PornOCD Interview with Sami Price Pt. 2

May 9, 2016

Twitter: @samipricexxx

Italian Renaissance philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli said, “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” I’m back to once again chat with Sami Price, getting to know a bit more about her life away from porn. Her love of the great outdoors and her passion for sports. If you’ve read my first Interview with Sami Price you know already know that she pulls no punches and does not hold back. Enjoy my follow-up interview with the lovely Sami Price:

PornOCD: It’s been a while our first interview. How much time you spent on the slopes, bike or doing some extreme sports since we last spoke?

Sami: It has been awhile! Holy smokes…I’ve been all over doing all kinds of stuff. This past fall, I spent three months road tripping around the entire southwest exploring all the best mountain biking zones. 9 states, over 10k miles, endless memories.. pretty much one of the most trans-formative experiences of my life! I found myself out there, and I was coming off a really rough break up so it was big for me to get out and rediscover my independence. This season as far as snowboarding I rode 26 days at my home mountain and around 70 days hiking the pass for turns or doing longer tours up in the park with my splitboard set up. I’m already back into bike mode again though!

PornOCD: It’s great you have ambitions that go outside porn. So with all your extreme hobbies and mountain biking have you had any extreme injuries?

Sami: I have had a few but nothing life-threatening. I’ve broken the same collar bone three times, once skating, once biking, and once snowboarding… Torn biceps, tendon, torn rotator cuff, torn labium, shoulder dislocation, sheered off about half the cartilage on the ball of my humerus. That was all at once wake boarding, but stemmed from a previous injury while kayaking. Other that and rupturing my right Achilles’s tendon, I’ve been pretty luck to only walk away with a ton of contusions, hematoma, scrapes bumps and bruises. I try and dial everything back a little bit when I know I have a scene coming up, although right before my first EVER shoot, I got caught in a back wheel and burned off a LOT of skin on my thighs just below my butt…that was awful.

PornOCD: Been reading lots recently about the difference in pay between top male and female professional athletes. Do you think that whatever gender you are that equal pay should be a must in sports?

Sami: Absolutely. We work as hard if not harder.

PornOCD: Have you had any more tattoos or any lined up? #ink

Sami: I haven’t got anymore lately, but hopefully that’ll change pretty soon. I’m finishing off my sleeve first, but I have big plans for my left side and down my leg as well as my right thigh.

PornOCD: So 109 days in 2016 and how is the year going so far. Sum it up for us in 5 words ?

Sami: My life is the Shit!

PornOCD: What music you listening to right now that has caught your imagination ?

Sami: Mostly Deep House, Nu Disco, Tech House…I love to dance and commercial EDM makes me wanna vomit. There’s a couple of crews I follow like @lasernative and @dirtybird that are on the cutting edge of the vibe I like. I’m also pretty into #Gesaffelstein…and he is so fucking sexy.. I actually got to see him In November. While in San Francisco as well as @VitaminDevo at @Armoryclub for Halloween while I was on my road trip. Fucking wild ass time in the Bay.

PornOCD: Being a fan of #Rock music I have listened to very little deep house music. What makes this genre so appealing to you ?

Sami: The music never really stops evolving. It’s an organic thing that’s always transforming into something new to tickle your senses and free of overwhelming builds and drops like mainstream EDM. There’s a sense of community that comes along with it as well. It’s such an experience to share with other people. Audio, visually, the energy of the people around you…and going on that ever evolving journey with an incredible producer at the helm….it’s next level, like, not of this reality even…I just feel so connected to sound and I LOVE to allow this body to sync up and be moved by it…the self expression of it…I feel the same way about sensual touch. It evokes something in me and I am in my flow state…the moment. It’s what being in this life is all about.

PornOCD: Right. Let’s talk a bit about your porn work lol. So you got to play with Paris Lincoln. Tell us all about how this scene got made and how much fun it was.

