a real estate agent until he’s out of his suit. Then porn star fits him well. The unspoken age play between Dale and young, beautiful Shiri Allwood is one of my biggest turn ons about this production, “Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock“.

There’s no special chemistry between Shiri and Dale during the opening interview by director Sadie Lola. But I’m curious to see what develops after the session. There’s going to be a lot of convincing for Shiri to do to make me believe a sweetie pie like her can dominated a seemingly strong-willed man like Dale. But somewhere between the foot worshippng, toe sucking and cock devouring, I’m beginning to feel it! nce Dale is pulled up by the head to release Shiri’s upstanding erection from his mouth, I’m literally feeling myself!

The sheer forcefulness of Shiri’s continued blowjob and ass eating has me convinced that Shiri can top and dominate with the best of them. The way she fucks Dale’s ass, spoils Dale’s ability to shoot his load and the way she cums at her own pace is Domination/submission trans porn gold! The closing TS Seduction interview that the opening lacked intimacy with makes up for the initial session’s closeness in spades.

Australia Day 2020 Tribute with Natasha Swift of Grooby Girls

Grooby Girls: Australia Day With Natasha Swift!

Description: Happy Australia Day! The country’s national holiday which celebrates its diverse society and landscape of its nation. To mark the occasion we’re featuring the gorgeous Natasha Swift in a very special solo scene. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this beauty in her previous Grooby Girls work then you are in for a treat – she’s a sparkling young hottie, a natural performer and we just love watching her do her thing! But on a more serious note, we’re all well aware of the horrific crisis which this fantastic country has endured recently. Bushfires have swept throughout the nation, destroying 40,000 square miles of land, claiming over two dozen human lives and wiping out an estimated half a billion animals.

Help us to make a difference! Make a donation to the bushfire crisis at http://www.donateforaustralia.org/ donate and Grooby will match your donation up to $2000 USD.

Caramel’s Review: I think it’s fantastic that Steven Grooby is joining the effort to help the families affected by the devastating wildfires in Australia. What better way is there for the porn industry to help but to spotlight a leading trans adult star like Natasha Swift?

Although this is Natasha’s third Grooby Girls presentation, I’m more familiar with her from her live Chaturbate Trans webcam shows. Chaturbate.com/MadisonSwift is where I often see Natasha having sex with her equally beautiful girlfriend!

22 year old Natasha Swift of Canberra, Australia, stands at 6’0″ (183 cm), with measurements of 36-34-27 and her cock size is between 6 and 8 inches long. Her new Grooby Girls video, Australia Day With Natasha Swift begins with the gorgeous model laying on the couch filmed from head to toe. This barefoot fox is rubbing the bulge in her shorts saying, “It’s way too long.” Then she asks if you like her titties after baring them.

Natasha adds that her nipples are so sensitive while rubbing them. Then she begins stroking her cock and pushing a sex toy in and out of her tight ass. Se then rises to her feet in her panties and continues moaning, talking dirty and masturbating with abandon. Soon she’s completely naked and sitting on the couch, looking and sounding like she’s going to nut soon. Natasha ends this session saying she might need a bigger toy.

That’s about all you should need to cum with Natasha in a recorded studio session. But let me tell you what went down last night on Chaturbate Trans. Her girlfriend, Madison, doesn’t cum from anal sex, but her and Natasha have been together for two and a half years. The blonde sits to the right on Natasha jerking her dick beneath a dark mini skirt. Neither girl has problems getting hard. But Natasha’s cock is much bigger than Madison’s, not that size matters to me.

I love watching both girls stroking side by side. But I like it better when Maddy rises t her feet and thrusts her stiff cock inside Natasha’s eager mouth! Natasha’s lovely breasts and nipples are exposed the whole time. Eventually, Maddy bares her boobs and puffy nipples, too! Both girls later turn around to expose their bare butts which look oh, so very fuckable! Register for free on my favorite webcam platform. The follow Chaturbate.com/MaddisonSwift to catch this hot couple’s next show!

T.Porn: Aubrey Leigh Bad Slut Gets Punished By Sofia Bun

Description: Aubrey Leigh’s deliciously tight ass gets a hard punishment and gets rewarded with a mouthful of cum!

Length: 13:05 HD Video T.Porn

Sofia Bun fucks her sub Aubrey Leigh on T.Porn!

South Florida’s Chaturbate Trans BDSM dream team Aubrey Leigh and Sofia Bun present a full-length recording of what I’ve seen them doing multiple times live. I thought this scene might just be art imitating life, but it’s a bit more than that, with a complete storyline. Aubrey borrows the key to her cock cage to sneak off to the bathroom while Sofia is at the computer playing games and editing porn videos.

