Black-TGirls Review: Jasmine Lotus’ Orgasm

Watch The Trailer Description: What more can we say about this girl? Without a doubt one of the hottest girls to make her debut recently, gorgeous Jasmine Lotus returns this Tuesday too – eager to have some more fun! Jasmine is a real star: beautiful, sexy, with a perfect body and an amazing ass! Watch her stroking it just for you until she reaches orgasm in another smashing scene brought to you by Jack Flash!

Caramel’s Review: When Jasmine Lotus made her Black TGirls debut as Model of the Month in January 2018, her producer wrote, “Oh my goodness meet the beautiful Jasmine Lotus in her 1st ever shoot. Jasmine is from Chinese Jamaican decent… This girl is going places!” Wherever she’s going, I’m pretty sure you’ll wanna be there, too!

In this case, you’re in the bedroom with Jasmine who sits on the bed with a red silk robe and tall sandals on telling you that she’s going to make herself cum.

She removes the heels from her dainty feet and rubs them, saying a good foot massage gets her going. Then she climbs up on the bed and spanks her ass a couple of times. Jasmine then reveals that she’s wearing a beige bra and panty set as she opens her robe.

Jasmine looks absolutely exquisite in her undies and it takes about 4 minutes until she exposes her bountiful breasts. 32DDD and 34D are her cup measurements she states. Take not that there’s going to be plenty of breast fondling and more ass exposure before you see what the big bulge in her panties is all about.

Jasmine proceeds to finger bang her tight ass and spank it again and again before she lays back on the bed to stroke her cock. What comes next is the incredible sight of this Floridian beauty jerking off until she cums! Sometimes it takes two hands to handle that whopper.

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Black-TGirls Review: Toni Bee Is Back!

Watch The Trailer Description: Gorgeous Toni Bee returns! A year ago, she was introduced to the world by Omar Wax, today she’s back with a brand new solo scene and she looks stunning! Toni loves showing off her amazing body and her perfect booty! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock for you in her Grooby comeback scene once again brought to you by Omar Wax!

In her 3rd shoot for, Toni Bee looks as incredible as she did in her May 2018 debut. But although all three were presented by producer Omar Wax, there’s something quite different about each one. I’ll allow you to compare them side by side from the site, but here’s a quick summation of what makes this update so special:

The first thing I notice is the way this gorgeous model pays attention to detail with her hair, makeup, matching dress and mani-pedi – she’s covered all the bases. That might not be key to making trans fans cum, but it says a lot about the performer.

Toni peppers her performance with naughty talk, sort of the way a webcam model does. I’m not sure if that’s part of Toni’s background, but she’d most likely kill it in the cam game. She makes the most of her striptease in the seductive way she removes her skyscraper sandals, injecting an ample sequence of foot fetish content, and slowly removing her dress while standing.

She doesn’t just quickly remove her dress, but rather sheds it, revealing her perfectly rounded ass and playing jiggle games with it. With her smoothly shaven ball sack peeking out from her thighs with the rear view, the sequence playing out before you is exquisite. And it continues to creep up higher and higher along the arousal meter as Toni removes her brassiere on the leather sofa.

She stands up to remove her panties next. Then she bends over on the sofa and shows off the bare, magnificent globes of her bottom. You’ll be hard-pressed not to cum before Toni sits back to stroke her cock to erection.

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Black-TGirls Review: Baad Girl Does A Hardcore!

Watch The Trailer Description: Introduced to the world a few weeks ago, gorgeous Baad Girl Ari returns on Black TGirls today, but this time she’s back to make her hardcore debut! We definitely can’t wait to see this cutie getting her ass pounded hard! She is joined by Soldier Boi and he’s ready to give her what she needs! Watch them fucking hard in a brand new hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

Caramel’s Review: Ari looks incredible in gold in this update and she’s not worried about any wardrobe malfunctions. Her pretty boobs and nipples come out to play at the very beginning. Her purple panties are also visible as Soldier enters the room.

