Urharddesirex on Chaturbate Trans

Katy aka Urharddesirex of Estonia

23 year old Katy aka Urharddesirex is a fantastic Chaturbate Trans broadcaster from Estonia, which was part of the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 they became independent states. But it doesn’t really matter what language she speaks in this situation because Katy doesn’t talk much when she’s online.

The last time I tuned into her channel, she was shooting a huge load, literally catching it in her right hand. Katy was only seen from the waist down at the moment, wearing black tight with lacy black panties drawn to the side. She sat down, as most standing people do when the cum. And then her gorgeous face came into the frame. Katy did the typically lewd thing of licking some of her own jizz, somehow making it look cute.

She took a short break and returned wearing a black and floral print dress with sheer black stockings and eight inch platform sandals. I thought she was going to sign off. But something about the way she was looking at her phone told me to stick around for more fun. Katy gave an enticing butt show with her undies still on.

Then she sat back in full frontal, vaped for a bit, then exposed her big, uncut schlong again. She kicked off her platforms and satisfied a Chaturbate Trans foot fan’s request by flexing her soles and wiggling her toes. Then she stuck a narrow Lovesense vibrator up her cute ass.

Katy was soon bonerizing all over again. It wasn’t long before Katy was stroking a renewed erection! Katy didn’t make her big, thick pecker spasm again that night, but what a long and great show it was! Check her out on Chaturbate.com/Urharddesirex.

Danitza Peru on Chaturbate Trans

South America beauty, Danitza Peru, is one of the greatest treasures you’ll find on Chaturbate Trans. This petite, busty broadcaster was vibrant and electrifying when I save her live last week. Danika was naked except for a pair of sparkly silver platform sandals when I logged it. Her adorable uncut cock wasn’t had yet, but she was working on that. Fans were driving her cute ass crazy sending tips that made her Lovesense narrow pink vibrator buzz.

A cute Peruvian dude eventually joined Danitza dressed like a Chippendale’s dancer, shirtless with a bow tie and tuxedo jacket. He may have been dressed funny, but he had no trouble making Danitza’s cock rock hard! Then it was her turn to suck on his much bigger penis. Danitza’s solo shows ae amazing as well. She makes more outfit changes in one night than a female Oscars ceremony host. And she looks absolutely ravishing in her sexy ass little outfits. Her Chaturbate Trans shows are however uncomplicated. With her sweet interaction and above average good looks, Danitza’s obvious plan while masturbating is to make you cum quickly and go on about your business. Give her a follow when you register free and check out Chaturbate.com/Danitzaperu!

Kylieboudoir | Kylie Boudoir on Chaturbate Trans

One of Kylie’s best performances was in a floral off-the-shoulder peasant shirt and a soft pink skirt. She had on matching panties underneath and a raging hardon when I signed into Chaturbate Trans. The head of her cock poked out of the bottom hem of the skirt whenever she’d bend forward to type on her keyboard. Her legs were bare and so were her feet. Well, you couldn’t really see them until a tipper with a foot fetish requested a view. Then she’d jump out of her standing position to lay on her back to exposed her wrinkled soles.

Kylie’s music was mostly mid-tempo 90’s R&B and Hip Hop and she dances quite well. Kylie has a soft, sexy voice and she uses it to interact with her fans sweetly. Kylie doesn’t bother to make sex faces when she jerks off. She’s to pretty to have to resort to that. You might see her brow tensing when Kylie’s pleasure is intensified, but that’s about it. Her shows are relaxing – never forced. Sometimes she’ll casually make her big hard dick dance up and down. When asked how she most loves to cum, she replied that she loves cumming in her boyfriend’s ass.

Viewers got an even better look at the power of Kylie’s organ when she removed her skirt completely. Her tightened ball sack is pretty large, too. And her hard dick stands up at a 45° angle. Eventually, Kylie removed her peasant blouse, rendering her completely nude. Her hormone breasts are perfect, capped with rosy, puffy nipples. Kylie’s boner spills a good amount of pre-cum when she’s stroking it.

Watching her fuck a clear cock sleeve is tons of fun! That often gets her moaning softly and shooting a fresh load of spunk. “I hope you want it as bad as I do,” she said right before she was about to cum from using her firm right hand. Kylie announced that she finally needed to cum and a long steady stream of pearly cream poured to the floor.

The way she didn’t just dip out, but rather thanked her fans for about five minutes after she came made Kylie seem more likable than she already is. Follow this gorgeous sweetie pie on Chaturbate.com/Kyliebloudior. Registration is free! She often rises to the No. #1 spot of the Chaturbate platform when she’s online.

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Missredline on Chaturbate Trans

Missredline aka Red on Chaturbate Trans


I didn’t see Red’s submissive side until I watched her giving a blowjob for the first time. The lucky guy had one of those dicks that stands up at a 45° angle when it’s raging hard. Red is so good at putting thousands of cock owners in that vulnerable state on any given day or night she’s on Chaturbate trans. If she has a gag reflex, it’s extremely hard to activate.

