PornOCD Interview with Mona Wales

May 19, 2016 

2016 TEA Winner for Best Non-TS Performer Mona Wales is a porn performer, producer and professional dominatrix who runs her own site I feel very lucky to be able to interview Mona Wales. I don’t think any further introduction is required.

PornOCD: They always say the best place to start is at the beginning so here goes. What kind of girl were you growing up ?

Mona: When I was growing up, I was kind of loopy eccentric loner type. I was really into books and art and my only friend was my kid sister.

PornOCD: Where did the idea about making a career in porn come about ?

Mona: I’m not even sure if I’m committed to the idea of a career in porn. I got into porn just by happenstance because I live very close to and I was involved in the BDSM community. So it seemed like a really fun thing to do and I enjoy making porn so much that it has never really ever felt like a job and I don’t feel the pressure to succeed in the way that I would if I was like committed to a career.

PornOCD: How did your very first scene come about?

Mona: My first scene came about because I had applied to and I was asked to shoot with Franchezka for their website TS Pussy Hunters and it was the best day of my life.

Mona Wales & Franchezka Trailers

PornOCD: I love the mottoes you use on your Twitter page @MonaWalesXXX like, “Filth is my politics! Filth is my life”! How much do you love Twitter ?

Mona: That quote is from the Pink Flamingos movie by John Waters, so I don’t love Twitter as much as I love John Waters. However, I do appreciate the freedom that it gives me to communicate with my fan base and speak for myself.

PornOCD: You have shot some much amazing porn. Do you have a favourite genre of work?

Mona: I don’t think I have a favorite genre. I really appreciate that I get to do everything from slime porn, to intense fetish to vanilla stuff. I just I just love it all.

Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: You won award at this years TEA Awards Best Non-TS Performer (Female). How much of an honour was that ?

Mona: Winning the Tea was perhaps the most in emotionally significant event in my porn career. I was surrounded by my best friends and mentor and I am so grateful to have received it.

PornOCD: Do awards and nominations still mean as much to you ?

Mona: I don’t really get a lot of awards or nominations because I work in smaller niches of the industry. But any recognition is very meaningful and I am deeply appreciative of it.

PornOCD: I was really pleased when you signed as a series producer with Grooby. Was this an easy decision to make ?

Mona: Absolutely! I always dreamed of taking on bigger projects, so when Grooby gave me the opportunity, I just jumped on it. I am so grateful to Steven and everyone at Grooby for all of the support and creative freedom that they’ve given me and I think that we have made something very special together.

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PornOCD: How popular do you think TS porn is becoming?

Mona: I don’t know numbers or statistics or anything. That’s not my specialty. I’m normally not that familiar with the history of pornography, but I think that it is always been a very popular genre and I think that TS porn is started to evolve and we’re seeing lots of different kinds of sexualities represented and I think that the consumers are clamoring for that.

PornOCD: You directed Real Fucking Girls and so much buzz around social media about this movie. Tell us all about the movie and how much fun it was to make ?

Mona: Real Fucking Girls tells the true stories of all of real life lesbian hook ups. We shot it all in San Francisco over 2 1/2 days. Each scene tells a story written by the performer. All of the scene partners chose each other to perform with, so there’s a lot of authentic chemistry. It was really fun to be on set with people who were really into each other and really passionate about what they were making because it was their project as much as it was mine. Also, this movie was made entirely by women. It was lensed by trans videographer Aja Porn. The production manager was Kelly Klaymour. Stefani Special was our production assistant. Echo November designed the sets and it was edited by Lilith Luxe and the script editor was Suzie Q. You had babes on both sides of the camera, so it was a really comfortable creative silly fun environment to work in.

PornOCD: It really is an all-star cast. Did you have a wish list for the movie when the idea was first discussed ?

Mona: Not really. I knew that I wanted to work with Natassia Dreams because she’s been such an influential person in my career. I also felt like I wanted to cast women that were actually into women. And due to the of the nature of the script, I needed to choose people whose lives I knew something about and felt comfortable asking them to share their personal stories for this piece of pornography. I knew more about the crew that I wanted to use. I had admired Asia’s work for very long time and I had worked with Kelly on other projects and I knew that we were a great team. Also Lilith is my favorite editor and she has cut some of my favorite movies, so I knew that if by any chance we had messed up during the shooting of this project, I knew that she would be able to fix it and pull it together. I was nervous because this was my first big directing project and I wanted to surround myself with experts I could learn from.

PornOCD: Do you enjoy directing and is it something you want to do far more and does it give you the same buzz as being in front of the camera?

Mona: I really do love the writing and making this project was something like having a baby being with my fifteen closest friends after an intense orgy. Watching ideas come to life and collaborating with such amazing women was the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

PornOCD: What ambitions do you have for the rest of the year?

Mona: I bought myself an RV for my 30th birthday and I am going to take a cross-country road trip and shoot porn all over this great land.

PornOCD: You have worked with a huge amount of stars, but who would you still love to shoot with?

Mona: I really want to shoot with Cadence Lux. She’s a total babe and I’m really looking forward to shooting with Isabella Sorrenti next month for TS Pussy Hunters.

PornOCD: What keeps you motivated to get out of bed on a morning and work hard to achieve even more success?

Mona: The wonderful people who I get to get into bed with when I get out of bed.

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PornOCD: I have to ask you about the scene with Sarah Webb on TGirls.Porn. How much fun was that?

Mona: Sarah Webb was the best. She was as skilled as any lover, but everything was so new to her and she loved it all. She was an inspiring lover!

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PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to seeing next from you?

Mona: I am continuing to shoot regularly for and I am working on this cross-country project, so I’m hoping to have it be a really interactive experience for all live streams. Driving across the country with some of the hottest porn stars and getting into adventures.

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PornOCD: As I’m just writing this, a follower of mine on Twitter just mentioned your scene with Jane Starr. That does sound a great scene. Sounds like rough sex.

Mona: Jane Starr @tsjanestarr is a very intense performer her scenes are unlike any other I’ve seen produced in the porn industry. She likes very rough scenes and I love punching her in the face.

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PornOCD: Do you get the chance to keep in touch with your fans?

Mona: I do you get to keep in touch with my fans and I interact closely with my fans that are members of my website

Twitter: @MonaWalesXXX

Thanks for reading our interview. You can follow Mona @MonaWalesXXX on Twitter. Mona takes calls on NiteFlirt at 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 10576083. Here profile on NiteFlirt profile is here. Also check out the Mona Wales Clip Store.