Review: Stefani Special and Mistress Kara in Fetish Fvckdolls

April 23, 2016

I once woke up from a dream about an porn scene that was so good, I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and rave about it. I was so frustrated when I realized it was just a dream. The scene in Fetish Fvckdolls with CIS Mistress Kara and TS switch, Stefani Special brought me the same high level of excitement as that dream I had. Fetish Fvckdolls is co-released by Chelsea Poe, Stefani Special, and TROUBLEfilms in collaboration with Foxhouse Films and Kelli Lox. This is the second time I’ve seen TS Stefani Special and Mistress Kara together. I raved about my first experience seeing them together in June of 2015. I was accustomed to seeing Stefani as a top in most of her performances until last year. But since she’s a self-described switch, seeing Stefani in her sub-space is something I’ve greatly anticipated seeing more of. In Fetish Fvckdolls, she could not have been paired with a more exquisitely experienced Mistress. Mistress Kara is a professional Domme and once you see her in action, her natural dominance and total control of the situation is clearly evident. This is not simply a Domination/submission scene, but a true BDSM experience. You don’t have to be an aficionado or lifestyle kinkster to enjoy it however. You might already understand what it means for a sub to be collared. All the symbolism and displays of devotion are clearly defined here from the graphic sexual content to the mental mind fuck. If you’re a lifestyle Dom(me) or an experienced professional Mistress or Master, Mistress Kara is one to take notes from no matter how experienced you are. As Mistress Kara suspends, paddles prods, flogs and pumps Stefani, I didn’t realize until the second viewing that this scene ranked an easy 10 for me before actual nudity was displayed. Mistress Kara utilizes an arsenal of objects to draw Stefani’s deep submission skillfully and Stefani’s form is in peak condition. It compliments Mistress Kara’s beauty to perfection throughout the Shibari (rope work), penetration, gagging and during the forced strap-on submission. While wearing a strap-on harness, Mistress Kara canes Stefani’s ass until it resembles a road map of Chile. I don’t want to give too much more information about what comes next. But if you’ve reached that point before climaxing, there’s even more in store for you upon your second viewing. I don’t often give a lot of information about myself in reviews, but as a lifestyle Domme, everything I wanted to see happen in this TROUBLEfilms Fetish Fvckdolls scene happens. If this is an official review, I couldn’t give it higher marks. Please pardon the pun. You can watch the trailer of this April 20, 2016 release.