PornOCD Interview with Lucie Sparkle

July 19, 2016

The UK TS Porn Genre is on the rise and getting more and more popular as each day goes by. Lucie Sparkle did her first UK-TGirls shoot towards the end of 2015 and I had the chance to interview her a few months ago. The first hello to Lucie Sparkle …. Enjoy.

PornOCD: What led you to choose a career in porn?

Lucie: I just kind of stumbled into it!  A few years ago I joined a website called which is a website dedicated to all members of the trans community.  After using the site for a few weeks, I’d become quite popular and gained a lot of admirers who were constantly asking for more pictures and opportunities to meet me.  The website charged a fee if I wanted to add more pictures, so I made my own website for my pictures as it was cheaper and signed up to escort services.  I used to hate having my picture taken, but I suddenly developed a taste for it and taking regular escort bookings. After requests for more revealing pictures, I found that had a facility for a paid private gallery that I could charge my own fee for viewing.  I set it at £1.25 for 24 hours access and was soon making income from selling my pictures.  On average, the gallery was making £6 per day which meant 35 people a week were paying to see my pictures!  Eventually I got banned from for linking to my private galleries (and been too hot to handle) which is a shame because I’d made a lot of fans and friends as well as it being the only external advertising resource to my private gallery.  By then, I’d got the bug for being in front of a camera and started webcamming, which became another regular income stream and attracted more people to my profile and private galleries.  Looking for other means of advertising and getting my name heard, I applied to UK-TGirls and was accepted to do a set which was an amazing opportunity!

PornOCD: How important has using social media been to promote yourself?

Lucie: It’s been the most vital part of promoting myself these past few months.  Previously I had relied purely on tvchix and adultwork to attract people to my galleries, then when I met with Kalin @ineedescort on Twitter in London who is the photographer for Grooby in the UK, he suggested that I should use Twitter to get myself more known about (@LucieSparkleTS).  Kalin helped me set it up and went through Twitter for Dummies 101 with me hah!  I can’t believe how many followers and people viewing my content there has been in such a short time as well as developing a hardcore group of inner circle fans and friends.  My most recent accomplishment has been fans prettyfying some pictures of me with cool effects and somebody even created a fan account @iownlucie about me!!

PornOCD: What are your plans for the future and do you intend to go into making any hardcore content?

Lucie: Yes I do!!  When I was a bit younger, I was in three short hardcore movies released as collection DVD’s playing the role of a cute femboy being bitch trained!!  I went with my boyfriend at the time for fun and for some extra cash rather than being a serious prospect.  Now I’m making a regular income from my own content.  I tried to get back in touch, but the Leeds-based agents had disappeared.  It was while I was looking for those agents that I stumbled into realizing the sheer breadth of T-Girl adult media available now and came across an advert for Grooby on one of their websites.  A friend of mine said she had applied previously and had a photo set with them, so I set about applying myself!

Recently, I’ve made friends with an amateur photographer who is going to try and film some hardcore scenes for me to add to my available content and hopefully in the future do some scenes with other girls and guys in the industry and maybe apply to appear across more websites.  My current focus is on developing my social media presence onto other platforms to build a greater awareness of my media content.  The old website is being given a facelift and for the time being developed to serve as the central hub directing people to my available media and hosting some of my older content in a free archive which can be developed further.  The original private gallery hosted at is going to take some time to update, but as I’ve become more used to producing content, the whole quality of my pictures has improved in terms of resolution, clarity and lighting, so I want to reflect this by removing much of the older content and replacing it with fresh pictures.

PornOCD: You seem really confident and fun on Twitter.  What are you like in real life?

Lucie: Very much the same!  I can sometimes shy away and be quiet in new situations, but it doesn’t take long to come out of my shell!  I see myself as being really submissive with lots of personality and a touch of attitude waiting to be tamed!

PornOCD: Did you enjoy your photoshoot for UK-TGirls?

Lucie: Yes, it was a lot of fun!  Kalin is a really nice guy.  He’s relaxed and we chatted a lot which helps. You can tell he really enjoys what he does!  I kept burning up as I was coming down with a fever without realizing it, but he was really patient and offered plenty of time to rest and not push myself too much.

PornOCD: Do you think TS porn is becoming more popular?

Lucie: Definitely.  It’s come along way this past decade, the shoots are of a better quality as is the way the girls are presented.  I think more people are becoming interested all of the time in working with TS people, so it’s very exciting to see it develop further now and in the future – which can only benefit the way trans people are seen in society and something I want to be a part of!

PornOCD: You mentioned TS porn having a benefit to trans people in society.  What did you mean by that?

Lucie: As the image of TS porn improves, so does the image of how people viewing TS Porn view trans people in general, the more widespread it becomes, the more people start realising that the stigma of being attracted to trans people is becoming less of an issue.

PornOCD: So who do you follow in TS porn at the moment?

Lucie: I love seeing Korra Del Rio.  She’s so cute and something that she said once about one of her shoots really made me laugh.  I think Tori Mayes is pretty cool and love seeing her pictures.  I’ve been secretly arranging a game of kiss catch without her knowing about it!  I like to see updates from Jessica Fappit too.  She loves being on the receiving end like me and proud of it!  I’m going to have to check out some of Liberty Harkness’ @LibertyHarkness stuff soon, and see what I’m in for when we meet!!

PornOCD: Do you have a favourite type of porn?

Lucie: Anything with a theme or setting to get the imagination and tension brewing!  I like to think that there is more to erotic porn than just the sex.  When I first started with modelling for photos, I found it hard to work out what to wear and how to pose for them so having an overactive imagination. I made up storylines or settings in my head and pretended to be a part of a story!  That’s the type of thing I really enjoy watching and really want to be part of too.  Expect more fun themed porn in the future!

PornOCD: Do you have any advice for other girls getting into TS porn?

Lucie: It’s important not to rely on getting shoots with established producers.  They may not think you are quite ready or not what they are looking for at that time.  Be really confident in yourself and if you get turned down, don’t get disheartened you can always re-apply in the future.  Make sure you start producing content of your own.  Build up a reliable following and find an outlet to sell your own pictures and videos.  It’s important to look after yourself and not rely too much on getting shoots with larger producers.

PornOCD: How far do you intend going in your transition?

Lucie: Right now I’m focusing on getting my facial hair removed.  Up until a year ago it wasn’t a problem, then all of a sudden it’s started growing faster and darker, so getting treatment for that and removing the anxiety it’s causing me is the important thing.  In the UK, genital surgery is funded by the NHS and I’m attending my second referral in March.  If all goes as well as the first, I will be placed on the waiting list to see a surgeon which can be anywhere between 8 months and 12 months after. Without wanting to sound ungrateful for the opportunity, which isn’t as readily available for a lot of people, the surgeries that are funded are extremely old fashioned and have a high rate of unhappiness with the final result.  With that in mind, I’m trying to work out for myself whether to take this opportunity or try to save money and fund a procedure that I feel more confident about bringing me future happiness.

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