Sensualdrug: Trans Ellie & Cis Hanna on Chaturbate

Trans Ellie & Cis Hanna of Moscow on Chaturbate

Ellie and Hanna have oral sex!

Ellie is a brunette Asian trans girl and Hanna is her redhead cis partner. Their couples stream in the trans category of Chaturbate took me by surprise. I don’t recall how long they’d been streaming when I came across their Sensualdrug channel. Ellie had her top on, but Hanna’s tits were falling out of her blouse while she sat next to Ellie vaping. They weren’t engaged in sex yet.

Dancing around while seated and lip-synching were all that was happening. And they were typing with fans who were tipping generously. But all the sudden, Ellie started moaning loudly. The ginger smiled wickedly as she must have been grabbing something below the frame of the camera view. I think she was squeezing Ellie’s cock. The kiss they shared next was riveting.

Ellie stood up and raised her top to reveal a set of breasts as lovely as her partner’s boobs. Hanna stayed in place, flashed her braces, and proceeded to take Ellie’s flaccid cock inside her mouth. She had her girlfriend’s dick raging hard within moments. They took a break for some refreshments and to chat for awhile.

These girls are from Moscow and I don’t speak Russian unfortunately. But Hanna told us in English that Ellie would be back after a short break. Hanna held down the fort very well until her partner resumed. They resumed French kissing – this time both of them topless. They fulfilled a barefoot toe -wiggling show for a tipper. Then they giggled their way into removing each other’s panties.

Ellie then received another blowjob. Ellie couldn’t hold out for too long this time around. She jerked off for a few minutes of Hanna’s talented sucking. Then spurt after spurt of cum shot out of the tip of her stiff prick to coat the redhead’s pretty face! It’s pretty obvious that she likes the taste of Ellie’s jizz. Follow!

Chaturbate masturbate and chat!
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