Sami Price CrashPad Series Profile

CrashPad Series Paris Lincoln Profile

CrashPad Series Episode 204 Trailer

Sami: I did. =) We shot for CrashPad Series, my second scene for them and hopefully more to come! I’m not real sure how our Twitter crushes got started, but it went on for a couple of months before the right opportunity presented itself. I was already planning on being in the Bay Area for those shows and our film date landed right in the middle, so it worked out perfectly. We had never met until I walked into the studio and we were both pretty excited to get down to it. She is incredible. Paris is so sultry, and really knows how to tap into that playful sexual energy she possesses. We chatted a bit about what we were into and as soon as I mentioned I like to be edged/teased she just had this look in her eyes like, “Oh yeah, I know what to do with you.” It was super fun playing with all the Safer Sex things like dental damns, finger cots and I believe the first time an internal condom had ever been used in a scene.

PornOCD: In Trans-Visions 7, you got to work with the amazingly sexy Holly Heart. Now tell us all about that.

Review by TS Caramel

Sami: Like everything else amazing on my road trip, that just kinda materialized outta nowhere. Christian XXX of Pure-TS basically called Joey Silvera as soon as I bounced outta Vegas and was like ” Yo, Sami Price may be an Outspoken Opinionated Bitch, but she can fuck like ridiculous. You gotta shoot her!” So Joey rallied Holly Heart and I drove to LA from a relaxing few days in Joshua Tree after that wild time in the bay. She is kinky AF! She worked me up to taking this massive black dildo… fuck dude, I shot two loads in that scene…super fun working with her and Joey Silvera.

PornOCD: What other scenes have you done recently?

Sami: I shot with Christian XXX for Pure-TS. It was a trip for sure. We kinda hate each other on the surface, but deep down, we like the shit outta each other. The scene came out great and we are talking about doing another here pretty soon, but way different from the usual. I have a real thirst to shoot some public porn. 😉

PornOCD: What ambitions do you still have for your porn career?

Sami: I want to be in the BDSM scene pretty heavy, though not as most studios want to market us. It seems transwomen are always tops, doms, or secondary talent on the outskirts of a scene. I want to be the sub at the center. I want to show everyone just how fucking amazing a TS sub can be. I want rope, machines, gang bangs, orgasm denial, crops, floggings…all that. I also want to cross over into straight porn and work with stars I like to watch when I’m in the mood for straight smut. Be it before or after I have GCS…I’m on this planet to stir shit up. 😉

PornOCD: You tweeted recently “Honestly, I may be the least ambitious TS actress in the scene. Money is great and all, but I’m really just here for the fun/performance.” Is this how you feel right now?

Sami: Absolutely. I don’t give a shit about being famous. That will come on its own if it does. Money is nice, but it’s not what I am here for. I just want to opportunity to express myself on film with people who are professionals and show everyone just how fucking hot a TS sub/bottom is to watch no matter what your orientation is.

PornOCD: Who is still out in Porn Land that gets your juices flowing and you wanna do a scene with?

Sami: Oh man…um a LOT of people really. I’d love to be at the mercy of @MaitresseM, @CydStVincent, Mona Wales XXX is so fuckin badass. @TommyPistol looks like way too much fun, @AlinaLongXXX …seriously there’s at least 20 more I could fire right off…so many different personalities and energy..I just want to experience it all.

PornOCD: A scene with you and Mona Wales XXX sounds brilliant. I’m guessing your ideas what you would like to do to Mona are definitely R rated ?

Sami: Negative, I would say they definitely earn that third “X”

PornOCD: How much politics do you think is involved in porn?

Sami: Quite a bit. It’s a private club, and subject to bias, hearsay, and opinions just like any other industry. Rub the wrong person the wrong way and they will take any opportunity to thwart your progress. That is one reason why I approach porn in the manner I do. I’m not counting on it. It’s not make or break for me. I love it, I want to do more. I’m just not putting all my eggs in this basket. Too much living to do! From another angle though, what we do here is the subject of political discussions. This industry is regulated and to an extent for our safety and I am all for that. I’m not for people telling us what we can do with our bodies. Also, the sad fact is that we as trans people are at the center of some outrageous political discussions/legislation right now. What’s also sad is that many of these harmful stereotypes about trans people, and trans women in particular, are formed on how we are portrayed to the world. It’s a fact that most people learn what they know of women like myself through various adult media outlets and they perpetuate the idea that we are not who we say we are, that we are predators, that we use trickery and deception to fool unknowing citizens into sexually compromising situations…. that we are all some sort of monsters. Most people in this country, even the world, belive what they see on tv, in newspapers, mass media. The companies that profit off of the trans community need to put their fear of making a smaller fuck ton of money aside and use their platform to start making shift in the way trans bodies are perceived.