She took a few breaks to announce her tip goals and once they were reached, we’d get to see her man actually fucking her. This stud was so excited, he danced around the room while Red got ready on the bed to get railed. Red rode this man’s pecker of steel in the reverse cowgirl position first. She did this while grinding her hips like a belly dancer. Well, that’s until he started jacking his hips like a human jackhammer. Red went int a sexual frenzy, squealing and shaking until her man had to slow down a bit.

Then she flipped around to face him. The relentless drilling evolved into the doggy style position and then standing. Red began screaming during that pounding and the guy had to hold her up for most of it. I get it. Sometimes the sex is too good to stay on your feet. Missionary position fucking came next and I was amazed at how well shot the sex was. There was no third person filming, but it couldn’t have been better if there were! A side saddle ramming came next and I don’t know what the position is called that Red came in. Hot man, as she aptly called the guy named Nick, asked how many people were watching the Chaturbate.com/Missredline channel.

They were at 5,000 at that point. The next time I saw Red, her ass looked like a road map of Chile! Nick really tanned that pretty thing and I know she loved it. I’ve noticed that Red does her signature belly dancer hip grinding when she’s riding a big dildo in her solo shows. Red’s engagement with fans is incredible. She even gives lovemaking advice while masturbating! Red is into girls too but I haven’t had the good fortune of seeing her with one yet.

When asked, she replied that she likes guys and girls both at the same time. Overall, Red has a wonderful personality. That quality combined with her great personality makes her the total package. Register to Chaturbate for free. Then make a point of following Chaturbate.com/Missredline.

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Amy Jeaux Johnson aka AJ180 on Chaturbate Trans

Wreck this pussy, baby!” cried Amy Jeaux Johnson. It’s AJ for short “Cream inside this ass.” Her back was facing the crown and her incredible ass was framed by a dental floss strip of a yellow thong on Chaturbate Trans. She also wore a white midriff-baring t-shirt and her incredible legs and dainty feet were bare.

After tips rolled in setting off the Lovesense Lush toy inside her butt buzz, she seemed close to cumming. So she turned around and began chatting with us to calm things down a bit. Mid-tempo and fast 90’s Hip Hop and R&B played in the background and it wasn’t distracting. I knew I’d gotten to her channel when she hadn’t been on long because her tokens earned were still in the low hundreds.

I totally forgot how big this beauty’s dick was until she hit the level to withdraw it from her thong. A silver cock ring encircled her balls and shaft. She was standing, but she took a seat and asked if viewers were ready to see her get her cock hard. Amy developed a huge erection in no time! Amy interacts with fans well and she goes absolutely nuts when tips buzz her vibrator!

A heavy tipper asked to see her sex toys and she stopped masturbating to grab a plastic crate. She proceeded to show off a small collection of the biggest dildos in creation and a cock sleeve. The real stars of the show, aside from AJ’s pretty face, are her bubble butt, her extra-long schlong and high-arched feet that her foot fetish fans can’t get enough of.

She eventually stripped down to a yellow bra that matched the panties she removed. Amy’s reactions to the narrow toy in her butt are so powerful. At one point, she had to turn it off because it’s so intense! She was shaking as she beautifully articulated the sensations that little thing has on her nerve endings.

My favorite moment came when she got completely naked and said, “Maybe I should just cum for you guys.” But first, she decided to fuck a plastic rear end replica before shooting a huge, creamy white load of cum! Register free and follow Chaturbate.com/Aj180.

FΞTISHLACΞ on Chaturbate Trans

I don’t know what FΞTISHLACΞ uses for pronouns. Half the time, I don’t know what I’m really looking at or listening to with this Chaturbate Trans performer. But since that’s the category the cam under, “she” is what I’m going with until further notice.

That’s not what drew me to their channel however. FΞTISHLACΞ has qualities that Marilyn Manson did early in his music career. But FΞTISHLACΞ is sexier to me. While jerking her enormous cock, I first saw her having a conversation with what sounded like a computer program. Then I realized it was synthesized fan comments I was hearing.

Tippers were confessing their desire to suck on the huge cock before them, to stroke it while fucking them. I’ve seen original webcam shows before, but this one takes the cake. I’ve never heard the actual voice of FΞTISHLACΞ and I’ve never even heard her moan. I’ve seen her fire off some mighty big cum shots however.

This is the type of webcam broadcaster you’ll know right away if they’re your cup of tea or not. I personally can’t get enough. Register for free on the world’s finest cam platform. Follow Chaturbate.com/Fetishlace.

Foxyiren on Chaturbate Trans

24 year old transsexual Chaturbate Trans webcam girl gets ready to stroke her hard cock!

This stunning redhead is adjusting the straps of her tall sandals when I jump into her Chaturbate Trans channel. A luscious breast is bared as she sits with her legs up in a brown leather chair. She wears lacy red and black lingerie and her cock and balls are fully exposed.

Whenever I hear dings, and Irene moans, I know she’s reacting to the thin Lovesense Lush toy embedded in her ass. More tips flow in and she moans and gasps louder. When she stands up, a bed is visible beside her chair. She uses it as a prop to stand on with one foot at times and to rest her heels upon when she removes them.