He comments on her primping and preening approvingly and she invites him closer to get more of her sweet scent and beauty. He gets a taste of her pert nipples and they rise to get her out of her clothing.

While Ari sits topless on the sofa, Soldier stands before her and begins to undo his pants. He then withdraws his beautiful rod, or BBC if you will. Ari makes an incredibly erotic show of sucking it.

Then it’s time to get Ari undressed further yet! Soldier removes her gold boots and plants kisses upon her dainty bare feet and calves. They both look incredible completely naked!

This is Baad Girl Ari’s third performance and her first hardcore scene! It runs 23:18 minutes and comes with a 189 image photo set.

Black-TGirls Review: Kylie Amoi & King Epicleus

Watch The Trailer Description: Kylie Amoi is back with a banging new hardcore scene produced by Radius Dark! She was joined by King Epicleus and they had so much fun. Kylie really enjoyed getting pounded! She felt he was so deep in her and gaped her right out. She really like doggy style and loved his cock. She underestimated the size, but adjusted to it during the fucking. She rode it good and gave him a great blowjob!

Caramel’s Review: I’m glad to see adult industry performers and producers getting tired of seeing the heavy promotion of the term “interracial scenes” instead of just letting people be people. If people of different races make porn together, I think we’ll notice without it being rammed down out throats. I’m guilty of perpetuating it in the past, but no more. I don’t know what they’re going to do at next year’s award ceremonies with categories because “Best Interracial Scene” has become a thing of the past and it’s time to move on.

Getting off my soapbox, which I rarely get on in the first place, let me tell you about what makes this update truly great. It’s the chemistry between the performers and what happens when they really get into it. Producer Radius Dark first presented gorgeous Kylie Amoi, a Southern girl who relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2016. They followed her debut up with four incredible solo scenes before her first hardcore scene on Black-TGirls. King Epicleus is a tall gentlemanly, remarkably fit stud from Las, Vegas with no piercings or tattoos. He’s a no-nonsense, serious type of guy with a refreshing business-like presence.

I really like the way King takes the lead in the bedroom sequence without being overpowering. I sense that this really turns Kylie on also during the fellatio sequence. King returns the favor by tossing her salad and giving her a handjob before getting his big dick sucked again almost to the midway point of this update. The raw sex footage is so sexy, especially when Kylie wonders out loud if she can take it. King eases her into a steady fuck rhythm that eventually has Kylie cumming profusely! Watching the way Kylie makes King climax makes for a seamless closing to a masterful update.

Black-TGirls Review: Holly Strokes Is Horny!

Model Profile Description: Holly Strokes is back looking better than ever! It’s amazing how this girl keeps getting hotter every time she returns! In a brand new scene produced by KilaKali, Holly is ready to play with her big hard dick again! Watch her stroking it just for you! She is stunning!

Bio: Birthday: 18th July
Location: Kansas City, MO

Miami native Holly Strokes is a fully verse model with a beautiful set of full lips. When she is topping she loves for a guy to ride her massive member. For the lucky guy that is able to get into her ass she loves it doggie style. An all around sweet and humble girl she was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with her again real soon.

Seven photo and video sets ago, beautiful Holly Strokes was named Model of the Month November 2017. There are no introductions when Holly is presented by KilaKali in this update. Holly exposes her breasts quietly, rubs circles around them and she tweaks her nipples firmly.

Then she rises to strip down to nothing but her high heels. The rest of her session is self-explanatory. She works her huge cock to erection after the midway point.

One of her most captivating sequences is when she’s jerking off while seated and licking one of her own nipples. It’s one of those, “I can hardly believe what I’m seeing” moments.

Black-TGirls Review: First Timer Friday: Baad Girl Ari!

Watch The Trailer

24 year old Baad Girl Ari had been in Louisiana for a spell, but she’s back in Houston, Texas which made this shoot with the Lone Star State producer Omar Wax relatively easy to get off the ground.

