Evil Angel: TS Chanel Santini + Cis Girl Zoe Sparx

TS Chanel Santini + Cis Girl Zoe Sparx on Evil Angel

Description: TS superstar Chanel Santini looks stunning in a skimpy mini dress, see-through top and glittery high heels. The busty blonde teases, stroking the stiff she-shaft protruding from her skirt. Soon, slim cisgender girl Zoe Sparx joins Chanel for some savage backdoor fun. The ladies kiss and grope each other’s body. Zoe gives a nasty, spit-soaked blowjob. Raunchy rimming leads to intense, dick-riding sodomy. Zoe whimpers as Chanel reams her asshole, and the T-girl gags as she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. This twisted anal encounter climaxes when Chanel rewards Zoe with an explosive cum facial.

Directed by Joey Silvera for EvilAngel.com.

Caramel’s Review: I can understand why Joey Silvera jokingly asks, “Who are you?” of Chanel Santini when she faces the camera as a blonde in Scene #03 of Trans-Active #03. I forgot that Zoey’s hair is a darker shade of blonde and thought it was the cisgender female star I was looking at for a second, not the trans star. Chanel is a bit more well-built than she was during the time of her debut a few years ago. But she’s in no way too thick. This chick is totally flat tummy fit and just right.

She looks amazing in her black BDSM outfit with her stiff dick hanging below the hem of her micro-mini skirt. Her big tits are fully visible through her fishnet top. Silvera says she’s so friendly, considering the way she’s dressed, but Chanel adds that she can be a bitch. I think thousands of fans would gladly be Chanel’s bitch, especially seeing her like this!

We’re treated to an aerial view of Chanel caressing her boobs and stroking her erection until it’s standing up at attention. Zoey appears after about four minutes, ready for her cute ass to get spanked. There’s a bit of warm-up banter before the sex gets going. Then comes a delicious session of passionate kissing.

Chanel’s oral talents get Zoey soaking wet. Zoey’s cock sucking is sloppy and her ass eating is vicious. The way she eagerly takes an anal fucking from Chanel is quite riveting. Both cowgirl variations evolve into a powerful doggy style railing. Zoe buzzes a magic wand vibe against her clit while her ass gets destroyed by Chanel’s pounding hardon.

Zoey has no problem giving ass-to-mouth head before getting her pretty pussy reamed! Chanel’s climax is creamy and monumental. If you’re wondering about Chanel Santini still being in her prime – yep, she’s still in it.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Chanel Santini & Daisy Taylor in Trans-Active #02

Trans-Active #02 Directed by Joey Silvera for Evil Angel

Description: In Trans-Active #02, trailblazing Evil Angel director Joey Silvera spotlights sexy, ultra femme T-girls in five scenes of gender-bent fun. Transsexual temptresses share racy encounters with muscular studs and adventurous cisgender girls, plus Joey presents a lurid TS-on-TS encounter! Trans superstar Chanel Santini dominates baby-faced T-doll Daisy Taylor. They trade messy blowjobs, and Daisy rides Chanel’s she-dick to nasty, anal-gaping ecstasy. Lance Hart treats athletic TS Amazon Andrea Zhay to intense buttfucking.

Andrea sucks cock ass-to-mouth and sprays semen over her tight tummy as Lance reams her rear. Kalliny is a massively hung trans lady that loves showing off her toned body in a sassy striptease. Muscle man Tony Lee masturbates as Kalliny plows his rectum graphically.

Flashy cis female Athena Rayne joins precious transsexual Ella Hollywood for a feverish fuck session. Athena rides T-cock and then probes sweet Ella’s butthole with a toy as they passionately kiss. Agatha Melo’s tight bikini exposes her massive breasts and bulging bottom. The tattooed TS vixen teams up with Alex Victor for sweltering sodomy with a messy cum facial.