She then attempts to hide her uncut cock by making a makeshift dress out of her body suit. But that fails since it’s so sheer. Oh, poor us! The garment is so flexible that she’s able to roll it up and allow it to rest above her bosom. That makes it easier for us to see Irene stroking her cock. She jerks off to a full erection and then rolls the garment back down past her waist.

All of her goodies upstairs and downstairs however are on full display. More masturbation makes Irene’s cock as stiff as can be – arcing upward toward her flat tummy. When she stands up and releases it momentarily, it stands out from her loins at a 45 degree angle.

Eventually, Irene lets her long red hair down and begins sucking on a large dildo. Then she begins showing off her incredible ass on the bed. She takes a vape break and plays with her iPhone a bit.

The fap show continues and I realize that I’ve been locked into Chaturbate.com/Foxyiren for just over an hour. It somehow seems like she’s just getting started.

Ananomie on Chaturbate Trans

In spite of the fact that 27 year old Ana aka Ananomi of Portland, Oregon, is a 12 on scale from 1 to 10, it’s her voice that always stands out to me. Almost every time I check on on her Chaturbate Trans channel, she’s totally naked and jerking off her erection with a pink Lovensense toy in her butt.

This time she was squeezing one of her full breasts with her red-nailed fingers. Like her electric buzzing toy, Ana is in a constant state of vibration. She could be trembling a bit from holding her legs wide open and spread far apart for such long periods of time. But I think it’s mainly due to her being turned on. Ana is a foot fetishist’s dream and the fact that she’s covered from head to toe in a light patina of oil tells me she knows exactly how she looks her best. She keeps it simple as her wardrobe – nail polish and oil.

She asks foot loving fans to suck on her curling toes. Then she turns around to give her ass loving fans a special treat. Then it’s a full-frontal tit show and her breasts and nipples have a unique look to them. They’re dark and they’re huge! When she says “Thank you” she seems sincere. And when she gets to talking about herself and what’s going on around her, she seems incredibly sweet and personable. I watched this left-handed beauty jerking her erection for almost an hour and I paid attention to her interesting biography while wondering how long she could go on without cumming.

Some of Ananomi’s likes are: age play, anal sex, ass to mouth, ass licking, behavior modification, being cornered, being dressed by daddy, being overpowered, biting, bladder desperation, blindfolds, breast play, breath play, bruises, caging/confinement, caning, choking, clothespins, collar and lead/leash, compression, consensual non-consent, crawling, crying, daddy/girl, diet control, domestic servitude, domination, duct tape, edge play, embarrassment, and encasement.

Then there’s face fucking, facials, fingering, gagging, gaping, gloves, group sex, hair pulling, handcuffs, high protocol, humiliation, impact play, inspection, insults, interrogation, kneeling, leaving marks, loss of control, masks, masturbation, medical play, mind fucks, obedience training, oral sex, orders, orgasm control, outdoor sex, pain, role play, rope, rough sex, sadism, scratching, slapping, spanking, speech restriction, spit, strap-ons, swallowing, talking dirty, tearing, ripping, and cutting off clothing. Register free on my favorite webcam platform and be sure to follow Chaturbate.com/Ananomie!

April, Elsie & Elf on Chaturbate Trans

I just found out that one of my favorite porn stars, 24 year old April Gillespie aka Annie Trappington, is out of her retirement from porn and back on Chaturbate Trans! And she’s back with two of her favorite people, gorgeous Elsie Sommers and Elf Monster. April made her major studio debut in October 2015 as Femout.XXX Annie Trappington. I didn’t know she had a serious girlfriend until I saw the Radius Dark masterpiece video and photo set TGirls.Porn: April Gillespie & Elsie Sommers.

Last night was the first time I saw April and Elsie on cam with gorgeous blonde Elf Monster. The threesome I witnessed was absolutely mesmerizing. There was oral switching all over the place and all three babes are hung. April’s cock is the biggest and it’s ridiculously large. I can’t decide who has the most firm and lovely set of breasts and I don’t think the fans could either.

At one point it seemed like Elf was going to cum in April’s mouth. Elsie said that April has no gag reflex. In a 69, April got on top of Elf for a 69. April’s reactions to getting her nipples and cock sucked resemble some sort of erotic exorcism. I wasn’t the only one amazed by the deep soul kissing these girls shared. Talk about tight!

That thought brings me to when the actual fucking began. Elf cracked me up shouting about about the “We All Fuck “tip goal they were rapidly approaching. When the moment of truth came, Elf got on her back and April eased her huge cock inside the blonde’s tight ass. It took a lot of effort, but once she was fully embedded, Elsie entered April’s ass!

I wanted to see this show until the end, but Elsie’s jackhammer thrusting that propelled April to rail Elf harder and faster made me lose it. It was time for me to sign out of the Chaturbate.com/Annietrappington channel, clean up and go about my business.

I highly recommend that you register for free and follow that channel! Keep your eye on Chaturbate.com/Elsiesommers also which was active just last week.