Agatha McCartney: TS Playground

Agatha McCartney aka Agatha Maccartney was a trans porn star in Brazil when I first started covering the adult industry way back in 2009. This veteran from São Paulo looks amazing as she introduces herself in pink and white lingerie on TS Playground.

She teeters on high heel sandals before settling on the sofa to render herself topless. Agatha then begins rubbing the huge bulge between her legs. She’s standing when she allows her big cock to spring out of her panties. Agatha then kicks off the undergarment and sits back to beat off. Her rear poses are as enticing as the frontal views she delivers.

She’s pinching a nipple and pumping her dick full frontal, moaning deeply when thick ropes of creamy white cum pulse from the head of her cock. There’s an instant replay of Agatha’s tremendous cumshot close-up before this gorgeous star pees and the video fades to black.