Rosa Da Hunter on Trans500: Chocolate Lovin’

Rosa Da Hunter on Trans500: Chocolate Lovin

Description: It’s about that time folks. Dark,lovely and beautiful. Rose Da Hunter makes her debut. This dark skinned beauty is here to take some cock! it’s about that time to get things started. Let’s get it started!

Caramel’s Review: It was driving me crazy not being able to figure out where I’d last seen beautiful Rosa Da Hunter before. Then it finally dawned on me that she’s the same model as Rose on Black-TGirls with seven incredible videos under her belt!

Rosa is spectacular on Trans500 with Carlo, one of my favorite Latinx studs in the new hardcore update! Ironically, Rosa Da Hunter looks like she’s the one being hunted as she walks down a South Florida avenue in a tight-fitting dress. As a Floridian, she fits right in, as does the handsome man driving in her direction. A quick exchange of words makes it clear that Rosa is a working girl and the hunk in the luxury sports car can afford a “date” with her.

She’s new to the neighborhood, but she doesn’t mind being felt up by the new man she’s in the car with. Suggesting they go somewhere private is cool with Carlo and they’re off. Alone in a nice apartment, the ice is broken with some friendly conversation. Rosa can’t help having wardrobe malfunctions, but Carlo doesn’t mind the nipple action. He confesses he’s into the sisters and quickly hones in on the points of Rosa’s breasts. He does so both manually and orally.

Rosa mentions that she likes ’em big, and Carlo is packing. Rosa is too, for that matter, and they’re great-looking together. After giving the handsome brown hunk a sloppy blowjob, Rosa lays back naked to be penetrated raw by his turgid erection. Missionary position evolves to doggy style and Rosa’s sexy moans add so much to the torrid sex! Rosa rides her client in the cowgirl position next.

She looks incredible from behind, but amazing when she switches into the reverse cowgirl position also! Rosa strokes her tremendous erection until thick jets of creamy white cum pour out. I wasn’t expecting so much cum to explode from the head of her hardon, nor was Carlo obviously. Frankly, I’m just glad she came at all in this fantastic Trans500 update! Why should the guys have all the fun?

Black-TGirls: Kayla Biggs Cums For You!

Description: The superstar Kayla Biggs made an amazing comeback a couple of weeks ago, but that wasn’t all! She’s back this Monday too, to kick off another smashing week on Black-TGirls and give you some more! Always ready to play, Kayla can’t wait to get her big cock hard and stroke it just for you! Watch her playing with herself until she pops a nice sticky cumshot in today’s smoking hot update brought to you by KilaKali!

Caramel’s Review: When this legendary beauty was recently featured in “Kayla Biggs Is Back!“, her 26th Black-TGirls video and photo set, I covered it. This is her next shoot and I wouldn’t say it’s better. It just has more of an explosive ending. She’s in a one-piece and long socks masturbating from almost the very beginning.

When Kayla stands on her knees on the bed, swinging her big dick from side to side, it’s almost fully erect. She exposes her big breasts in just under four minutes. Before your very eyes, her massive organ grows hard as a rock! Then she lays face down on the bed to make you wish you could do things to her incredible ass you might be to shy to talk about out loud.

About thirteen minutes into this scene, you can tell that Kayla is ready to get down to business. It’s about that time to nut. For the next few moments she closes her eyes while laying back and jerking off. With her left hand holding the base of her big tool and her right hand pumping the shaft just below the head, Kayla’s climax hits. A creamy white puddle of cum lands below her rippling abs and streams down Kayla’s hand. The lovely Kayla Biggs waves goodbye and that’s a wrap for this spectacular update.

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Black-TGirls: Introducing Diamond Caine!

Introducing Diamond Caine! Black-TGirls

Description: February is almost here and we have a pleasure to introduce our February 2020 “Model of the Month” today! Everybody, please welcome super cute Texan doll named Diamond Caine!

Just discovered by Omar Wax, Diamond is young, sexy and excited to show the world what she has! She can’t wait to show off her amazing body, long legs and that firm yummy booty of hers! Watch her posing and playing with her cock in her first scene ever! What a cutie!

