TGirls.XXX Cumshot Friday: Alethia Dreams!

The debut of beautiful Alethia Dreams on TGirls.XXX is the most foot fetish-oriented scenes I’ve seen on TGirls.XXX ever. The description reads: It’s Friday and it’s time for another episode of our ‘Cumshot Friday” series! But this one is really special. For a video preview click here.

We have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie! Meet Alethia Dreams! A beautiful girl with a smoking hot body – Alethia is without a doubt one of the hottest new faces of 2018! We are sure we are going to see a lot more from this beauty in the near future! For now, enjoy beautiful Alethia cumming for you in a brand new “Cumshot Friday” installment brought to you by Frank!

The sequence with Alethia resting her feet clad in open toe pumps and slowly removing them is so long. There’s a considerable amount of time before viewers see her lean, narrow feet and the rest of Alethia completely bare. But when you do, you might find yourself marveling over Alethia’s overall beauty.

I could swear she literally has a twinkle in her eye when she smiles. She’s one of the finest new trans models of 2018. That wouldn’t be such an outrageous statement if she weren’t so new. Brand spanking new!

Once her platforms are resting on the table, Alethia does a standing striptease, lowering her bra cups and playing with her tits with her jacket and pants still on. Once topless, she begins to lower her pants while giving us a tremendous view of her curvaceous bottom. She wiggles and spreads her bare ass cheeks and slowly turns around to display a few inches of her swelling cock.

Alethia begins jerking off and her penis is so fully engorged. Then she’s shown stepping before the table from head to toe. She continues using the table as a prop, sitting on it and eventually laying down on it to show off her ass to perfection.

She spanks her butt hard while her cock and balls jut out from between her cheeks. Then she sits up and jacks off full frontal. Her pierced tummy is so flat, she doesn’t even have what we call a sitting stomach. But she doesn’t appear to be too thin at all. She’s just right and so is the look on her beautiful face as she releases her first ever TGirls.XXX climax. There’s not much cum but she’s on hormones so give a girl a break. This scene and the photo set were brilliantly shot by the producer of