RubberSummer on Chaturbate

RubberSummer of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Chaturbate Trans Cams

This is the second time I’ve written about RubberSummer from Chaturbate. I’ve just found out that RubberSummer’s pronouns are They/Them and I’m so sorry for not catching that during my January 20, 2021 write-up right here. This webcammer is especially wonderful for those into BDSM.

Summer is a submissive who loves being treated roughly and like a slut. On cam, laying on their back naked, stroking their hard cock, you kinda get that vibe. It’s when they begin talking dirty that you realize just how kinky they are . They’ll show you all you want to see from head to toe. You can gauge when that RubberSummer orgasm is approaching.

While confessing that they’re nothing but a sex toy, Summer will work themselves up to a big, cum-shooting orgasm! I’m talking huge dollops of creamy white cum across their porcelain thigh. RubberSummer takes a long period of time to come down post-climax.

So it you haven’t yet cum, she’ll give you time to nut and talk about it, too. Summer’s thick cock stays hard for a minute before she winds things down and signs off. Follow them on and on Twitter at @RubberSummer.

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