Next thing you know, Sophia and Aubrey are in black leather bondage gear complete with Aubrey’s neckbrace. That’s to old her head in place for a skull fucking and verbal humiliation. Aubrey didn’t just sneak off to pee, but to jerk off! That’s what the title of this scene is all about.

Sofia really fucks Aubrey’s pretty face forcefully with her stiff dick! She has the poor thing literally gagging at times! But chair fucking her subs face isn’t enough for Sofia so she goes at Aubrey’s other end. A powerful, raw butt fucking commences!

There are plenty of camera angle and position changes, but the finale winds up in the original doggy style position until Sofia is ready to nut. Aubrey ends up getting quite a big T.Porn mouthful of creamy white cum! You can watch this amazing real life girlfriend porn team LIVE on Chaturbate.com/TheAubreyLeigh.

Download Bad Slut Gets Punished in your choice of 1080p (820mb), 720p (513mb) or 480p (309mb) formats!

Cheesepolice0 on Chaturbate Trans

Cheesepolice0 on Chaturbate Trans

I hope that you share my love for live shows where you can support trans performers directly. We can do that for models we see on studio premium sites unless we have their social media links. There’s still a middle man taking their cut, but I love this platform and I seldom, if ever, hear complaints about it.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen Женька (Jenka) on Chaturbate.com but some Catholic Russians celebrate Christmas on December 25th like so many Americans do. Their Christmas is mostly celebrated on January 7th but either way, the holiday season is busy all over the place. While Jenka seems to be on a mini vacation, she certainly went out with a bang.

I don’t literally mean a bang since is was a solo show, not a hardcore webcam experience she delivered when I saw her last. I didn’t know she wasn’t American when I discovered her channel and saw her speaking with fans. In perfect English, she was having an every day life conversation, about nothing overtly sexual.

The only thing strange about this was that she had a raging erection standing upward from the side panel of her grey panties. I don’t know what I missed, but it must have been an arousing chat. Aside from her panties, Jenka was wearing a t-shirt and a sports bra, all grey. She sat up on her sofa and gave us closer look at her boner and more tips and a special request came in.

Jenka was asked to get naked and she did so eagerly, revealing a perky set of small breasts and a virtually perfect figure. She then began jerking off. She closed her thighs tightly as she sat with her knees folded. Her smoothly shaven balls were exposed and the bulbous head of her cock almost pointed toward the ceiling. She made her shaft bounce with no hands continued stroking.

The fan interaction with this cutie pie never stopped, even when she closed her eyes, frantically masturbating to reach orgasm! She’s adorable when she grimaces and announces “I think I’m going to cum soon.” There was no big blast but she’s on hormones and she explained that she’s on hormones. No one was complaining. At that point I saw all I needed to see to recommend following her channel Chaturbate.com/Cheesepolice0!

tsbaddiegirl on Chaturbate

Beautiful 22 year old Kelly CockSin aka tsbaddiegirl was straddled above a very handsome black man when I saw her on Chaturbate.com about two weeks ago. She was wearing a white bra and black fishnet pantyhose with no panties. That gave the brother easy access to her fine round ass.

A rapid finger banging ensued and when Kelly sat up, we viewers could all see pre-cum dribbling from the tip of her cock. For some reason, the couple were cracking up, but I don’t know why. I guess it was the comments they were reading. The sex play didn’t pause at all, however.

Kelly made her man taste a bit of her sticky nectar and when Kelly repeated, “Here comes the airplane, open up,” I really one if their fans had a good sense of humor so I was in on the joke even having been a newcomer. The fun continued with Kelly doing some cock and ball jiggling twerking and Kelly’s boyfriend did some, too. The one thing I found weird is that they proceeded to have less and less sex, yet I was still entertained!

If I had gone to there channel to blow my load at that, I confess that I would have been disappointed. Byt there was never a dull moment and eventually, I saw Kelly getting her cock sucked. I usually don’t get turned on by seeing a masculine guy giving a trans girl head, but the way Kelly’s boner developed was a major turn on. the 69 action was even hotter, especially since it was shot from an angle that showed both of their genitalia.

Eventually, the fun and games stopped and the next phase simply involved Kelly giving her stud a blowjob. I love that man’s big dick and I love watching pretty Kelly sucking it! After a break for some refreshments, Kelly’s boyfriend straddled her hips and she lubed her big dick up.

She didn’t fuck him, but she could have. They settled on frottage and then switched for homeboy to do the cock rubbing against Kelly’s ass. They kissed while Kelly jacked her man off and Kelly jerked off solo after that. Damn, this girl has a big dick! But I digress. These folks are so much fun. Check them out on chaturbate.com/tsbaddiegirl!

Chaturbate Trans/Cis Couple Akela and Xena

This trans/cisgender female couple met on Bumble (a social and dating app) and they’ve been together. They’ve been together since July 4, 2018 and they’re getting married on October 19, 2019. That’s in less than two weeks from today!

