PornOCD Interview with Wendy Williams

March 10, 2016

In August of 2015, I was lucky enough to interview super successful TS Porn Star/Director/PR Agent 2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, 2010 Xbiz TS Performer of the Year, 2014 AVN Hall of Fame inductee Wendy Williams (@TsWendyWilliams on Twitter):

PornOCD: I read a quote you gave about your childhood, “grew up on food stamps and charity.” You were raised in Pikeville, Kentucky. I read the city motto is “The city than moves mountains.” How was growing up there?

Wendy: As I look back now, it wasn’t as bad as I thought from having the basic needs. However, growing up in Eastern Kentucky as a child who didn’t understand sexuality was very difficult. I was bullied from as early as first grade until I graduated. Then you mix in poverty and religion and it made for a very confused childhood. I was raised by my great grandparents because of my father’s alcoholism, so I held on to those issues which made me very angry all the time. I recently blogged about that which you can read here:

PornOCD: What ambitions did you have for your life growing up?

Wendy: When you grow up and don’t see many people leaving and the children becoming products of the environment, you don’t have much hope. I was lucky that my Granny pushed the importance of education, so I just wanted to graduate high school so I could leave Pikeville and go to college.

PornOCD: When did pornography come into your life?

Wendy: Much later in my life, in my late 20’s actually. I had already graduated college and moved to Ohio and working for the IRS. At night I was working in the gay clubs doing “drag” when I met a guy and one night he showed me a website of a Transsexual named Foxy Angel. It sparked me to be curious and it got the wheels rolling. About that time I met a guy in Florida in a AOL chatroom and it was him who suggested I contact Shemale Yum so I could make money on a trip to Florida to meet him.

PornOCD: You decided to pursue your education and go to University. Was this always the plan to get a good education?

Wendy: I knew no other plan. As I said earlier, my Granny did everything for me to be able to succeed and go to college. Once I got to college, it was natural to finish and see what I could do after. I was still struggling with my sexuality and it wasn’t until my Sophomore year that I actually went to my first gay bar and had a “gay” experience.

PornOCD: When did you decide that you wanted to live as a TS?

Wendy: Being in the drag scene helped me slowly make my transition. Towards the end of me as a “boy” I was working the clubs every night as Wendy and living a very half life during the day. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida to live with a guy that I was forced to make the full-time transition. He only knew me as Wendy, so no option but to start living as Wendy and making the lifestyle choices to begin the physical changes.

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PornOCD: When you started your very first website, how sure was you that it was gonna be a success.

Wendy: I had no idea what was going to happen and honestly at that time there was only a few solo websites on the Net. It was a place for me to explore my fantasies and feel sexy. Being naive, I trusted quite a few guys who took advantage of me and so my website went up and down several times before I finally was able to operate it myself.

PornOCD: You talk very much of Joanna Jet helping you get started in the industry. Are you still good friends?

Wendy: Sadly we have lost touch, but she will always be the person that I owe major praise to for many aspects of teaching me how to be an independent woman and running my own company.

PornOCD: From when you started your very first website until today, what changes have you seen in the genre and do you think its getting more and more popular?

Wendy: OMG there are so many that I couldn’t even begin to start. Remember it’s been almost 15 years LOL. I will say with more acceptance in mainstream media we will see a broader acceptance in the adult industry. We will never be 100% accepted, but maybe the stigmas with porn will soften a bit.

PornOCD: I have only really been watching TS Porn for around two years. One of the very first scenes I ever saw was your scene with a fleshlight. How much feedback on scenes do you get from fans? I read a quote that fans make the best critics.

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Wendy: I am very active with my fans via social media and I find they are best way to gauge what you are doing. They are the people buying your product, so why wouldn’t we want their critiques and feedback? Obviously you can’t please everyone but I think keeping that communication open is imperative.

PornOCD: HotWendy PR has some girls who are really doing well in the industry. How much fun it is running your PR Company?

Wendy: I enjoy helping the ladies with all the networking and contacts I’ve made over the years. I really like seeing them flourish within the market and being able to use me in the best capacity for their own goals.

PornOCD: You have won awards in all the major award shows. How much does awards and success motivate you to keep working hard?

Wendy: Awards have never motivated me to keep working, however they have helped me with my self esteem. I didn’t fit the beauty mold or was I an instant fan favorite so I had to work harder and prove a lot of people wrong who didn’t think I could make it in the porn industry.

PornOCD: I’ve heard fans on Twitter talking about your new video with Belladonna, “Pocket Pussy Toy.” It seems you enjoyed yourself using the Belladonna UR3 Pocket Pussy.

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Wendy: Yes, it seems to be doing very well and I am a HUGE Belladonna fan, so it was fun to pretend I was really getting to fuck her. Solo scenes are hard to do so I always try and involve some type of toy and review it for my blog,

PornOCD: You must be one of the busiest girls in porn with all your own shoots, movies running your web sites and also interviewing. Where do you find the hours in a day?

Wendy: I have weird sleeping hours and just fit things in when I have down time. I enjoy keeping busy and am always reminding myself that I could NOT be blessed to have a job so I continue to push myself to keep going.

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PornOCD: You have had a ride of Ramon and his very big cock. How much fun was that?

Wendy: Ramon was a fun and easy guy to work with and his cock is very big, but it felt so good. I was his first American TS to shoot with for I was so nervous at first as I had seen his scenes on straight sites, so once I had his big meat in my mouth I was definitely going to do everything I could to enjoy it.

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PornOCD: What gets you motivated and energized to put in all the hard work every?

Wendy: Honestly I just got back from an eight month break and I really needed it to get that spark back. I really do enjoy my job and I am a sexual person, so if I can continue to have a career in the sex industry, then I will keep going until there is no place for me anymore.

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PornOCD: Is there anyone left who you wanna work with?

Wendy: There are people who don’t shoot TS scenes that I lust for like Flash Brown, Rob Piper, Shane Diesel, etc., but within my own genre I’ve pretty much done everyone except Wolf Hudson and Gio Franchesco, so maybe they are next 🙂

PornOCD: What was the last scene you watched that made you masturbate?

Wendy: It was a scene with Rob Piper on 🙂

PornOCD: How do you unwind away from porn in your spare time?

Wendy: I love to crawl up in my bed and just watch t.v. with no phone, no computer. Order a pizza and be lazy.

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Wendy Williams is also the hostess of the BlueGrass Connections Lexington TGirl and Admirers Parties at BlueGrass Connections on 942 Winchester Road in Lexington, Kentucky presented every 3rd Friday of the month from 9pm – 2am. Visit for more information and follow @TsWendyWilliams on Twitter for updates. Join the official Wendy Williams XXX megasite.