Chaturbate Broadcasters Kimberly Ebano saralove2u

saralove2u on Chaturbate Trans

saralove2u aka Kimberly Ebano
AKA: Kimberly La Caleña
Date of Birth: 20 September 1996
Country: Colombia
Place of Birth: Cali, Colombia

Look at the big cock under Kimberly's skirt!

saralove2u aka Kimberly La Caleña has one of the most stunning Chaturbate Trans channels on the platform. I never know if I’ll see her next with another Colombian trans beauty or masturbating solo. There’s a reason I didn’t just say jerking off. Kimberly often uses a penis pump on her big cock. This machine makes Kimberly’s dick a bit thicker and longer, as if that’s really necessary. She usually bares her lovely breasts and puffy nipples while moving gracefully through her shows.

Kimberly will often lay her heavy schlong across one thigh when she types replies to her fans’ comments and questions. She’ll wear sexy lingerie most of the time, but she’s not against shedding every stitch of clothing upon request. The more you tip, the faster you’ll get what you want.

Kimberly Ebano on Trans500

After making big, clear cum shots, Kimberly thanks her fans and regular Chaturbate viewer before signing out. I think this is a very effective way to build her fan base. Everyone doesn’t already know of her as a studio porn actress. It took me a minute to remember where I’d seen this beautiful Chaturbate Trans broadcaster before.

It finally clicked that it was from her amazing studio porn work as Kimberly Ebano on Trans500! I think my favorite shoot was the trans lesbian hardcore with Maria Fernanda. But I absolutely love that we can now see her LIVE on!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Morrigan Luxus

Morrigan Luxus on Chaturbate Trans

Beautiful Morrigan Luxus looks pensive as she stares off into the galaxies.

Morrigan Luxus of Medellín, Colombia: The overwhelming majority of Colombians speak Spanish, yet 20 year old TS Morrigan Luxus shares about half of her erotic commentary English with her worldwide Chaturbate Trans admirers. She gets tons of tips no matter what language she speaks in because most fans aren’t watching her channel to hear her speak. Except for me haha!

Morrigan Luxus takes a selfie in her panties in an adult bookstore!

I’m on of those people who needs voice to get me off. This petite beauty has so many visual attributes to make climaxing easy, however. There’s her pretty hair and beautiful face. Then there’s her fit, compact form with an incredible ass, curvy legs and cute little feet. I think you’ll love the way she spanks her ass hard with a narrow Lovesense Lush vibrator deeply embedded in it. But when she speaks, it may send many of you over the top. Morrigan Luxus has the sexiest, femininely low voice.

Naked Morrigan Luxus is covered only by a few strategically placed towels.

Even when she’s not masturbating, hearing her asking tippers to stop activating her vibrator because the sensations is so seductive! And if you think that’s something, wait until Morrigan’s cock stroking begins. Do not let the channel pass you by. By the way, it’s a myth that webcam modeling is by far the easiest to do and you can work anywhere as long as you have a webcam and a computer with high speed Internet. You must have talent to make it in this niche.

Chaturbate Broadcasters MissLetiBlane

MissLetiBlane on Chaturbate Trans

MiaaLetiblane will stroke her thick cock for you.

Miss Leti (Letisia) Blane is a 24 year old Chaturbate Trans broadcaster with a large social media presence. Even her private Instagram account is large as is her Twitter account. Miss Leti’s profile will take you to all that, but I’m her to tell you about a few MissLetiBlane lewd details. When I happened upon her channel the other day, her pear-shaped ass was in full view with a narrow pink vibrator in it.

Miss Letisia Blane wants you to see her cock shooting cum!

Her uncut cock and smooth balls were clenched between her curvy thighs. She typed on a keyboard amongst the stuffed animals on her ultra-girlish bed. Letisia wore a black off-the-shoulder peasant blouse but her legs and feet were bare. She eventually produced a big erection which made me think to myself, “My, my this girl is a grower.” Miss Leti’s schlong is so thick when it’s raging hard! When it comes to getting fucked, I now know she can take a big dick. The fake black phallus she assfucked herself with is enormous!

Watch MissLetiBlane strip and stroke her thick dick on Chaturbate!

I really think you’ll love the way Miss Leti moans when she penetrates her lovely butt. When you don’t have the time to, or simply aren’t around when Letisia is on her channel live, she has an OnlyFans with a sale currently running! But if you’re registered (FREE) on the world’s finest webcam platform, you know what to do. Please tip generously.