Chanel Santini: TS-On-TS Anal Gaping Description

Trans superstar Chanel Santini wears a skimpy bikini that could never contain her luscious breasts and bulging boner. Sassy, feminine TS newbie Daisy Taylor is adorable in sheer lingerie, wiping pre-cum from her exposed prick as she teases. The babes trade slobbering blowjobs to start. Chanel subjects her sweet friend to dominant anal reaming. See mutual masturbation, rectal gaping, and lewd, ass-to-mouth cocksucking. The intense encounter climaxes as both T-girls masturbate to creamy, cum-splashing ecstasy.

Caramel’s Trans-Active #02 Scene 1 Review: This scene is more than a monumental pairing. It lives up to my expectations by the midway point. It exceeds my expectations before it comes to an end. It’s not clear why Daisy has a semi-erection at the start, but it might be because Chanel’s big tits keep escaping her outfit. They’re just sitting beside each other sharing a water bottle.

Joey Silvera mentions that these two beauties have met before and what shines through is how casual and relaxed everyone is. It actually calms me in spite of how sexually exciting it is. A little teasing and flirting occurs within the first two minutes. Then comes a little kissing and touching. By minute three, I’m convinced that I’ve never seen hotter trans porn and the actual porn hasn’t even started yet!

Trans-Active #02

I really can’t say if I think the raw fucking is hotter than the foreplay. There’s so much genuine intimacy between railings that exceeds the sexual eye candy at certain points. There’s also extraordinary frottage and mutual masturbation footage. The final climax captures are superb and the closing is so cute and fun, it’s said to see the Trans-Active #02 scene end! But wait. Look at what’s coming up next! Also, here’s the link and box cover for the original Trans-Active DVD.


EvilAngel Review: TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial

Flash Scene Trailer

EvilAngel.com Description: TS superstar Chanel Santini teams up with sexy, cisgender babe Ashley Fires for a decadent anal date! Ashley flashes her thick, round rear as Chanel masturbates; soon, Ashley crawls to Chanel to give a worshipful blowjob. Chanel eats Ashley’s pussy and ruthlessly fucks her face. The T-girl bends the booty-blessed blonde over and fucks her asshole. Ashley hops onto Chanel’s prick for a wild buttfuck. This crude sodomy session serves up raunchy rim jobs and wet, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing as Chanel splashes Ashley with a messy cum facial.

Caramel’s Review: TS NOW! #03 Big Bunda is an astounding movie including TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial, the subject of today’s review. Have you ever taken selfies with an incredible looking trans woman while holding and kissing her boner? That’s what gorgeous cisgender actress Ashley Fires is doing with Chanel Santini when this scene opens! Joey Silvera is my all-time favorite Evil Angel director because, I love gonzo porn, but with certain limitations. I only need the envelope to be pushed so much.

There are certain things I really don’t need to see in porn and Mr. Silvera seems to know how to be extreme, yet not to cross certain lines. He makes even the most sordid sex acts somehow appear classy and respectable. That’s because in truth – they are! I don’t know how he achieves this balance consistently, but that’s one of the elements that makes him a master of porn. And the way he captures the stunning talents of Chanel and Ashley is yet another example of his genius.

EvilAngel Trans Glam Review: TS Chanel + MILF Joanna’s Anal Date

The official EvilAngel.com description of TS Chanel + MILF Joanna’s Anal Date reads: Voluptuous TS bombshell Chanel Santini and kinky, tattooed MILF icon Joanna Angel come together! Dressed in sheer lingerie, the passionate girls kiss tenderly. Chanel pushes Joanna’s head down onto her stiff she-cock, and Joanna gives a slobbery, deepthroat blowjob. The thick trans doll eats Joanna’s pussy and then shoves her raging she-dick inside. An inflatable anal toy expands Joanna’s sphincter, and then Chanel buttfucks her. Joanna sucks Chanel’s dick ass-to-mouth. When Chanel cums, Joanna laps up every drop of splooge.

With Scene #02 of the Jonni Darkko film Trans Glam, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the pairing of one of the most downloaded trans superstars of the decade, Chanel Santini, and the killer model/producer of the Alt-Porn powerhouses, BurningAngel.com and JoannaAngel.com. I knew they’d be hot and raunchy, since it’s coming from EvilAngel.com and JonniDarkko.com, however.

