March 4, 2019

2019 Trangender Erotica Awards (TEA) nominee, Skylar Adams of Seattle, Washington, introduced herself as an aspiring porn star when her website first launched. One year later, she’s reached her goal of becoming an official porn star. starts out with some super sexy Alt/BDSM photo sets. “Trans Pikachu and Bondage” is a 28 image set of mostly solo shots that surprised me with a couple of great cock sucking photos. Next comes a shower play video with a huge dildo. She sucks and fucks the toy, then dances in the kitchen naked in a Chaturbate video she saved from a live show. There’s a coconut video that hits my senses so hard I can almost smell the tropical scent of the natural lube she masturbates with. It’s a well shot full frontal video.

“Public Nympho” presents Skylar daringly masturbating in a public bathroom. There’s a Pikachu Chaturbate recorded show and yet another public bathroom scene. More photo sets come next and then we have a deep finger and toy insertion “Up Close Anal” video. Skylar accelerated her updates to twice weekly in June 2018 and her excitement shows in the content. “Trans POV Kennston Girl Casting Couch” is a collaboration with the incredible Eddie Wood, a West Coast FTM (female male trans) star. The public video shoots continue with a brzen video of Skylar masturbating outside in the woods. The sexiness is enhanced by the viewer’s fear of Skylar getting caught (or anticipation of it, depending on what your perspective the viewer may have).

About 9 months ago, Skylar’s website seems to have gone into a sort of digital hyper-speed. The photos are more hi-res and the collaborations evolve into frequent events with many different performers. “Desktop Fun” is a particularly sexy masturbation video. She gets “Throat Fucker” treatment from the gorgeous trans star Tegan Last when she was a brunette (currently blonde). This forceful blowjob scene is amongst the best of the best trans lesbian cock sucking performances!

Skylar’s third Chaturbate show comes next, running almost 13 minutes long until she shoots her cum. “Naughty Secretary” caters to bosses who admire Skylar’s shapely legs and high-arched feet. She truly understands what the most ardent foot fetishist, who also loves trans cock, wants and needs. “Skylar Gags Bredboi” features a hot FTM devouring Skylar’s stiff cock to an explosive finish! “Chaturbate Episode 5” includes yet even more foot fetish fun and full nudity.

15:27 min – Apr 10 – .MP4 – 1.26 GB – 1920×1080 HD are the stats of Skylar’s hardcore scene with a twink that reads, “my new twinkly friend has never been with a tgirl. so i decided to show him what it was like. we started to make out then i go down on him and we start to make out again as he jacks my hard dick. i then start to ride him his big thick dick in my ass. we finish in missionary he fucks me till i cum all over. he aint no virgin no more.”

“Pocket Pussy Play” captures desire to explore new and different ways to keep her subscribers turned on. Anyone who possesses a penis might crave a cock sleeve of their own while watching Skylar pleasuring herself with the sex toy. Gorgeous trans star Betty Black rolls out another collaborative effort in the form of interviews and glory hole cock sucking. There’s interracial oral sex and dildo fucking with Bred Boi and photos to match. The “Shaving Chronicles” series is self-explanatory, yet mesmerizing to watch, nonetheless. Another scene features Bred Boi as Skylar’s boss catching her goofing off. “The Punishment” focuses on Skylar getting her sexy ass reddened. There’s are nurse roleplay photo and video shoots and the next big collaboration is with the Canadian pornstar/producer Rianna James.

“Step Mom Fantasy With Rianna James” features Skylar with an extraordinary Canadian model/producer I’ve had the privilege of interviewing. She’s wearing lingerie fence net stockings and Skylar is wearing designer undies. There’s no need to go into any serious plot development – the way they’re dressed spells out the age play as does Rianna’s aggressive nature as they kneel on a bed engaging in foreplay. Skylar exposes and worships Rianna’s large breasts manually and orally and then Skylar has her boobs bared and devoured. Things really heat up when Rianna sits back and her raging hardon strains against the sheer white fabric of her teddy. Skylar releases Rianna’s hardon, leans forward, and begins sucking it. Skylar returns the favor, including a rimjob that leads to fucking Skylar’s tight ass. The final moments of dual climax are not only some of the most riveting I’ve seen on this website, but in trans porn overall.