This 5’2″ (152 cm), 110 lbs (44 kg) firecracker looks stunning in a semi-sheer white body stocking posing seated and running a hand across her trim torso. She addresses you as “Daddy” as she poses standing about tw and a half minutes into the scene.

Although this is her debut on this world-famous website, Ari seems like a pro at the art of the striptease. She rubs her nipples and plays between her legs teasingly while taking quite a long time to she anything explicit.

All that delicious nudity you see in the video preview doesn’t happen until you’re well into the full-length video. Ari gives you plenty of time to get totally aroused so you’re ready to cum by the time her debut comes close to ending.

What’s the ending like? Well, Ari rubs one of her full boobs in a circular motion while jerking off furiously. Then she plays Hide & Seek with her erection before giving out her Instagram address. You can get it…. as a subscriber.

Black-TGirls Review: Ms. Royale Monroe Is Back

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Description: The Atlanta’s own, Ms. Royale Monroe, returns on this Saturday, a few months after she was introduced to the world right here! Looking even sexier, Royale is back feeling horny and ready to show us her sexy body and her amazing ass again! Watch her posing, stripping and playing with her cock in her comeback scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

“A first-timer and another cherry popped on Grooby! Ms. Royale Monroe was introduced to me through a friend in Atlanta just a few weeks ago. I made the quick hop from Florida to Atlanta to shoot this sexy Georgian country girl and I think BTG lovers will be glad I did. Her thick, juicy ass and perky natural tits are sure to get blood flowing. However, her long, thick cock will make your mouth water, as will her dirty talk and intense orgasm. Let’s hope we see more of the southern girl real soon.”

Caramel’s Review: Beautiful Monroe opens this update strutting around her bedroom asking if you’ve missed her. She asks you to have a seat with her and invites you to play a game. It begins with Monroe promising to tell you her deepest, darkest fantasy. She removes her top as she elaborates and her bare breasts are incredible.

Monroe knows how to build the suspense with her fantasy, too! More lingerie is shed and she tells us more and more. She develops an erection as she proceeds and she hasn’t even begun jerking off yet. That comes a few moments into the video, however.

She’s wearing skimpy panties as she fantasizes getting a blowjob from you. Her striptease is a true one. She’s not going to show you her bare cock until we’re further into her shoot. I’m not exactly sure how many times Ms. Royale Monroe has performed this way before, but she’s a pure natural on

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Black-TGirls Review: Petite Goddess

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Biography: Petite is from Miami and is a verse bottom. She loves for her man to stroke her uncut cock while he is giving her a strong fucking. She loves to be dominated and can be dominant if that is what a guy wants. A real cool girl, she was a bit nervous with this being her first shoot.

Caramel’s Review: The “Introducing Petite Goddess” update is our first look at this beautiful Floridian model. I’m going to break down her debut and encore performances presented by producer KilaKali. The opening interview begins with Petite sitting in a chair telling her producer that she’s born and raised in Miami. Petite wears nothing but a skimpy bikini and has the nerve to look absolutely gorgeous with barely any makeup on!

When I hear her describe herself as a versatile bottom, I think of a trans girl who prefers getting fucked, but will switch for the right partner. Petite confirms my thoughts but prefers different positions bottoming and topping. And she loves a fat cock. After KilaKali encourages the model to strip, the top and bottom come of rather quickly. Why be shy when you look this hot?! A twerk session is followed by a long session of petite posing explicitly from behind. We’re about 7 minutes into the debut when we find Petite masturbating full frontal both sitting and standing. She rubs her darkest parts, nipples and cock, increasing the speed of her fap session gradually.

“Petite Goddess Comes” is the encore scene with the stunning ingenue posing in the bedroom, on the bed almost wearing black lingerie. Petite’s large uncut cock is almost fully erect, too. She strips completely nude quickly and her poses across the bed are even more captivating that her poses on the chair in her debut set.

