PornOCD Interview with Kennadie Havoc

May 9, 2016

It was 12 months ago this month that I was lucky enough to interview the very sexy inked TS girl Kennadie Havoc. She was nominated for the TEA awards 2016 Miss Unique. Kennadie announced on Twitter @TSKennadieHavoc that she was planning a return to porn and I along with lots and lots of other people hope this happens. Here is my re-posted interview with Kennadie. Enjoy!!!

Twitter: @TSKennadieHavoc

PornOCD: If there is no struggle, there is no progress. When did you realize you wanted to change your life and live as a TS?

Kennadie: I knew from a young age that I was different form the other guys growing up, had lots of girl friends and was more of one of the girls with them. Even though I did date women and TS’s when I was younger, I was scared to, because back in the 90’s is was a different world and I had this false hope I would eventually fit in with my family. So I joined the Army to man up lol. That was a mistake in the fact I couldn’t transition till I got out. I did my eight years and tried to bring it out to my friends when I got out, but that wasn’t going to fly. So I moved to Florida close to my mom and started this amazing journey.

PornOCD: How did your friends and family deal with your decision?

Kennadie: My mom was amazing when I told her I was going to finally transition. She asked why couldn’t I just be gay as she was scared of what could happen to me being trans and how people can do horrible things to us. But she is still rooting for me along with my sister and a few cousins from my Dad’s second wife’s family. The rest of my family doesn’t talk to me anymore. But they are simple country folks. They had a hard time with me being a punk rocker growing up. Now that I am doing TS porn, they don’t want any part of that. But I am better off without them. 🙂

PornOCD: When did making a career in porn come into your mind?

Kennadie: A few years ago. I have been working Cam for a few years now and have been friends with a few girls in the industry, but finally got to make my way in when Eva Cassini offered me to be her plus-1 to the awards this year. So I sold off everything I had in Florida and had a friend hold onto my cat until I can get him out here, and I moved out Phoenix, Arizona with what would fit in to two checked bags and two carry ons and started my new life out here.

PornOCD: Love your tattoos. Someone once wrote “Wear your heart on your skin in this life.” When did you start getting inked and how many do you have today?

Kennadie: Well first off thank you lol. I have an amazing artist and art from another few people. I started back when I was teen, but being in the army I was restricted in getting more that I wanted. I had a few for a long time but when I moved to St Pete, Florida, I met the artist I am sticking to now – TJ Hal, one bad ass artist! lol. So over the last three years, the waist, legs, and arms started filling in. Next month I am entering my sleeve in a few competitions at Ink and Iron. And am going back to Florida this fall to get more work done!

PornOCD: How do you think the TS porn genre is going?

Kennadie: Expanding. There are so many girls out their now and everyone has their catch that makes them stand out I like to think. But the reality is, it makes it harder to get noticed for some of them. I am too over opinionated and loud to stay in the shadows! There are some beautiful girls out there, but I feel there needs to be more of the “alt girls”, that is non-glamour types out there and little by little they’re showing up.

PornOCD: So for those who are reading about you for the very first time, what can they expect from you in the near future?

Kennadie: Well I did a solo shoot for Shemale Yum that should be hitting soon and a shoot with Shemale Strokers as well. From there, I am working on building content with people in the area and I might travel to shoot with a few, and in a few months I should be launching my own website! So all that is exciting! I have been lucky enough to work with people like Tempest of, Tiffany Starr, Destiny Love of, @EddieWoodXXX and others, with lots more to come!

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PornOCD: Do you have any porn girls you look up to, or do you just wanna be the best? Kennadie Havoc you can be and forget the rest?

Kennadie: lol I really just want to be the best Kennadie Havoc I can be, but I do love a few of the girls out there and they have been super cool with me like Trixxy Von Tease, @tsJanestarr and Athena Addams and long time friend Eva Cassini.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people from history alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Kennadie: Good question! First person Hunter S. Thompson. I had a weird encounter with him in a Vegas elevator once and I never got to chat with him again, so I would love to get him to the table. Second, Fat Mike of NOFX just because he was one of the big influences in my life and his music kept me going in the army on those long deployments, and third, my mom, because like I said before, she is amazing but I never get to see her as she is on the road with her BF who is a truck driver.

PornOCD: Who would be your perfect one night stand with no strings attached?

Kennadie: Well that’s a tough question! lol With all the options and one night stand being never again, well I would have to go with @BrodyDalle from The Distillers. I love that girl and have a feeling she is just a twisted as me in the bedroom or where ever it happens.

Twitter: @TSKennadieHavoc

Thank you for reading our interview and please follow Kennadie @TSKennadieHavoc on Twitter.