“My Introduction To Latex With Rianna James” Parts One and Two doesn’t suggest that it’s another step mom-step daughter scene, but the role play fantasy when I see them together automatically pops up (amongst other things). For anyone who happens to have either a latex or oil fetish (or both like yours truly), it’s going to be impossible not to get aroused by this trans lesbian introduction. The oily handjobs are incredibly erotic even before any nudity is exposed. There’s frottage and a high level of intimacy that takes us to exposed genitalia and firm stroking in the first installment. The second part continues with passionate kissing and a bit more stiff cock. What I mean by that is these beauties give a bit more nudity at a time. We get to more shedding of latex eventually, but it’s so well-planned, making you almost beg to see it. Then there’s sex toy insertion with Rianna taking the lead. Then it’s Skylar’s turn to take the lead. Full nudity takes us to the finale.

There are oiled foot fetish gems eased in before Skylar introduces naughty Christmas-themed solo shoots, with a returning Tegan Last, and Tegan’s real-life girlfriend, Jean Jezebel. You might find it interesting that I’ve featured a photo and text interview with Rianna James here on TS Dreamland, plus the TS Dreamland YouTube interviews with Skylar and Jean. A video first time interview by me is coming up showcasing Tegan, and I’m developing such a strong Seattle porn connection, I almost want to leave Florida and move there!

A strong series of solo masturbation photo and video sets com next as well as the noticeable elevation of production values. There are new fetishes including pee, enema and more roleplay shoots added. “Foot Fetish Friends” with Skylar and Jean Jezebel is an absolute must see for foot lovers, for both the visuals and the dialogue. This video is one of the most intimate scenarios on And speaking of intimacy, this is where the biggest element of trans lesbian continues to date.

“Oil Play With Jean” is destined to destroy those like me with an oil fetish. The wet and slippery dick rubbing and stroking is to die for! In “Domination Trio”, Tegan (Last) Toxik and Skylar Adams sexually dominating gorgeous redhead, Jean Jezebel. If you can hold back from cumming by the midway point with Jean groaning with her face inches from Skylar’s cock while getting finger banged, stroked and eventually fucked by Tegan, your staying power might be what I’d describe as too good!

“Skylar and Ray’s First Time Part 1” introduces yet another hot FTM partner. “Anal Fun” begins with Skylar laying across a sofa in a black t-shirt. Her lovely legs and feet are bare. There’s a small bottle of lube next to her and when she parts her thighs, we see that she’s wearing sheer black panties. It’s not hard to tell that she’s already aroused by the look on her face. But when she quickly removes her undies, an erection confirms it. Skylar produces purple anal beads and proceeds to do the obvious after applying lubricant to the sex toy. She also fucks herself deeply with a blue dildo. She changes positions pretty frequently, allowing the viewer to admire her body from different angles. Camera angles change as well.

She also penetrates herself with a semi-realistic looking black phallus. As creepy as this may sound, this is one of my favorite videos on because it seems so candid. It almost seems that she doesn’t know she’s being filmed masturbating. Okay, I’m a little weird. So sue me.

Tegan (L), Jean (C), Skylar (R)

It doesn’t necessarily take threesomes to float my boat sexually. But “Domination Trio” is hands down the best trans hardcore scenes I’ve seen on any site in 2019. “Foot Worship” with Rianna James” reinforces Skylar’s commitment to foot fans, with double the fun, and there’s also the “Pantyhose Update” that I can only describe as absolutely cumtastic. “Christmas Fucking” features Skylar and Tegan with a fucking machine. “Skylar and Tegan’s Date Night” is a post-holiday twosome that includes foreplay, stroking and cumming with vaping in the mix.

It could be because I’m such a BDSM-loving kinkster, but “Domination Trio 2” the most recent video is my #1 favorite multiple star shoots on Skylar’s site! I could cum just listening to this video with the sounds Jean makes while getting tormented by Skylar and Tegan! However, this scene does not exceed the incredible star Skylar’s best solo performances. Join the site today to experience Skylar’s transformation from adult industry absolute beginner to official porn star!

Overall reputation Excellent
Trustworthiness Excellent
Privacy Excellent
Child safety Excellent

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