Chaturbate Broadcasters Jhenna_greey

Jhenna_greey on Chaturbate Trans

Jhenna_greey: Susana Velasquez of Colombia

This is beautiful Jhenna_greey of Chaturbate Trans.

I just ran a TS Dreamland website search on Colombia to see how many Chaturbate Trans broadcasters are based in this part of the world. There are quite a few but none rival the beauty of Jhenna_greey aka Susana Velasquez. Jhenna has the prettiest face and the best body of anyone you’ll find on the platform. When I recently logged into one of her shows, she was wearing a lacy and pricey looking white lace body stocking. It left little to the imagination.

She even had white matching soleless footies on to complete the look. Blonde wood furniture and a white comforter on Jhenna’s bed framed her beautifully. Jhenna walked around the room and eventually settled on her bed, spreading her legs widely and closing them again. She was fully in the frame from head to toe most of the time. 80’s rock was playing in the background including Bon Jovi and Aerosmith love ballads and eventually some hard rock by Led Zeppelin.

Jhenna toyed with a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator in her ass that activated with tips. She’s grimace slightly or moan a bit when the frequent tips rolled in. But she didn’t make her arousal seem faked. I was there for about 20 minutes before I saw Jhenna masturbating.

Even then, she hid what she was rubbing. After about an hour, she switched to some upbeat dance music. It was a mix of Latin and American House. Then she began speaking and gave us an unbridled view of her cock stroking. The jerking off and twerking that followed was absolutely magnificent.

I kept telling myself that I thought she’d performed to the peak of perfection, but then it got even hotter! I also could not believe how pretty she is. Go to to check out her page. If you just happen to log into the platform, she might have one of the top channels when you get there.

Chaturbate Broadcasters Wondervalentina

Wondervalentina on Chaturbate Trans

Wondervalentina on Chaturbate Trans!

Wondervalentina of Cali, Colombia

24 year old Valentina aka Wondervalentina held the top spot on Chaturbate Trans the other morning when I checked in. This stunning cammer from Cali, Colombia had some low music playing in the background. Thankfully I didn’t overwhelm the sight of her jerking off full-frontal in a desk chair. I couldn’t tell what the black and white print garment was around her trim waist. I’m guessing it was a dress with the bodice lowered and the hem raised.

Valentina in jeans.

Valentina had on eyewear that gave her this wonderful studious appearance. The only other clothing I could make out was black stay-up stockings. There was a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator that activated with the several tips that rolled in driving Valentina nuts with pleasure. Her full breasts would jiggle more and her reactions appeared almost orgasmic. Valentina stroked her rather large erection with her left hand. It stood out straight in front of her when she’d lean forward to type answers to admirers’ questions.

Her moans are incredibly sexy, high-pitched and although she didn’t speak at all while I was there, I didn’t find it necessary. I can’t stand silent live shows so luckily for me, I could hear her arousal as well as see it. I haven’t reviewed a live performer this perfectly voluptuous since Thaira Miaus back in July of this year.

This beauty at the channel is an edging queen. I don’t know how she can stroke her hardon so firmly for so long without cumming! But that’s clearly another reason why she rises straight to the top. It’s not just because of her extraordinary good looks. Valentina keeps coming dangerously close to coming for long enough for hoards of fans to build up. Once they’re in, they’re simply transfixed by watching her masturbate! This morning my timing was great and I got to see Valentina cumming. Her rock hard cock shot out thick streams of creamy white cum that poured down across her bronze hands and French nail fingers.

The head of her dick was fully exposed and she didn’t just log off and split immediately following her explosive climax. She stood up, turned around to show off and spank her phenomenal ass. Then she poured baby oil on it’s round surface. I could go on, but I’m thoroughly spent. I often forget to mention that registration to the world’s finest website platform is free! Be generous with the tips please. These girls are out her giving a lot of themselves and they’re absolutely incredible!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Naughty Stella Sun

Naughtystellasun on Chaturbate Trans

Naughtystellasun aka Naughty Stella Sun!

Naughty Stella Sun of Long Beach, California: 23 year old Stella Sun aka Chjoppy Chjopstar aka Naughtystellasun is too adorable for words. The surprising thing about that trait is that I usually don’t find it sexy. I normally go for the brazenly slutty types in live Chaturbate Trans porn and Stella is one of those few exceptions. I don’t go for bitches because I view them as simply bad people and giving them any shine goes against my grain. Stella Sun is definitely not the type of webcam chick you watch if you’re just craving just some random chick with a dick. She’s a person. A really sweet person.