The roll-out is a glam style makeout session that looks like two sessions joined together by masterful editing skills. Chanel gets her raging hard erection sloppily sucked by Joanna and she reciprocates with a muff diving session. The bareback fucking session begins in the missionary position and more cock sucking is followed by big sex toy insertion to prep Joanna’s tight butt for the real thing. To say that Chanel fucks Joanna’s tight ass with gusto might be an understatement! Doggy-style pounding is followed by a reverse cowgirl position railing most humans leave for porn stars to accomplish. Chanel ends up shooting one of the biggest cum shots of her adult industry career and Joanna patiently waits for us to witness the entire explosion before hungrily taking Chanel’s spending dick into her mouth.

My First TS Scene #02 Review

Chanel Santini: Ginger Banks’ First TS

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Willowy blonde Ginger Banks is new on the porn scene, and she can’t wait to lose her trans virginity with glamorous Chanel Santini! Ginger sucks Chanel’s stiff she-cock. The pretty XXX newcummer lewdly rims Chanel’s asshole. Tall TS queen Chanel eats Ginger’s pussy and then shoves her hard boner in. Chanel passionately fucks Ginger and embraces her in an intimate 69 session. As the trans goddess masturbates, Ginger sucks her balls, rims her butthole, and then laps up Chanel’s hot cum.

Review: I’ve raved so many times about Chanel Santini, and I’m about to do it again, but let’s get to Ginger Banks first. Chanel’s co-star is a webcam model, adult film star, feature dancer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. She’s been nominated for “Web Star of the Year” and “Crossover Star of the Year” at the 2019 XBIZ Awards.

This is the Northern Arizona cisgender woman native’s first time in a production with a trans woman. The “My First TS” performance in incredible and to give you some insight as to what makes Ginger tick as a person, here’s a recent quote: “I have gotten so much further by being nice than I ever could have by being mean. Your ego can take control of your thinking in this industry, so it is important to surround yourself with people that help keep you humble instead of making your head bigger”.

Sample Photo Gallery

Chanel fans ought to know that her co-star in “Chanel Santini: Ginger Banks’ First TS Review” on EvilAngel.com also has a warm and sweet personality. That still matters to many of us, believe it or not. And it shows in the main scene with Chanel and Ginger if not even more in the Behind-The-Scenes footage.

We begin with (off-screen) director Aiden Starr conducting a pre-production interview with Ginger who is so excited about getting fucked by Chanel. Then something shocking happens while Ginger is gushing about Chanel. As the camera zooms out, we see that Chanel is sitting at the other side of a sprawling leather sofa with a hardon jutting from her stocking thighs.

Flash Scene Trailer

Chanel adds that one of the things she’s most excited about by Chanel is that she’s still pretty new to hardcore porn. That’s a bit of an additional turn on for me because it indicates that Ginger might not really know what she’s in for. Ginger stated that she’d followed Chanel on Instagram, but is she truly aware that Chanel can top like nobody’s business? Well, the interview evolves into Ginger and Chanel’s first kiss within the first two minutes and she’s soon to find out what getting railed by this trans superstar is like.

The fellatio footage is incredible to me because Ginger sucks cock like her main goal in life is to make one’s dick explode fast. But Chanel manages to hold back from cumming and delivers the type of cunnilingus only a true pussy lover can. Believe me, I know. The bareback fucking session is so wonderfully long! Chanel starts laying pipe about 8 and a half minutes into this 21 minute scene! If there’s not enough foreplay in the beginning, there will be more of it between fucks. The intimacy is fantastic and the way Chanel and Ginger kiss is exquisite. Aiden Starr’s direction helps to make this session a masterpiece right down to the last second. The 2 minute post-coital BTS footage is great, too!

TransAngels: Natalie Mars & Chanel Santini

MP4 Scene Trailer

Slutty Study Buddy Description: Nerdy babe Natalie Mars is heading over to Chanel Santini’s place for a quick study session before the big final, but all Chanel wants to do is fuck! So Natalie decides to use a little motivation – her perky tits! One right answer later and Chanel is licking up her friend’s nipples. A second answer right and Natalie is on her knees swallowing up Chanel’s thick, tgirl cock like it’s going to be on the test! A third right answer and Chanel is pounding Natalie’s tight, little ass until they’re both drenched in orgasm!