They both do Yoga and they’re vegans and dog moms two two furries. Xeya, the trans girl, and Akela, are both switches and they’re full time webcam broadcasters from Utah. The first time I saw them on Chaturbate.com was on October 1, 2019. Both girls were only wearing dark t-shirts and if Xeya didn’t have her legs spread wide open while sucking on one of her fiance’s tits, I wouldn’t have known which one was trans. Akela is the more busty of the two, but both girls have gorgeous boobs.

Xena’s circumcised cock wasn’t fully erect when I found the high traffic channel, but Akela stroked Xena to full erection. Akela had a pink Lovesense tip buzzed inside of her smoothly shaven pussy. Her reactions to coins flooding in were fabulous and so has watching her girlfriend make her boner bounce up and down.

There was a lot of intimate kissing and the girls kicked it up a notch by bringing a strap-on dildo to the show. Akela got into the harness and that pink faux phallus was enormous! Akela fucked Xena’s pretty face with it. They took their time teasing us with just oral and no one could have been more anxious than myself to see Xena getting railed with that big old sex toy.

Xena’s sexy ass had been primed with a comparatively small silver butt plug. She was soon getting impaled by Akela’s lengthy rod in the doggy style position! These beauties were completely naked by the time they switched into missionary fucking. Xena also rode her baby from above while she jerked her stiff cock off furiously! Xena did a bit of solo ass play with a purple vibrator and Akela joined her with a black magic wand vibe of her own. What I want to see next time I’m on Chaturbate.com/akela_xena is Xena fucking Akela with her real cock! Someone remind me to adjust my volume because when Akela has an orgasm, her screams are so loud!

Vanniall on Chaturbate

Sexy trans model strokes her cock live on Chaturbate trans.

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about New York’s studio model/performer and Chaturbate.com webcam broadcaster, Vanniall, let me fill you in. If you’ve already been singing her praises, I’ve been doing the same so come sit next to me.

When I signed into my favorite webcam platform just over a week ago, I jutted down what I witnessed with Vanniall for a later blog and here it is now. The Chaturbate.com/Vanniall chat room was a crystal clear show in a beautiful apartment setting with a window view, tasteful furniture and art. On top of that, Vanniall looked absolutely exquisite with black lingerie on upstairs and a little nothing of a thong on downstairs.

She was sitting on the bed stroking her stiff cock and rose to bring her erection closer to the camera. I swear you could make out every line and wrinkle if there were any to be seen. Nothing extrardinarily unusal happened during this night’s performance. It was basically this stunning model arranging her body in every tantalizing position she could think of while masturbating.

One of the most erotic moments came when she shoved her raging hardon inside her thong to take a quick break. It was such an unexpected turn on for me and if you watch one of her shows, I’m sure you’ll find a few of your own unexpected thrills. There’s a wide open spot for Vanniall to dominate in trans porn that’s hers for the taking. I hope she stay in the game and takes it. Register for free on Chaturbate now and follow this beauty on Chaturbate.com/Vanniall!

Sasha de Sade on Chaturbate

In her most recent website scene, “Stockholm Student Seeks Handsome Professor” on shashadesadexxx.com, we see Sasha in what must be an actual dorm room in Sweden. The room’s contents look realistic and the footage of other buildings from Sasha’s window view prove it.

Sasha tells us that she’s studying for a new class at University in Stockholm, looking stunning in a sleeveless top and mini-skirt. Her sexy legs and feet are bare. Sasha is having trouble reading her new book because the London, England native isn’t fluent in Swedish yet. Luckily, her professor left a little note in her book. Sasha is so hot for Professor Ericksson and the way he signed the word, “Love” in his message gets her fantasizing about what she’d do for him.

The way Sasha exposes her cock beneath her skirt for the professor is spellbinding and you’re her professor. Sasha’s eye contact is with you. She puts Vaseline in the damnedest places after stripping completely nude. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. There a re still about 4 minutes left in this update to make yourself shoot a big load of creamy white cum the way Sasha does. She also gives you time to catch up on her Chaturbate.com channel.

Just last week, I watched Sasha make herself cum explosively with a Lovesense buzzing toy embedded deep inside her tight ass. “I am wrecked” she told her fans. She looked sweaty and tired, yet absolutely exquisite. She did a bit of private communicating with typing before announcing that she was going to sign off and take a shower. Sasha’s sign-off lasted about 10 minutes and that reminded me of our interaction during my Interview with Sasha de Sade on Caramel’s TGirls. I learned then that she was perhaps the sweetest trans porn stars I’d ever spoken with. Joining sashadesade.xxx. is a must, but seeing her performing LIVE on Chaturbate.com/sasha_de_sade should be on your to-do list as well.