The Amazing Bubbles! Black-TGirls

I cannot believe the state of the adult industry today. I almost never bring up race, but there’s an elephant in the room. Although trans porn in the adult industry is thriving, Black-TGirls is one of the only places on the Internet that still presents black trans women in porn. Why is that? Are we that divided now?

Bubbles strokes her big cock again on Black-TGirls!

On a lighter note, “The Amazing Bubbles!” sounds more like a bath tub and tile cleaner than a porn update. But there’s nothing at all funny about this gorgeous performer’s photo and video sets. Bubbles is in eight of them on the site – six solos and two hardcore shoots! “The Amazing Bubbles!” begins with the 21 year old beauty removing her bra to reveal that she’s wearing a breast-baring fishnet body stocking. She’s also wearing panties, but she lowers then quickly, from behind. An what an incredible behind it is!

She’s completely naked in under a minute and a half. Bubbles then does a twerking routine that displays how each butt cheek has a mind of its own. For a moment, it looks like she’s about to do a headstand on the sofa. But she’s actually preparing to twerk upside down. But then comes time for Bubbles to pleasure herself by gently rubbing her fun spot.

Then the petite young lady begins stroking her big, hard cock. From this point on it’s crystal clear to me that Bubbles is one of my all-time favorite Black-TGirls discoveries. Actually, she debuted here on Femout.XXX! About my first statements: This has to change because it’s hurting all of us.

Bubbles Gets Her Sexy Ass Fucked: Black-TGirls

If you check out my Bubbles thread, you’ll see how long I’ve been raving about her. This is not her first Black-TGirls hardcore scene, but it’s perhaps her best one yet. She meets Ace for the first time and they like the way one another looks in person.

She’s seated on a sofa next to him and when she turns around for help getting undressed, her bares one of her perky breast and orally devours it. Then she raises her enticing bottom so he can lowers her panties. Ace eats the naked beauty’s ass, too.

Bubbles is totally naked when she gives Ace a blowjob. His dick is so long! I’ve never seen this kid before, but it’s crystal clear why he embarked upon the porn star career path. Bubbles makes a dazzling show of sucking his huge cock. Then she bends over on the sofa for a doggy style railing! The way she looks while getting fucked is a vision.

She sounds hot also with her little whimpers and moans. Ace gives it to her hard and fast at times. Then he lets Bubbles do most of the work – backing up on his rock hard, jet black cock. He spanks her bubble butt, then has her bounce up and down on his rod in the reverse cowgirl position. Her uncut cock bounces up and down as Ace fucks up into her tight ass.

Next, Bubbles rides Ace facing him. Then the attractive couple evolves into a missionary fuck. This Black-TGirls update ends with Bubbles rubbing out a tremendous cum shot! This hardcore scene is another example of why I’ve been saying for years that Bubbles is one of the 1,421 best models on the original black transsexuals porn site.

The Return of Bubbles: Black-TGirls

Go to the Bubbles: Black-TGirls Profile to see how this extraordinary young model. Or go back further to where she made her debut on Bubbles: Femout.XXX. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed her work.

The Return of Bubbles!” a 15:36 minute HD Video that comes with 107 Photos is a wonderful celebration of this bootylicious young fox who has done both solo and hardcore shoots!

The Black-TGirls March 2020 “Model of the Month” makes her comeback in a one-piece so skimpy that there’s a nip slip within the first few moments of the video.

But then she’s already loosing the upper strings of the outfit t expose her perky breasts anyway. The entire garment is off in just after a minute. Bubbles twerks her tattooed, naked bottom in ways that will drive a top’s imagination crazy!

I can’t help but think about how acrobatic she’d feel riding my stiff lady dick (she might only be into men, but a girl can dream, can’t she?). She makes each ass cheek flex as if it has a mind of its own. First she’s making it gyrate while standing, then on the sofa and on the floor.

She lays back spread eagle on the couch to finger bang her ass, moaning softly, like she’s getting close to cumming. Then she caresses her small, round boobs and eventually strokes her erection firmly. Bubbles is a grower, too. Damn she has a big dick for such a petite little thing!

