Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay says she was supposed to put underwear on before pressing play, recording the “Massive Quarantine Cumshot” video update. She’s wearing a halter top that hides her big boobs, but her thick erection is standing straight up from her thighs. She’s been shooting for the website all day and she wants you to whip your dick out.

She fully instructs you how to stroke your cock and what to do it with. Then she goes into detail about how much she’s into the smell of sweaty dick and balls. So she’s beating off in a yellow chair, naked from the waist down. Bailey spreads her thighs widely to smack her ass, yet she’s still facing you with that big hardon – its head pointing toward the ceiling.

Her bloated balls cause her to state that she’s s full. So full of cum. Never forgetting her foot loving fans, she sits back in her chair and gets her wrinkled soles in the frame. About six minutes in, she turns around to present her magnificent ass. Basically, unless you’re a bare breast lover, you’ve probably shot you load by now. As for the massive cumshot promised, she is not kidding! Thick ropes of creamy white blast from the tip of her swollen cock head.

Her orgasm is loud as fuck and convulsive! Bailey can’t help but to burst out in laughter because her climax was so powerful. She got cum on the ring light and apologizes for it. I’m not sorry. Are you? She then realizes that she never took her tits out.

Then she lets her jugs swing loose apologized again, this time for being so penis-oriented. Then she stands up again. Damn, her cock and balls are still so big and inflated! Then she tries to clean up. It’s a big job for Bailey Jay.

Bailey Jay: I’m Stuck Inside My House And Horny

Bailey Jay apologizes for having America’s most squeaky floors. It’s a nice house and so is the part of her that enters the frame first – her thick, hard juicy cock! The bed isn’t made and it looks like someone just had sex in it. She says she doesn’t usually bring up current events in her porn and that’s true. But she repeats the title printed below her lewdly displayed figure, “I’m Stuck In My House and I’m Horny” so…

She’s wearing light blue lingerie and her boner is standing at attention when she’s both standing and seated. After complaining and asking for forgiveness, she curls her fingers around her erection and asks you to take out your cock. Well, it’s not really an ask and it’s obviously urgent that we get things going immediately. “Stroke with me,” she encourages. “You’re going to get off with me.”

A steady jerking rhythm is established and she lays back on the mattress in profile. Her big tits aren’t fully exposed, but we know that’s coming soon. She rises to her feet again and asks you to milk her fat girl-cock. Then her big breasts are released, tan lines and all! Bailey has oil to lube them up with. She uses the rest to fap. Her legs and feet are bare and dry, but her upper half is all nice and shiny wet.

You can pretty much tell that her final position will be full frontal and close up when her orgasm hits. She moans loudly, announces, “I’m so close,” and she rises up a bit to shoot her load. This is yet another tremendous Bailey Jay cum shots that rolls across her firmly stroking hand as she rides out her intense climax! She thanks you for making her cum and laments that she’s got to change her sheets now before saying goodbye.

Bailey Jay In I’ve Been Hard All Day

I’ve Been Hard All Day” runs just under fourteen minutes. That should give you plenty of time to alleviate your frustration, especially if you’ve been experiencing the same problem! The world’s most famous trans porn star lets you know that the outline you see in her tight dress is her dick.

It’s a really big outline so it almost looks fake. But the thing is, Bailey Jay really does have a big dick! It looks like she’s in a guestroom of her home that’s somewhere in Florida. Even when she sits down in her easy chair, the imprint head of her stiff rod is stiff visible as it stands up between from her thighs.

She parts her legs for a split second to give you a brief glimpse of her smoothly shaven ball sack. This flash puts me in a trans version of the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. But what cums later in this movie is a cum-shooting big cock!

Bailey allows her huge boner to flop out of her dress when she stands back up. She wags it around for a bit and sighs, “Oh fuck” after curling her French-nailed fingers around the thick shaft. She apologizes for last week’s quickie cum shot. She was sick so please give a girl a break. She invites you to pull out your dick and jerk off with her.

She decides to wait for you to do that while baring her large breasts and telling a short story of how her cat scratched her arm. Then she stands up again to put her swollen schlong in your face. Again. Now you’re ready to beat off together! She reminds you that she’s obsessed with cock and how horny she gets knowing how many people she’s making cum.

At least she has a pretty good idea I’m sure. She loves the smell of dick after a long, hot day. Thinking this way causes her to bring your attention to her totally hard boner standing straight up on its own. “See? Works every time.” She points a few other things out after orgasm for a couple of minutes after shooting a big load of creamy white cum!

Bailey Jay In I Haven’t Cum In 9 Days

Consider the title of the new Bailey Jay update, “I Haven’t Cum In 9 Days” for a moment. To everyone who happens to have a penis between their legs, what sort of climax might you produce after such a long period of time?

Better yet, let’s focus on the type of orgasm Bailey will have after holding back for so long. The first bit of information we get about what’s been going on with her, aside from the big, thick boner stretching the side pane of her undies, is she’s been ill. Nine days sick isn’t the exactly the worlds best aphrodisiac.