Little Rock, Arkansas native Natalie Mars was recently nominated for “Trans Performer of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. But she first began working in the adult industry as a webcam model. From late 2014 onward, Natalie started to develop a devoted fan base which led to major adult studio stardom. Many moons ago, I wrote, ““In perfect sync with her transition, Natalie also began to conquer the Internet with stunning amateur appearances here and there. The next thing I knew, I saw her on , my favorite webcam site, performing regularly.”
Natalie won the prestigious “Best New Face” accolade at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards.

Albuquerque, New Mexico native Chanel “Cici” Santini has already won “Best New Face” and “Gender X Model of the Year” at the Transgender Erotica Awards and she has graced the covers of countless best-selling DVDs within a few years. When Chanel graduated from high school, she moved to Las Vegas with her best friend. After working at the clothing store Hollister for several months and struggling to live from pay check to pay check, she entered the adult industry. A landmark moment in Chanel’s adult film career came in May 2016 when she signed with the leading adult entertainment network TransErotica.com. That’s the same label Natalie Mars is on now and they’re both currently considered to be adult industry superstars!

Veteran director Tom Moore has captured lightning in a bottle with their hardcore trans lesbian scene on TransAngels.com. As the story line unfolds, Chanel is bored half to death with Natalie reading the passages of Human Biology they’re supposed to be studying. In a bold move, it’s nerdy Natalie who decides to make their studies more interesting.

Chanel gets to study Natalie’s pert nipples with her tongue and to gaze at the protuberances escaping the panties beneath her pleated skirt. Natalie’s next forward move is to undo her study buddy’s denim shorts. She sucks Chanel’s cock to an erection rapidly. The girls fuck in a variety of positions. But I think it’s safe to assume that Chanel loves pounding Natalie’s tight ass best in the doggy style position as it happens more than once. It’s also the position she pulls out of to shot a big load of cum across Natalie’s freshly fucked butt. Anyone who’s pretty familiar with Natalie’s lusty desires will not be surprised that she shoots her load while eating Chanel’s ass. This TransAngels.com update is of the highest caliber of trans porn available anywhere. The official websites of these amazing ladies are ChanelSantini.XXX and NatalieMars.com.

TransAngels: Chanel-ing Her Dark Side

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: The one thing that gets Chanel Santini harder than anything is a horny audience! Stepping out in a kinky leather top and a bottom that barely conceals her thick tgirl cock, this busty blonde is ready to live out an exhibitionist fantasy to longing eyes. Bringing her big tits out to play, Chanel ditches the leather and starts stroking herself, running her delicate hands over her fit body, stopping at her nipples for a short while. Jerking herself as if no one’s watching to full orgasm, cupping her curvy body with each stroke, until she unloads all over the floor. Chanel knows how to put on a show better than anyone! Hi, from Caramel. Even though I feel that Chanel Santini is one of the most compelling trans stars ever in the niche, I’m still awed at fresh each new performance is. It’s not about her blonde look in this TransAngels.com video I’m referring to. I’ve seen this before on her official website ChanelSantiniXX.com when she first “arrived”. She pulls it off magnificently, but I’m referring to something else altogether. I thought at a certain point that the only thing that could hurt her stardom was overexposure. Now I don’t even think that’s an issue, therefore there simply is no stopping her. She could crank out a dozen scenes a week and I have no doubt that anyone would tire of her. There’s a moment about 9 minutes when Chanel is jerking off and her erection lurches upward when she releases it. It’s one of the most mind-blowing sequences I’ve seen anywhere lately, followed by masterful POV footage by director Tom Moore. Don’t miss this incredible union of two of the most amazing trans porn happenings ever – Chanel Santini and TransAngels.com.