Caramel’s Review: “I’m low-key innocent. 5’8, 130 lbs, 1 year and 2 months on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Favorite color: Gold.” is about all gorgeous Diamond Caine has in her Black-TGirls biography. But she talks a bit about herself in Omar’s opening interview. She’s actually from Houston, Texas and she enjoys muscle worshiping and deep throating. In my world, they’re the same thing… haha.

Diamond gives her Twitter and Instagram URLs right before her striptease begins. Her posing is excellent and her athleticism enhances her elegant movements. Diamond seems born to become a model. It takes about 10 minutes before we get some bare breast and nipple action.

It’s even further down the line that we see her uncut cock. But this girl is exquisite and it’s well worth the wait! I hope she’s here to stay because the potential for Diamond Caine is so, so abundant.

Black-TGirls: Gretchen Feinburg!

Climax Thursday: Gretchen Feinburg! Black-TGirls

Description: In what was possibly the hottest comeback of 2019, the one and only Gretchen Feinburg made an amazing return on Black-TGirls a couple of months ago. Today, Gretchen is back once again – right on time to star in a brand new episode of our “Climax Thursday” series produced by Buddy Wood! Gretchen is stunning as always and she can’t wait to show off her smoking hot body, long legs and her PERFECT ass once again! Watch her posing, stroking her cock and cumming just for you! What a beauty!

Caramel’s Review: Buddy Wood presents stunning Gretchen Feinburg in her eighth Black-TGirls update since June 2013! Gretchen introduces herself in the kitchen as a housewife doing her daily chores. But it’s time to take a little break to turn you on. Her striptease is initially dominated by her incredible bottom, explicitly exposed, then she exposes her tits and cock.

A lot happens early in this update! Gretchen is sporting a raging hardon within the first three minutes and stroking it furiously! The focus on her bottom and thick cock while she faps on the washer and dryer are absolutely spellbinding!

The points of her chocolate nipples are obviously as aroused as Gretchen’s big cock is by the end of this scene. And you won’t want to miss her counter top climax!

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Grooby’s Marks 20th Anniversary

Grooby's Marks 20th Anniversary

I wish I could be more excited about the October 29, 2019 XBIZ announcement about celebrating its 20th Anniversary online. The article reads: Trans powerhouse Grooby is marking the milestone 20th anniversary of Black-TGirls. As the 1990s drew to a close, Grooby’s founder, Steven Grooby, tested the idea of spinning off

“The requests for more and more black content were building,” Grooby recalled. “In those days we were still shooting on film, with no video, and each week was a fight to find new models. In those early internet days, it was a struggle to find new talent, with producers having to scour local personals or trawl the streets looking for potential models. It made both logical and economic sense to separate the sites.”

In due course, made its debut. The site has grown to include over 1400 performers, among them top stars Kayla Coxx, Natassia Dreams, Sexxy Jade, Victoria Porsche, Megan Snow and mainstream breakout TS Madison. In 1999, the site’s creative team was The Commander, Tony Vee, Vegas Bob and Video Bob; the directorial squad in 2019 includes Radius Dark, Jack Flash, Kila Kali, Omar Wax and Buddy Wood.

Steven Grooby remains disappointed that Black-TGirls largely has the field to itself. “I think it’s a travesty how few black performers get to work for other companies and projects considering the amount of talent out there,” he said. “I’m a huge fan of the site and the girls; it’s a privilege to be able to work with so many and to be able to provide a platform to showcase these gorgeous women and to be able to use that platform to also educate and promote on trans issues and inclusion.”

“I’d like to thank all the models, the producers and the supporters who have been able to keep this site at the forefront of trans erotica over the last two decades,” he continued, “and I look forward to continuing to grow in the future years.” In related news, Grooby recently rolled out a new DVD series anchored by newcomer starlets from the site. In August, earned an Urban X Awards citation as Best Trans Website; the kudo was the site’s first-ever awards recognition.

There are adult industry critics who believe that the “segregation” of black trans performers is part of the reason they’re not working for other major adult studios, both trans and mainstream. Polls have been conducted asking trans porn subscribers if they’d like to see black models and performers on sites like and TGirls.XXX.

The results of those polls are obvious. But other critics point out that if it weren’t for Grooby, black performers would have nowhere else to go. It’s a touchy subject that I believe fully illustrates the diversity of the trans adult industry today or lack thereof. This is why I’m not quite as excited about this announcement as I feel I should be. I would have thought 20 years ago that society would have come along further than it is right now.