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Scarlett Dove looked stunning in a recent stream lying on her side in a black lingerie set. Her breasts were covered and the bottom of her outfit consisted of panties with garters and black stockings. Her gorgeous face was lightly made up with pale pink eye shadow and lipstick. She was squeezing her cock through her panties when I logged into Chaturbate Trans Cams for free. Then she whipped out her long, thick, uncut schlong within the next five minutes. Her smoothly-shaven balls were excused.

The look on her pretty face transformed into lust-ridden within a few moments. Scarlett told a fan, “You should see it when it’s hard.” Then she added, “It gets a lot bigger.” I know that because of her hormone regime it can take awhile for her cock to fully enlarge. It’s so well worth the wait to see Scarlett with a full-blown hardon! She paused from masturbating to remove her top, exposing her pierced pink nipples. Then she grabbed a bottle of lube to coat her thick shaft with.

After jerking off in her panties and sheer black stockings for awhile, Scarlett began sharing more information about herself. I was amazed that she’s been on hormones for a decade because she looks like she’s in her low-twenties. Scarlett happened to mention that before hormones, her prick was almost a foot long. It’s 8.5 or 9 inches long now and still very thick. It was a relief to Scarlett loosing a few inches because it used to be a bit much for some people. Even now, her junk can be overwhelming to some.

What followed was a session of cock sleeve fucking. More revelations came during this set. Scarlett is bisexual and mostly a bottom. But she still tops in her personal life, too. One of the most exciting things about her streams is hearing her soft, pretty voice. Her moans will go right through you! Then there’s the confessions that come with her streams. Whether you like a nicely rounded ass, perky tits, narrow, dainty feet, a huge dick, Transgender star Scarlett Dove will not let you down physically.

And she spanks her sexy butt more than you’d expect her to. She also uses paddles. I think you’ll love watching this lovely young trans woman stroking her big erection with one or two hands. And her toe-curling orgasms are out of this world! Check out and! Also see her on!

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