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Princessofyourdreams: Princess Ivy of California

29 year old Chaturbate Trans Cams megastar Princess Ivy in a pink maid’s uniform is most definitely a princess of my dreams. Even before she begins stripping out of it and stroking her cock, I’m all in. I don’t see too many trans cams presenting themselves this way, let alone doing it this well. Even Princess Ivy herself says she doesn’t wear pink all that often. I caught her recent show right at the beginning.

You can follow your favorite Chaturbate streamers and get email notifications when they go live. Beneath the pink satin, lace and petticoats, the lovely girl under the Princessofyourdreams channel wore white stockings with no shoes. She found it odd that some guests thought she resembled Little Miss Muffit. I didn’t get that at all and she didn’t look like a fairy tale character to me. Well, maybe it was the pony tails, that happen to look so cute on her. As she lay across her bed, I could see when tips set off the vibrator that must have been in her ass. No one could see her genitals yet.

But strong electronic made Princess Ivy convulse and tremble uncontrollably. Her sexy moans made it so obvious how much she loved the anal sensations. She had to squeeze her pillow hard as she rode out the vibrations in her ass. The vision of Princess Ivy’s body as she began stripping out of her maid’s uniform was exquisite. Her bra and panties matched in color and left little to the imagination. At one point, her tip-activated vibe sent her falling off the bed! Her neck hurt a bit and for awhile, we could only see one stocking foot wiggling around.

The super pretty Princessofyourdreams eventually climbed back on the bed and drew the attention to the new chastity device encircling her cock and balls. Then she removed the small, pink and white contraption. “Freedom,” she cried out when removing Binky. She’d been wearing it since the day before and I could only imagine the volume of cum in her tightly drawn-up ball sack. After removing the Cherry Picker device, she took of her bra, exposing her full breasts and lovely pink nipples.

She announced that she was going to start playing with herself. Her big dick hardened within a few moments! Soon, the normally Goth princess was stroking her turgid erection with a cock sleeve! It was gifted to her from a friend. Her edging process goes hand and hand with a cum goal. Words cannot describe how hot she looked when she came!

When streaming, that cum goal is always a little different. If your schedule prevents you from catching Princess Ivy of California live, her porn can be found on You can find her @Princess_Smut on Twitter. You can find me at @tscaramel on Twitter. I hope to see you there!

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