Pretty and Hung FoxieLewds on Chaturbate Trans Cams

FoxieLewds is an extraordinary Chaturbate Trans Cams channel. Foxie is a 20 year old trans girl who presents herself on webcam very much like a femboy. Foxie also shows her full face. She’s obviously cool with this sort of description as it’s actually in one of her bios. More on that later. The first time I saw one of her streams, Foxie had her big balls in a tight pink ring. As she lay back facing the camera, her legs were spread, her hips pumping into the air. Foxie was fucking a cock sleeve so I couldn’t make out most of her erection.

Imagine sucking on that big FoxyLewds cock!

What I did manage to see was a pretty face with heavy mascara and red lipstick and a gorgeous body. Her boobs were covered by a frilly top and her legs were encased in long, striped socks. This FoxieLewds stream featured the most rapid Fleshlight fucking footage I’d ever seen. Foxie removed the cock sleeve so we could see her big dick shoot its cum. She tasted some of her jizz as she came down from her tremendous orgasm. I had a feeling from the way she continued warmly interacting with tipping fans that she wasn’t quiet finished yet. Sure enough, Foxie whipped out a magic wand vibrator and buzzed her big dick to another raging hardon.

I’d been watching the FoxieLewds masturbation show for about 45 minutes when she shot a second load of fresh cum! This jism explosion was even bigger than the last one. Guess what. She still wasn’t finished. Foxie went on to make her cock hard again and wear out the cock sleeve again! Then she came a third time. Foxie can also suck the head of her schlong and make herself cum that way. She also likes the taste of her cum. Between all this sexual prowess, her pretty face and killer body, Foxie is one of the best webcam trans girls I’ve seen so far in 2021.

You should definitely register to Chaturbate for free and follow this sweetie pie. Foxie also has an OnlyFans page about which she says, “I love taking pictures of myself and sharing it with my lovelies 😘 Trans and rocking a femboy aesthetic ^^. I post daily! One casual picture and one proper picture/video! I try to welcome all my new subs individually.” How’s that for interaction?! You can find this link on

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