But when it’s time to turn up, Stella does it in the most unexpected ways. For example, in the last show I saw Chjoppy Chjopstar in, she had a collar and chain around her neck. This was paired with a lacy red cami top and a tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt. Her blue panties didn’t match, but that’s one of the things that made the garment so striking. That plus the big bulge inside them. Stella graciously accepted a steady flow of tips and chatted regularly with her admirers.

When things got a bit quiet, she turned away from the camera to raise her perky ass, spreading her bare legs and feet wide. That certainly spiced things up a bit! One fan wanted to be Stella son and another wanted her to be their puppy. Stella satisfied both fantasies consecutively. Then she delivered a brief foot fetish show. It doesn’t take Stella Sun long to go from cutie patooty to be kinky af! She hadn’t even been jerking off through all of this. Once she freed her cock, things went to a whole new level.

This went on for about twenty minutes and I had to check out for a bit. When I returned and saw Stella again, she appeared to be sleeping with a little teddy bear. But things soon rose to an even hornier level than before. Stella removed the red brassiere and fully exposed her big tits.

She stroked her cock in a variety of positions and spanked her ass pretty damn hard! At times, she’d jerk her fat cock off while squeezing it, and her bloated balls, between her thighs. I could hear how aroused she was when she uttered the words, “Thank you for the tippies.”

Her breathing had become labored and she was really getting into her little jack-off session. She spoke about her wishes for someone to cum in her ass and eventually removed every stitch of clothing. Stella announced when she was approaching orgasm. The next few moments were so intense! Stella’s legs began quivering and Stella laid back on her pillows as her fap session continued.

Her pretty face contorted wildly as she moaned and gasped. After her fat cock shot it’s cum, Stella got up on her knees and showed us her dick in closeup. She rubbed some of the nectar onto her red-nailed fingers and tasted it. She calls it “girl jizz” and you should go get you some.!
Chaturbate Broadcasters Mydarksideinthemoon Ren Reyes

Ren Reyes: Mydarksideinthemoon on Chaturbate Trans

Ren Reyes has the nicest ass and she'll show ALL OF IT on Chaturbate!

Ren Reyes is a 25 year old Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster I’ve had my eye on for at least four years (including on social media). She’s also on OnlyFans so if you’re not managing to catch her live on cam, you can find that link on her channel. It’s Everyone has they’re own particular types when it comes to which trans porn entertainers they’re attracted to. My personal range is wide. Yet I prefer Ren’s body type: lean and slightly muscular and no discernible breast growth is necessary. But then I’m bisexual and I tend to lean towards ultra feminine femboys so there’s that.

Mydarksideinthemoon is hiding her stiff she-cock for now.

But there are other things I like about Ren and they go beyond her good looks. For example, I love the way she’s either fully naked or damn close to it when she’s masturbating. I also love that she allows you to hear the sounds of her moaning and gasping when approaching orgasm. She apparently likes keeping her home warm since she often develops a light sheen of sweat when she’s masturbating furiously.

What a great privilege it would be to fuck Ren Reyes in her tight ass.

Her flat tummy expands and contracts and her entire body quivers with lust! Last week, I thought she was right about to let her fat, uncut cock shoot its load. But she didn’t have enough lubrication in her hand. She laughed, grabbed a lube tube, poured it on her erect cock and resumed jerking off. Tippers responded well which set off the vibrator inside her ass as well as her beautiful smile.

By the way, she speaks English fluently in addition to Spanish. I absolutely love it when she gets a little kinky. Ren will sometimes affix clamps to her nipples to add a a little pain to her pleasure. She says it feels amazing and she sounds so sexy when talking about her little kinks. She keeps her music upbeat but not too loud. I find it so annoying when Chaturbate Trans broadcasters drown out the sound of the action with music. She uses cock rings around her shaft and balls sometimes. And dildos, too!

Ren’s singing voice is amazing also. I don’t know if that will help you cum any faster, but I just had to mention it. Be sure to check out her shows because she’s truly amongst the best of the best.

Black-TGirls Chaturbate Broadcasters Mya Badd

Myabadd on Chaturbate Trans

Mya Badd of Houton, Texas on Chaturbate Trans

Busty Mya Badd was spread across her black sofa wearing skimpy lingerie when I saw she was broadcasting the other night. A lot was going on, but not with her outfit. Her large breast and flaccid, uncut cock were fully exposed. She also wore sheer black stay-up stockings. Maya was checking the messages on her phone when someone knocked and entered with a fresh container of coffee.