I don’t like to play favorites, but I’ve never stanned a model more than I have Miss Bubbles. As far as I’m concerned, she’s amongst the best of the best. It totally mystifies me why I can’t find her on social media and how she hasn’t become an authentic porn star.

Black-TGirls: Bubbles Cums!

The official description reads: Our most recent Femout.XXX graduate and the December 2017 “Model of the Month”, beautiful Memphis doll Bubbles, returns with her second BTG solo scene! Bubbles is stunning! She’s unbelievably cute and her yummy round booty is from another world! She loves posing and showing off her perfect body and we definitely enjoy watching her! Looking gorgeous in a sexy pink see-through outfit, she slowly strips out of it, twerks, plays with her sexy ass and strokes her hard cock until she shoots a nice sticky load! Keep an eye on this cutie, hardcore coming soon too!

Producer KilaKali adds: “Bubbles is a pretty young girl from Memphis. I met her about a year ago through Alana Longcawk. She made her debut on our other site (Femout.XXX as a Fort Lauderdale, FL resident) . I am happy to bring her to you all to this site. She stands 5’8 and just 19 years old. She is full of energy and is ready to be pounded or will pound you if you want her to. Bubbles has a very nice bubble ass so be prepared to see her twerking all over the place. She also has some sexy little blonde pubic hairs for you guys that like that. A real joy to work with she has a hardcore coming soon so be sure to see her get a pounding. A clear new favorite of mine this year…. Enjoy!”

The direct link to my “Gorgeous Bubbles Graduates!” review is here so let me update you on her new orgasmic set. Bubbles greets us while sitting on the bed, flashes a nipple and unsnaps the crotch panel of her scandalous lingerie to expose her big cock.

Then she strips down to her fishnet stockings and all this action unfolds within the first two minutes! I don’t know what it is about this chick but one look at her fills my entire being with lust. I swing both ways but Bubbles is my number one dream girl of the moment.

Every physical attribute I could hope for in a trans girl is right there with Bubbles. Her creamy white cum spurting cock might actually be a bit too big for me. But I’m primarily a top anyway.

Listen to me going on like I have a chance. Well who knows? Stranger things have happened. Enjoy the two splendid sets of Bubbles on and don’t forget about her incredible debut and encore shoots of Femout.XXX!

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Bubbles Graduates!

Official description: KilaKali got another gorgeous Memphis girl to introduce to you! Following Kupkakes’ and Keyuna’s debut scenes, today we welcome beautiful Bubbles! Even though this is her Black TGirls debut scene, Bubbles is not exactly a new face. She already shot with Jack Flash in Florida this summer and made her debut on Femout.XXX in July. She’s is 19 years old, super cute and has a perfect bubble-butt! Along with with this scene being her Femout graduation, we’ve decided to make Bubbles our December 2017 “Model of the Month”! No need to explain, Bubbles is stunning!

I raved about Bubbles on Caramels TGirls (direct link) and I’m so happy for her. I might be one of the few fans who sees Femout not as an academy site but possibly a final destination any model can be proud of being featured on. But when the powers that be elevate a model in any way, shape or form, it’s well worth celebrating.

What I really like about the way KilaKali does in this session is an opening interview. I’ve never been a huge fan of silent movies and I always find it nice to learn something about the models. Bubbles tells us what her status is in the top/bottom spectrum and her favorite sexual position.

This producer and model have known each other for about a year and you can get a good sense of the comfort and trust established between them. Uncomfortable shoots make viewers uncomfortable too and thankfully we don’t see that here.

There’s more of Bubbles to come that sounds so exciting, but let’s stay focused on this update for now. The gorgeous 20 year old proceeds to tell us what she gets the most compliments on. Not surprisingly it’s the whole package that’s usually admired. Right after that, Bubbles begins to strip and I get it. It’s tough to decide where to focus on this girl because she’s so good looking from head to toe! Get to to watch her scene trailer.