April, Elsie & Elf on Chaturbate Trans

I just found out that one of my favorite porn stars, 24 year old April Gillespie aka Annie Trappington, is out of her retirement from porn and back on Chaturbate Trans! And she’s back with two of her favorite people, gorgeous Elsie Sommers and Elf Monster. April made her major studio debut in October 2015 as Femout.XXX Annie Trappington. I didn’t know she had a serious girlfriend until I saw the Radius Dark masterpiece video and photo set TGirls.Porn: April Gillespie & Elsie Sommers.

Last night was the first time I saw April and Elsie on cam with gorgeous blonde Elf Monster. The threesome I witnessed was absolutely mesmerizing. There was oral switching all over the place and all three babes are hung. April’s cock is the biggest and it’s ridiculously large. I can’t decide who has the most firm and lovely set of breasts and I don’t think the fans could either.

At one point it seemed like Elf was going to cum in April’s mouth. Elsie said that April has no gag reflex. In a 69, April got on top of Elf for a 69. April’s reactions to getting her nipples and cock sucked resemble some sort of erotic exorcism. I wasn’t the only one amazed by the deep soul kissing these girls shared. Talk about tight!

That thought brings me to when the actual fucking began. Elf cracked me up shouting about about the “We All Fuck “tip goal they were rapidly approaching. When the moment of truth came, Elf got on her back and April eased her huge cock inside the blonde’s tight ass. It took a lot of effort, but once she was fully embedded, Elsie entered April’s ass!

I wanted to see this show until the end, but Elsie’s jackhammer thrusting that propelled April to rail Elf harder and faster made me lose it. It was time for me to sign out of the Chaturbate.com/Annietrappington channel, clean up and go about my business.

I highly recommend that you register for free and follow that channel! Keep your eye on Chaturbate.com/Elsiesommers also which was active just last week.

Femout.XXX Review: April Gillespie Is Back!

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I don’t like reminding anyone of a performer’s former stage name once he or she changes it. It’s not as bad as rehashing a trans person’s dead name, but there’s no reason for it. A little respect doesn’t cost a thing. I do however like to remind everyone about a performer’s great personality when they resurface and April Gillespie gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that.

We’re living in a time when you’d almost think being a nice person is a bad thing. Annie performs in a way that makes us happy and proud to be great porn fans – like she absolutely loves what she’s doing.

How do you like April’s super cute, kissable face and supremely tight and toned body? Did you happen to notice that she has the prettiest boobs, a really big cock and an astounding ass? I’m just checking for a friend.

April is shot outside in Seattle, Washington by Radius Dark on a busy street and out by the water for a deliciously long period of time. We’re treated to this beautiful outdoor footage until we’re alone in a room with April.

As not to let us forget what we’re here for, April immediately begins stroking her schlong with her sexy legs spread wide open. All she’s got on is her summer dress, panties and sparkly fishnet stockings. Oh, and a butt plug!

Her dialogue is a major turn on and so are her deep moans once the sensations of her fap session really kick in. The up-skirt footage that comes next is super horny. Then, April masturbating completely naked takes things to a whole ‘nother level in her 9th Femout.XXX performance!

TGirls.Porn: April Gillespie & Elsie Sommers

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Description: Another bout of tantalizing antics await here on the world’s premiere TS on TS site as we unveil April Gillespie (formerly Annie Trappington) and her cute young partner, Elsie Sommers. Two hung and horny real-life lovers, one popping Radius Dark production – it’s all here and now on TGirls.Porn!

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This is where you’ll find real life girlfriends April Gillespie and Elsie Sommers. I was first impressed by April’s Femout.XXX performances under the name Annie Trappington. Then her trans lesbian work on TGirls.Porn with Angel Be’Natti and Lucy Sioux blew me away. The chemistry with those partners was amazing but with Annie and Elsie, it’s pure magic.

I first saw April and Elsie on a Chaturbate.com webcam show two weeks ago and I’ll share the link with you after this TGirls.Porn scene review. Mr. Dark presents the girls kissing and pre-heated so to speak. They’re in a sort of school girl mode that starts and stops with the cute little tartan plaid skirts. They chat flirtatiously while making out and stripping each other. The first big dick we see belongs to April. But Elsie’s full nudity comes first and she’s the first girl to develop a hardon. Well, that’s a result of April’s firm stroking.

Annie goes down on Elsie and there’s a lot of big cock in this room. It’s hard not to notice how well endowed they both are while watching them take turns blowing each other. Their POV techniques are easier to study when they’re laying down as opposed to standing.

It’s hard to tell who the top and bottom is in this relationship if there is one. That’s because of the prowess they display in fucking each other! Elsie drill’s April’s tight ass first and then April tears up Elsie’s cute little butt. This TGirls.Porn update is precious. To see them together LIVE register free on my favorite webcam site through the profile tsdreamlandcams.chaturbate.com/elsiesummers!