Finger banging leads to a big, full hardon with the head of Petite’s cock barely peeking through the fleshy foreskin. Petite is expert at making her boner dance when she’s not touching it. She’s not subtle about making her impending orgasm noticeable. I get the feeling that the cum shot she produces doesn’t display the kind of volume she’s expecting, yet it’s an explosive climax nonetheless. Let’s hope Petite Goddess becomes a frequent guest on the world’s finest black trans website of all time:!

Black-TGirls Review: Cumshot Thursday Luscious Kimberly

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Description: Introduced to the world by Jack Flash a few months ago, super cute Florida doll Luscious Kimberly was our “Model of the Month” for October 2018. Today, she’s back on – right on time to star in a brand new “Cumshot Thursday” episode! Kimberly is such a cutie! She has a beautiful face, an amazing curvy body, nice boobs and a perfect juicy ass! Watch her showing it all off and stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Biography by Jack Flash: Luscious Kimberly made a five hour trip to do this shoot, she was very nervous but eager at the same time. We worked on her poses and she soon warmed up and played with natural grown breasts and curved cock. She shot a nice stick load of cum in her 2nd set.

Caramel’s Description: That description of this voluptuous beauty captured in South Florida by producer Flash sums up Kimberly’s previous performance and here she cums again!

If you think that Luscious Kimberly looks hot, wait until you hear her re-introducing herself in this update. She states her intentions and bares her pendulous breasts quickly. Next comes a bit of mind-blowing twerk footage with her incredible bottom. Her cock and balls escape her tiny thong as she gyrates and wiggles her bottom. Luscious Kimberly faces the camera again to remove her sheer black stockings to expose her smooth, shapely legs and sexy feet with a fresh white pedicure. Her jet black, uncut cock is stiffening as she proceeds to stroke it. She does a lot of finger sucking while masturbating which will make it virtually impossible not to imagine her sucking your dick. She continues her vocal seduction, craving cock and eventually stripping completely nude.

Kimberly needs no porn to nut – just a lot of nipple rubbing and furious cock stroking. Her cum shot is so powerful that I had to skip back to make sure I really saw what I thought I did. Out of the 1,372 models on the finest and longest black trans adult websites, Kimberly Luscious is amongst the finest.

Black-TGirls Review: Kendall Dreams & Aaron Make Love

Description: Get ready for some more Kendall Dreams’ material from her UK trip! This time, she returns for some hardcore! Joined by Aaron Richards, Kendall is ready to get that sexy ass of hers pounded! Watch them sucking each other off before Aaron fucks Kendall until they both cum!

The great British producer Kalin of London, best known in trans porn for the top shelf mega-site, takes full advantage of beautiful Kendall James while she’s in London. Actually, it’s Aaron who really makes the most of it, in a more personal way.

Kendall’s first producer was Southern California’s Buddy Wood who said, “I met Kendall Dreams…through Natassia Dreams. Those are a couple of hot dreams! We had very little contact up until the day of our shoot and when she arrived I was blown away. Sweet and petite and just a sexy little blonde treat! Kendall Dreams really is the full package. Gorgeous face. Perky tits. Smooth golden brown skin from head to toe…and an ass that could make a grown man cry!! She’s definitely one of the hottest models I’ve shot this year and I think she’ll be a top ts star for many years to come if she wants. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with and is definitely got a good head on shoulders too. I plan on working with her much more.” And their work to follow is incredible.

This is Kendall’s second hardcore shoot for Black TGirls and it’s another blazing hot interracial set. It plays out like Aaron is Kendall’s boyfriend who’s lounging on the sofa when she returns to their apartment one evening. Aaron devours Kendall’s pierced nipples after quickly getting her top open. The next thing you know, he’s giving his lady a blowjob.

She kicks her pumps off to get more comfortable. Aaron worships her bare feet after removing her denim skirt. He resumes sucking her big cock until she decides to return the favor. After they switch giving head with each other again, Aaron tosses her salad, then it’s back to trading cock sucking favors.

The fucking begins with Aaron taking Kendall’s tight ass in the doggy style position. It’s hard to tell whose creamy white cum shot is bigger in this torrid update, so you might want to play each climax back a few times.