TransAngels: Hard At Work

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Being the boss isn’t always easy, sometimes Chanel Santini has to punish her employees when they get caught masturbating on the clock! Verbal warnings go nowhere, but oral warnings mean Chanel gets to wrap her luscious blowjob lips around a big dick! Even when it’s about sucking a dick, Chanel is always in control! Bending the horny intern over his desk, Chanel fills his tight ass with every inch of her big tgirl cock! Stretching out his asshole in every position she can think of, Chanel graciously lets him unload all over her face but not before getting a mouthful of her big tits!

Fucking Tony Orlando is something I’ve fantasized for years. Do I even need to mention how happy I’d be for a night with Chanel Santini! Well, this is real life and Chanel got to fuck Tony’s cute, tight ass and it’s playing now on Trans Angels!

As the plot of this update unfolds, Tony is a businessman on his lunch break watching a previous hardcore TransAngels.com video. Chanel can hear the obvious porn coming from his laptop and enters his office to take a look at him. He was thinking his headphones were plugged all the way in. They’re not and he’s so busted by his hot brunette boss.

Chanel is offended by what he’s doing and even more so when he tries to grab her ass. What she’s really offended by is that he’s not watching the scene she stars in herself fucking a man! He’s shocked but surprised in a good way since this is a genre he loves anyway.

Tony is torn between watching Chanel fucking on the screen and the sight of her pulling her swollen cock out of her panties as she stands beside him. As he sits at his desk, Chanel’s big dick is poiting right toward his face at a forty five degree angle. But she moves to the other side of the roon to do a seductive striptease.

The gorgeous boss faps her big dick, bouncing it on the best and letting it snap up against her flat tummy. She doesn’t mind that Tony is jerking off. In fact, she crawls across the desk to give his schlong an executive suckng! He returns the favor by giving Chanel a rim job and a thorough cock sucking. She’s towering above him on the desk on her knees as he tea bags her balls.

Moments later, she’s got Tony bent over the desk, driving her big bare cock up his tight ass! I always love seeing Tony getting pummeled, but this is the first time on Trans Angels. It’s phenomenal the way he takes this beauty’s hard thrusts in a variety of positions. Chanel eventually strips her perfect booty down to a garter belt sans stockings. Both of these exquisite TransAngels.com performers spray large spurts of cum all over each other!

Chanel Santini, Marissa Minx & Jasmeen

MP4 Scene Trailer

Stunning Chanel Santini and ravishing Marissa of MarissaMinx.XXX and gorgeous cisgender star Jasmeen LaFleur make a cumtastic trans sandwich. But it first begins with a story line to warm things up. Chanel and Marissa are a couple visiting sex therapist Dr. LaFleur who has ideas to try and bring Chanel out of her sexual funk. The super pretty doctor decides to use her pussy as a draw to Chanel even though the trans beauty has never had an experience with a cis girl before.

Chanel does however like everything about Jasmeen’s petal palace and she’s excited about tasting it too. Marissa is turned on watching the doctor getting eaten by Chanel and in turn proceeding to suck Chanel’s cock! Marissa stands over the two new fellatio partners and begins jerking off. While Chanel gets blown by Jasmeen, she’s all about making her girlfriend’s uncut cock as hard as hers is.

Now we have a view of two cock sucking sessions at once, but what’s in store for the horny doctor next? A mouthful of Marissa’s stiffening dick comes next for her while Chanel goes muff diving again.

Soon, Chanel is easing her bare cock inside Jasmeen’s quim! Either pumping her organ in and out of Jasmeen’s mouth or watching her girlfriend fuck Jasmeen gives her a nice erection.

But she puts her mouth to use by tossing Chanel’s salad as the younger babe drills her in the doggy style position. Marissa gives Jasmeen the same treatment when Chanel gets a blowjob again.

I’ll bet Jasmeen’s pussy tastes so good being licked off of Chanel’s big boner! It’s not nearly over yet. Jasmeen takes an anal ride on Chanel’s hardon while Marissa rubs her pussy!

Then Chanel bangs Marissa in the doggy style position! Find out how this sexy threesome ends! A 102 image photo set compliments the video on ChanelSantiniXXX.com.