PornOCD Interview with Eva Paradis

May 12, 2016

A famous lyric from Verdi’s Attila reads, “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” Italian Eva Paradis has a very loyal following across all social media platforms. When the opportunity came to interview Eva, it was one that I just had to take. Here is your chance to get to know a little bit more about this beautiful lady.

PornOCD: How was growing up in beautiful Italy?

Eva: Italy is an amazing country where you can actually feel how warm and friendly the people are. No matter where you come from and even if you are a stranger, the Italian people will make you feel like you are at home.

Sample Photo Gallery: Eva & Jaxton Wheeler

PornOCD: When did you start learning English as a second language ?

Eva: Well, I didn’t actually learn to speak English at school. I learned by myself when I moved to London. At the beginning it was hard, but now I can actually even dream in English lol. I know it sounds funny, but I actually dream sometimes in Italian and sometimes in English.

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PornOCD: When did you decide that you wanted to live as a TS ?

Eva: If you were in front of me and you asked me that question, you would know my reaction already. I would ask you when did you decide that you wanted to live like a guy? You don’t decide, obviously you just live and grow up the way you are. In my case as a transwoman.

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PornOCD: How hard was it telling friends and family about your feelings?

Eva: I am laughing now. Why? You make it sound like I had to tell my friends that I had some kind of bad disease lol. I didn’t say anything to be honest as all was normal. I have lived all my life as you see me now a beautiful Italian girl. With a extra powerful thing between my legs. 😉

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PornOCD: At what point did making a career in porn become a serious career choice for you?

Eva: I actually started to work in the porn industry four years ago.

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PornOCD: How did your very first scene come about?

Eva: Well as with anything, for the first time I was very nervous. I just let myself get into it and had fun.

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PornOCD: When did you move to the UK to live?

Eva: 2006 so it’s about ten years. Fuck that’s a lot. I may move in the future to the USA.

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PornOCD: Is living in the UK different from living in Italy apart from the languages lol?

Eva: Soooooooo different. Well, the weather and the people and the mentality all are different. Even the way they drive is different lol. I am used to it now, but London is an amazing city to live. With more sun it would be perfect.

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PornOCD: Every Italian person I have ever met loves fashion. Is fashion important to you?

Eva: Let’s say that I am versatile about that too lol. One day I wanna be glamorous, one day classy and one day just chill and wear no make up and wear whatever I see in front of me. On a night out, I love to be bright and shine like a star and men and woman wish to be next to me. 😉

PornOCD: Love your tattoos. Any plans to get a new more done ?

Eva: Anytime I do get a tattoo, I always promise myself that is the last one. I have ten tattoos now.

PornOCD: When did you start up and how much fun is running the site?

Eva: I started my website four years ago as independent and it was fun as I used to spend a lot time updating, but after two years in the industry, SMC Productions spotted me and as you know they have only the best girls in the industry, so they asked me to sign with them. I am happy to say now that I have been part of the SMC family for two years and so happy to be part of of it. Yes we do business together, but we have become like a family.

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PornOCD: I have seen so many people online talking about your scene with TS Foxxy and Jessy Dubai. That must have been an amazing day.

Eva: Yes, Foxxy is a naughty sister to me and a SMC girl too, and yes it was a fun day to work with her and Jessy Dubai.

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PornOCD: I’ve read that you have done some work with SMC Girls in sunny Spain. Can you tell us about this?

Eva: Yes, SMC took some of the girls to Spain to shoot content for our websites and to do some glamour photo shoots. So while we were there, we had the idea to do something different and this project was something that came up while we were working hard on our scenes.

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PornOCD: So when you away from the bright lights and cameras, what do you do to relax?

Eva: I love to do all the normal stuff like just spending a full day in bed watching vampire diaries, go out with friends and get crazy, go shopping which is an addiction for me. No matter if I need something or not, I will have to buy it lol.

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PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such amazing condition?

Eva: I guess I was blessed as I do not work out much. In the last ten years I worked out for only two months. My best friend is a personal trainer, so he tried to make me do exercise, but I don’t really do anything just a lot of sex.

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PornOCD: What was the last thing you bought yourself as a treat?

Eva: Well, I treat my self almost every day. I used to be crazy and buy all the time designer clothes and bags and shoes. Let’s say that I had to hold myself back because flats in London are not that big. so there is no space anymore lol.

PornOCD: What music are you currently listening to on your iPod or in your car?

Eva: Techno, House Music, Pop or Electronic.

Twitter: @evaparadisxxx

PornOCD: Who would you love to shoot a scene with?

Eva: Well there are few guys, but I would never say who as I am really proud person. So I would never give them satisfaction to read that I would love to work with them lol. Queen ego.

PornOCD: Who do you have a crush on at the moment?

Eva: I can say that my heart is taken for sure.

PornOCD: How do you deal with rude jealous and narrow-minded people?

Eva: I do not deal at all lol.

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PornOCD: So what scenes can your fans look forward to seeing you in soon?

Eva: Every week something new comes up and every day I get a new fantasy or fetish to show in my scenes.

PornOCD: Do you think that TS porn genre is growing?

Eva: Oooohhh yes and it will grow and grow more and more. You cannot find me something more sexy for a man to see an amazing girl with a cock.

PornOCD: What motivates you to get out of bed on a morning and work hard?

Eva: I enjoy to see the reaction of guys when they see my work and it does turn me on so much to think that thousand of guys are jerking over me.

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PornOCD: Do you have a message for your fans that have been following you since day one and to your new fans?

Eva: I can only thank all of them for supporting me whatever I do and being there for me and it is my pleasure to make they dicks hard. 😉

PornOCD: Where can your fans find you online and on social media platforms?

Eva:, Twitter @evaparadisxxx, Instagram @evaparadis and Snapchat: eva.paradis.

Eva’s birthday is on May 17th and her Amazon Wish List is here.