But she’s all better now and has her white shoulderless top, red and yellow designers undies and over-the-calf socks on. And she’s horny. She sits back and this subtle movement makes the head of her cock point up toward the ceiling. I can never quite get over how such a heavy looking schlong can defy gravity the way it does.

I also can never get over how hot she looks with little to no makeup on and hair that looks like she just woke up in the morning with. “This is not going to be a long one,” she says while jerking off about this video. “I need to cum so bad.” Hmm.. her nipples are rock hard and so is her big dick. It’s pretty darn obvious, but hearing her reinforce her status makes the update even hotter.

When she bends forward, her large breasts almost spill completely out of her skimpy top. It’s so sexy to get all this nip action before total nudity upstairs. Bailey takes a break from stroking her erection to consider her bloated balls, stating how full they are. Yes, they’re backed up with over a week’s jizz!

I won’t tell you exactly how her thick prick shoots a load of creamy white cum because I want you to go to her official Bailey Jay website or the TGirl-Network to join her in orgasm.

Bailey Jay: Cum Twice With Me

Bailey Jay’s fat cock is usually in a perpetual state of hardness whenever she’s shooting porn all day. If you’re familiar of being ready to make yourself cum after long periods of time being horny, you know how she must feel at the beginning of “Cum Twice With Me“.

Dressed in a lacy white bustier, a green sweater and nothing else (from the Green Machine set), Bailey Jay shows off her thick boner and proceeds to tell us about her latest horny exploits.

Her glasses are fake, but her arousal is not. She almost immediately begins jerking off rapidly and firmly. Then she tells you to do the same, not like a dominatrix would, just someone who knows you’re as turned on as she is.

Bailey releases her breasts and nipples from her bustier for another element to propel your lust as she masturbates for you. She turns to the side to present a bit of bare leg and foot action, then fully around for a naked butt show. Then it’s back to full frontal with a forceful finger banging. “I’m so horny,” she gasps while stroking the girth her erection and her tits are bouncing and jiggling. She rises on her knees on the mattress and tenses up, silently announcing that her orgasm is approaching.

This is one of the loudest solo climaxes I’ve seen in a long time! After a thick, steady stream of cum pours out of her cock, Bailey announces that this video was supposed to be longer. She decides to get completely naked at this point. Mommy says, “If you’re still stroking, I’ll hang out with you.” But then she’s not just going to chat. She begins jerking off again since her big dick is still hard.

It’s not long before Bailey is cumming a nice creamy white load of jizz again. She jokes that there’s going to be another encore, but she’s just kidding. It’s time to run errands including cleaning the bedding she shot her fresh load all over. You can also catch Bailey Jay on the!

Bailey Jay: Get Hard With Me

It looks like 4 out of 5 stars for the last couple of videos from Bailey Jay according to the TGirl-Network before Get Hard With Me was released. In the last video update, Just Woke Up Blowjob, we have a POV morning jerk off session with Bailey and her husband, Matt. She looks incredible with no makeup on and natural, messy black hair.

Stroking her erection furiously, she sucks her man off for a liquid breakfast. Bailey wears a red nightie that fully exposes her big boobs and other goodies. The hubby cums first and she makes herself cum while tea bagging her man’s balls.

There’s a superbly shot capture of her fat, stiff dick shooting it’s creamy white cum, her bare legs and feet and that scene ends with Bailey finger banging her tight butt.

Before that, we have the Jewel Butt Plug video update. This one is self-produced with Bailey all pretty in pink. She’s sporting a big boner and she’s a bit afraid that her ass is going to totally swallow up her jewel butt plug. She adds, “I’m very lubey and horny.”

The first part of this scene focuses on her magnificent ass. Then it’s full frontal and her legs are clad in tan stay-up stockings. What’s great about this video is just how turned on she gets by this toy embedded in her fun spot. She stands up and faps until her thick cock shoots a big creamy load. After tasting her cum, she has a hard time removing the plug. It just is not ready to come out yet. Having long French-tip nails isn’t helping with that at all.

Get Hard With Me is more of a classic JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) shoot she’s well-known for. But Bailey Jay is a redhead vision in blue in this update. Her thick cock is already hard once again and in the beginning she says, “You know the drill. Take out you cock.” She also loves how elegant her negligee is and I’m sure you will, too. She plays spinning and stroking games with her erection and her cleavage looks amazing in the lingerie.

Bailey’s huge tits are eventually exposed. She also does a lot of moving around on that bed which is great for leg admirers and bare foot lovers Bailey never forgets need pleasing. After crying out, “Oh, babe I’m close,” you can pretty much nail down the exact second thick streams of cum are going to pour out of her swollen cock head. Then come the cum-eating instructions so get ready to play along.