A generous tip rolled in and Mya asked if we thought her tits are big. Well, that’s subjective, but to me, they look absolutely perfect. An even bigger Chaturbate Trans tip came in that had May throwing her luscious legs up to diddle her fun spot. This activity made her dick grow fatter. Mya asked if someone could match the large donation of tokens she received. She got what she wanted and began jerking off rapidly. Although TS Mya’s fans were quite generous throughout her show, it took awhile before she was aroused enough to nut. But when she did, the results were spectacular! Mya’s big cock finally exploded, sending thick, creamy white jets of cum to arc high in the air and land across her bare thigh!!!

I don’t know how she managed to cum so explosively while holding her phone so steadily. But then I’m not a Chaturbate broadcaster. Mya Badd is a consummate Black-TGirls and Chaturbate Trans professional. She excited for awhile to clean up and returned to continue with her show. About 40 minutes of flirting with fans had Mya’s spent organ inflating with new life! A little porn on that phone of hers helped develop a new erection. Once that was done, Mya produced a big dildo replica of a black cock and began fucking her tight ass with it! I’m pretty sure she was camming for well over two hours.

This 31 year old Texan TS beauty is also a highly accomplished studio model. She has 7 photo and videos sets on Black-TGirls (Model: mya5) including one blazing hot hardcore scene! But if you want to see a LIVE show like the one I’ve just described, go to her channel:!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Lily Meadows

Lily Meadows on Chaturbate Trans

As a longtime fan of Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster Lily Meadows, I know a lot of great things about her outside of the adult industry. Ecological farming techniques, hiking, biking, climbing and acrobatics are some of Lily’s favorite activities. This gorgeous herbalist, mycologist has been camming for four years.

I’m not sure of her age, but Lily has publicly lamented not starting to cam at 18 years old. I wish I started blogging at 18 so I get it! But I digress. Lily is my personal trans Superwoman. Now more so than ever since I went vegan in December of 2019. But enough about me. Sometimes Lily will masturbate quietly, for long periods of time, then begin talking once fully aroused. She’ll stroke her 45 ° angle upright hardon and speak over some relaxing AMSR nature audio.

Lily has a way of chatting that makes you feel like you’re the only other one there. She’l let you know what her tip goal is to see her cum. I’ve seen Lily climax explosively with sex toys and the experience is absolutely outrageous! The faint background music was much more upbeat and I remember Lily sometimes wearing condoms for these events. Lily would fuck one of these fake cisgender female’s snatches and yank the rubber off her boner just in time. She’d let you see streams of pearly white cum spurt across the surface of her sex doll.

I haven’t seen Lily with a toy in quite awhile. But I can assure you that Lily all by herself if equally arousing! Lily Meadows is also on OnlyFans and ManyVids and you can find these links at her webcam channel on!

Chaturbate Broadcasters Vanniall

Vanniall on Chaturbate Trans

Vanniall of New York, New York

I first blogged about this incredible Chaturbate Trans broadcaster on December 6, 2019 on Caramel’s TGirls here. Manhattan beauty Vanniall is one of my favorite cammers on the platform because she’s a true original, well-skilled in the art of trans striptease. She doesn’t just put it all out there at the top of her shows. Vanniall makes you want it. To crave it.

She has eclectic tastes in games, books and music. You never know what to expect next from this girl. I haven’t seen her broadcasting in a minute and I wondered if that’s just me, or if she’d taken a hiatus from the network. I do know that she’s been creating a lot of solo and hardcore content for her OnlyFans subscribers. You can find that link through her cam profile. Vanniall was chatting with fans, as she typically does, the last time I saw her. That was a few nights ago.

Wearing a pale yellow bra and panty set, Vanniall exposed her cock and balls and began masturbating slowly. It wasn’t long before she developed a throbbing erection that she swing from hips to hip and resumed stroking firmly.

She was masturbating on a white down comforter on her bed. When she straddled in and perched herself on all fours, the view of her almost naked butt with a narrow pink Lush toy embedded in it was breath taking! Vanniall moved through a variety of graceful poses and settled back on jerking off to a frenzy. I had to leave the channel just when she was really getting warmed up.

But I can recall some of this amazing performer’s explosive climaxes with photographic memory because they really are that astounding! Register for free and check out this hung American stunner next time she’s on live!