Review: TransAngels Wet And Hard with Rubi Maxim & Kate Zoha

Description: Kind-hearted Rubi Maxim wants to spoil her hot girlfriend, Kate Zoha. She prepares a soothing bath for her, with candles and bath foam, the dream! Kate Zoha is feeling naughty, so she decides to slip in a butt plug before getting into the bath. There, she starts feeling herself up and masturbating, soon calling on the stunning Rubi for some help. Rubi is delighted to take part in Zoha’s twisted fantasies, and hot, wet sex ensues.

Caramel’s Review:Wet And Hard” is a masterpiece production where production value, casting and direction fell into place beautifully. The chemistry between Rubi and Kate is electrifying from the moment they appear together on screen.

I’m not usually one to care much for acting in porn scenes. But when it’s delivered by talents with real acting chops, I appreciate the effort. Rubi and Kate are excellent in bringing this torrid, yet romantic storyline to life.

The trans lesbian love/lust vibe is so realistic! Then, the solo sequence with Kate fucking herself with the butt plug and masturbating with in the tub water sets up Rubi’s re-entrance perfectly. Rubi’s reaction is the raging hard erection in her panties and Kate wastes no time pleasing it with her mouth.

When Rubi accepts Kate’s invitation into the bath, Rubi removes her tall sandals and enters the tub with her tartan plaid skirt spreading out in the water. The couple share their most passionate kiss yet and it’s not long before they proceed to the next level. Soon, Rubi is fucking Kate’s tight ass doggy style!

Kate Zoha takes Rubi Maxim's cum on!

Next comes a missionary position railing. Next it’s cowgirl riding and in reverse! Side-saddle takes us to the explosive ending. Follow these incredible stars on Twitter and OnlyFans:



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