Bailey Jay: Saw Sound Fetish / 2 Cocks 1 Pocket Pussy

I had no idea what “Saw Sound Fetish” on the official Bailey Jay website could possibly mean until I watched it. She explains that her neighbor is using a circular saw when the video opens. She doesn’t have a saw sound fetish, but if you do, you’re in luck. She adds that she’s got on more clothing than usual for this video update. Bailey then makes up for that fast by unbuttoning her jeans, sitting on the sofa and whipping out her fat cock. Her organ is almost fully swollen and she’s still wearing lingerie and tall sandals, plus the pants are simply lowered. Next thing you know, she’s got a live, throbbing dick in her mouth!

The camera man is her hubby, Matt, and he gets his long schlong lovingly deep throated and his balls tea bagged. While sprawled out of the sofa, on her back, Bailey jerks off and climaxes – streams of creamy white cum pouring out of her swollen cock head. We’re only halfway into this video! She stands up and Matt films her grasping her throbbing meat in close up. She squeezes the last few drops of cum out of her prick and goes back to sucking her man.

Her huge tits are out in the open and her large penis hasn’t gone flaccid yet. Long-time fans like yours truly predicted that it wouldn’t go down quite yet. But can you predict exactly how she’s going to receive Matt’s big cum shot? I’ll let you find out for yourself. She has the “Black Denim Slut” photo set to go along with the video.

Moving forward to the “Two Cocks One Pocket Pussy” update, the title is easier to understand than the last one. The theme of this update is purple – hair and lingerie. It could also describe the shade of color of some viewer’s cock heads upon seeing her in the living room, but I digress. She releases her full erection from the side panel of her sexy garment and swings her hips, making her heavy tool slap each thigh.

Next comes a straightforward POV cock sucking sequence. She strokes her boner while going down on her hubby. Unlike what happened at about the three minute mark of her last video, she stands up and removes her sandals instead of cumming. She beats her hubby’s mean for about another two minutes, then produces the pocket pussy. I’m thinking she’s going to fuck it, but she rolls it down Matt’s erection instead.

The head and part of the shaft is exposed through the sexy toy and she continues sucking it while making him fuck the plastic pussy! She makes him cum with her pumping right fist and tongue. Then it’s her turn. She does a bit of pocket pussy fucking herself, but it’s her own hand that produces streams of fresh jizz to explode from her bulbous cock head. She catches the big dollops of spunk in her palm and tastes her own cum as always in this splendid Bailey Jay video update!

Bailey Jay Review: New House Who Dis?

Video Preview Gallery

For anyone who doesn’t get this title, it’s a play on what’s said when someone gets a cell phone call and feigns lack of recognition from the caller. It’s a cute autobiographical porn title new to She’s moved to a new house and has invited us to help break it in with her hubby.

Sample Photo Gallery

We move right in with POV of gorgeous Bailey giving Matt head while she’s wearing an animal print top that shows off her deep cleavage. Her jerking hand kind of hides her big dick, but we can see her smooth, hairless balls bouncing. She’s clearly jerking off.

There’s a nice long big bare breast show and the couple take time to not only masturbate each other, but themselves. I happen to think the blowjob footage is best, especially that shot in profile. We get to see more of Bailey’s voluptuous body when she’s stretched out in the wide angle view as opposed to vertically. Scratch that! Now her big cock is in closeup! It keeps getting better and better in every type of view.

I can’t think of any reason for anyone not to love this update except for maybe those looking for yet another foot lover’s update. She’s well-known for adding a huge amount of pretty peds content, but sorry, not this time.

Bailey Jay Review: I’m Horny

Taste The Rainbow” and “Pink Beauty” are two most recent sample photo galleries released in time with the latest video. Bailey takes responsible for doing the lighting for the “I’m Horny” shoot which is a nice way of learning a few things about production she might not already know. It’s not like she has a team producing her. Bailey’s hubby, Matt, is her only producer these days. Another thing she’s been doing to change things up a bit is changing hair color – experimenting with different wig shades. Some ask why a beautiful trans woman in porn with the most visibility and great dark hair choose to wear wigs.

For a model who’s been running regularly updating her website for going on nine years, I’m surprised that she hasn’t changed much more than her hair! Well, she did opt for bigger knockers. That enabled her to reduce her hormone regime which is obvious in the size of her cock when she’s turned on. Wait until 1:10 minutes of the full-length “I’m Horny” video when she whips her big dick out. You’ll see what I mean. Bailey calls herself a hipster for using coconut oil as lube these days. I use it for frying chicken but now she has even me considering choking my chicken with it instead.

After all, it smells good and if you’re sucking a cock, coconut oil is all natural. Anyway, after jerking herself off to a full erection, Bailey whips out a purple vibrator for some ass play and to rub across her hardon. Back to the lube thing, she says she doesn’t need it to make herself cum. I think she just knows how much her fans adore her oiled, glistening boner.

Her smooth, stroking hands and shiny big dick do look especially sexy, especially with a big load of creamy white cum streaming across them. After that happens, Bailey mentions that she’s moving. Where to?

Perhaps she’ll tell us in her next torrid update on or on the!