PornOCD: So describe your perfect day to us from waking up to going to sleep.

Sami: Wake up around 6:30 or 7 am to natural light softly draping across the sheets and my lover. Rouse them for some snuggles and such. 😉 finally make it out of the bed around 8 and get some coffee rolling. Cook some breakfast together and make some smoothies to go. Finally put some clothes on, load up the bikes and head out for an epic mountain bike ride on a new trail or all time favorite (30 miles) maybe a little fooling around out in the woods 😉 head on back for some sushi or some Thai, hot shower together and a little nap, wake up around 8:30 and another quick shower to shave and prep, getting totally dialed out, drop a social sliver of L ,make up and outfits on point, head to the club around midnight, a dip or two, mingle a bit, and dance till the club shuts down. Maybe crash an after party till dawn, Cruise on home and crawl into our amazing bed and FUUUUUCK for a couple of hours and sleep it of till the afternoon…wake up shower load up the bikes….short ride this time. 😉

PornOCD: How important is getting away from the world on your bike in helping you cope with the daily chores and challenges of life?

Sami: It’s imperative really. There a reason I don’t live in SF, LA , NY… I live in a place that has direct flights to anywhere there is a hub of smut, but that I can be to a trail head or riding lifts in 15 minutes. It’s not just to clear my head, but in the beginning on my transition, all of which I have been here for, I had snowboarding and biking as this sort of armor against the negative vibes people sent my way. Your athletic ability here translates to social capital and in being one of the better rider in a place where the talent pool is insanely deep for such a small population. I was able to maneuver through the rough shit that comes with transition and just everyday life with relative ease. After leaving for a bit, getting into porn and escorting, I really came into myself. I own who I am and people have responded in such a surprising way. I was always kinda known around town, but people approach me now and show me love and affection in such an open fashion it kinda blows me away. Ask me two years ago if I thought some of the biggest pro/bro/jock dudes and hot confident women of this place would be giving me hugs and telling me how much for the positive just my existence has changed their lives and I’d laugh in your face. My bike is my real drug. I could look at it for hours, ride it for hours, think about it for hours….I’m sad I had to sell my trail bike to make rent at one point this winter, so I’m a craving my own ride again. Problem is when you ride like me you pretty much have to have the sickest thing out there…and bikes are not cheap.

PornOCD: What other career would you love to pursue when you step away from in front of camera?

Sami: I’m one of those people who wants it all. I don’t mean everything, just everything I love. I don’t think I’ll be stepping away from filming for a few years, but I am heading back into my pursuit of being a professional mountain biker. I was well on my way before I started porn, but after a friend discovered I was trans and got my sponsors to drop me, I was super depressed and walked away from it. I don’t expect to get support from manufacturers again since I am in the adult industry, but I do plan to use my earnings to fund my biking career. Women face judgment for being excellent athletes and for being open and confident with their sexuality, things men are typically praised for. I aim to smash those old paradigms. Porn Star Pro Athlete? That’s also Trans? I mean why not?

PornOCD: Twitter at the moment seems full of Twitter wars and rants. Do you ever get caught up in any being the straight talking girl you are ?

Sami: I’ve had my sleeve tugged a time or two, but nothing major. Only with a couple of girls who support the idea of using slurs in the marketing of our content, but it’s not a battle I’m going to win with them. I carved out a spot for myself outside of porn. I don’t need it and some of them I feel like do need this. It’s their livelihood. If my existence depended on doing this then I would be way less likely to be outspoken against these guys filling their pockets using derogatory terms to sell our bodies.

PornOCD: When was the last time you smiled, laughed and cried?

Sami: I smiled laughed and cried all within about two minutes this afternoon. I was on the phone with an old friend and telling her about this poem my ex wrote about me when we were together not all that long ago. I hadn’t heard it since she read it to me one night in bed. Things went south and we split. I thought about what she said in it and actually asked if she had it written down somewhere and if so, could I have it. Anyway it’s beautiful, but so sad that I could inspire someone to something like that and break their heart.

PornOCD: This may be kind of personal, but what would does the word love mean to you personally?

Sami: The opposite of fear. Safety. Free From Judgment. The most positive force in the universe.

Twitter: @samipricexxx

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