PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed

July 19, 2016

Twitter: @_jennacreed_

Jenna Creed has big aspirations to make a big career in porn.  This small town girl born and raised in the mountains has already done two sets on the Grooby Girls website (Jenna’s Model Profile) Enjoy my interview with Jenna.

PornOCD: So you’re from West Virginia.  How was it growing up near the mountains and the rolling hills?

Jenna: Growing up in West Virginia has been a humbling experience.  It’s been hard at times, and being raised in these wild and wonderful mountains has shaped me into who I am today.  I’ve grown up connecting with nature and being active.

PornOCD: What is your earliest memory of feeling that you wanted to live your life as a TS?

Jenna: One of my earliest memories of being trans was being in the car with my mom at seven years old and telling her I didn’t feel like a boy.

PornOCD: When did you first tell your friends and family and what was the reaction ?

Jenna: I came out the last week of my senior year of high school and all my friends basically responded with “we always knew” but most of my family doesn’t really stay in contact.  My mother didn’t take the news very well at all.  However, we’ve since grown to be both friends and family.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and negative people towards you?

Jenna: I’ve dealt with rude and negative people many different ways through my life!  I’ve gotten into a few bar fights, but most of the time I specifically avoid situations I deem unsafe on a social level.  I’m not a fan of fighting and I stay pretty chilled.

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls growing up and who was your role model?

Jenna: I’ve actually never adorned my walls with anything or anyone.  I’ve also never had anyone I would deem a role model in my life.

PornOCD: What music connected with you?

Jenna: Music in general of almost all forms connects with me on a deeper level.  I can’t go a day without hearing some form of tunes before losing my shit.  I have a decently wide range of music I listen to and it changes from day to day.  I cannot stand modern Country Music.

PornOCD: What was your very first ambition for your life and career?

Jenna: My ambitions in life early on were to help people and try to mitigate harm and injury.  I’ve been a lifeguard and I double majored in Radiology and Pharmacology in college, but dropped out to take care of myself.  Eventually I will go back and get a degree.

PornOCD: Can you remember the very first time you watched porn?

Jenna: The first time I remember seeing porn was probably around ten or eleven.  I didn’t really consider it special because I had already known what sex was.  I was sharp kid!

PornOCD: You have a number of tattoos. Which one did you have first and is there a story behind it?

Jenna: My first tattoo was the Hylian crest from the Legend of Zelda.  It actually holds a lot of meaning to me because the game itself helped me through a fair amount of rough patches in school.  It’s on my back because my past is and forever will be behind me.  When one grows old, we must put away childish things.

PornOCD: Anymore inked planned?

Jenna: I have tons more ink planned.  I’m just devoting my funds to other ventures currently.  Good ink costs money!

PornOCD: I love the way you describe yourself on Twitter @_jennacreed_
“Smart-ass with a cute face.” What five words describe you the best?

Jenna: Energetic, Open, Warm, Left brain, Colorful.

PornOCD: Right. When did your mind first process the idea of getting into porn?

Jenna: My mind first processed the idea of being in porn three-ish years ago when I first applied to Grooby to be a model.

PornOCD: How did your very first shoot come about and tell us all about it?

Jenna: Last October, I was contacted by Omar Wax about doing a shoot.  My first shoot was in a tiny house up near Deep Creek Lake in Maryland.

PornOCD: How did you feel on the morning of your very first shoot? Was being naked a rush or kind of daunting?

Jenna: The morning of my first shoot was very real and exciting. I arrived and met @OmarWax, a super chilled dude.  Being naked on camera is both thrilling and daunting.

PornOCD: We mentioned Twitter earlier.  How important do you think twitter is to your career and TS porn in general?

Jenna: Twitter is an amazing PR tool.  It just has such a wide reach.  Twitter seems really almost integral to the porn industry today, but I am not authority on that subject by any means so don’t quote me on it.

PornOCD: As a genre how do you think TS Porn is going popularity wise?

Jenna: TS porn is growing in popularity indefinitely.  Plus with trans issues being discussed in mainstream media, it adds to the spotlight being cast on trans people as a whole right now.

PornOCD: So who would you just love to do a scene with #PornBucketList ?

Jenna: This is a stickler of a question because I don’t like to divulge information prematurely.  There are far too many models I would like to work with.  I surely can’t name them all.  As for a couple, Alexandra Vexx and River Stark.

PornOCD: Do you have any party tricks?

Jenna: Oh, I’m a riot at parties. I can blow fire and I am sexy as hell. What else needs saying?!

PornOCD: What is your motto for life?

Jenna: My number one motto in life is to not become a statistic on a board somewhere.

PornOCD: As you may or may not know, I love music.  So tell me who is your favourite band at the moment?

Jenna: I mean I often find it hard to classify a band as a favorite, but I was recently turned on to a band by a friend, Umphrey’s McGee.  Pretty chilled band in my honest opinion.

PornOCD: When was the last time you laughed, cried and shouted in anger?

Jenna: Ha, like last month…

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Jenna: Tommy Chong, Mark Fischbach a.k.a. Markiplier, and Patton Oswald.

PornOCD: If you were in charge of the country for one day, what changes would you make?

Jenna: I don’t ever want to be in control of that much power, but I would probably call for more diversity in politics, expanded hate crime laws, free college tuition, and national legalization of cannabis with the tax revenue going to infrastructure and building a better, safer more peaceful existence.

PornOCD: So it is 2016. Do you think that being a TS is more accepted by society than it ever was?

Jenna: For sure.  I think we have come a decent way forward as a society, and being in the political spotlight recently has brought things both forward and back.  Regardless, it’s still an uphill battle of hearts and minds!

PornOCD: So for people reading out your for the first time, where can they find you online?

Jenna: I can generally be found and reached on Twitter at @_jennacreed_ !

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